Check Out this Awesome Plan for a Los Angeles Stadium

It's inevitable that the NFL is going to return to Los Angeles very soon and the Chargers and Raiders want to be the teams to make the jump. Both teams have submitted a proposal to share a stadium in L.A. and plans include a very cool idea for the Chargers.

via LATimes.com

The plans include a tower which would shoot out a simulated lightning bolt whenever the Chargers score a touchdown.

Don't worry Raiders fans, you would still have something cool too. A flame will pop out of a cauldron whenever the Raiders score in honor of the late Al Davis.

It seems to be a fierce competition between the Raiders, Chargers and Rams as to who will make the L.A. invasion. It's very interesting that two division rivals would opt to share a stadium, but with their current stadium situations, drastic measures may be required.

Wait a minute, sorry, I'm losing track of what's important here... I want that lightning bolt!

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