Down With The Dolphin: 15 People Who Hate Jay Cutler

Professional sports have a way of identifying popular and unpopular players. Since the NFL is the most popular American sport, it’s athletes are among the most polarizing in the world. Players we love, and players we love to hate. NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is one of the most disliked players in professional sports. Before reaching the Chicago Bears, Cutler was not a big name. However, once Cutler went to Chicago and its media, everything blew up.

Over time, Cutler has become one of the easiest players to dislike in the league. His resting pout face, his constant lackadaisical attitude and his abysmal play all accumulated over the years. Chicago fans will tell you, there is nobody that they dislike more. Not only has Cutler been a bad player, but he apparently isn’t a very likeable player either. Former teammates love to rag on him and he has even been coined the “coach- killer” with all the coaches he has gotten fired over the years.

Apparently all the negativity was enough for Cutler to call it quits after 2016. However, despite his retirement and his poor overall record, Cutler got the call in 2017 from former coach Adam Gase in Miami. Cutler will apparently be coming off the couch to quarterback the Dolphins this season, just to add to his list of haters.

With a guy so easy to hate, it’s no wonder that so many NFL names don’t like the guy, even ones who have played with him. In honor of his 2017 return, we have compiled a list of 15 people who really don’t like Smokin’ Jay Cutler.

15 Philip Rivers

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Back when Cutler played in Denver, he and Philip Rivers held one of the more personal rivalries in the league. Rivers teams consistently bested Cutler’s Broncos, and apparently let him know about it. Some of the things that were said didn’t sit well with Cutler. The two played against one another just long enough to get under each other’s skin. It didn’t help that Rivers always had bragging rights and seemingly always led his Chargers to the playoffs.

Since Cutler moved to Chicago, the rivalry obviously has died down. Rivers no longer has to see Cutler’s pouty face two times per season. More recently, both have come out and said that there was no bad blood. However, we all know that good rivalries, especially personal ones, don’t die so easily.

14 Lovie Smith

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Back when the Bears traded for Cutler in 2009, Lovie Smith was still the head coach in Chicago. They were coming off of two mediocre seasons and looking for a quarterback to take them back to the playoffs. In just his second season, Cutler led the Bears to the NFC Championship. But this success was short- lived, and eventually Lovie was canned.

Had Cutler proven to be a more impressive quarterback, Lovie would have lasted longer in Chicago. His poor play, combined with his sour attitude led Chicago to make changes, starting at the top. Lovie eventually landed back in Tampa Bay and proceeded to get fired after just two poor seasons with the Bucs. He now coaches the Illinois Fighting Illini in the college ranks.

13 Marc Trestman

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The Bears hired Marc Trestman out of the Canadian Football League in 2013 after firing Lovie Smith. Touted as an offensive guru, Trestman was tasked with turning the Bears, and Jay Cutler around. In his first year, Cutler only played 11 games and in his second, Cutler played 15 games but only won five. Trestman was fired after just two years, and once again Cutler was the head of the team who couldn’t win.

It’s impossible to say whether Trestman’s scheme would have worked with a better quarterback. Unfortunately, in his only NFL head coaching stint, Trestman was stuck with Cutler. He ultimately led Trestman to a 13-19 head coaching record. Trestman is now back in the CFL where he has won the Grey Cup twice and reached the playoffs in his three other full seasons.

12 Martellus Bennett

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Over the years, tight end Martellus Bennett has become one of the most outspoken players in the entire NFL. He and his brother, Michael, have no issues sharing whatever opinions they might have. One event that seemed to set this off was Bennett playing on the Bears with Cutler for three seasons. In those three seasons the Bears went just 19-29, making it easier for Bennett to trash the Bears and Cutler after he left in 2016.

According to the Chicago Suntimes, Bennett had some choice words for Cutler, saying that he was not a leader and “I’d be open, and he’d throw into double coverage.” Bennett is not the only former teammate to criticize Cutler in some capacity, however he is likely to most vocal about it.

11 Jerry Angelo

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Jerry Angelo served as the Bears General Manager from 2001 to 2011. Which considering their poor record over those years, is pretty incredible. After failing to reach the playoffs with head coach Lovie Smith for two straight years, Angelo made a 2009 offseason splash in acquiring Jay Cutler. Unfortunately, Angelo gave up two first- round, a third and a fifth- round draft pick over the next two seasons.

The Cutler venture failed, obviously, and Angelo was fired just three seasons later in 2011. This would be Angelo’s last position in the NFL and who knows how long he would’ve stuck around had Cutler succeeded in Chicago. Along with Lovie and a whole host of Bears coaches and coordinators, Angelo was just another victim of Cutler’s mediocrity.

10 Matt Moore

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Matt Moore has proven to be a serviceable backup over the years. After filling in for Ryan Tannehill for part of the year in 2016, the Dolphins new they had a solid number two. However, as soon as Tannehill went down this year, Head Coach Adam Gase went straight to the waiver wire and signed his former quarterback Jay Cutler.

Now there is no real evidence to suggest that Moore dislikes Cutler. But at this point, why shouldn’t he? Moore was in a perfect position to be a starting NFL quarterback and Gase decided to go another direction. He picked Cutler, the underachiever who had been sitting on his couch practicing his lines for the booth since he retired at the end of 2016. Time will tell whether this was a good call or not.

9 Devin Hester

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Another former teammate, Devin Hester was much more liked than Jay. Hester holds the record for touchdown returns in his career, many of which came with the Bears. He will mostly be remembered for his electric return game, in particular, his opening kickoff touchdown in Super Bowl XLI. His venture as a receiver was much less eventful and left much to be desired.

According to Fox Sports, Hester called out Cutler in 2015 for his poor communication, saying “If we weren’t on the same page, Jay just wouldn’t say anything to me.” He goes on to say that Cutler just didn’t throw him the ball and that’s just how it was going to be. The two players are viewed completely differently by Bears fans, and Hester apparently doesn’t view Cutler too lightly either.

8 Reporters

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The media, like the fans, love to hate Cutler. Early on in his career especially, Cutler was horrible at giving interviews. He dressed like a slouch, and gave answers like a slouch. Over time he became better and actually turned out to be really well spoken. But the media never forgets.

Just about every article about Cutler is negative, whether he deserves it or not. Of course it doesn’t help that he gives them plenty of material, but they love to blow it all up. The media and Jay will never get along, even if he eventually joins the FOX booth like he was going to in 2017.

7 Michael Bennett

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Michael Bennett is the brother of former Cutler teammate Martellus Bennett. We have already talked about how Martellus feels about Cutler, so why not dive into what his brother has to say. In the same report that Martellus had criticized Cutler in, brother Michael apparently had no problem continuing too poor it on, saying that Cutler was the worst quarterback in the league. While this clearly isn’t the case, it shows the disdain that he holds for the quarterback.

The two have never played with one another, and likely won’t with Cutler’s career nearing its end. However, Bennet clearly doesn’t like the guy. This isn’t really surprising, considering the things that brother Martellus had to say about him, but just serves as another example of a NFL colleague who doesn’t like Jay Cutler.

6 Phil Emery

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The Bears hired Phil Emery as their General Manager in 2012 to try and help turn things around after Jerry Angelo was fired. After two poor seasons, Emery made the decision to extend Jay Cutler’s contract. In 2014, he signed Cutler to a seven-year deal worth $126 million.

This ultimately proved to be the demise of Emery when he was fired in 2014. He somehow failed to see what everyone else could see in Cutler, and managed to deal one of the worst contracts in NFL history. Little progress was ever made by Chicago under Emery, and Cutler was a major part in that. Had he been anywhere near worth his contract, Emery looks like a genius and maybe the Bears actually make the playoffs.

5 Mike Martz

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Mike Martz was hired by the Bears in 2010 under Lovie Smith to head the offensive side of the ball. A legend for the “Greatest Show On Turf,” Martz was supposed to help Cutler and the Bears bring back an explosive offense. That venture failed, however, and the Bears failed to make the playoffs during Martz’s two seasons.

Martz was notorious for being pass- happy, and was frequently late getting play calls into Cutler. Not to mention getting him sacked more than almost any quarterback in the league. In 2012, tensions on the sideline boiled over between the two and Cutler had some choice words for his offensive coordinator. Martz did not get fired like so many others with Cutler, but he resigned midway through 2012 and retired soon after.

4 Hannibal Burress

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The only non- football related person on the list, comedian Hannibal Buress doesn’t like Cutler either. However, his reason for disliking Cutler is a little off the wall compared to some others. According to the Chicago Suntimes, Buress was asked what it was about Cutler that people didn’t like by Michelle Beadle on ESPN.

He responded with a pretty interesting answer. Buress said “His face… When you look at his face it’s like, ‘I don’t like that dude.’” This one is actually quite comical, but has been proven time and time again with Cutler. Much of the reason people get a bad impression from Cutler is because of his poor body language and constant whiny face. Buress just happened to be the first person to openly say this one.

3 Tom Crabtree

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Wide Receiver Tom Crabtree played for the Packers for just three years, and didn’t really do a whole lot while he was there. Already out of the league, Crabtree was a career second- stringer, even with Rodgers throwing him the football. But playing against Cutler for three seasons was enough for him.

However, the average joe felt the need to insult Cutler after he retired, but not while he was playing. When it was announced that Cutler would be entering the FOX booth, Crabtree sent out a sarcastic congratulatory tweet, highlighting each INT in the sentence. Pretty bold for a guy who hardly made an impact in an NFL game. You know you aren’t a likeable guy when guys like this are taking shots at you.

2 Brendon Ayanbadejo

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Brendon is just another former Bear to take a shot at Cutler through the years. Though he never actually played for Cutler, they do share the Chicago connection. After Cutler signed his massive contract in 2014, Brendon took to twitter about it, essentially questioning the Bears decision. It was the second time the Bears were endorsing Cutler, even after he had proven to be incredibly average

This seems more like a football opinion than a personal one, but nonetheless. Considering the two never actually played together, that’s probably a safe assumption. With a career spent playing mostly special teams, he doesn’t really have much room talk. However, at this point it seems fair for everybody takes a shot at Jay.

1 1  Bears Fans

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Bears fans have seen it all with Cutler. Eight seasons with only one playoff appearance to show for it. And even in that finest moment, Cutler didn’t play the second half of the NFC Championship game. What Bears fans should’ve realized right then was what most fans had already figured out. Cutler wasn’t the guy.

The infamous pouty face, the “I don’t give a f***” attitude. It all represented Cutler’s stint with the Chicago Bears. And the fans will never forget. Maybe Cutler receives more hate than he should (probably), but the fact is that most Bear fans don’t like him and probably never will. What was supposed to be the Bears saving grace to compete with Aaron Rodgers, turned out to be eight years of mediocrity in the NFC North.

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