8 Of The Best NFL Cheerleader Outfits And 7 Of The Worst

Style has become one of the biggest parts of sports. Not only does it help sell apparel, but it’s very appealing to the eyes. One of the biggest parts of football games every week has become the entertainment that has come from the women in some of the best outfits: the cheerleaders. These cheerleaders make the bare minimum to provide great entertainment during breaks. Well, sometimes these cheerleaders also get paid close to nothing to wear some of either the sexiest outfits, or some of the ugliest.

Cheerleader uniforms can be hit-or-miss. Sometimes these teams have incredible outfits, while other teams’ outfits look terrible. These beautiful cheerleaders usually can make the outfits look half decent, but some of these teams just make you wonder who designed their outfits. Some of the uniforms even make you think how there is a connection between the uniform to the team, while with other uniforms, you start to think about how the team definitely could have done a better job at coming up with a better outfit for their cheerleaders. So, which teams need to change their outfits to something new, and which teams have some of the steamiest in the NFL? Some of the teams may shock you.

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15 Best: Denver Broncos

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Now, some fans may not really like the Broncos’ cheerleaders’ outfits because it may be a bit much, but it goes perfectly with the team. The uniforms come with that perfect jacket that makes it seem like they’re taming a horse, which would be the eponymous bronco. As orange can be an interesting color to be used in a uniform, these uniforms don’t have too much or too little orange. The navy blue and orange combine perfectly, as they don’t make these uniforms too annoying, while not being flashy enough. And these uniforms also still manage to look real sexy on these cheerleaders. The long-sleeve orange shirts still allow those cheerleaders to show those abs they’ve been working on, and they also show off their nice legs in their big white boots.

14 Worst: Minnesota Vikings

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings are supposed to be old warriors that are constantly battling. But the cheerleader uniforms make them seem like old women from ancient times. Maybe it’s the cuff on the sleeves that just make them seem really old and less powerful, but it doesn’t really go with the theming of the team. The outfits just don’t seem too fitting, and seems a bit much. The overload of purple is kind of a turn-off, as purple isn’t really a color that is too eye-appealing, and when it’s splattered all over the uniform it just looks weird. The outfits of the Vikings cheerleaders just look like ripped-up dresses from ancient times that were cut in half for cheerleaders to have uniforms. Also, it must not be very comfortable for them wearing that little of clothing in such a cold area.

13 Best: New Orleans Saints

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Anything that is gold, usually looks really good. It’s pretty surprising that the Saints cheerleaders don’t wear all black as their uniforms, as the players’ home jerseys are all black. The cheerleaders actually complement the players, which usually you don’t see happen. They have a few different outfits, but the best ones are the ones shown above, the all-gold ones. They don’t really have an ugly outfit, as anything that is gold looks nice, but these uniforms complement Drew Brees and company perfectly. The gold outfits also let the pom poms pop out a little more, as they’re grey and black. The best part about these Saints cheerleaders is that for Christmas, they actually have an all-gold Christmas outfit. It’s like a gold dress with white around the top, with white and gold Santa hats. The Saints know how to perfectly match with the holidays, and the team in general.

12 Worst: Carolina Panthers

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, but like seriously, what the hell is that? The Panthers cheerleader uniforms are absolutely terrible. The uniform shown above literally looks like ripped up baby blue cloth, put together to create a uniform. Baby blue is a cool color to wear, but the cheerleaders’ overdo it with almost the whole uniform being baby blue. Any outfit these cheerleaders wear is usually ugly. They either wear too much baby blue, or too much black. And the design of a lot of their outfits are weird. Some of them look like high school cheerleader outfits, which isn’t a problem for high schoolers, but these women are supposed to be considered professional cheerleaders, well, they should look like them. The Panthers may want to have someone else takeover the job of creating their cheerleader outfits.

11 Best: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Man, oh man, these Buccaneers cheerleaders are smoking hot. Let’s start with a unique uniform they wore that was a forest green top and short black shorts, with a pirate's buckle. The combination sounds terrible, but these cheerleaders make it look very eye appealing for fans. They even have an outfit where the Bucs logo goes straight across their chest on a long sleeve red shirt, which looks pretty cool. Part of it is the fact that the Bucs already have a cool logo, so adding that to a cheerleader’s body is even better. The normal pirate-looking outfit is also a classic. The outfit shows that perfect, hot pirate that is cheering on the Buccaneers. Maybe it’s just the women are really good looking on the Buccaneers cheerleading squad that make their uniforms look so great, or maybe they just really are that nice.

10 Worst: Houston Texans

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There definitely could have been a lot more thought that went into the Houston Texans cheerleading squad. Now the uniforms don’t look all that bad, but they just lack creativity. When watching games, it almost seems like the cheerleaders are Texans players without pads on. The cheerleaders are beautiful, but the uniforms are not. From comparing the jerseys that the players wear to the uniforms that the cheerleaders wear, it seems like Nike designed both of their outfits considering how much they look alike.

Although the Texans have a hard team meaning to translate to an outfit, they could at least switch things up and try and make these outfits look a little bit nicer. The girls of the Texans might as well just wear oversized Texans jerseys with short-shorts and call it a day.

9 Best: Washington Redskins

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Anything maroon looks hot, and that’s the truth. The Redskins have similar outfits to the Buccaneers cheerleaders except they have a team logo on their belt buckle. The outfit also has sparkles, but it’s not too sparkly to the point that it’s obnoxious. They also have a cute white outfit, with maroon sidings that look like a Redskins version of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform. And the best part is, even when their team’s jerseys look ugly, they still look good. Their alternate outfits of mustard yellow and maroon are the perfect match. It’s a nice mix of both colors which doesn’t make either color a bit unnecessary to be on the outfit. These cheerleaders have some of the hottest outfits in the game. Maybe it’s time for Jay Gruden to let the designer of the cheerleaders outfit make their players' uniforms.

8 Worst: Indianapolis Colts

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The only thing more disappointing in the Colts stadium lately than the team losing is the kind of uniforms their cheerleaders have to wear. The team name and everything makes it tough for the Colts to really come up with a clever outfit, but anything is better than what they have. Their cheerleaders look like old-school Cowboys cheerleaders who are just out of place on the Colts' sidelines. They need to start off fixing their outfits by getting the little jacket off their chest. It works for some teams, but the Colts aren’t one of those teams.

A better idea for this Colts team would be to make the cheerleaders more like a dance team, and let them wear like blue pants with a tight, short blue t-shirt, with the Colts logo printed small around the hip of the cheerleaders. That way, the Colts cheerleaders look more like they’re supposed to be a part of this decade, not a few decades ago.

7 Best: Seattle Seahawks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the coolest jerseys in the NFL, you probably think of the Seattle Seahawks. Well, of course their cheerleaders’ outfits have to be pretty cool too, right? And they most definitely are. One of their main outfits is basically all the different colors from all the Seahawks jerseys combined into one skimpy outfit, which is pretty sexy, and also pretty sick. The navy blue takes over most of the outfit, but it allows the neon green to also pop. They also have a cute long sleeve white shirt, with the neon and navy blue pom poms which they have used to perform before on stage.

What’s great for the Seahawks cheerleaders is since they have such cool colors, they even look good when they have their winter gear on. They have an outfit where it’s all neon green top, plus neon green shorts, it just looks so cool.

6 Worst: San Francisco 49ers

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The 49ers team isn’t the only thing losing on the field. Their cheerleading squad outfits are terrible. They have red and gold, which are two perfect colors that could make for a really good outfit for cheerleaders to entertain the crowd. But they basically wear a 49ers t-shirt with stripes on the sides, and gold shorts. The outfit kind of looks like a 49ers outfit for a little boy, yet worn by a grown woman. It’s actually pretty sad that these cheerleaders have to wear these, as they could definitely rock something nicer as some of them are gorgeous. But they’re being stuck wearing something that looks like it could be bought by fans, with that horrible uniform design. Needless to say, the 49ers really need to change a lot about their organization.

5 Best: Miami Dolphins

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Miami, what else do you expect? With cool colors like those in Miami, it’s easy to create an interesting outfit that can look good. The cool teal colors almost make up for the outfits itself, on top of the rest of the uniform. It’s cool because the uniform has a Dolphin color-print surrounding the chest area of the uniform down to the middle. A hidden gem of their uniform is that the Dolphins logo is actually on the back of the uniform down the center. Of course, the outfit is very skimpy and tight, which makes it nice to entertain those party animals in Miami. And even when it’s down pouring in Miami, these cheerleaders still make these outfits look great as they perform.

4 Worst: New England Patriots

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

There’s one thing that is wrong with the New England Patriots organization, and that is the ability to create a nice uniform for the cheerleaders. The Patriots are great at almost everything, except providing this cheerleading team with a nice outfit. It may be tough to create a tough outfit based off of United States pride and whatnot, but, if they’re great at everything else, they should be able to take care of this little task too. The worst thing about the Patriots cheerleading squad is that one week they actually let the team where Halloween costumes, and wow was that a disaster. One cheerleader had a cotton ball outfit, while another one was a lady bug. It was just absolutely horrific. Maybe the Patriots should just completely take away their cheerleading squad.

3 Best: Los Angeles Chargers

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

These Los Angeles Chargers cheerleaders are a bunch of cuties. They recently just wore an army green outfit, and whew, these girls were looking better than ever. It looked like a tight military outfit, with the addition of Chargers logos on the side. Then they have their normal navy blue and white outfit, which may be the second sexiest cheerleading outfit in the NFL. On top of those gold pom poms, it’s an incredible combination. Whoever designs the Chargers cheerleading outfits deserves a raise, as they definitely have the sexiest combinations in all of the NFL. Some may think so to an extreme, as a security guard was actually caught enjoying himself a little too much while watching the Chargers cheerleaders from the sideline. A little creepy, but you get the idea of how much some of these fans love the Chargers uniforms.

2 Worst: Jacksonville Jaguars

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Whoever thought it would be a good idea to fill a cheerleading outfit with Jaguar print made a terrible mistake. The Jaguars need a complete makeover with their cheerleading outfit. A better design to these uniforms would have been a smaller Jaguar print on the sides of their shorts or pants. The Jaguar print on their chest just looks too much, and too weird. For one game, they had like a camouflage print which wasn’t terrible, but it just didn’t match the Jaguars. It would have been cool if it was more so the Jaguars colors. They even had one game where their tops were Jaguars jerseys, and that’s when you knew someone messed up. The Jaguars have really cool uniforms and colors, just the designer of the cheerleading outfits needs to step up their game.

1 Best: Dallas Cowboys

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Who else would take the icing on top of the cake, besides the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders? Known as the most popular cheerleading squad in the NFL, there’s no cheerleading team that could surpass the greatness of the Cowboys. At least Jerry Jones has one good thing going for him. This team has been known for its greatness helping out in the community, its incredible entertainment, and of course its steamy outfits.

The Cowboy outfit with the boots is the most iconic cheerleading outfit in probably all of sports. It’s so popular that this Cowboys cheerleading squad even has their own television show. No matter what, the Cowboys cheerleaders will always have the best outfit. And they will never have to change, due to how popular and how beautiful they are.

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