15 Britney Spears Photos That Will Make Tom Brady Jealous

Since bursting onto the music scene in the late 1990s, Britney Spears has gone on to establish herself as one the music industry’s biggest star. The native of McComb, Mississippi is a pop icon in every sense of the word.

Spears has sold countless albums, won several awards, and has also managed to become extremely wealthy along the way. Still only 36 years of age, Spears has already had a career that will certainly land her in the Hall of Fame someday.

The 5-foot-4 blonde is not only talented, she has also long been regarded as one of the most beautiful entertainers in the world. Spears has been featured on the cover of some the most popular publications and done some modeling over the years as well. Moreover, the stunning musician has also dated some very famous celebrities since becoming a megastar. Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, and Fred Durst are some of the stars one can expect to find on Britney Spears's dating resume. In fact, there were even rumors circulating in the early 2000s that Spears was romantically involved with none other than New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.

While the exact nature of their relationship  is unknown, if Brady saw the 15 photos below, he would probably hope they had been more than just friends.

15 Viva Las Vegas

Thank you, Vegas ❤️ 📷: @randeestnicholas

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This Instagram post shows the blonde bombshell posing in one of the gorgeous costumes she performed in, as part of her show in Las Vegas. Brittney: Piece of Me was a series of concerts she performed at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas from 2013 through the end of 2017. The show featured several dazzling outfits, such as the one seen in this photograph. Here we can see the award-winning starlet thanking her fromer city of residence, with this eye-catching post.

Fun Fact: Spear’s Las Vegas stint was the cities 3rd most financially successful residency show of all-time. Only Elton John and Celine Dion managed to bring in more cash. By the time her run in Vegas ended, Britney Spears had made an impressive $137.7 million at the box office.

14 Head Turner

Via Pinterest.com

In this particular photograph, Spears appears to be operating as her own chiropractor, while trying to get some kinks out her neck. However, that likely wasn’t the case, as Spears would have been more than able to afford a professional at the point in her career that this photo was taken. Whatever the case may have been, the lovely singer shows off her modeling chops in a glamorous dress. Spears demonstrates why she been featured on the cover of countless magazines over the years, with this memorable photo.

Fun Fact: Britney Spears mother is Lynne Irene Spears. Lynne Spears has written two books with Britney, A Mother’s Gift and Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World. She also joined her daughter for two years when she traveled with the Mickey Mouse Club.

13 Strike A Pose

via pinterest.com

Here we see Britney Spears posing in her undergarments, wearing a matching nightgown. The pop queen stares seductively into the camera, while striking a fierce pose. The blonde singer shows off the physique that helped make her a household name, with this steamy photograph. Spears has never had any trouble getting folks attention over the years, and pics like this certainly drive that point home. The singer looks ready to be featured in a Victoria’s Secret catalog with this breathtaking image.

Fun Fact: Spears was born in a conservative part of the United States known as the bible belt. While she was baptized as a child, she would later study Kabbalist (a form of Judaism) teachings. As a young girl, she sang as a member of her church choir.

12 Instant Classic

With pictures like this one, it’s easy to see how Britney Spears has managed to gain over 16 million followers on the popular social media site, Instagram. This classy black and white shot show the blonde beauty modeling a dress that looks fit for royalty. In the caption she writes, “ So in love with this dress! One of my favorites from this Elle shoot!” It would appear that her followers are also digging the dress, as the image received over 412,000 likes online.

Fun Fact: Spears made her big screen debut in the comedy-drama Crossroads back in 2002.While the film received very poor reviews from critics, it did well at the box office. Crossroads brought in $61.1 million on a budget of only $12 million.

11 Dressed In Black

Such a great shoot with @david_roemer

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After seeing this image, it’s easy to understand why the chart-topping beauty was pleased with the shoot (based on her comments in the caption). The 36-year-old looks nothing short of amazing in her partially see-through, black one-piece outfit. Apparently, based on the well over 425,000 likes this post received, her fans were also very pleased with the photos from her shoot. Those who aren’t yet following Spears on social media, may have a change of heart after seeing this popular image.

Fun Fact: One of Britney Spears most high profile relationships was with a fellow pop icon, Justin Timberlake, both of whom happened to be members of The New Mickey Mouse Club. The duo began dating back in 1999, before deciding to call it quits in 2002.

10 It's Always Good To Stretch

Via Pinterest.com

It no doubt takes a great deal of exercise to maintain the world-class physique that Britney Spears has possessed over the years. The 5-foot-4 dancer shows some impressive flexibility on her yoga mat, in this instance. Yoga pants (and athleisure wear in general) have become an increasingly popular style for women in recent years, and as we can see here, Spears can a rock a pair with the very best of them. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call this photo phenomenal.

Fun Fact: Britney’s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spear has become something of a star in her own right. Jamie Lynn was featured in the Nickelodeon sitcom Zoey 101 and even had a successful country music single, with her song “How Could I Want More.”

9 Snake Charmer

Via billboard.com

This photo was taken during Britney Spears iconic VMA performance. The singers somewhat revealing outfit and bizarre entourage made this a show many people were talking about the following morning. Moreover, it must have been more than little bit scary having to lug that large snake around. That being said, the singer looks as though she possess the reptile handling skills of a seasoned expert in this iconic image. With a photo like this, it’s easy to see how Spears has been able to slither into the hearts of a fan base that spans the globe.

Fun Fact: The pop star is currently dating a man by the name of Sam Asghari. Asghari is an Iranian model, who at 23 years of age, is roughly 13 years younger than Spears.

8 Thigh-High Boots

Via wallbg.com

Britney Spears has proven to have a knack for selecting the perfect outfits over the years. Pics like this provide the 5-foot-4 beauty and opportunity to showcase her impressive fashion sense. Moreover, this pic also provides her with a chance to show off some impressive thigh-high boots, as she models for the cameraperson. The form-fitting skirt she is wearing in this shot is figure flattering to say the least. Spear wows the masses yet again with another amazing image.

Fun Fact: When she was just 8, Spears tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club, but was rejected as the casting director felt she was too young at the time. However, roughly three years later, she would eventually make the club alongside future stars like Just Timberlake and Christina Aguilera.

7 Leather Jacket

via tumblr.com

Spears appear to be going with the biker look, while sporting some tattered jeans and what looks to be a leather jacket. She has flirted with the bad girl image over the course of her career and based on this photo; she can defiantly pull off the look. The recording artist appears to have found the perfect combination of tough and sensual with this outfit. There is likely no shortage of bikers out there who would love to go riding with this blonde beauty.

Fun Fact: Britney Spears has sold over 150 million records over the course of her career. Moreover, she has also sold roughly 22.38 million digital downloads, thus helping her cement her status as one of the best selling recording artists of all time.

6 With Rihanna

Via Rolling Stone

Here we have Britney Spears performing alongside another gorgeous singer, Rihanna. This photo was taken back in 2011, when the pair helped to kick off the 2011 Billboard music awards. The racy outfits certainly caught the audience’s attention and still have folks talking even roughly 7 years after the performance. It isn’t often one gets to see two of the most beautiful performers in the world doing their thing side by side, making this a special photo indeed.

Fun Fact: Rihanna is a 29-year-old singer who originally hails from Saint Michael, Barbados. She has sold approximately 230 million records to date, and she is also the youngest solo artist to have 14 number one singles on the Billboard chart. Her best-known singles include songs like “Umbrella” and “Diamonds.”

5 Candid Swimsuit Shot

Via YouTube.com

Being a world-famous celebrity who is constantly performing and in the public eye is probably exhausting at times, so it’s good to see Britney Spears enjoying a little time to herself. In this candid bikini photo, we see the 5-foot-4 musician relaxing on the shoreline, while being photographed by the paparazzi. The starlet stares off into the distance, while displaying a bikini bod that likely turned a few heads on the beach that day. This candid image can be counted among her best.

Fun Fact: Britney Spears has the unique distinction of being featured in the Guinness Book Of World Records (aka the Guinness World Records) for having the best selling album by a teenage solo artist. That album was …Baby One More Time which ended selling around 13 million records in the US alone.

4 Flower Girl

Via celebzz.com

In this photo, one might say that Spears is giving off a bit of a hippie vibe with her flower-themed necklace and provocative yellow bikini. Spears proudly flaunts a figure that has certainly helped her career over the years, in a photo that could most definitely be considered jaw-dropping. There are several amazing Britney Spears bikini pics out there and this is an excellent example of one.

Fun Fact: Back in January of 1999, Spears released her debut album, ...Baby One More Time. The record featured some of her most popular songs such as “Sometimes,” “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” and “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart.” It sold over 14 million copies making it a commercially successful album and one of the best selling debut efforts ever.

3 Side View

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Here, Spears models from the side, in her white shirt and black undergarments. The blonde celeb strikes an impressive pose and reminds fans why she is widely considered to be one of the most photogenic stars in the business. The vocalist could have defiantly had a career in modeling if they whole pop star thing hadn't worked out. Fortunately, for her legions of admirers, she still does a number of photo shoots.

Fun Fact: Following the success of her 1999 debut, Spears didn’t waste any time releasing her 2nd album called Oops!...I Did it Again in 2000. It featured hit like “Don’t Let Me Be the last Last to Know,” “Lucky,” and “Stronger.” It sold roughly 16.3 million copies during the first year of its release, thus making it the best-selling album of 2000.

2 Teddy Bear

Via Pinterest.com

The pop singer looks so good in this photo that it’s almost unbearable. Fortunately, the pic is indeed bearable, which is especially good because there is a bear featured in it. Here we see the singing sensation posing in lingerie while sporting a giant teddy bear on her shoulders. This particular pic highlights her flawless abs which are no doubt the result of countless hours spent working out. Spears wow her fans once more with this breathtaking image.

Fun Fact: Brittany Spears was previously married to Kevin Federline. Prior to his involvement with Spears, Federline was a relatively obscure backup dancer. The couple officially announced their engagement in July of 2004. Their wedding was held several weeks later in September of the same year. Spears would eventually file for divorce, which was finalized in July of 2007.

1 Resting In Orange

Via pinterest.com

Britney Spears appears to be resting on a bed, in a somewhat formal dress, as she gazes in the direction of the cameraperson. This photo proves that she doesn’t need to be wearing a skimpy bikini or lingerie in order to capture folks' attention. The stunning singer is looking like the very definition of elegance, in a dress that serves to flatter her iconic physique. When it comes to producing amazing photos, no one does it better than Britney Jean Spears.

Fun Fact: Spears released her 9th and most recent album Glory in 2016. “Slumber Party and “Makes Me..” were the top singles from the record. Glory received mostly positive review from critics and had sold about 250,000 as of July of last year.

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