8 Unemployed NFLers Who Deserve Another Chance And 7 Players Who Should Be Banned

The NFL is a league like no other. There are so many chances, as it has the most amount of roster spots in all of sports. With that being said, there are so many opportunities for the best football players to have a chance to play at a high level. As it still is usually unlikely for most people to make the NFL, there is still a lot higher of a chance to make the NFL opposed to other sports. Eventually many players make it, and unfortunately, they may lose their jobs, or they may keep them during a questionable dispute.

There are quite a few amounts of NFL players that lost their job that deserve another chance, and some players that are currently playing that shouldn’t be. Everyone has different morals, and everyone looks at things from a different viewpoint. For example, a domestic abuse incident usually yields a six-game suspension, yet Josh Gordon only got reinstated into the league recently after not playing a snap since 2014. The NFL is simply way too inconsistent in deciding who suffers consequences and who doesn't.

The league may be in need of a new commissioner with some of the bogus calls that Roger Goodell has made.

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15 Another Chance: Nick Mangold

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We know age takes a toll on NFL players, offensive lineman specifically. But shouldn’t the best of the best be able to go out on their own terms? Nick Mangold suffered an ankle injury last season that is still lingering with him today, but has talked about how being released from the Jets still hurts him today. Mangold could be a cheaper and great help to many teams including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and New England Patriots. Maybe Mangold only wants to play if it’s for the Jets, and if that’s understandable considering how loyal he has been for the past 11 seasons to the New York Jets. The Jets offensive line could use some help, and what better way than to bring back the former Center. For someone who has been loyal to you their whole career, you have to do what’s best for them. Even if it includes Mangold being a backup, at least he remains within the organization and determines when his days are over of playing football under his own terms.

14 Banned: Randy Gregory

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

If you cannot follow basic human decency, you shouldn’t be allowed to play in the league. Now Randy Gregory of the Dallas Cowboys is currently suspended indefinitely, but that suspension should turn in to a complete ban. The Cowboys defensive end has abused the league’s substance abuse policy multiple times, as he has been suspended three times. Gregory was considered a top-10 draft pick going into the 2015 NFL Draft, but due to his inability to stay clean, he hasn’t made much of an impact for the Cowboys. Gregory has missed over five drug tests, proving he doesn’t deserve to be in the NFL. As marijuana is one of those controversial talks that in some states is now legal for recreational use, it is still against league policies. In order to play the game, you have to play by the rules.

13 Another Chance: Darrelle Revis

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis may have lost a step or two, but not enough to be unemployed. For quite some time, Revis was considered a top five cornerbacks in the league. Even if Revis to come in and play safety, he would still be an upgrade for some teams. A big team in the market for Revis was the Dallas Cowboys who would be a perfect fit. Dallas has struggled heavily in the secondary, especially at the safety position. Both Jeff Health and Byron Jones haven’t been at their best, which would give Revis a landing spot.

Revis has only gone one season without an interception, making him a threat no matter what his age is. Throughout his career, he has 29 interceptions and 138 passes deflected. Those numbers right there should speak for themselves.

12 Banned: Danny Trevathan

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears game on Thursday Night Football, earlier this year, you know why Danny Trevathan should be banned. Players should never have to worry about a player being too violent on the field, and Trevathan’s hit against Davante Adams proves he should be done. There’s clear intent that he was going for the head of Adams. If you pause it at what Trevathan is seeing from above, he’s either have to go low to knock down Adams, or towards the helmet area. The chest area is almost completely wrapped around by his teammate. Trevathan goes straight for the helmet with full power, while it looks as if Adams is almost ready to go down any second. That’s malicious play right there, and should not be tolerated to any extent in the NFL.

11 Another Chance: Reggie Bush

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The past two seasons haven’t been pleasant for Reggie Bush. He has rushed 20 times, for only 25 yards. Bush dealt with a strange injury in 2015, when he tripped on the concrete on the Rams' sidelines in St. Louis caused him to miss the rest of his season when playing for the 49ers. If you take away the past two seasons of Bush’s career, he’s looked pretty good. Granted, he’s probably too old now to be a starter in the NFL, but he could definitely fit in as a complementary piece.

There are quite a few teams that could use him including the Giants, Lions and Raiders. Bush is older and has struggled the past two seasons, so he could see himself coming on a cheaper contract. But he has shown flashes in the NFL that he can run the football effectively, and also catch the football out of the back field. Even last season when he struggled to run behind the Bills offensive line, he caught the ball out of the backfield seven times for 90 yards, when targeted 10 times. Give Reggie Bush another chance.

10 Banned: Pacman Jones

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like a reoccurring thing to hear that Pacman Jones has been involved in some sort of situation, or that he was suspended once again. Since 2005, Jones has been arrested nine times and has been suspended more than a handful amount of times. Jones can’t keep himself out of trouble, no matter how many chances the Cincinnati Bengals give him. It seems that the Bengals are becoming the new Dallas Cowboys, as they have quite a few players that have some character issues.

They just recently drafted running back Joe Mixon, who was seen punching a woman in the face at a bar. While some players deserve a second chance, Pacman Jones is definitely not one of those people. Jones has proven that you can do whatever you want in the NFL and pretty much get away with anything you’d like. The best way for the NFL to prove that they have the final say, is to end Pacman Jones’ career once and for all.

9 Another Chance: Victor Cruz

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Victor Cruz. Injuries really did mess up his career, as he tore his patellar tendon, which has stopped his leg from gaining full strength again. Cruz struggled in the preseason when playing for the Bears, which caused him to be released before the season began. But to his defense, he was only targeted a whole six times during the preseason, catching three of those passes for 28 yards and a touchdown.

Last season with the Giants though, Cruz didn’t play all that bad. He caught 39 passes for 586 yards, and scored a touchdown. Clearly that wasn’t the production he was having before his injury, but that is still some good work for a wide receiver still trying to recover from a major injury. It makes sense why the Giants decided to move on from Cruz, as they stacked their wide receiver corps this offseason, but the Giants specifically now could use him more than ever after suffering major injuries to their receivers. The Bears could also use him, as Trubisky struggles to find a good, reliable target.

8 Banned: Vontaze Burfict

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

And the list goes on for the Cincinnati Bengals. Burfict may be one of the most dangerous players in the league, as he simply just doesn’t care about following the rules. Burfict has been seen shoving players, kicking players and starting fights. Burfict’s career is known for dirty hits, which is why he should be gone. It’s only a matter of time until we look back at some of these players that Burfict harmed, and we find out that they’re suffering severe injuries. We even saw Burfict hit a player in a man’s sweet spot right in front of a referee.

Burfict clearly doesn’t care who he hurts. Caring for your team is fine, but not when you’re going to put your team into jeopardy. These players have families, friends and other loved ones, they shouldn’t be harmed due to Burfict’s disturbing shenanigans.

7 Another Chance: Robert Griffin III

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III has a career that will forever be looked at as filled with injuries. But if you remember back to his rookie season, RGIII was one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL. RGIII looked like a young Michael Vick, just unfortunately he never had the stamina like Vick. We may never see the RGIII that we did during his rookie campaign, but he could always be a reliable backup for many teams within the NFL.

It seems that the days of RGIII as a starter are done, but his skill set is definitely better than a bunch of the backup quarterbacks that are currently in the league. Many teams in the NFL could sign RGIII to a cheap contract to use as a backup plan, in case their starting quarterback deals with an injury, or they feel that their starting quarterback cannot do the task the team needs him to do.

6 Banned: Ray Rice

via heartyhosting.com

This has probably been done unofficially as no team has touched Ray Rice in years, but it would be good for the league to put its stamp on the domestic violence issue by banning the man that brought it all to light. It would be such an easy ban that wouldn’t impact any team, but would prove that the NFL is cracking down on the rules. Now the NFL would be a little late putting the ban on now, but it would come better late than never. After Ray Rice’s video of him hitting his fiancée, he was released from the Baltimore Ravens. A ban on Ray Rice from entering back may help stopping domestic violence and other issues outside of football. Many players have a problem with staying on a clean slate outside of the game, so a big name player being banned from the league may force some other players to think about what they do before they do it.

5 Another Chance: Tony Romo

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Who knows the real reason why Tony Romo retired, but a bunch of fans are still curious that if Romo was offered another chance to play in the NFL, if he would. If Romo had another chance, I believe he would take it. We heard about many teams interested in Romo, but we never saw an actual offer that came up. The two teams that were truly in the hunt for Tony were the Texans and the Broncos. John Elway of the Broncos claimed that he liked their quarterback situation, and the Texans never made a statement about Romo coming to Houston.

With that being said, he never got a real opportunity to play football again. This is a guy who single handedly helped the Cowboys win football games, even with a poor offensive line and defense. If Romo was given a chance with the right team, I think you would see Tony Romo playing football again.

4 Banned: Johnny Manziel

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If you can’t make football a priority, no football team should make you their priority. When you’re the quarterback of a NFL team, you become one of the team’s most important players. Johnny Manziel has had too many off the field issues which have caused him to have been suspended some time, and eventually released by the Cleveland Browns. Manziel’s father even said that he was scared for his son’s well-being, which says a lot about the son. Johnny Football couldn’t live up to his expectations in the NFL.

It seemed for a little bit that Johnny Manziel was getting his life put together, just for it all to fall apart once again. Manziel has also been arrested before, so his problems are never ending. Johnny Manziel may have the talent to play in the NFL, but he definitely doesn’t have the attitude.

3 Another Chance: Tim Tebow

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

The way that teams used Tim Tebow during his career was so unfair. Tebow definitely isn’t the best passer in the world, but he was for sure a winner. When starting, Tebow was 8-6 with 17 touchdowns passes and nine interceptions, passing for 2,422 yards. Tebow even took the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and even threw a game winning pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers to take the Broncos to the divisional round. Granted, Tebow had his struggles, but for a young quarterback, he didn’t play all that bad.

Teams immediately started to say that he wasn’t a quarterback in the NFL, even though he had the ability to win. Tebow deserved another chance, as he has more playoff wins right now than 19 other starting quarterbacks. Tebow definitely needs work, but if he can help a team win, it shouldn’t matter what his statistics look like. And if a team doesn’t like him as a starting quarterback, he can always help as a backup and add some trick plays.

2 Banned: Ndamukong Suh

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What do you know Ndamukong Suh for? Is it his play, or his dirty hits that he gives on the field? Most times you hear about Suh on television, it’s because of something he did to another play on the field. We have seen him step on players, choke players and even hit them. If anybody deserves to be banned from the league more than anyone, it’s Suh. This game is a game played of men, not children. Sometimes when you watch Suh play, you need to remind yourself that this is a grown man playing, because the way he acts is like a child. His antics may be amusing for some, but for those who are being tortured, they are absolutely unacceptable.

1 Another Chance: Colin Kaepernick

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick made a mistake, and like many of us, it happens. Kaepernick decided to kneel during the National Anthem, which led to many other players kneeling during the National Anthem. The message Kaepernick was trying to get out, wasn’t what many people are interpreting it as. But whatever his message was, is irrelevant why or why not he should be in the league. What Kaepernick did, has been done now by hundreds of other NFL players. But, that’s a whole other conversation.

Colin Kaepernick is better than several starting quarterbacks in the NFL and better than most teams' current backups. If Kaepernick didn’t lose a bunch of key teammates, and his head coach Jim Harbaugh, there’s a good chance that this 49ers team would still be winning. Even last season when Kaepernick basically played with all scrubs, he threw 16 touchdown passes, four interceptions for 2,241 yards. If Kaepernick got another chance with a halfway decent ball club, you could see Kaepernick emerge once again as one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL.

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