Every NFL Franchise's Best QB/WR/RB Trio Of The Past 20 Years

When it comes to building an offense in the National Football League, what is the best way to construct the most efficient unit? If you were to ask that question to NFL fans around the world, you would probably get several different answers. Many might suggest that the best way to start the process of building your offense should first begin with your quarterback. Other fans might suggest that the best way to go might be to acquire a workhorse running back, or a star wide receiver. Teams around the NFL have pondered over the same question for decades. A look around the league will show you 32 different teams, all of which are built with different philosophies when it comes to building their offense.

Regardless of a team’s philosophical approach to constructing an offense, the best offensive teams in the history of the NFL have shown to have strong players at the three most important skill positions on offense: quarterback, running back and wide receiver. Over the course of the past twenty NFL seasons, football fans have seen some of the best trios at those positions they will ever see. From Manning’s Broncos to Brady’s Patriots to Warner’s Rams, there’s one thing that remains apparent in the NFL: high powered offenses will always be in demand. Here are every NFL Franchise’s best QB-WR-RB trio over the past twenty seasons.

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63 Arizona Cardinals - 2008: Kurt Warner, Edgerrin James, Larry Fitzgerald

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The 2008 Arizona Cardinals surprised fans all around the league when they finished the season on an incredibly hot stretch that ended with them making an appearance in the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cardinals and Steelers played in an extremely close and very entertaining game that concluded with the Cardinals falling just short as Santonio Holmes reeled in the game-winning touchdown pass for the Steelers. The Cardinals rode their high powered offense to the Super Bowl that season and the man that led the charge was quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner proved that he still had plenty left in the tank as he threw for 4583 yards that season. Running back Edgerrin James stepped in to give Arizona a nice option in the backfield. Perennial all-star Larry Fitzgerald had an excellent season, finishing the year with 1431 receiving yards. By the end of the regular season, the Cardinals offensive unit ranked in the top five in both total yards and points.


61 Atlanta Falcons, 2015 - Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones

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The 2015 Atlanta Falcons got off to a very hot start winning their first five games of the season, and six out of their first seven. The Falcons fell into a rough patch after that, dropping seven of their final nine games to finish the year at an even 8-8 record. The .500 finish was an improvement for first year head coach Dan Quinn after the Falcons won just six games the prior season. The Falcons did put up some good offensive numbers in 2015 and the trio mostly responsible for that was Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman and Julio Jones. Ryan finished the season with 4591 passing yards. Devonta Freeman came out of nowhere to make both the Falcons and fantasy owners very happy with his 1056 rushing yards. Julio Jones had another dominant season, reeling in 1871 receiving yards by the end of the season.


59 Baltimore Ravens, 2014 - Joe Flacco, Justin Forsett, Steve Smith

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When discussing the Baltimore Ravens, most football fans will probably associate the franchise with dominant, hard hitting defenses that have propelled the Ravens to prolific playoff runs. However, after the days of Ray Lewis and the departure of other notable players on defense, the Ravens have shifted to playing some much better football on the other side of the ball. The 2014 Ravens offensive unit finished the year ranked in the top third in both total yards and points. Joe Flacco had one of his best years as a quarterback tossing 3986 yards. Justin Forsett was a huge offseason addition for the Ravens as he finished the year with nearly 1300 rushing yards. The future hall of famer, Steve Smith proved that he was still one of the best in the league and finished the season with 1065 yards. The Ravens fell short in the playoffs against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, but they gave the eventual champs one hell of a scare.


57 Buffalo Bills - 1996: Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed

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The glory days of Buffalo Bills football, which saw them reach four consecutive Super Bowls, fell just short of the ranking criteria used for this article. The last year the Bills put up some strong seasons from a QB-RB-WR trio came the last season that the three hall of famers, Kelly, Thomas and Reed were together. In 1996, Kelly was on the downswing of this career but still finished the campaign with just under 3000 passing yards. Thurman Thomas had another 1000-yard rushing season for the Bills and wide receiver Andre Reed compiled a 1000-yard season of his own. The Bills finished the year with a record of 10-6 but were unable to recapture the magic that saw them play in four straight Super Bowls. This hall of fame trio gave Bills fans some great football and in their prime, this offense could move the ball with ease.


55 Carolina Panthers - 2011: Cam Newton, Deangelo Williams, Steve Smith

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Similar to that of the Baltimore Ravens, most fans of the NFL will probably think defense first when thinking of the Carolina Panthers. However, the Panthers have really put together some very strong offensive units over their franchise history. After a dismal 2010 season that saw the team win only 2 games, the Panthers hit it big in the 2011 NFL draft when they selected Cam Newton with the first overall pick. Newton had one hell of a rookie season, finishing the year with 4051 passing yards and 706 rushing yards en route to winning the rookie of year award. Running back Deangelo Williams rushed for over 800 rushing yards. Steve Smith makes his second appearance on this list, this time with the team he made his name with. Smith’s 2011 campaign saw him do what he does best, rack in over 1000 receiving yards. The Panthers scored the fifth most points in the league in 2011 and had the seventh most yards.


53 Chicago Bears - 2013: Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The 2012 Bears finished the year with a record of 10-6, which left them just short of reaching the playoffs. Upper management in Chicago felt that defensive-minded head coach Lovie Smith had run his course in Chicago and decided to go in another direction. The bears brought in Marc Trestman from the Canadian football league to run the ship in 2013. The first year of the Trestman era in Chicago went fairly well for the offensive-minded Trestman. The Bears were derailed by their poor defense and a couple big injuries, including a loss of Jay Cutler for several games. Cutler was very good in 2013 when he was on the field. He threw for 2621 yards in just 11 games. The Bears offense was really paced by running back Matt Forte. Forte was a monster in both the rushing and passing game for the Bears. Forte finished the year with 1933 yards from scrimmage. Alshon Jeffery reeled in 1421 receiving yards of his own.


51 Cincinnati Bengals - 2005: Carson Palmer, Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson

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Before the days of Andy Dalton and AJ Green, the best offensive combination on the Bengals was former USC standout Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson. The Bengals have been marred by their inability to advance deep into the playoffs, as they have fallen short of expectations in almost every postseason run the franchise has had. However, in terms of the regular season, few teams in the AFC have had the amount of high quality seasons the Cincinnati Bengals have had. The 2005 Bengals went 11-5 in the regular season and their offensive was a big part of the reason why. The Bengals were a top six offense in terms of total points and yards accumulated. Carson Palmer finished the year with just under 4000 passing yards. Running back Rudi Johnson rushed for 1458 rushing yards. Chad Johnson had 1432 receiving yards to complete a nice trio for the Bengals.


49 Cleveland Browns - 2007: Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards

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The past twenty years have not given Cleveland Browns fans a lot to cheer about. The browns have been under .500 in all but two seasons in the past twenty years. The best regular season for the Browns probably came in the year of 2007. The Browns finished the year with a record of 10-6, falling just short of the playoffs. Their offense ranked in the top eight of both total points in yards, the highest they have ranked in over twenty years. Derek Anderson led the charge for their offense, finishing the year with 3787 passing yards. Jamal Lewis had one of the better seasons for a Browns running back in a long time, rushing for over 1300 yards. Braylon Edwards was a very nice surprise for the Browns as he gathered 1289 receiving yards for the Browns.


47 Dallas Cowboys - 2014: Tony Romo, Demarco Murray, Dez Bryant

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Dallas Cowboys were oh so close to beating the highly favored Green Bay Packers and advancing to the NFC Championship. Down late in the fourth quarter, quarterback Tony Romo led Dallas down the field and appeared to have placed them right on the Packers goal line. However, a catch made by Dez Bryant that set the Cowboys up there was infamously reversed and called no catch. Dallas went on to lose that game. The Cowboys had a great regular season that year, finishing with a mark of 12-4. Dallas was led by historic offensive line play and an offensive trio that was one of the best in the league. Quarterback Tony Romo finished the year with 3705 passing yards. The real star of the trio was Demarco Murray. Murray was an absolute beast in 2014, rushing for 1845 yards. Dez Bryant proved to be the perfect target for Romo, racking up 1320 receiving yards.


45 Denver Broncos - 2013: Peyton Manning, Knowshon Moreno, Demaryius Thomas

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The 2013 Denver Broncos may just be one of the best offensive units of all-time. After a strong first season in Denver in 2012, in which the Broncos won 13 games, Peyton Manning delivered a historic campaign in 2013. Manning started off the year hotter than ever, torching the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens to the tune of an NFL record seven touchdown passes in one game. Manning and the Broncos didn’t just pick on the Ravens, they dominated nearly every defense they were put up against in 2013. By season’s end, Denver was the number one ranked offense in almost every statistical category. The Broncos dominant year started with Manning under center. Peyton broke the NFL record for most passing touchdowns in a single season with a remarkable total of 55. Manning also threw for 5477 yards. Running back Knowshon Moreno served as the perfect change of pace to Denver’s pass heavy attack, rushing for over 1000 yards. Demaryius Thomas was Manning’s favorite target, with over 1400 receiving yards.


43 Detroit Lions - 2013: Matt Stafford, Reggie Bush, Calvin Johnson

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The Detroit Lions and their fans have seen some rough times in the past 15 years. The Lions have only made the playoffs twice in the past 15 years. However, the Lions have been able to put together some very strong offensive units in the past few seasons. Much of that can be credited to the team’s philosophy of drafting high end offensive talent early on in drafts, but not all of their drafts pick have been hits. Two of their better scores have been quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Johnson has gone on to set records as a Lion and have produced several stellar seasons over his career. One year that saw Stafford and Johnson do some of their best work at the same time was 2013. Stafford threw for 4650 yards while Calvin Johnson recorded 1492 receiving yards. Reggie Bush was a key cog in the Lions offense that year adding over 1000 rushing yards to the cause.


41 Green Bay Packers - 2014: Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 Green Bay Packers were oh so close to moving on to Super Bowl 49. The Packers did what many had thought was unthinkable, walk into Century Link Field and hold a lead late in the game. However, a muffed onside kick paved the way for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to rally back and score the go ahead touchdown. Green Bay fought hard till the end, but ultimately fell short. The Packers had an impressive regular season, finishing the year with a 12-4 record. Much of the success of the Packers was credited to their high powered offense that was led by the 2014 NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has a terrific season finishing the year with 4381 passing yards. Rodgers got a ton of help from his running back Eddie Lacy and favorite wide receiver, Jordy Nelson. Lacy ran for 1139 rushing yards, while Nelson caught 1519 receiving yards to lead the Pack.


39 Houston Texans - 2012: Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson

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The 2012 Houston Texans may be the best team in the very brief franchise history of the Texans. The Texans finished the year with a record of 12-4, and much of that was due to their strong offensive attack. In 2012, the Texans had an offensive trio that made fantasy football owners all over very happy to own them. Quarterback Matt Schaub, running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Andre Johnson were one of the league’s most lethal combinations in 2012. Schaub finished the year with over 4000 passing yards. Foster continued a stretch of dominance in the league and ran for over 1400 rushing yards. Andre Johnson added another stellar year to his already great career, finishing the year with 1598 receiving yards. By year’s end, the Texans ranked 8th in total points and 7th in total yards, the best their offense had produced in quite some time.


37 Indianapolis Colts - 2004: Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison

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In 2002, the Indianapolis Colts started a run of nine straight playoff appearances. Included in that run were two Super Bowl appearances, one of which resulted in a Super Bowl victory. Throughout that run the Colts were known for their dominant offenses that were some of the best in the history of the league. Selecting which unit was the best is nearly impossible because there are so many great offenses to choose from. The unit with arguably the best numbers was the 2012 Colts. The Colts finished that year with a 12-4 record and the league’s best overall offense. At the head of the Colts’ attack was quite possible the best regular season quarterback of all-time, Peyton Manning. Manning threw for 4557 yards in 2004. His offense was loaded with weapons and two of the biggest threats were Edgerrin James and Marvin Harrison. James rushed for over 1500 yards, while Harrison was one of three Colts receivers that finished the year with more than 1000 receiving yards.


35 Jacksonville Jaguars - 1996: Mark Brunell, James Stewart and Jimmy Smith

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Recent times for the Jacksonville Jaguars have been rough to say the least. However, the Jaguars did have a nice run of success in the late 1990s. That run began in the season of 1996. Jacksonville finished that year with a record of 9-7, reaching the conference finals in just their second year in the league. Jacksonville went on the reach the playoffs in the next three seasons, including an impressive 14-2 record in 1999. Probably the best offensive unit that Jacksonville had came in the 1996 season. Quarterback Mark Brunell threw for 4367 passing yards, while running back James Stewart added in over 700 rushing yards. The standout of the wide receiving crew was Jimmy Smith. Smith closed out a very strong 1996 season with 1244 receiving yards. Jacksonville’s offense was ranked second in the league in total yards, the highest they have ever been ranked.


33 Kansas City Chiefs, 2005: Trent Green, Larry Johnson and Eddie Kennison

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Recent fans of the NFL are most likely to associate defense with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, in the mid 2000s the Chiefs had some of the best offenses in the league. Much of the offensive success of the Chiefs was due to one of the best tight ends of all-time, Tony Gonzales, as well as the Chiefs strong success in developing running backs. Neither Gonzalez, due to his position, or all-time Chiefs great, Priest Holmes earned a spot on this list. The Chiefs best QB-RB-WR trio came in the season of 2005. Quarterback Trent Green had one of the best seasons of his career, throwing for over 4000 passing yards. Chiefs and NFL fans around the world were introduced the beginning of the stellar peak of another great Chiefs running back, Larry Johnson. Johnson came out of nowhere to take the league by storm. He ran for 1750 rushing yards in 2005. Wide receiver Eddie Kennison was one of Green’s favorite targets and he parlayed that into a season of 1100 receiving yards.


31 Miami Dolphins - 2015: Ryan Tannehill, Lamar Miller, Jarvis Landry

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

The glory days of Miami Dolphins football that saw one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, Dan Marino carve up defenses and lead the charge offensively fell just short of the ranking criteria used for this article. Since the days of Marino, the Dolphins have struggled to produce good offenses that good put up points like Marino did in his day. The Dolphins current quarterback, Ryan Tannehill has fans hopeful that he can lead Miami back to a playoff caliber offense. Tannehill’s best season came this past year in 2015. He threw for a career-high 4208 passing yards. His running back, Lamar Miller was a bit of a disappointment, but he still finished the year as a productive player, logging more than 800 rushing yards. Jarvis Landry was excellent for the Dolphins this past season as he was a pass catching machine. Landry finished the year with more than 100 receptions and 1100 receiving yards.


29 Minnesota Vikings - 2000: Dante Culpepper, Robert Smith, Randy Moss

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The 2000 Minnesota Vikings capped off a run that saw the team make the playoffs in eight out of nine seasons. That run included an impressive 15-1 season in which the Vikings fell just short of reaching the Super Bowl. The 2000 Minnesota Vikings finished the year with an 11-5 record and again fell just short of the Super Bowl, as they lost in the conference finals. The Vikings were a strong team on both sides of the ball, but their offense is what separated them from the rest of the pack. Their attack was led by quarterback Dante Culpepper, who finished the season with just under 4000 passing yards. Culpepper was blessed with some of the league’s best talent around him. Running back Robert Smith and wide receiver Randy Moss had two incredible seasons in 2000. Smith ran for a staggering 1521 rushing yards. Randy Moss, quite possibly the second best wide receiver of all-time, had a fantastic season, finishing with 1437 receiving yards.


27 New England Patriots - 2007: Tom Brady, Laurence Maroney, Randy Moss

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The 2007 New England Patriots were oh so close to perfection. The Patriots had one of the best regular seasons of all-time, finishing with a perfect record of 16-0. The Patriots dominated their way to the Super Bowl, where they fell just short of reaching a historic mark of 19-0. Eli Manning and the New York Giants shocked the world and defeated New England in a thrilling game. The Patriots offense was phenomenal throughout the regular season. Quarterback Tom Brady put together the best season of his great career, tossing what was then an NFL record 50 touchdown passes that year. Brady did have plenty of help on offense. Running back Laurence Maroney served as the perfect complement to the Patriots pass heavy offense, running for over 800 rushing yards. All-time great, Randy Moss had a resurgent year to his career, after spending several seasons stuck on bad teams. Moss was excellent in 2007, as he reeled in nearly 1500 receiving yards and a jaw-dropping 23 touchdowns.


25 New Orleans Saints - 2012: Drew Brees, Mark Ingram, Marques Colston

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Oddly enough, the year the Saints put up the best numbers as an offense was the one year in four seasons that they did not make the playoffs. The Saints clear downfall in the 2012 season was the poor play of their defense. New Orleans put up points with the best of them in 2012, but their defense could not hold opponents at all. The Saints finished the year with a record of 7-9, their worst in five seasons. The trio of Drew Brees, Mark Ingram and Marques Colston were not to blame for the Saints poor record. Brees was phenomenal in 2012, posting one of the highest yardage totals for a quarterback ever. Brees threw for 5177 passing yards. Running back Mark Ingram served a nice change of pace for the Saints pass heavy attack as he grounded and pounded his way to 607 rushing yards. Brees once again made his favorite target Marques Colston. Colston had another strong year, finishing with 1154 receiving yards.


23 New York Giants - 2011: Eli Manning, Ahmad Bradshaw, Victor Cruz

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The 2011 New York Giants did exactly what the 2007 Giants did: beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Eli Manning still is the only quarterback to be able to say that. Manning and the 2011 Giants did it a little bit differently than the 2007 Giants did. The 2011 Giants relied much more on their offense in the regular season. The Giants did once again finish 9-7, but their offense was much more to credit this time around. Quarterback Eli Manning had the best season of his career to date, finishing with 4953 passing yards. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw ran for over 600 yards to help the cause. Eli relied heavily on newcomer Victor Cruz as his favorite target. Cruz was excellent in 2011, finishing the year with an impressive 1536 receiving yards. When the Super Bowl was on the line, The Giants defense came up big again, limiting the Patriots high-powered offense once again.


21 New York Jets - 2015: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chris Ivory, Brandon Marshall

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After four straight seasons of failing to win more than eight games, the Jets decided to part ways with longtime head coach Rex Ryan. Ryan was known for his defensive minded approach and in his best years, he orchestrated some of the best defenses in the league. The Jets brought in another defensive mind in 2015, former defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals, Todd Bowles. As expected, Bowles did a good job with the Jets defense, but even more impressive than that was his job with the team’s offense. The Jets offense finished the year ranked in the top ten in both total yards and total times, the first time they have done that in the past twenty seasons. Fitzpatrick had a very nice year for the Jets, throwing for the second most yards in Jets franchise history, with 3905 yards. Chris Ivory was a reliable workhorse for the Jets, finishing with over 1000 rushing yards. Brandon Marshall proved that he was still one of the best in the business, reeling in 1502 receiving yards.


19 Oakland Raiders - 2002: Rich Gannon, Charlie Garner, Jerry Rice

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The 2002 Oakland Raiders capped off a string of three straight seasons of making the playoffs for the Raiders. The Raiders made it all the way to the Super Bowl in 2002, where they fell short against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Raiders advanced that deep in large part due to their league-leading offensive attack. The Raiders ranked in the top two of total points and total yards. Rich Gannon produced one of this best years ever, throwing for 4689 passing yards. Running back Charlie Garner rushed for just shy of 1000 rushing yards. Gannon was lucky enough to have the greatest wide receiver of all-time, Jerry Rice lined up out wide. Rice did what he’s done so many times throughout his career, producing an all-pro season.


17 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004: Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook, Terrell Owens

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In the 11 seasons from 2000-2010, the Philadelphia Eagles reached the playoffs nine times. The highlight of that run came in the 2004 when the Eagles reached the Super Bowl. Philadelphia was unable to break through and win that game, falling short to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Eagles had a great regular season, winning 13 games. The trio of Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook and Terrell Owens was one of the best in the league in 2004. McNabb threw for 3875 passing yards and a career high 31 touchdown passes. Brian Westbrook did an excellent job was his number was called and ran to for over 800 rushing yards. McNabb did most of his damage when connecting with future hall of famer Terrell Owens. Owens finished 2004 off with another great season, in which he caught over 1200 receiving yards.


15 Pittsburgh Steelers - 2014: Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, Antonio Brown

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

When thinking of the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise history, most fans will probably automatically associate the franchise with great defense. The Steelers made their mark in NFL history with a historic defense in the 1970s that included an incredible defensive frontline known as the “Steel Curtain.” The Steelers have won six Super Bowls in their franchise history. More recent days of Steelers football have seen the team transition more to an offense first team, and in 2014 they had one of the best trios the league has seen. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had what might be the best season of his career, throwing for just under 5000 passing yards. Big Ben had two of the best offensive weapons in the league at his disposal in Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Bell rushed for 1361 rushing yards while also catching 83 passes for 854 yards. Antonio Brown had one of the best wide receiver seasons to date, as he caught 129 passes for 1698 yards.


13 San Diego Chargers - 2007: Phillip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Vincent Jackson

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Similar to that of the Philadelphia Eagles, the San Diego Chargers have had some great regular seasons, but they have been unable to come up when it matters most in the playoffs. The 2007 Chargers were one of the most promising teams that Chargers fans have seen, finishing the year with a record of 11-5. The Chargers were an explosive offense in 2007 and the trio of Phillip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson and Vincent Jackson were a big reason why. 2007 was not the best season of Rivers’ career, but it was still a very productive year for him. He threw for over 3000 passing yards while tossing 21 touchdown passes in just his second full year as a starter. The star of this trio was no doubt Tomlinson. Tomlinson had one of the best years of his outstanding careers as he put up tremendous numbers across the board. LT rushed for 1474 rushing yards. He also caught 60 passes for 475 yards, bringing his total to 1949 yards from scrimmage. Vincent Jackson was the top wide out for the Chargers, catching 41 passes for 623 yards.


11 San Francisco 49ers - 2000: Jeff Garcia, Charlie Garner, Terrell Owens

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San Francisco 49ers fans have been blessed with two great hall of fame quarterbacks playing for their franchise. Both Joe Montana and Steve Young helped lead the Niners to Super Bowl Championships. The glory days of Niners football falls just short of the ranking criteria for this article, but they still had some great offensive units in the past twenty years. Arguably their best season came in 2000. Although the Niners won just six games that season, they had one hell of a QB-RB-WR trio. Quarterback Jeff Garcia threw for 4278 yards in just his second full season as the Niners starter. Garner had a very nice year for San Francisco, rushing for 1142 rushing yards along with 7 rushing touchdowns. 49ers fans saw a young star right before their eyes in 2000 when wide receiver Terrell Owens posted the best season of his young career. Owens finished with a stat line of 97 receptions for 1451 yards and 13 touchdowns.


9 Seattle Seahawks - 2003: Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander, Darrell Jackson

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Before the days of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks had some other notable offensive players holding down the offense. Their best trio came in the form of Matt Hasselbeck, Shaun Alexander and Darrell Jackson. The three of them had a couple of strong seasons together, but their best year came in the 2003 season. The Seahawks finished that year 10-6, losing in the first round of the playoffs. Hasselbeck threw for 3841 passing yards on the season. His favorite target was Darrell Jackson who had the second 1000-yard campaign of his career. The workhorse for that offense was their running back Shaun Alexander. Alexander had one hell of a peak for the Seahawks. In 2003, he rushed for 1435 yards, which was his third of five straight consecutive seasons over 1000 yards. He also caught 42 passes for an additional 295 yards of offense. Toss in 14 rushing touchdowns and this was one of the leagues’ best backs.


7 St. Louis Rams - 2001: Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt

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In a three-year span from 1999-2001, there was no better offense in football than the St. Louis Rams. The Rams lead the league in both total points and total yards in each of those three seasons. This same span produced two Super Bowl appearances, including a Super Bowl victory in 1999. So many times nicknames in professional sports are unfitting, but there was no better nickname for this team than “The Greatest Show on Turf.” The head of the Rams attack was Quarterback Kurt Warner, who makes his second appearance on this list. Warner had a great season in 2001, passing for 4830 yards and 36 touchdown passes. Marshall Faulk was the team’s standout running back who had an incredible season of his own. Faulk finished the year with a staggering 2147 yards from scrimmage. Faulk totaled 19 touchdowns as well. Rarely do we see teams with two wide receivers over 1000 yards, but the 2001 Rams had just that. Issac Bruce and Torry Holt both eclipsed that mark, with Holt leading the way with 1363 yards.


5 Tampa Bay Buccaners - 2015: Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, Mike Evans

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

After a dismal 2014 season in which the Bucs won just 2 games, they earned the first pick in the 2015 NFL draft. While the jury is still out on Winston, it appears that the Bucs should have a very nice quarterback on their hands. Winston had a strong rookie season, finishing with over 4000 passing yards. The Bucs thought they had one of the best running backs in the league with Doug Martin, but after a down season, Martin was beginning to look like a question mark. Martin bounced back big in 2015, rushing for 1402 yards. The Bucs young trio of talented players concludes with their stellar young wide out, Mike Evans. Evans has only been in the league for two seasons, but he has put up two years of more than 1000 receiving yards. The future could be bright on the offensive side of the ball for the Bucs.


3 Tennessee Titans - 2000: Steve McNair, Eddie George, Derrick Mason

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In both 1999 and 2000, the Tennessee Titans won a combined total of 26 games, a very impressive mark. The Titans reached the Super Bowl in 1999 and were surprisingly knocked out in the first round of the playoffs the very next season. The Titans were a very good football team, and one of the reasons why was the play from the trio of Steve McNair, Eddie George and Derrick Mason. “Air” McNair was an offensive weapon for the Titans with both his arm and his feet. McNair threw for 2847 passing yards, while also rushing for 403 yards. The biggest threat in the Titans offense was running back Eddie George. George had a great season in 2000, finishing with a stat line of 1509 rushing yards, 14 rushing touchdowns and 453 receiving yards. The Titans also got some help from wide receiver Derrick Mason who caught 895 yards on the season.


1 Washington Redskins - 2012: Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, Pierre Garcon

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The 2012 Washington Redskins came as a surprise to almost everyone around the league. The Redskins had a very nice regular season, winning 10 games and moving on to the playoffs. Washington played the Seattle Seahawks in a tightly contested game that saw Washington fall just short. The Redskins offense was led by rookie sensation Robert Griffin III. The Baylor alum took the NFL by storm in his first season. Griffin was a big time threat with both his arm and his legs. RG3 passed for 3200 yards and 20 touchdowns, while rushing for 815 yards and seven rushing touchdowns. Griffin was helped out by running back Alfred Morris who had the best season of his career, finishing with 1613 rushing yards. The Redskins spread the wealth when it came to receivers, put Pierre Garcon lead the team with 633 yards on 44 receptions.

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