Bad Luck Brandon Marshall


Poor, poor Brandon Marshall. After all these years of having Jay Cutler as his quarterback, now he's going to have Geno Smith throwing him the ball? The Jets will have to address the position in the draft, but in the meantime, poor Brandon.

We've really seen Marshall grow as a player and person after having been properly diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Since getting the proper treatment for his condition, Marshall has been a swell human being after a troubled start to his career.

Back during a bad stretch of the Bears' 2014 season, Marshall said that Chicago's play, effort, leadership and locker room drama was unacceptable.

Now, maybe we should give Todd Bowles a chance with the Jets, but this is an organization that has strung together many losses, a lot of drama and has displayed a lack of leadership for a long time. Marshall, now 30, will probably have to play out the rest of his prime with this organization. Poor Brandon. Couldn't the Bears have done him a solid and traded him to New England or Seattle?

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