Every NFL Franchise's Best Uniform

NFL jerseys have come a long way. From what used to be basic shirts to differentiate two teams on the same field have now turned into the trademark of each team. But just because the jerseys have changed, doesn't necessarily mean the have gotten nicer. It is always frustrating for a team to change their jersey from a nice one to an ugly one. Some teams should have just stuck with the classics.

Teams walk a fine line between too basic and too crazy. There is no way to quantify how nice a jersey looks, but when the right combo of lines and colors are found, you will know. Many jerseys are controversial, some people love them while others hate them. It's all an opinion and that's why it's fun to talk about it. Some teams have stuck to their roots, while others are constantly renovating. There will never be a jersey that everyone likes, and that's just the truth. You can never please everyone.

Every sport is full good and bad jerseys. Some teams have several nice jerseys while other teams have few. Regardless, every team has a best jersey. While this is all based on opinion, I think that most people would agree with the majority of the selections made in this article. When teams change their uniform, there is often a huge stir. Questions always arise when such a big decision is made. The face of the Franchise is the uniform. Former jerseys bring back memories of the past, hopefully good ones.

The selections in this article will be based on how appealing these jerseys are to the eye. It does not matter how good the team is/was or what players were on the team. These selections are completely opinion, so remember to leave a comment on your favorite jersey. Do you agree with the jersey selections I have made? What is your favorite NFL jersey of all time?

Here are every NFL franchise's best uniform.

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32 Arizona Cardinals- Black Alternate Uniform

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The black, white and red Cardinals uniform is far from a classic but it looks good nonetheless. The Cardinals usually stay close to their roots with their classic red and white uniform, but these black variations are a sweet alternate. Some teams go crazy with their alternates but I think the Cards did theirs right with the black jersey and white pants. They look a little intimidating, too. They don't bust these out too often, just enough to make you miss them.

31 Atlanta Falcons- 1966 Home Uniform

via nfl.com

The Falcons classic uniforms are just so much nicer than their current ones. With the red helmets and the black jersey, it looks much more professional and intimidating. Plus, the old Falcons logo on the helmet actually looked like a falcon, the logo today looks like some sort of transformer. This is a great example of a team who should return to their throwbacks. They've brought back the vintage look in the past and it's always been well received.

30 Baltimore Ravens- Purple on White

via nj.com

I have never been a fan of black football pants. When a team wears them they look like pajamas, so I found a Ravens uniform that had white pants which just looks so much nicer. The white pants look much nicer and more professional and just go well together with the purple top. I'm not sure who likes the black pants but they need to drop that look pronto. The Ravens work this into the rotation at times and it always looks great.

29 Buffalo Bills- Bills Throwback Alternate Uniform (various years)

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills classic white throwback is just a beauty. The red, white and blue blend in so well with each other. The white jersey, pants and helmet just top off the uniform. It looks just perfect. Not to mention, the red logo on the helmet actually looked like a buffalo, unlike the current helmet. These jerseys really pop when they are worn on game days. I just wish we could see them a little more often. There aren't many fans who would object to this look.

28 Carolina Panthers- Blue on Silver Uniform

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers have extremely little variation in their uniforms. They have stuck to the classics for essentially the entire history of the franchise, only changing their colors by a few shades. The one jersey that sticks out though is this one because of the vibrant blue. The blue and silver is a nice combo. It looks much better than the black and blue. The Panthers pull these out a couple of times a year and they always look spectacular when they do.

27 Chicago Bears- Orange Alternates

via chicagonow.com

I'm not a fan of the classic dark blue jerseys that the Bears have been wearing for decades, so I thought I'd switch it up a bit. I like the orange alternates but that might just be because I love the color orange, who knows. While I do like these uniforms, I don't think they should be wearing them too often. They would start to look a little cheesy. They are perfect as alternates.

26 Cincinnati Bengals- Orange Alternate

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

While I do love the color orange, this selection has nothing to do with my bias for the color. All of the Bengals uniforms have orange in them so I couldn't help but pick another orange jersey. These uniforms stand out to me however because the black just doesn't look cool on the Bengals. With minimal black on these, they look the best out of all of the Bengals uniforms. I still think the Bengals need to overhaul their uniforms.

25 Cleveland Browns- Classics

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Browns haven't had much success lately, so they thought they'd change things up, but I don't think that was the issue. Do they really need "Cleveland" written across their chest? We know who they are! The classic Browns uniforms were some of the best in the league before they decided to go new-school with their ugly new uniforms. The brown tops with white pants looked smooth and while they might not have been winning in these uniforms, at least they looked nice. The same cannot be said about their uniforms anymore.

24 Dallas Cowboys- White on Silver Uniform

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not sure if these jerseys look awesome, or it's just because Emmitt Smith could be seen wearing them, but either way, these are classics. The blueish-silver pants were never a personal favorite, but the bold numbers on these uniforms look great. These uniforms have had only minor adjustments over the years but have stayed basically the same. The Cowboys have a lot of history and there's no need to change a thing.

23 Denver Broncos- 1989-1996 "Orange Crush"

via nfl.com

These Broncos uniforms are some of the all-time greats. With John Elway rocking them, the orange tops and baby blue helmets looked beautiful. The "D" on the helmet with the bronco jumping through is sweet. When they went to the dark blue uniforms, I started to lose interest. The style of the jersey just wasn't as nice looking, either. They've mostly stuck with that style since, but since they've returned to orange, it may be time to consider an outright switch to the classics.

22 Detroit Lions - Early 90s White on Blue

AP Photo/Roberto Borea

Another baby blue and silver that just looks so clean. With Barry Sanders, one of the best running backs of all time, putting on this uniform on Sundays, that just makes this uniform look even nicer. The logo hasn't changed much over the years except for adding a few more details, but the new stripes and font on the new Lions uniforms just don't compare to the classics. No tweaks will recapture the magic of these beauties.

21 Green Bay Packers- Current Home Uniform

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Packers uniforms are virtually unchanged since their Bart Starr days. Green and yellow is one of best color combos for unis. There was no chance of me picking their putrid throwbacks that they wear every once in a while, yuck! The green and yellow are instant classics. They haven't changed in years, and I can see why, they win, and they look good doing it. Why would they change?

20 Houston Texans- Current Red Alternate

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Let me make something clear. I don't really like any of the Texans uniforms, but I had to chose one of them as the best... and there aren't many to choose from. So the best of the worst would have to be the the red alternates. Hopefully the red jersey can distract from the ugly dark blue and red combination. The Texans have been around for 15 years now and it may be time for them to think about revamping their look.

19 Indianapolis Colts- Current Away Uniforms

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Just classic Colts uniforms. Who doesn't like these? The Colts keep it extremely simple with their two colors, blue and white. They don't try to revolutionize uniforms and just keep it classy. The Colts uniforms will always look nice as long as they stay with these simple uniforms. I think more teams need to be like the Colts and stop trying to shock the world with their jerseys. They tried to introduce blue helmets briefly, but nobody liked them.

18 Jacksonville Jaguars- Inaugural Home Uniform

via downerjagsfan.blogspot.com

These are the least objectionable Jaguars jerseys I could find. The ones they currently wear are just putrid. And don't even get me started on the color rush uniforms, those are the worst. The helmets they currently where are just the icing on the cake. So here you go, these are the best of the worst. These don't look that good, they didn't win in these either. Maybe the Jaguars should go back to their roots the next time they tweak their uniforms.

17 Kansas City Chiefs- Current White on Reds

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs are another team who has remained the same for the better part of 30 years. The current away uniform for the Chiefs is pretty nice. A cool logo and a sweet color scheme. The red white and a little bit of yellow make up the classic Chiefs look. There's no reason to change much with the Chiefs colors. Sometimes they mix up the jersey and pants, but the combination that works best is definitely white on red.

16 Los Angeles Rams- Current Alternates

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The greatest show on turf uniforms are 10 times nicer than the ones they wear today. I don't know who made the decision to change uniforms from the classic yellow and blue to the ugly ones they wear today, but they have no fashion sense. Not to mention they changed their uniforms the season after they won the superbowl. Doesn't that go against all superstitions? No wonder they haven't been good since then. At least they kept the uniforms as an alternate.

15 Miami Dolphins- 1966-1973 Away Uniform

via spokeo.com

I don't know what color these jerseys would be called exactly, but I'll just go with turquoise. These turquoise uniforms, are much nicer than the ones they wear today. The new logo is breaking a tradition they have had for centuries. There was nothing wrong with their uniforms that they had so I don't know why they had to drive them in the wrong direction. Just stick with the classics. It's not like they've had success with the new look anyway.

14 Minnesota Vikings- Current Home Uniforms

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Vikings' current home uniform is a thing of beauty. The purple jerseys along with just a little bit of yellow make these jerseys spot-on. I love the font of the numbers and to put Adrian Peterson into these uniforms is just a match made in heaven. There's no way I could go with any other jersey the Vikings have ever worn. Their helmets are also the best in the league. They'll look even better under the bright lights of their new stadium.

13 New England Patriots- Red Throwback Uniform

via nfl.com

The dark blue and grey uniforms that the Patriots wear today are some of the worst in the league. While they are one of the best teams in the league their uniforms sure don't signify that. One uniform that does look nice though is the red throwback that they rarely wear. The nice white helmet with a player snapping the ball are sweet as well. The Patriots should return to these unis from the past.

12 New Orleans Saints- Gold on Black Alternate Uniform

via flickr.com

The New Orleans Saints don't have too many variations of their black and gold uniform but the all-gold jerseys are too nice looking not to pick and the best jersey in the franchise's history. I'm not a fan of the black pants that come along with this uniform. If they could change them, they would be super nice. Gold and black are bound to go well together and this combination is the best one.

11 New York Giants- 1986 Away Uniform

via bigblueinteractive.com

The Giants blue uniforms may be minimalistic, but at least they have a nice mixture of blue and red. The jerseys are very patriotic with the red white and blue lines on the sleeves. With Lawrence Taylor rocking these, I don't know why they ever left them. Their helmets were much nicer back then as well with the word "Giants" across them. Unfortunately, there really is no logo for a ''giant.'' So they chose to return to the old "ny" on their helmet.

10 New York Jets- Color Rush Uniform

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

The Color Rush jerseys have been under heavy scrutiny from fans from every city, but the Jets rendition were actually nice for a change. The color rush uniforms for the Jets seemed to bring a little bit lighter of a green to the Jets colors and the chrome green on the helmets was awesome. Unfortunately when the color rush game came, the luck from the green uniforms didn't rub off on the Jets as they lost the game to the Bills.

9 Oakland Raiders- Current Home Uniform

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have had the same uniform forever and they should keep it that way. There is only so much you can do with black and silver and the Raiders make the most of it. The Raiders have a reputation for being one of the most intimidating teams in the NFL, and their jerseys back that up. Coming into the Raiders' stadium when they are wearing these bad boys is a tough task. Whether they stay in Oakland or not, these jerseys should always follow them.

8 Philadelphia Eagles- Kelly Greens

via nfl.com

The Eagles "kelly green" uniforms are jerseys that I have been wanting the team to go back to for years and many fans feel the same way. The lighter green was so much better looking and the wing on the helmet was too. If the Eagles would go back to the uniforms that the greats like Reggie White and Jerome Brown wore then maybe they get some help from the greats. Please go back to these uniforms!

7 Pittsburgh Steelers- Current Home Uniform

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers have gone crazy with their bumblebee throwbacks but they don't look too hot. What does look nice though is the current home uniform that the Steelers have been winning in for years. With only minor changes to their uniform throughout the years their uniforms have stayed consistent and so has their success. If it ain't broke don't fix it. There's no way Steelers fans would embrace any major change to the uniforms and they shouldn't.

6 San Diego Chargers- Powder Blues

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is my favorite jersey of all time. The Chargers need to make this their permanent home uniform. I remember owning a powder blue LaDainian Tomlinson jersey when I was a kid. Maybe that's why I'm in love with this uniform. But probably just because it looks so darn nice. I think everyone would agree that these are nicer than the dark blue uniforms that they usually wear. Why they don't wear them all the time remains a mystery.

5 San Francisco 49ers-  Home

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It's a mystery as to why the 49ers bothered to introduce black uniforms as an alternate this past year. The 49ers are one of the NFL's most iconic franchises and there was absolutely no reason for an alternate unless it was of a throwback variety. Odds are the black jerseys were introduces as just another avenue for revenue, which tends to have poor results. Hopefully the Niners soon steer clear of these and stick with their red and gold look.

4 Seattle Seahawks- 1994 Away Uniform

via seahawks.com

The Seahawks have experimented with a few uniforms in their day but none top the uniforms worn in the 1990s. They have tried some blinding green uniforms which were gross and the ones they wear today are subpar. I would love to see the current Seahawk players sport these awesome jerseys. The Legion of Boom would look a lot better rocking these classics.

3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Creamsicle Throwback Uniform

via iamthehearbiter.blogspot.com

The creamsicle uniform is either loved or hated and I love it. When Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp wore these bad boys they were awesome. They just recently changed their uniforms but they made the wrong move. The current Bucs uniform is of the ugliest in the NFL. They should have gone back to these greats. Red is a common color used around the league, but these distinguished the Bucs from everybody else. Even their logo used to be better.

2 Tennessee Titans- Oilers Throwback Uniform

via nfl.com

The Titans don't have ugly uniforms but the old Oilers jerseys take the cake. The all blue jersey with the blue helmet looks spectacular. With round font on the numbers that goes with the jersey style tops it off. It is an all-around nice looking jersey with just the right amount of red to make sure the blue isn't overwhelming. It was a real treat when these were brought back to honor the AFL and we should see these more often.

1 Washington - 70th Anniversary Uniform

via upi.com

The current Washington (insert offensive name here) uniforms are average at best, but the 70th anniversary uniforms look extra nice. The spear on the helmet along with the spear on the shoulder pads is a nice secondary logo. The block font on the number fits along well with the stripes on the sleeves and it is all around a nice uniform. The gold in the uniform is much better than the yellow in their current color scheme. At least these don't look like McDonald's outfits.

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