After The Draft: One Move Every NFL Teams Still Needs To Make Before Next Season

The offseason is where your team improves the most. Not just from coaching the players up and training but also from free-agency, the draft, and trades. Everything that happens from the last game to the first game of the regular season decides who will make it to the game of games. Even though it feels as though each team has set its self up as best it can, there are still moves that can be made to further each franchise's chances when it comes to winning the big one.

Some teams still have free agents they need to go after and add depth to the team. Players that can seriously alter your team's trajectory are still unsigned. Hall of Fame-bound players such as Dez Bryant is still available. There are others who are perennial back-ups who can be the most important players when the big plays come. Other teams have trades they should make, Pro-bowlers who the team needs to move on from. Some teams only have to adjust their depth chart, in any case, there are decisions and moves that must be made!

This article will discuss what option would best serve every team to improve their chances of becoming the 53rd team to ever win the Superbowl!

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32 Arizona Cardinals: Sign Jeremy Maclin, WR

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is a whole that needs to be filled here. After losing both John Brown and Jaron Brown, they need a true speed back for the outside. With Larry Fitzgerald still playing more of a slot position in what will be the 14th season in his Hall of Fame career, they need some speed on the outside. Drafting Christian Kirk might one day be a good replacement for Larry, but they need speed now if they are hoping to compete in this physical NFL. Already have a running back with hall of fame intentions, even with him coming off an early injury last year, they can make a real push this year.

Last season Maclin finished with 40 receptions and 440 yards with 3 touchdowns while in Baltimore and with a fading Joe Flacco.

Having a healthy Sam Bradford who is sure to be replaced by the 10th pick in the draft, Josh Rosen, having Maclin as a target is going to help the Cardinals back to the NFC championship game, a place they have not been too since the 2015 season. New head coach Steve Wilks will be replacing longtime coach Bruce Arians and if he has any hopes of filling the big hole left behind by him, he should look to Jeremy Maclin to spread the field for him.

31 Atlanta Falcons: Sign Luke Joeckel, G

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta's team is only two years off of being on the wrong end of history. Having faced the Patriots in the Super Bowl in 2016, and blowing a huge lead they amounted, the did not disappoint in 2017 either. They made it to the NFC divisional round before losing by 5 points to the inevitable Super Bowl champs. One of their biggest issues was protecting Matt Ryan.

In steps Luke Joeckel. At just 26 years of age, Luke still has a lot left in him, and a lot left to prove. Coming out of college he was a Unanimous All-American and First-Team All-SEC. He was also the winner of the Outland Trophy, which is the award given to the best interior lineman. Coming off a season where he started 11 games for the Seahawks, I believe he is one of the best guards still available. In his 5 years in the league, he has played and started in every position on the line except for center. This shows just how much of a versatile player he is. Luke can help any offensive line in the league that he joins. If the Falcons want redemption for the Superbowl loss of the century, this is their year to make a push. After all, the Superbowl will be in Atlanta this year.

30 Baltimore Ravens: Sign CJ Anderson, RB

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore is coming off of a 9-7 season where there just missed the playoffs... again. They haven't made the playoffs since 2014, a large portion of that is not having a decent running back that they can trust. Their current starter in penciled in to be Alex Collins. What is the biggest difference between these two backs? CJ is a Super Bowl champion. That championship DNA is vital when trying to return to the playoffs. CJ is coming off his best season to date in the NFL.

After adding two solid receivers with John Brown and Michael Crabtree, having a receiving and quick back coming out of the backfield could potentially add the last threat they need to become a Superbowl contender again. They drafted really well by going out and getting three new linemen to help the offense, now they just need someone to run behind them. The Ravens have a been building for just this opportunity, a chance to get back to the game of games. This could be the last year they have Joe Flacco, or this could be the year the Rober Griffin III breaks out, so going out to get a veteran running back with a ring could be just the push this group needs to become great.

29 Buffalo Bills: Get Some Help Up Front With Jahri Evans

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few options out there they can go sign to put bodies on the line. Guys like Austin Howard and Jahri Evans are still available and most likely waiting up to get that phone call. Or they can make some trades and bring in the size that way. Either way, they are going to want to get guys to block for their new franchise quarterback in Josh Allen. I would personally suggest signing these vets myself.

Austin Howard is an eight-year player who most recently played in Baltimore for the 2017 season where he started every single game. As a matter of fact, he has started in 82 out of the 86 games he has played in and has surely shown he has what it takes to become a staple in this offense. Jahri Evans, on the other hand, can be equally as valuable. He has been in the league since 2006 and has multiple awards to go with it. He is a Superbowl Champ, 6x Pro-Bowler, and 4x First-team All-Pro. He has started in 183 games, which is coincidentally the same number he has played in. Getting one or both of these players could certainly go a long way in protecting their young QB as he learns the ropes of the NFL.

28 Carolina Panthers: Trade Greg Olsen, TE

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Olsen is one of the best tight ends in the game. He has had three 1,000 receiving years. He has been a very good player since he joined the league in 2007. This 11-year vet has proven he has what it takes to be an impact player in this league. So why in the world would the Panthers even consider trading him? His foot injury. Sure it is small but a broken foot is often the signs of an ending career.

After he injured it during week 2 he was placed on the injured reserve list.

he came back and injured it again right away and was done for the season. Trade him while you can still get value for him. There are other, more pressing positions that need replacing. Getting some help on the defensive line or offensive line is where I would start looking for trade packages. Greg Olsen could very well come back, he could go down as the best tight end in Panther's history. Although his touchdown numbers are lower than one would like, his receiving yards are undeniable. I would still say that it is at least worth it to make a few phone calls and see what other teams would consider offering.

27 Chicago Bears: Sign Eric Decker, WR

George Walker IV /The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK

He still has a lot left in him. Mitchell Trubisky needs more targets too. Getting Allen Robinson is a HUGE addition to the lineup, but Eric Decker is something special! Coming off a season where Trubisky threw for 2,193 yards and 7 touchdowns, he has shown splashes of real talent that this level of football requires. He just needs a real target to throw too.

Eric Decker is an 8-year pro and has played well in every season but two. Undoubtedly he can come on and be a real force for his team. With multiple 1,000-yard receiving years and multiple double-digit touchdowns, he is a threat. Even if just to keep the heat off of Robinson and also newly acquire WR Taylor Gabriel. Both of whom can play the outside position like none other. Sliding Decker in the slot position could prove to make this passing offense one of the most dangerous in the game in 2018. If nothing else it is always good to have a guy like Decker around. A real locker room guy where he can bring up the moral of any locker room he steps in. He is a real game changer both on and off the field.

26 Cincinnati Bengals: Trade Tyler Eifert, TE

Kareem Elgazzar/Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY Sports

Trading Tyler Eifert is their best chance at gaining on their divisional foes. Finishing with a 7-9 record in 2017, their division is one of the weaker ones outside of the Steelers. Eifert is not doing much to push them to be a better team either. Injuries have plagued him over the last 2 season and keeping him is not doing them any good. In 2017 he played in 2 games for 46 yards. That is not the type of player you need to get into the Super Bowl discussion.

Flip him for something way more valuable, like defense, or draft picks honestly. I believe that his injuries and inconsistencies are more of a distraction than it is a help to their team. But there are many different defensive players available on trade blocks or otherwise to build their defense to be something that is revered in the league. Tyler Eifert could be a quality player in the league, but up to this point he has not been. The Bengals should cut their losses, and improve their roster all around, or get draft picks and prepare for a brighter future, either way, they are a team that is better off without him.

25 Cleveland Browns: Sign Robert Ayers, DE

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Help out Myles Garrett, please. They made a good decision to draft Denzel Ward who was one of the better Cornerbacks if not the best one in my opinion. Still, they were able to add that outside piece which is going to help them in this rebuild they have been in ever since Jim Brown left. Right now they have Emmanuel Ogbah opposite Myles Garrett, but I believe having this 9-year vet come and back him up. He is coming off one of his higher tacking seasons and has the intellect to give the younger guys someone to look to and show them how to play the game.

Last year the Browns gave up the 2nd most yards and 3rd most points per game. They need help. That is just where their team is at. Any defensive stat you look at will show you they were among the worst in the league, in almost every single category. Robert Ayers comes off being with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team where he showcased what he can really do. This team has a lot of potentials to be a pretty good team in the league, despite coming off of a year where they went 0-16, they could very well become one of the teams fighting to make the playoffs come December.

24 Dallas Cowboys: Sign Julius Thomas, TE

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

When Jason Witten announced his retirement right after the first round of the draft I do not know how prepared the Cowboys were to draft or replace him. So was drafting Dalton Schultz more of a player they had in the plans or a knee-jerk reaction to his retirement? Either way, bringing in the talent and 7 years of experience, he can certainly help Dem Boyz return to the playoffs again.

He is coming off of a season with the Dolphins where he caught 41 balls for 388 yards and 3 touchdowns.

He is a better option than Geoff Swaim or anyone else on the team. And he has a certain attitude and knowledge about him that would make him invaluable on the Cowboys' lineup. Giving Dak a new and big target outside and replacing Jason Witten is the most important thing he can do. The Cowboys are coming off a season where they just missed out on the playoffs, but without Zeke's suspension, they will have a full season where they can do whatever they want to the opposing offense and ramp up the points. Even if you only bring him in to be a run blocker for Zeke, he is a quality tight end who should be rostered by Dallas.

23 Denver Broncos: Trade Demaryius Thomas, WR

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Getting Case Keenum as their Quarterback was a great move by the Broncos. He has been the back-up so many times and has stepped up to the plate every time he was called upon. Most notably he led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game where they got blown out by the eventual champs. Now the Broncos need to make a tough but ultimately beneficial decision. Trade Demaryius Thomas. Demaryius Thomas is a very good wide receiver and has been for a while for the Broncos. Unfortunately, his numbers have been on a slow decline since 2014. Across the board, his numbers have declined except his targets. That shows his hands are the issue and he is just catching a less which means he is producing less. They need help elsewhere though.

They have real needs at the running back position and on the offensive line. They need to give Case more time in the backfield and find a way to protect him or get a better running back to become more of a threat on the ground because Devontae Booker does not bring the fear like the great backs in the league do. That is why the should make the phone call and see where they can ship him.

22 Detroit Lions: Trade Ameer Abdullah, RB

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Ameer Abdullah had a good year with the Lions and showed flashes of being great. Unfortunately, the 714 total yards along with the 9 touchdowns with flashes will not be enough to break their playoff win drought, having not won a playoff game since 1991. I do not believe Ameer is the key they need to break through. They have 6 other running backs on the team right now. Between LeGarrette Blount, Zach Zenner, Theo Riddick, Kerryon Johnson, Dwayne Washington, and Tion Green, they have plenty of depth to trade away Ameer and add some help where they truly need it.

Their offensive line is where the most help is needed, especially at right guard. They need to protect Matthew Stafford, who is a great quarterback and if nothing else is quite a consistent back. He has thrown for over 4,000 yards for the last 7 years and shows no sign of slowing down. The Lions need to protect him. Or getting an edge rusher could be crucial. Their defense is not terrible but is not all that good either. Riding right in the middle of the line. Getting someone else on the D-Line could be very helpful in helping push them to that first win.

21 Green Bay Packers: Sign Brandon Marshall, WR

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Marshall is a good wide receiver and given he has a decent quarterback to toss him the ball. On his career, he has 12,215 yards and 82 touchdowns. Since 2006 he has been torching the league with his speed and great hands. Replacing Jordy Nelson is no small feat and adding Jimmy Graham gives Aaron Rodgers a great target downfield. A big target and one who has produced a lot throughout the years. But the speed and hands of Brandon Marshall are what is important now.

He is exactly what a team who is always a Super Bowl contender needs to become a real threat.

He can beat the coverage over the top or he can run straight past them. He is the real deal. The Packers missed the playoffs last year, but with Brandon Marshall, they can make a return appearance and be great once more. He could make a play at being WR3 for the Packers, backing up the likes of Davante Adams and Randall Cobb. The other receivers do not have the sheer ability to challenge Marshall for the job. He can come in and take the job he deserves and make a run for the Superbowl.

20 Houston Texans: Sign Brian Cushing Back, ILB

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Cushing was drafted to the Texans and played there from 2009-2017. Yes, he was just cut from the team. I believe it was because he had to face a 10 game suspension due to failing the drug test. This move was a mistake, and he should be given a second chance to play defense with he teammates Watt and Clowney. He knows the system, he knows the guys there, and he knows football.

Without Cushing, there is a big hole in the Texans' defense. In his time with Houston, he amassed 664 tackles, 13.5 sacks, 8 interceptions, and 9 forced fumbles. These numbers are hard to come by with a freshly drafted player or a hard find in free agency. Maybe this cut was the wake-up call that he needed to not only straighten his life up but get his game to a dominant level as well. The Best thing about Brian Cushing though is his familiarity with the city and the schemes in place. That is invaluable knowledge and experience to have. One that makes him literally the perfect fit for the defense and to fit with his team. That is why the best offseason move left for the Texans is to sign Brian Cushing again.

19 Indianapolis Colts: Trade Eric Ebron, TE

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This might seem like a backward type decision but it really is their smartest move. The TE literally just signed up but I feel as though it was a wasted signing. With guys on the team like Jack Doyle, Erik Swoope, Jason Vander Laan, Darrell Daniels, Ross Travis, and Mo Alie-Cox they have enough talent at the tight end to move on without him. In case you can not count, that is 6 other tight ends on the team. I think they can move on without him and fill their real needs on their team.

They have a few different positions that really need depth and control. Drafting Quenton Nelson with the 6th pick was a great pick. He looks like he could dominate like a Hall of Famer does. The 6'5" 325 lb guard out of Notre Dame is a great building block for fixing that front five that is one of the reasons that Andrew Luck was out of the game for over a year. Trading Eric to fix their offensive line is one of the better decisions the can make. Eric is no slouch, he finished the year with 574 yards and 4 touchdowns. Those are very respectable numbers for a 4-year tight end. Another team could use that talent. The Colts have way more needs than a tight end right now. Trade him and improve.

18 Jacksonville Jaguars: Sign Tre Boston, S

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Last year the Jacksonville defense was one of the most elite in the game. A very surprising but a very true statement. So true that they were known for a long time as Sacksonville. But their backs still needs some work. To line up Tre Boston on the other side of the Barry Church could give nightmares to opposing quarterbacks thinking of throwing the ball over the top. This pairing could really amp up the defense that already lit up the league last year and took them to the AFC championship game where they lost by just 4 points.

Tre Boston is a Florida native and has been in the league for 4 years.

His last year was his absolute best season he had with the Chargers. He recorded 79 tackles, 8 pass deflections, and 5 interceptions. Those numbers are undeniable and he can do it again if only given the opportunity. He has the skill, he has the drive, he has the youth, he only needs the opportunity. This Jacksonville defense is one where he can really flourish. He can help this team get back to the Championship game and might get them to even the Superbowl. That's why they should bring Tre Boston to Jacksonville.

17 Kansas City Chiefs: Help The Defense

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Not something you would expect to hear when you have guys like Justin Houston and Eric Berry on the team. But with losing Marcus Peters, Ron Parker, Derrick Johnson, Tamba Hali, Kevin Pierre-Louise, and Terrance Mitchell it is hard to see how they do not need some help. Losing guys like Marcus Peters and Ron Parker are hard things to come back from. If the Chiefs are hoping to have a better ending than losing to the Titans in the Wild Card round. Not where the Chiefs want to be.

With Patrick Mahomes picking up the starting quarterback job and having Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Kareem Hunt on the offensive end and ready to tear it up, it is the defense that needs to be helped out. Justin Houston is great. Eric Berry is great. But they only play 2 out of the 11 positions. More help is needed so that they are better. The Chiefs have a chance to make a big splash in the league and attack, but only playing on one side of the ball will not get you very far when it comes winning in the postseason. Jacksonville learned that the hard way this past season, Kansas City does not need to go through that same process.

16 Los Angeles Chargers: Trade Hunter Henry, TE

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

He needs to go to help them where they really need it. They are another team that is overloaded with tight ends. They have Sean McGrath, Virgil Green, Asante Cleveland, Cardale Jones, and Sean Culkin along with 2 rookies in Ben Johnson and Cole Hunt. The talent is already there at tight end, Hunter Henry should be used as more of a trade piece. They have two big needs and that is offensive and defensive linemen. They lost Kenny Wiggins and Matt Slauson on the offense which was big players for the Chargers last year.

Hunter Henry had a good year too. He had 579 yards for 4 touchdowns in just his second year in the league. He has talent that certainly could help the chargers, but they have much bigger needs on the team than all of the tight ends the have. On this team, he is more of an unnecessary commodity than he his a necessity.Becuase of the extra ends of the team, it makes sense to see what trade offers are out there for him and what can be added to take this team to the next level. That is why Hunter Henry needs to be traded from this team.

15 Los Angeles Rams: Sign Austin Howard, OT

Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

One could argue that the Rams had the most active and productive franchise this offseason. Trading for the likes of Marcus Peters and Brandin Cooks were big moves they made while only trading a few draft picks. Then making signings like Lamarcus Joyner, Ndamukong Suh, and Sam Shields they really pushed their defense to a new level. On top of that, they still had 10 draft pics which were primarily defense focused. They did address their offensive line but not nearly enough to protect their franchise quarterback, Jared Goff, or open running gaps for one of the best running backs in the game, Todd Gurley.

Austin Howard would help beef this line up to take them to the next level. He has started in 82 of the 86 games he has played in and done a tremendous job at left tackle. He is a 6'7" giant coming in at 330 lbs. With quick feet and hands and a smart head on his shoulders, he can really help the Rams offense and even bring up the youngsters on the team up to another level. Austin Howard is the one free agent I can see that the Rams really need considering how well the rest of their team really is. They do not need any more help at the wide receiver or running back. Their defense is set from the front line to the outside, all the way to their safeties. Austin Howard can do great things in helping them along.

14 Miami Dolphins: Sign DeMarco Murray, RB

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarco Murray still has a ton of yards left in him. he is only a year removed from his 3rd Pro Bowl selection. In the two years he ran the ball for Tennessee he ran for 1,946 yards and 15 touchdowns while only fumbling a mere 4 times. The running back had his best year in 2014 but he could really tear things up for them in the backfield. Not only does he have the ability to run the ball but his hands aren't bad either. He had 643 yards and 4 touchdowns receiving while he was with the Titans. Putting him alongside the power of Frank Gore and Speed of Kenyan Drake, he can really help this franchise. With Ryan Tannehill coming back after a pretty nasty injury and adding Danny Amendola who really shines in the playoffs, gives them a pretty good shot this year.

The Dolphins are coming off a season where they had a record of 6-10, and they were at least 3 games out of the playoffs.

This year could be their year in the division. With an aging Tom Brady and rookie quarterbacks with both the Jets and Bills, the time now is to strike and make a big playoff push.

13 Minnesota Vikings: Sign Alan Branch, DT

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings are coming off their best season in years. They had a miracle walk-off touchdown in the divisional round before getting slaughtered to the eventual champs in the Conference Championship. Behind their defensive star Xavier Rhodes the defense did a lot to push them to be great. And while their draft focused a lot on defense, Alan Branch is the piece that could push them one step closer to the famed defense that once terrorized the NFL. The Purple People Eaters of the late '60s early '70s. Alan Branch is an 11-year pro, with two Superbowl rings, who has only improved over the years. Two years ago he received his career high tackling record at 49. He can be a very crucial part in pushing this defense back to the Championship game or maybe even farther.

The Vikings picked the Cornerback from UCF with the 30th pick in this year's draft, Mike Hughes will solidify their outside game, while Alan Branch and company will attack the opposing team's offense up front. His 6'6" frame and 350 lbs make him quite a menace for almost any offensive line in the game. He will help this team make it back to the most important game of the season.

12 New England Patriots: Trade Rob Gronkowski, TE

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like backward logic to trade away the best tight end in the game, but this one needs to happen. Between his injuries and his apparent lack of commitment to the team after the Super Bowl, it might be to just let him go. In his 8 years of playing in the league, he has only every playing in all 16 games just twice. Both times at the beginning of his career and not one since. Now granted he has had multiple 1,000-yard receiving seasons along with 5 seasons where he had at least 10 touchdowns. His 6'6" frame and 265 lbs makes him a very tough coverage any where on the field. it makes it easy for him to catch an average of 59 catches a year.

But he is just a distraction and has no long-term commitment to the Patriots, so they should thank him for his 8 years of service and fix their offensive line.

They have not had a decent line to protect the 40-year-old Tom Brady since, well, ever. Drafting Isaiah Wynn is the best they have done but they have to work on protecting him now more than ever. Without a suitable successor to the position, it is very dangerous not to beef up their line if they want any success this season.

11 New Orleans Saints: Sign Dontrelle Inman, WR

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Having Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn are great options but I believe Dontrelle Inman could really serve the team well. He came into the league as an undrafted free agent and has served teams well, showing that he really can hang in this league. in 2016 he was given 16 starts at wide receiver and came away with 810 yards for 4 touchdowns. When given the opportunity he can truly shine. With Drew Brees tossing him the ball too, he has even more of a chance to really become a great receiver in this league.

The Saints came off a season where they lost in the divisional round after a miracle touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs. Coming off a real heartbreaker where they had a chance to go on to the Superbowl will really fuel these Saints to push a bit farther and become a great team again. Anything short of 11 wins in the 2018 season will come back as a loss for them. With Drew Brees and the Quarterback and Mark Ingram still tearing up defenses everywhere, they are sure to make a deep playoff run. Signing Dontrelle Ingram will give them one more offensive weapon to threaten opposing teams from across the league.

10 New York Giants: Beef Up The Line

Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

Having Eli Manning and Saquon Barkley will mean nothing if their line does nothing to protect them. Eli threw for 3,468 yards and 19 touchdowns, both markedly lower than the previous season. All because of a dip in the line's production. I believe that he can still make a huge dent in the league especially while having outside targets such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard. He has the players to throw to, just not the protection to get the ball in the best location.  While in college Saquon was a beast unto himself which made him play into being the second overall pick in the draft. In his 3 years at Penn State, he ran for 3,843 yards and 43 touchdowns. All because he had a good line to protect him.

I would suggest one or two players for them to sign but it is not that simple. They need so much help in their front five that suggest a player or two would not do justice to the true help that is needed. You could even suggest that trading OBJ would do the trick in bringing in the help that is needed to bring in the offensive line to the power that it needs to be at to make them effective in today's league.

9 New York Jets: Sign Alex Boone, G

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Protecting Sam Darnold should be priority number one for the Jets. He is their future and without a good guard in there he could be hit too often and too hard. That will be bad for him if they intend to him to be the Hall of Famer he was quoted as being when drafted. Alex Boone is just one step in the right direction to help this offense out. Alex came into the league undrafted in 2009. But he is not to be denied. He stands at 6'8" and weighs a whopping 310 lbs. A man this big was sure to make his way into the league at some point. last season he played for the Cardinals and since 2011 has played in at least 13 games a season while starting in almost all of them.

The Jets had a 5-11 season which is 5 more wins than anyone could have predicted. Getting Sam Darnold will prove to be the cornerstone in taking them to the playoffs. But they will not get to the 3rd week of the season with him if they do not fix that line and I believe that starts with the signing of Alex Boone.

8 Oakland Raiders: Sign Derrick Johnson, ILB

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Johnson is an obvious signing to enhance the strength of the Raiders defense. Derrick is a 13-year pro playing every season with the Kansas City Chiefs up to this point. This 4x Pro Bowler is the best inside linebacker still available in free agency. In his career, he has 1,152 tackles, 27.5 sacks, 23 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, 14 interceptions, and 4 defensive touchdowns. The numbers and awards speak for themselves as to what kind of player and ferocity he brings to the team. Getting to play for a team in the same division as the team who just cut him will add more fuel to his fire. He still has plenty left in him and needs only the opportunity to show what he truly still has inside of him.

The Raiders come off the back of a very disappointing season where they did not in any way reach their own expectation. This could be the season where it all falls together for them again. With Derrick Johnson playing alongside Khalil Mack and company, this defense can make teams pay. Along with newly acquired Jordy Nelson playing alongside Amari Cooper, this team will definitely be playing come January.

7 Philadelphia Eagles: Sign Jeremy Lane, CB

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What else could the Eagles even need? Coming off a Super Bowl victory where they won without their franchise quarterback, there are not many holes to be filled for the Eagles. With not much depth at the cornerback position. having lost Patrick Robinson in the offseason they have no one at the slot corner position, Jeremy Lane can fill right in and be an immediate help to this team riding high. Standing at 6'0" and 190 lbs he is the perfect size to play as a slot receiver. As a 5-year pro and a Super Bowl champion, his stats do not lie. He has 146 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 interceptions and 16 pass deflections.

He has the mind to play the game and was once part of the legion of boom. The toughest defense in the league for at least 3 years. He played lockdown defense when his number was called. On top of that, he knows how to step up on the biggest stages of them all. His first career interception came during the Super Bowl where he picked off Tom Brady at the goal-line during the first quarter. If that is not stepping up when it matters than I do not know what is.

6 Pittsburgh Steelers: Sign Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Losing William Gay in the offseason could be very costly to them. Plus while having Artie Burns as the starting cornerback is not the worst thing, there is still a better corner out there. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is a dominate one who is surprisingly still available. He has been in the league for 10 years and is a 2x Pro Bowler. In that time he has amassed 439 tackles, 2.5 sacks, 6 forced fumbles, 145 pass deflections, 30 interceptions, and 7 defensive touchdowns. He has played in almost every single game for the last 10 years and has no signs of slowing down.

The Steelers defense could really use this outside help this season, that is if they are hoping to make it out of the divisional round this year.

They were on route to face the Patriots in the conference championship the following week but first had to go through the Jags. Their defense was just too weak as they lost by 3 but allowed Blake Bortles to play the game of his life and put up 45 points on them. Getting Dominique will ensure that this cannot happen again and he will be glad to join a team so he can chase the ring that has just alluded him during his career.

5 San Francisco 49ers: Sign Bashaud Breeland, CB

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Getting a great quarterback can really change the outlook of your team. The 49ers had started the 2017 season 1-10. Then by giving up just a second round pick, they were able to land Jimmy Garapolo, then they went undefeated. This season there are high expectations for him and the rest of the team. Unfortunately, it will be hard for them to reach any of the hopes without ramping the defense up. Bashaud Breeland is their guy. Having been in the league for 4 years, and playing with the redskins all that time, he has exactly what they need outside. In these few short years, he has gotten 270 tackles, 1 sack, 60 pass deflections, 8 interceptions, 7 forced fumbles, and 1 defensive touchdowns.

Breeland was initially signed to the Panthers but failed the physical to do an infected cut on his foot. That is something that has probably already been healed and he can go on and play in the 2018 season. Him still being a free agent is just a shame. His numbers have stayed equal since the beginning of his career and showing no sign of slowing down. Signing him will help the 49ers defense become fierce.

4 Seattle Seahawks: Sign Will Beatty, OT

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Will Beatty is by far the best offensive lineman left unsigned. He is a two time Super Bowl champion, one with the Giants and the other with the Eagles this year. He stands at 6'6" and weighs in at 320 lbs. Having been in the league since 2009, he has more than proved what he is capable of. Unfortunately, he did not play a single snap for the Eagles this past year but just his knowledge of the game and how to really dominate the position. A lot of times this sort of veteran savvy his what a team truly needs to turn their other players into a dominant force in the league.

The Seahawks came off a disappointing season where they missed the playoffs. Having a quarterback who can scramble like Russell Wilson can is a true gift but one that should only be needed in an emergency and not on almost every single play. Getting Will Beatty will prove worthwhile if all they can enhance their offensive linemen. He obviously has the knowledge of being a great lineman which is what afforded him a long tenure in the league and his size is certainly undeniable. If the Seahawks want to make this season a better one than last year than Beatty is the way to go.

3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sign CJ Anderson, RB

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Having been in the league for 5 seasons he has truly shown what any running back needs to be successful. In his time in the league, he has gotten 3,910 total yards and 24 total touchdowns. He has also only fumbled 3 times in his entire career. In 2014 he was a Pro Bowler as well. He has only improved has his time in the league has gone on as well. He got his only 1,000 rushing yards season in 2017. As well as his 2nd most receiving yards with 224, respectable for a running back.

The Buccaneers have had many years without a reliable back. Even with the hope of Doug Martin returning from rehab, they thought they were going to make a splash in the league, but that completely fell through. Having gone 5-11 and the only team in their division to not make the playoffs is not the best way to end a season. A lot of the reason that they could not come through on their high expectations was the serious lack of a running game. CJ can help Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, and that scary defense to make it to the playoffs. This year.

2 Tennessee Titans: Sign Junior Galette, OLB

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There is a lot that the Titans need help with. With three of their draft picks dedicated to helping the defense. Junior Galette can come in and be a true force. Junior has been in the league since 2010. He played with both the saints and the Redskins in that time where he was able to achieve 148 tackles, 34.5 sacks, and 6 forced fumbles. Very respectable numbers from this linebacker from Temple. He has started every game since 2011 and has truly helped the defense on the team he was on. Since finishing his contract with the Redskins, he is now available to help the Titans wreck havoc in the league.

The Titans could use his help too. They finished the season with a 9-7 record and made it to the divisional round to the New England Patriots where they lost by 3 touchdowns. A respectable loss and quite the way to return to the playoffs. If they have any hope of making it farther the next time around then they must enhance their defense. The best way to start that is by signing Junior Galette to the team and moving forward. He can be the glue that helps this team to move on in the playoffs.

1 Washington Redskins: Sign Dez Bryant WR

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Dez Bryant needs to go to the Washington Redskins. To start out him and Josh Norman is probably the greatest of the frenemies the NFL has to offer. Putting that sort of chemistry and comedy on the same team is sure to be entertaining if nothing else. Dez Bryant also has a chip on his shoulder, against the Cowboys for cutting his touches and then cutting him. Dez Bryant will go to the hall of fame and to be catching passes from Alex Smith is certain to add to his hall of fame numbers. Since being in the league since 2010 he has had 7,459 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns. He has fumbled the ball 14 times but only twice in the last two years.

The Redskins are playoff bound and ready to make a splash now that Kirk Cousins is no longer there.

They drafted extremely well and did so on both sides of the ball. Getting extra help for the defense and their offensive line. The only thing that they really need to push over the edge is the danger of having a receiver like Dez Bryant. The Redskins are most certainly going to the playoffs, the only thing that is in question is how far they can go, and Dez could help them go all the way.

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