Dez Bryant Fights Teammate In Practice: Cowboys Happily Promote It

Dez Bryant - Tyler Patmon Fight Full Video & Reaction MUST WATCH: http://t.co/egrkA9lI0R pic.twitter.com/oTWsb5zk1X

— Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) August 3, 2015

It's not a rare occurrence for teammates to come to blows, particularly in training camp. Players are battling for roster spots, trying to outdo the teammates they're competing with. They're trying to prove themselves to their coaches and they're getting into football mode. Going to blows with Dez Bryant might get you noticed.

Bryant is known for his fiery temper on the field, and at Cowboys training camp, he took some swings at cornerback Tyler Patman.

What was the more amusing part of the story was that the Cowboys promoted it on their twitter page and made the full video easily available on their website. It plays right into the notion that the Dallas Cowboys love attention, no matter what kind.

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