Every NFL Team's Worst Trade Of The Last Decade

Over the last decade, the NFL offseason has been a roller coaster of blockbuster trades and draft busts. From L.A. dumping their future for a an unproven QB, to the Redskins dumping their future for a bust QB, to the Browns dumping their future for an alcoholic QB, each team has made their fair share of bad trades. Stars going for a quarter of their value due to locker room issues and busts going for three times their value based on potential.

The NFL fanbase thrives on the drama that goes on within the league. It's like a soap opera being played out on and off the gridiron. We will dive into some of the craziest moves made by each NFL team over the last decade.

Unlike other sports, trades rarely involve a player for player swap, so draft picks take a lot more importance than in say the NBA or NHL. Drafting is everything in the NFL so if you're trading draft picks away, you'd better make sure the player you land in a trade is truly an impact player and can help your team win immediately.

So let's go through the ups, the downs, the wins, the losses, and the Manziels and Griffins. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


32 Arizona Cardinals (2011) – Kolb Can’t Help The Cards


Traded Away: Dominique Rodgers Cromartie and 2nd round pick (traded again, Jerel Worthy)

Received (from Philadelphia): Kevin Kolb

Kolb was coming off a decent year in Philadelphia but was out-shined by Michael Vick, and subsequently traded to Arizona in 2011. While Kolb had some decent starts, he fell well short of greatness in the desert, mainly due to nagging injuries. As a result of the constant injuries, the Cardinals ended up fielding starters like Max Hall and John Skelton.

The Eagles really got away with robbery, nabbing two-time Pro-Bowler Rodgers-Cromartie in the process. The Cardinals in turn never got what they wanted out of Kolb and seemed to constantly have a QB caroussel going before they got Carson Palmer a couple of seasons later. As for Kolb, he eventually retired from the league in 2012.

31 Atlanta Falcons (2014) – Falcons Miss Out On A Stellar Wideout

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 6th round pick (Stefon Diggs) and 7th round pick (Shamar Stephen)

Received (from Minnesota): 5th round pick (Marquis Spurill)

In the last decade, Falcons have been solid in the trade market, probably still coming off a 20-year hangover from giving up on Brett Favre. One trade though stands out, and it involved swapping picks with Minnesota in 2014. Atlanta drafted Marquis Spurill (who hasn’t played a down in the NFL) and the Vikings drafted Stefon Diggs, who has been extremely productive in his first few years with Minnesota. On a positive note, the reigning NFC champions don’t seem to be sulking about it. After all, they still have arguably the best receiver in the game in Julio Jones. Still, could you have imagined a possible duo of Jones and Diggs?

30 Baltimore Ravens (2011) – Ravens Trade For Veteran Receiver


Traded Away: 2012 4th round pick (Ron Brooks)

Received (from Buffalo): Lee Evans

The Ravens haven't made all that many terrible trades, so coming up with an entry has to involve a player that just didn't pan out, even at a low price. During his time at Buffalo, Evans was a middle of the road receiver, averaging 6 TDs each year. With a Ravens team on the rise, GM Ozzie Newsome decided Evans would be a great compliment to Anquan Boldin and newcomer Torrey Smith. In the 2011 season, Evans amassed a total of 4 receptions for 26 yards, and dropping a wide-open ball in the AFC championship that would have sent the Ravens to the Superbowl. Some people in Baltimore still call him Lee “Buckner.”

29 Buffalo Bills (2010) – Bills Say Bye To Beast Mode

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: Marshawn Lynch

Received (from Seattle): 2011 4th round pick (Chris Hairston) and 2012 5th round pick (Tank Carder)

Beast Mode had some off the field issues with the Bills, leading the organization to trade him in 2010 (especially after they had just drafted C.J. Spiller). Lynch was only 24-years old and had already been to a Pro Bowl. By trading Marshawn after the draft, Buffalo diminished his value, only to get a 4th round pick and a 2012 conditional pick in return. The rest is history, and Marshawn went on to win the Super Bowl with the Seahawks and was arguably the most dominant running back in the league for a three-year span. Currently, Lynch has came out of retirement to play with his hometown Oakland Raiders.

28 Carolina Panthers (2009) – Panthers Miss Out On All-Pro

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 2010 1st round pick (Mike Iupati)

Received (from San Francisco): 2nd  round pick (Everette Brown) and 4th round pick (Mike Goodson)

In the mid 2000s, the Panthers had several rough years.  In 2010, they traded away their first round pick for two scrubs that didn't do much in the league, in lieu of keeping their first round pick and potentially drafting 4-time pro-bowl OL Mike Iupati. After two years in the league, in 2012, Iupati made his first All-Pro team. Let's hope the Panthers don't make the same mistakes again, since they just hired their previous GM, Marty Hurney, as current GM for the 2017 season. Seriously though, what team fires a GM, then hires him back a few years later after the recent GM helped them build a Super Bowl contender?

27 Chicago Bears (2011) – Chicago Lets Go Of A Key TE

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: Greg Olsen

Received (from Panthers): 2012 3rd round pick (traded again, Brandon Taylor)

Curveball! You all though that Cutler would have been the Bear's worst trade of the last decade, but it only gets an honorable mention. Greg Olsen has been a dominant force in the run and pass game since his time in Chicago. Even the Bears' former GM Angelo has since admitted that it was a terrible move. The main reason Chicago bargained Olsen was that he didn't fit in to the Mike Martz's offense, and we all saw how long that lasted. In the end, Carolina got a way with highway robbery, only giving up a third round pick for the perennial Pro Bowler and Cam Newton's favorite safety blanket.

26 Cincinnati Bengals (2007) – QB Starts A Journeyman Career

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: Conditional Draft Pick

Received (from St. Louis): Ryan Fitzpatrick

A lot of you probably forgot all about this one. But yes, Fitzmagic was once a Cincinnati Bengal, albeit not for very long.

Cincinnati has been somewhat quiet in the trade market in the last decade, trying to build through the draft, but one trade that came back to bite them was the trade for Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2007.  Yes, he has recorded one of he highest Wonderlic scores ever, but just because he is smart doesn't mean he would be a great football talent. Cincinnati was his second stop on his current ongoing seven team career. Even if the conditional draft pick didn't pan out, it wasn't worth giving up for this journeyman.


25 Cleveland Browns (2012) – “Johnny Football” Doesn’t Play Much Football Anymore

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 1st round pick (Marcus Smith) and 3rd pick (traded again, Louis Nix)

Received (from Philadelphia): 1st round pick (Johnny Manziel)

There is nothing more synonymous with bad football than the Cleveland Browns. It feels that their “rebuilding” years have been ongoing since the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 2012, moving up to pick Johnny Manziel was just another tick mark on the list of bad moves in Northwest Ohio. The only thing Manziel “made rain” was interceptions. The once amazing college athlete and Heisman winner fell far from grace quickly. He wasn’t so much addicted to alcohol as he was addicted to partying like a rich, white, frat boy. I just thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to deal with ESPN’s coverage of him anymore.

24 Dallas Cowboys (2008) – Jerry Got This One Wrong


Traded Away: 2009 1st round pick (Brandon Pettigrew), 2009 3rd round pick (Derrick Williams), and 2009 6th round pick (Aaron Brown)

Received (from Detroit): Roy Williams and 2009 7th round pick (subsequently traded, Vance Walker)

ESPN Staff Write Calvin Watkins calls this, not only the worst trade of the last decade, but the worst trade in Cowboys history.  To make matters worse, after trading for Williams, Jerry Jones whipped out his Velcro wallet (I like to assume all owners have a Velcro wallet) and signed him to a $54 Million Extension.  In 48 total games with the Cowboys, the supposed star only caught 151 passes for 2,341 yards and 12 TDs.  That is not the production you want after giving up the kitchen sink to get Williams.  Jerry, you definitely got this one wrong.

23 Denver Broncos (2010) – Denver Sells Out For Popularity Over Talent

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Traded Away: 2nd round pick (Sergio Kindle), 3rd round pick (Ed Dickson), 4th round pick (Dennis Pitta)

Received (from Ravens): 1st Round Pick Tim Tebow

Oh, Tim Tebow! If only your mechanics were anything close to your potential. In 2011, Tebow led the Broncos to some amazing comeback victories, but could never sustain that momentum throughout his career. His release time was atrocious and despite his winning personality, NFL defenses had figured out his game. Despite leading the Broncos to the playoffs, Peyton Manning became available that offseason and once Manning expressed interest in the Broncos, Tebow's fate was all but sealed in Denver. He never landed a starting job anywhere else.

Currently, Tebow is playing baseball in the Mets farm system, presumably to sell more tickets. I'm sure Elway and the Broncos regret this era in Denver.

22 Detroit Lions (2012) – Thomas Is a Bust in Detroit


Traded Away: 2014 5th round pick (Aaron Lynch)

Received (from Jacksonville): Mike Thomas

Despite having a history of losing, the Lions have surprisingly been successful in the trade market over the last decade. One trade that stands out was in the search to find Megatron's complement, which turned out to be a total bust. Detroit traded a 2014 5th round pick for Mike Thomas, who didn't turn out according to plan.  In 2012, Thomas caught 5 receptions for 28 yards and a TD. Not the production you want to see from anyone on your roster. The following year, Thomas was cut. Detroit was really never able to find the perfect receiver to place opposite Megatron and by the time they found Golden Tate, it was too late, with Johnson retiring the next year.

21 Green Bay Packers (2008) – Sacrifice For A Backup QB


Traded Away: Corey Williams

Received (from Cleveland): 2nd round pick (Brian Brohm)

Looking back on it, I'm sure Ted Thompson regrets this decision. The verdict was still out on Aaron Rodgers, and the Packers wanted to hedge their bet with another young QB. But giving up a solid DL (who just had the franchise tag placed on him), for a backup that never panned out, was truly a bad idea. Luckily for Thompson Rodgers did in fact pan out and he's set at the QB position for the foreseeable future.

Brohm went on to bounce around the NFL, dabbling in the UFL and CFL as well. Currently Brohm is the QB coach at Western Kentucky, with his brothers Greg and Jeff Brohm.

20 Houston Texans (2014) – Texans Try Another Patriots Backup

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 2016 7th round pick (traded again, Kenny Lawler)

Received (from New England): Ryan Mallett

Mr. Trebek, What is Brock Osweiler? Oh I'm sorry, we cannot accept that answer on a technicality. Yes, we all saw how bad Brock Osweiler was in 2016, but he was picked up as a free agent, not a trade. So on to another bad Texans QB, Ryan Mallett. Bill O'Brien just seems like he wants all of Tom Brady's backups, since he used to be the OC in New England. But news flash, all the QBs he "groomed" haven't turned out to be much: Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, and now Christian Hackenberg (who he coached at Penn State).

Mallett's time with the Texans was hampered by injury. After replacing fellow "worst tradee" Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2014, he led the Texans to a win against the Browns. But he soon tore his pectoral muscle, and lost the competition to Brian Hoyer the following year. But in Houston, they may have finally found their "savior", drafting Deshaun Watson this year in the first round.

19 Indianapolis Colts (2012) – Colts Trade 1st Rounder For A Flop

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 1st Round Pick (traded again, Marcus Smith)

Received (from Cleveland): Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson, is an example of how college dominance and strength do not translate to the NFL. This mountain of a RB squatted 700-lbs. just one month after knee surgery, but couldn't get to the second level of the defense.  In 2012, the Browns selected Richardson, 3rd overall, and was less than stellar in his rookie season. Then Jim Irsay and the Colts decided to take a shot on him.

After being somewhat productive in his first game for Indianapolis, Richardson's career went downhill quickly. He fumbled in the 2013-14 playoffs, and was not even active on the Colts roster in the 2014-15 playoffs. Since, the ex-Alabama standout has bounced around to Oakland and Baltimore, but has since been released.  A true story of riches to rags.

18 Jacksonville Jaguars (2011) – The Blunder that was Blaine Gabbert


Traded Away: 1st round pick (Ryan Kerrigan) and 2nd round pick (traded again, Ben Ijalana)

Received (from Washington): 1st round pick (Blaine Gabbert)

It has been a short, but wretched history for the Jaguars. Since Byron Leftwich, QBs have been hard to come by down in northern Florida. In 2011, the Jaguars traded their first and second round picks to Washington to move up and grab Blaine Gabbert, QB out of the University of Missouri.

In his rookie season with Jacksonville, Gabbert amassed 14 fumbles and was sacked 40 times.  Not what you you want to see out of your first round pick.  Gabbert has had somewhat of a comeback, but still never reached his pre-draft expectations.

Gabbert was a total bust in Jacksonville and as a result, the team again drafted a QB high in 2014, this time taking Blake Bortles.

17 Kansas City Chiefs (2009) – Gonzalez Still Had A Few Years Left


Traded Away: Tony Gonzalez

Received (from Atlanta): 2010 2nd round pick (Javier Arenas)

Kansas City, why?! In 2009, Kansas City traded away the future HOFer and arguably one of the best TEs the NFL has ever seen, for a measly second round pick. Gonzalez went on to play five more years in Atlanta, retiring after the 2013 season. During his tenure with the Falcons, Gonzalez caught 409 receptions for 4187 yards and 35 TDs. He helped turn the Falcons into contenders.

Gonzalez was a 14-time pro-bowler and 6-time first team All-Pro. When he is eligible in 2018, he will most certainly be a first-ballot HOFer. The Chiefs probably have nightmares about giving him up, especially for only a second rounder.

16 Los Angeles (San Diego) Chargers (2007) – Chambers Swelters In San Diego


Traded Away: 2008 2nd round pick (Chad Henne)

Received (from Miami): Chris Chambers

Trying to build around their star TE Antonio Gates, the Chargers acquired Chris Chambers from Miami in 2007 for a future second round pick. But the Chargers' efforts fell short when Chambers only caught 77 receptions in 21 games over three seasons. San Diego finally released him at the end of the 2009 season.

Now, it seems like it is not too much of a loss for only a second round pick, but the Chargers lost a lot of money and cap space, making the Chamber's trade their worst of the last decade. The Chargers' problems haven't been due to bad trades, but rather letting players walk in free agency and failing to protect Philip Rivers.

15 Los Angeles Rams (2016) – Goff Remains Unproven

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, 2017 1st round pick and 2017 3rd round pick.

Received (from Titans): 2016 1st overall pick, 2016 4th round pick and 2016 6th round pick .

Prior to the 2016 draft, it was Goff and Wentz competing for the top draft spot. But Wentz coming out of a small school, got drafted second by Philadelphia, while the newly relocated L.A. Rams dumped their future for Goff.  The Rams had a dismal year in 2016, even before they started Goff. But if you tuned in to Hard Knocks, you could see that Goff was not NFL ready. At this point in time, it seems like the Rams made a big mistake and Goff is a bust, but we will see what he can do with new coach, Sean McVay, at the reigns in 2017.

14 Miami Dolphins (2007) – Welker Makes The Dolphins Weep


Traded Away: Wes Welker

Received (From New England): 2nd round pick (Samson Satele) and 7th round pick (Abraham Wright)

The Bill Belichick special, the short, white receiver. Welker was a force across the middle with short slants, hitches, and quick hitting routes.  In Miami, Welker was known as a return specialist with a unique play-making ability.  In New England, Brady and Belichick used this play-making ability to utilize Welker's intelligence and quickness.

In six seasons with the Patriots, Welker caught 672 balls for 7,459 yards and 37 TDs. He has been nominated to five Pro bowls and named a two-time first team All-Pro.  To make matters worse for Miami, they traded him within the division and had to see him torch their defense twice a year.

13 Minnesota Vikings – Betting It All On Sam Bradford

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 2017 1st round pick (Derek Barnett) and 2018 4th round pick

Received: Sam Bradford

The Vikings believed they were a Super Bowl contender in 2016, but when Teddy Bridgewater went down with a nasty knee injury in the preseason, Minnesota was longing for a QB. Right before the start of the season, they though they had their answer with Sam Bradford. Many doubted Bradford's winning attitude, but over five games, the ex-No. 1 lead the Vikings to a 5-0 start. But just like Sam Bradford's career, the rest of the season went downhill. The Vikings ended up going 8-8 and coming in third in the NFC North. Now, they are still uncertain about Bridgewater's future, and lost their 2017 first round pick. Needless to say, the Bradford trade was Minnesota's worst trade of the last decade.

12 New England Patriots (2011) – Pats Fall Short With Ochocinco


Traded away: 2012 5th round pick (Marvin Jones) and 2013 6th round pick (Cobi Hamilton)

Received (from Cincinnati): Chad Johnson (Ochocinco)

Well, here is the ONE example from the last 10 years where the Patriots got it wrong.  Normally, any receiver can thrive in the Brady/Belichick system, but not Ochocinco. The outgoing personality did not match the Patriots' game plan. It has been said that he had trouble understanding the Patriots playbook, hence, Belichick limited his playing time.

New England only gave up a 5th and 6th round pick to Cincinnati, so there wasn't too much damage to their future, but they surely did not get the production out Chad Ochocinco that they desired, only getting one TD in 2011. The Patriots released him the following year.

11 New Orleans Saints (2014) – Saints Give Up On Sproles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: Darren Sproles

Received (from Philadelphia): 5th round pick (Ronald Powell)

The true definition of a scat back, Sproles played a key role in New Orleans in the return game.  The "change-of-pace" back was at the center of trade talks in 2014, with several teams interested in him for his knowledge and versatility.  The issue is, the Saints only got a fifth round pick for him, which many say is undervalued.

Currently on the Eagles, Sproles still plays a key role in the offense, but his small stature does not allow him to be an every-down back. The Saints may have made the right decision by getting a pick before he left in free agency, but the consensus is they could have gotten more.

10 New York Giants (2008) – Shockey Out In New York


Traded away: Jeremy Shockey

Received (from New Orleans): 2009 2nd round pick (Clint Sintim) and 2009 5th round pick (Rhett Bomar)

The Giants have been somewhat quiet in the trade market over the last decade but one bad transaction comes to mind; trading Jeremy Shockey for unknown talent.  Rumor has it Shockey was a locker room nuisance and former teammate Amani Toomer called Shockey a "bad teammate and even worse person."  Either Way Shockey was force on the gridiron.

In New Orleans, Shockey remained dominant for a few years, finding his role in Sean Payton's offense. He accumulated 139 catches for 1,460 yards and 6 TD in his three years with the Saints. Not the best overall production, but the Giants should have kept this quality TE.

9 New York Jets (2012) – Tebow Heads To The Big Apple


Traded Away: 4th round pick (Philip Blake) and 6th round pick (Danny Trevathan)

Received (from Broncos): Tim Tebow and 7th round pick (traded again, Greg Scruggs)

J-E-T-S made a horrible trade with Denver for God's gift to football, Tim Tebow (who makes our list again). After showing glimpses of greatness in Denver, Tebow could never overcome his poor mechanics. He ended up being listed as a FB/TE in New York and was gone after one season. It seemed like the Jets traded for him just to grab headlines, when they didn't really know how to use Tebow on offense.

Tebow is just one of several mediocre quarterbacks on the Jets over the last decade.  Whether it's Geno Smith getting punched by a teammate or Mark Sanchez's butt fumble, the Jets have a real problem behind center.

8 Oakland Raiders (2007) – New England Robs Oakland Of Moss


Traded Away: Randy Moss

Received (from New England): 4th round-pick

Moss this, Moss that!  New England went into Oakland, and stole Moss for next to nothing.  In his three and a half seasons with New England, Moss grabbed 259 receptions for 3,904 yards and 50 TDs! Not to mention a pro-bowl and first team All-Pro selection in 2007. All that for only a fourth round pick!

Rumor has it that eve Randy didn't believe the trade, since he actually cussed out Bill Belichick on the phone after the trade was official. The future HOFer helped the Patriots to a near perfect season, coming up short to Eli and the Giants in the Super Bowl. He found tremendous chemistry with Tom Brady and had several dominant seasons under him.

7 Philadelphia Eagles (2015) – Eagles Swap McCoy For Alonso


Traded Away: LeSean McCoy

Received (from Buffalo): Kiko Alonso

One of the few transactions that were player for player over the last decade, the Bills gave up LB Kiko Alonso to obtain McCoy from the Eagles.  At first, the trade seemed fair, but Alonso had a horrible year in Philadelphia and was then traded to Miami, where he is currently flourishing.

There is no doubt that the Bills got the better end of the deal. McCoy has amassed crazy numbers in Buffalo, despite lingering hamstring issues. It has been said that the Eagles were trying to free up cap space to trade for Chip Kelly's college QB, Marcus Mariota. But Chip's reign in Philly was short and the Mariota deal never panned out.

6 Pittsburgh Steelers (2015) – Scobee Kicks His Way Out Of A Job

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Traded away: 2016 6th round pick (Brandon Allen)

Received (from Jacksonville): Josh Scobee

Finally, a kicker has made our list! The Steelers are one of the better run organizations in the NFL so finding a bad trade of their forced us to stretch it to the kicking position.

The Steelers traded for Josh Scobee in 2015 after he had a decent career in Jacksonville. But Heinz Field was a little too tough for the veteran who was used to calmer kicking conditions in Florida and he ended up being released by Pittsburgh after only four games.

Scobee missed several field goals and chip shots during his short tenure with the Steelers.  You know it's bad when rapper Snoop Dogg came out and called Scobee "Sorry as F***."

5 San Francisco 49ers (2013) – McCoy Comes To The Bay Area

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Traded away: 5th round pick (traded again, Mike Gillislee) and 7th round pick (Garrett Gilkey)

Received (from Cleveland): Colt McCoy and 6th round pick (traded again, Vinston Painter)

Some people will argue that getting rid of Alex Smith was the 49er's worst trade of the last decade, but another QB trade makes our list.  In 2013, San Francisco gave up a fifth and seventh rounder for McCoy and a sixth rounder from the Browns.  While it's true they didn't give up much, they also didn't get anything in return. Before the 2013 season, they even tried to shop McCoy around the league but no teams were interested. The good news out of all of this is that McCoy left San Francisco with a 100% completion percentage, only throwing one pass for 13 yards.

4 Seattle Seahawks (2013) – Harvin A Headache In Seattle


Traded Away: 1st round pick (Xavier Rhodes), 7th round pick (Travis Bond), and 2014 3rd round pick (Jerick McKinnon)

Received (from Minnesota): Percy Harvin

Percy Harvin looked like he could have been Seattle's WR of the future, as they dumped several picks to Minnesota for him.  But nothing turns out the way it seems.  Harvin suffered from injury issues and persistent migraines throughout his career.  Not to mention getting into a physical altercation with fellow receivers Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate in the locker room.

One impact play that Harvin did make was a second-half kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl. But at that point, Seattle was already up 22-0. All in all, he only played in a total of 6 games for the Seahawks, accumulating 150 receiving yards. In 2015, Seattle dealt him to the Jets, only to receive a 6th round pick in return.

3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2013) – Revis Leaves Tampa On An Island

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Traded Away: 1st round pick (Sheldon Richardson) and 2014 4th round pick (Jalen Saunders)

Received: Darrelle Revis

Revis is known for being a shut-down corner, putting opposing receivers on an island.  But Tampa gave up way too much in a first and fourth round pick to basically "rent" Revis for a year, on an otherwise dismal team.  When the Bucs tried to put him back on the market, they couldn't find a buyer that would undertake his massive contract, and eventually released him.

After being released, what better place for a veteran player to rekindle his career than the Patriots. Revis helped New England win yet another Super Bowl. He was recently cut from the Jets after a terrible 2016 season but the Bucs definitely got the short end of the stick in this deal.

2 Tennessee Titans (2016) – There Are Two Sides To Every Coin

Traded away: 2016 1st overall pick, 2016 4th round pick , and 2016 6th round pick

Received (from Rams): 1st round pick , 2nd round pick, 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, 2017 1st round pick , and 2017 3rd round pick

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Isn't this supposed to be the Titans best trade of the last decade? Just hear me out. While the Rams really did get the short straw in this trade, the rest of the players on the Titans have yet to prove anything. Corey Davis looks promising, but no one knows. Also, Derrick Henry had a decent year, but the longevity of Alabama RBs (Trent Richardson, Eddie Lacy, etc.) does not bode well for the Titans. For a team that supposedly has their QB of the future in Mariota, there is a lot of unproven talent still, and it may end being their worst trade of the decade.

1 Washington Redskins – RGIII Does Not Meet Expectations

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Traded away: 2012 1st round pick, 2012 2nd round pick, 2013 1st round pick and 2014 1st round pick

Received (from Rams): 2nd overall pick (Robert Griffin III)

Now, to possibly the worst trade of them all, RG3. In 2012, the Redskins were looking for their QB of the future and traded a bunch of picks to get Robert Griffin III out of Baylor. As a rookie, RG3 looked unstoppable, winning Rookie of the Year and leading the Redskins to the playoffs.  But on that fateful January day, RG3 had a massive leg injury that all but ruined the rest of his career. His mobility declined, which previously allowed him to succeed, and he clashed with then coach Mike Shanahan.

After Jay Gruden took over the team, he still could not control RG3, and benched him for Kirk Cousins. And thus, Washington fans everywhere buried their head in their hands, yet again, wasting several years on a QB that never was.


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