8 Recent NFL Trades And 7 Recent Signings Teams Are Already Regretting

We are on the homestretch of the 2017 NFL regular season and gearing up for the playoffs. The once postseason hopeful Packers and Texans have lost their star quarterbacks, the Patriots are the same old Patriots, and the Browns are the same old Browns. Teams such as the Broncos and Bills, who originally looked like contenders, are now left with tons of questions at the quarterback position, and the Jets have surprised everyone by not going 0-16. The NFL season is without a doubt one of the most exciting times of the year.

Only second to the actual season, is the offseason, in which teams tweak their rosters in hope for a championship. We see big names get traded within the division, and free agent signings that make us say WTF. By this time of year, we can usually judge these roster moves based on a players performance throughout the season. Whether they were inked in the preseason, or transacted right before the deadline, we will cover 8 recent NFL trades and 7 recent signings that teams are already regretting. The moves being examined on this list were done last offseason and it didn't take long for teams to regret these moves.

15 Trade: Dwayne Allen To New England

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I'm not sure what Belichick and company were thinking bringing in the former Indianapolis tight end this offseason. Allen has had five below average years with Colts, and never really made a mark on the field. The former Clemson tight end was traded along with a sixth-round pick to the Patriots for a fourth-rounder. Through three quarters of this season with New England, Allen has just one touchdown. Granted, Gronkowski has been pretty healthy throughout the year, Allen's production has not lived up to standards. So much so that New England brought back veteran tight end Martellus Bennett halfway through the season for his second stint with the reigning Super Bowl Champions. It's not a hugely regrettable deal, but regrettable nonetheless.

14 Signing: Jay Cutler To Miami

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Are people still having the debate if Jay Cutler is a good quarterback? The evidence is in the tape, and "Smokin' Jay" has led Miami to a dismal record of below .500 record so far this year. When Ryan Tannehill went down in the preseason, coach Adam Gase did not feel comfortable pushing forward with long time backup, Matt Moore. They brought Cutler out of retirement on a one-year deal to hopefully keep the Dolphins in the playoff hunt.

Through poor play, and some nagging injuries, Cutler has looked apathetic to the game of football. Some would call it a lack of leadership, but it seems like he truly doesn't care. Miami is one of the worst offenses in the league, and Cutler is the main reason. Maybe the Dolphins should have taken a chance on Colin Kaepernick, but either way, the signing of Cutler seems pretty regrettable.

13 Trade: New England Lets Go Of Brissett

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Again, another pass catcher that has yet to prove his worth in New England. Before the beginning of the season, when the Colts found out Luck was going to be out for an extended period of time, Indianapolis went out on the trade market to pick up a viable quarterback. New England answered their call, and a deal was done where the Patriots would send third-string QB, Jacoby Brissett, and a third-round pick to the Colts in exchange for former first-round pick, wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

At first, it looked like the Patriots didn't give up that much and Dorsett was thought to have a huge upside. But now, with Brissett playing above expectations, and with a third-round pick in their back pocket, it looks like the Colts won this trade. Dorsett isn't producing in New England, and now with their Jimmy Garoppolo gone, the Patriots have to hope that Tom Brady stays healthy.

12 Signing: Latavius Murray To Minnesota

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Okay, so Murray has been productive since Dalvin Cook went down early in the season.  The tag team of Jerick McKinnon and himself, along with stellar quarterback play from Case Keenum, has the Vikings sitting on top of the NFC North. But, the issue is that Murray's contract is too large for his workload. Minnesota signed the former Raiders running back in the offseason to a three-year, roughly $15-million deal.

This was all before the NFL Draft, where the Vikings were able to snag Cook in the second-round, and he looks to be Minnesota's post-Peterson savior. Murray will still play a pivotal role in the offense, but I'm sure the Vikings would have liked that money back to spend on next year's free agency or address other areas. For now, the move looks alright, but is trending towards undesirable.

11 Trade: New England Settles On A 2nd For Garoppolo

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The Garoppolo saga has been an interesting one to say the least. He looked confident in his few starts with New England during Tom Brady's suspension in 2016. Bill Belichick liked him, and he was supposed to be Brady's successor once he retires. So why did the Patriots trade him to the 49ers before the trade deadline for a second-round pick?

The real reason in Brady. The 40-year-old is still playing at a high level and has no signs of slowing down. Garoppolo wants a starting job, and New England couldn't afford to keep him in free agency. They had to let go of the former Eastern Illinois quarterback and get whatever they could in return. There were reports that the Browns were willing to give the Pats a first rounder for Jimmy G back at the draft so it's a little curious as to why the Pats eventually settled on a second rounder just six months later.

10 Signing: Nolan Carroll To Dallas

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The Cowboys had a stellar 2016 season, only to fall to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC playoffs.  They had found their future QB in Dak, their workhorse in Elliott, but lacked the defensive secondary to become a complete team.  In the offseason, they signed former division rival cornerback, Nolan Carroll, to a three-year, $10-million contract.

The problem is that at 30-years-old, Carroll was not a viable option as he lost a lot of his speed and athleticism.  During the first few weeks with Cowboys, Carroll let up several big plays, and was not playing up to his salary.  In the end, the Cowboys owned up to their mistake and released the veteran corner on October 11, 2017.  Carroll is still a free agent today.

9 Trade: Greg Robinson To Detroit

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When experts are writing articles about the top draft busts of all-time, Greg Robinson should be at the top of every list.  Drafted second-overall by the St. Louis Rams in 2014, the former Auburn Tiger came into his first camp about 15 lbs. overweight, and was not franchise left tackle material.  After being switched from guard, to right tackle, and everything in between,  the Rams waived their fifth-year option on Robinson, which would have made him a free agent at the end of the 207 season.

So, the rams dealt him to the Lions for a 2018 sixth-round pick, instead of getting nothing in return. The Lions thought they could groom Robinson to be a great offensive linemen, but they were wrong.  On November 11, Detroit waived Robinson due to injury.  After clearing all the waivers, he was placed on injured reserve.  A regrettable move for sure for the Lions.

8 Signing: Nick Folk To Tampa Bay

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Tampa Bay can't seem to get anything right. Their running back got suspended for PEDs, their quarterback got accused of groping an Uber driver, and they can't seem to field a consistent kicker. Before we get into the regrettable Nick Folk signing, we should preface how the Bucs even got to this point. Their 2016 second-round pick, Roberto Aguayo, had a horrible rookie season and finished last in the league in field goal percentage. Tampa Bay brought in the veteran kicker Folk in the offseason to compete with Aguayo for a job.

Folk eventually beat out Aguayo, and made the Bucs roster. Unfortunately, Folk was not much better than the Florida State kicker, and his poor performance culminated in a dismal Thursday night game against New England, where he missed three field goals that could have given Tampa Bay the victory. He's now on IR, and will be released by the team at the end of the season.

7 Trade/Signing: The Brock Osweiler Saga

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How the hell is Brock Osweiler still getting starts in the NFL? After Houston signed him to a four-year, $72-million deal in the 2016 offseason, the former Arizona State quarterback played absolutely horribly. So bad in fact, Houston dumped his salary to Cleveland in 2017. What it came down to is the Browns bought a second-round pick form the Texans.  The Browns saw the same thing that Texans did, and released Osweiler before the start of the season.

The Broncos swept in and picked up Osweiler, and since Trevor Siemian was playing poorly, Brock finally got the start and he hasn't won yet in 2017. In fact, he almost killed a guy on the sidelines. Now, there is a quarterback crisis in Denver. The team has recently turned to Paxton Lynch, a guy who couldn't beat out Siemian in two offseasons. If they're willing to do that, that tells you how they now feel about Osweiler.

6 Signing: Kenny Britt To Cleveland

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Fourteen catches, 171 yards, and 2 TDs. Does that sound like a receiver worth four-years, $32.5-million? Of course not, what was Cleveland thinking. They brought in the former Rams receiver in the offseason to be the number one target for whichever quarterback was starting.  But, after getting his big payday, Britt has seemed out of sync. He is giving up on plays, missing blocks, and dropping balls left and right.

Now, many people think this is because of the Browns inconsistent quarterback play, but the proof is always in the tape. Look at their Week 2 loss, the receivers just gave up. If I were the Browns, I would cut Britt in the offseason and own up to their mistake. Surely, one of the most regrettable moves of the offseason.

5 Trade: Dolphins Get A Fourth-Rounder For Ajayi

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Ajayi had a breakout year in 2016, help leading the Dolphins to a rare playoff appearance.  But, weeks before the 2017 trade deadline, the Dolphins gave up the running back to the Eagles in exchange for a fourth-round pick. Apparently, Ajayi was always looking to score (who isn't) instead of just trying to control the ball.

Coach Adam Gase said in a direct shot at Ajayi, “We’ve got to stop trying to hit home runs all the time. How about take the 4 or 5 yards that we’re going to get? It comes down to everybody doing their job. If we actually start doing that, it might help. It’s on the running back. Do your job. That’s what you’ve got to do. It’s not hard.”

There was also some verbal confrontations that went unreported with the Dolphins coaching staff. Now on the Eagles and performing well, Miami probably regrets not trying to work through Ajayi's issues.

4 Signing: Eddie Lacy To Seattle

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I'm not sure whether to feel bad for Lacy, or condemn him.  The former Packers running back signed a one-year, $5.5 million contract with the Seahawks in the offseason.  Throughout his career, Lacy has struggled with his weight (like every human being) and was deemed to be out of shape. Seattle included a weight clause in his contract which stated if he weighed-in under 250 lbs., he would receive an additional $55,000. That's more than your average salary, and the only thing he has to do is not be fat.

Weight issues aside, Lacy has struggled significantly on the field this year. His stats (less than 200 yards and zero touchdowns) don't do justice for how bad Lacy has been. In film, you can see him miss the hole, lack vision, and give up at first contact. Seattle will truly regret this signing.

3 Trade: Kelvin Benjamin To Buffalo

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I'm not sure what Buffalo is doing with their season. They started off with a hot hand, going 5-2, looking to secure a spot in the AFC playoffs. Right before the trade deadline, they sured-up their receiving corps by adding Kelvin Benjamin from Carolina in exchange for a future third- and seventh-round pick. All was looking bright in Western New York.

In typical Bills fashion though, their season has spiraled out of control. Their quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, was recently benched in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman, who ended up throwing five interceptions against the Chargers in Week 11. They then essentially went crawling back to Taylor the following week.

On top of that, their one hope, newly acquired target Kelvin Benjamin, suffered a serious knee injury in the same game as Peterman's debacle. Buffalo is still in the playoff hunt in a weak AFC, but they may regret the Benjamin trade.

2 Signing: Mike Glennon To Chicago

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I guess the going rate for a backup quarterback in the NFL nowadays is a three-year, $45-million contract. Glennon was picked up by the Bears in the offseason to replace fellow regrettable acquisition, Jay Cutler. But, what Glennon didn't sign up for was being a transition quarterback to the Bears' second-overall draft pick, Mitchell Trubisky. After starting only four games in 2017, the former NC State quarterback was benched in favor of the rookie from the University of North Carolina.

Now, we still don't know what Trubisky can be. He's barely started 20 games ... since high school! It's not hard to see a future where Glennon takes back the starting role, but I'm sure the Bears regret shelling out so much cash for someone that might not ever see the field again.

1 Trade (that never happened): A.J. McCarron To Cleveland

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I think a wise man once said, "being a Cleveland fan is like ripping off a band-aid and not expecting it to hurt." For once though, Cleveland was trying to make moves to get better.  They were going to trade a second- and third-round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for their backup QB with lots of potential, A.J. McCarron. Both teams agreed to the deal before the deadline, the Bengals submitted the request to the league, and A.J. McCarron would have been the quarterback of the Browns.

But, someone messed up in the front office in Cleveland and never notified the league in time. Obviously, the Browns disputed this, but didn't win. Honestly, it's the most Cleveland Browns move that could have happened. What a joke of a franchise, and I'm sure some terminations will be going down in Cleveland after the whole debacle.

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