Aaron Rodgers Wins Big on Celebrity Jeopardy

The now age-old question must be asked again: is there anything Aaron Rodgers can't do?

When he's not avoiding pass-rushers and throwing touchdown passes, Rodgers is out-and-about being about as lovable an athlete as there is in the world of sport today. He proved that again this week during his appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy, which included some serious domination on the scoreboard and a $50,000 check for the charity of his choice. Rodgers was even able to coax a hearty "Discount Double Check" from host Alex Trebek.

Even though Rodgers whiffed pretty badly on the Final Jeopardy question, he was still able to pull the win out of abyss - a sight we're all quite familiar with already.


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Aaron Rodgers Wins Big on Celebrity Jeopardy