The "Concussion Pill" May Be Coming Soon

Imagine what it would mean for the NFL to have a pill that would virtually eliminate the concern over concussions. A major safety issue that potentially stunts the future of the sport is at the top of everyone's list of priorities to make the game safer and more inviting to future generations of football players. Well, that day and that pill may be coming sooner than later.

Just recently, Ed Cunningham made news after he resigned from his position as a color analyst for ESPN and ABC, citing the dangers of the game as the reason he could no longer promote such a violent product. While his motives have been questioned by some, he's not wrong by saying hits and the injuries that come from them—namely concussions—are a huge problem. There may finally be a breakthrough coming.

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"This is coming in 2025 if all goes well," Dr. William Korinek, the CEO of Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals, said of a drug that turbocharges the brain's ability to heal its own damage. This "drug" that is coming is still in the development stages (trials done on mice), but it's very much a huge achievement for sports of all kind. While there's no guarantee the same results will affect human trials in a similar way it affects these rodent test subjects, however. Scientists are learning that there is a major social interactive difference in mice who have early concussion symptoms versus those who don't. They've also noticed a difference in reckless behaviors.


The success of this treatment requires noticing the injury immediately. By giving the mice medicine quickly following the onset of a concussion, they are virtually eliminating the effects of the injuries as the mice age.

Is it a perfect plan? No. And in the meantime, others, like Jamie Dukes, former NFL lineman, and NFL Network personality turned founder and CEO of Pro-IV are working on more immediate solutions. Dukes Pro-IV has been highly endorsed by former quarterback Michael Vick. Duke's solution is a "cocktail" of substances that aim to rebalance micro nutrients with some anti-inflammatories and non-opioid pain relievers mixed in to treat immediate symptoms.


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From football players to wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, concussions have brought the early end to once great careers in sports and sports entertainment, and if a pill like this ever becomes available, it completely changes the sports landscape. To date, major sufferers of CTE and other concussion related issues have shown signs of similar symptoms. Scientists believe if they can positively affect these mice, they can do so with human subjects as well.

Scientists will continue to work on solutions to the concussion problems, and athletes will continue to look for quick fixes. It's a mess in more ways than one, but there may finally be some developments that lead to a long-term solution.

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