Cleveland Browns Revolutionize Their Logo!

The Cleveland Browns have embarked on a new era, one that will hopefully involve more success. They have begun this journey by shaking their fans to the very core, unveiling a new logo and soon to unveil their new uniforms. The Browns came up with a daring, novel idea to enhance the orange on their helmet logo and make the face-mask brown instead of grey! Not even the all-time great artists like Van Gogh or Picasso could've come up with this!

Clearly, a lot of hard work went into this logo, as countless hours were probably spent in Photoshop to design this cutting edge, new look to the struggling, yet historic franchise. Or maybe they just paid this guy five bucks to do it.


Hey look, I just made the #browns new logo in paint!!! Only took 25 seconds

— Kevin J. Chmura (@KJChmura) February 24, 2015

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Cleveland Browns Revolutionize Their Logo!