Arian Foster Reveals He's An Atheist

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Arian Foster sat down with ESPN The Magazine and went public with his belief that there is no God. In what is rare in professional sports, football in particular, Foster not only said he is an atheist, but explains why he doesn't believe.

"Everybody always says the same thing: You have to have faith," he says. "That's my whole thing: Faith isn't enough for me. For people who are struggling with that, they're nervous about telling their families or afraid of the backlash ... man, don't be afraid to be you. I was, for years."

Foster spent his college days at Tennessee and has spent his NFL career in Houston, Texas - both places where faith and football seem intertwined.

Foster went into more detail, saying he feels he's viewed as different because he doesn't have a faith.

"This is unprecedented," says Todd Stiefel, chair of Openly Secular, a nonprofit group whose goal is to raise acceptance of nonbelievers. "He is the first active professional athlete, let alone star, to ever stand up in support of gaining respect for secular Americans."

Foster said he's kept his beliefs to himself for six years out of fear of being mislabeled. You can read the full story here.

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