Dez Bryant Accused Of Running Burner Accounts After Responding To His Own Controversial Tweet

Former Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant is being accused of having burner Twitter accounts after he responded to his own controversial tweet.

You hate to see it, but sometimes a player’s ego just gets the better of them. When there’s a controversial decision, like leaving a team after 7 seasons of top-tier performance, then you’re bound to catch some flack online. Some sports stars can take it on the chin and remain silent--just let the fans bicker amongst themselves. There are some stars who will stand up for themselves, explain their decisions, and just accept whatever happens after that.

Then there are the players that create fake Twitter accounts to sort of sway the conversation there way.

It looks like Dez Bryant is one of those types. After posting a quote from his conversation with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, he responded to his own Tweet with a seemingly incongruous statement that has some Twitter users thinking it was intended for a burner account.

“The problem was my ex-teammates respected me more than my coaches,” Bryant Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. Then later, he quoted his own tweet with the brief statement of “I can see that.”

So either Bryant is so incredibly narcissistic as to reply to his own statements, or he has a split personality and can’t remember what he did 10 minutes ago. Or, the most likely explanation, he has a burner Twitter account he occasionally uses to converse with fans.

In the era of fake news, you’d think that NFL superstars would try to keep it real. Apparently not.

As for where Bryant will be heading after his split with the Dallas Cowboys, that remains an open question. To start, he might even re-sign with Dallas.

Bryant was spotted Tuesday night at the Beyonce concert with none other than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The two shared a VIP box and looked awfully chummy while they listened to Beyonce croon for “All The Single Ladies.”


However, this seems highly unlikely. Bryant didn’t exactly leave the Cowboys on the best of terms, and it would fly in the face of statements that Bryant himself has made in recent days.

On top of that, one radio DJ is reporting that Bryant was telling people at the concert that he would be heading to the New England Patriots.

But then, why hang out with Jones? Mysteries abound with Bryant.


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