15 Football Stadiums That Have Stunning Aerial Views (And 15 That Look Like Dumps)

Anyone that has watched epic blockbuster movies like Gladiators with Russell Crowe as the main act and 300, where Gerald Butler played the King of Spartans, may perhaps understand that the ancients have got a thing for stadiums.

Back then, stadiums were a prominent center of attraction. The stadiums were pegged as the national pride of not only the architects but the sports fans who always loved watching big gladiator fights in these large constructions. So, what is the fascination with stadiums? We can say that stadiums are always accompanied with the exhilaration and feeling of the best games ever played in history.

As we know, football is America's true game, so, we aren’t surprised that most or all of the biggest football stadiums in the world today are from there. Therefore, we see a lot of stadiums with a mix of innovation, sustainability, and superb design giving fans an awesome feel and experience. Of course, comparing the ancient amphitheaters with the present day’s roof terraces, retractable roofs, shopping centers, and solar panels will not be fair as we have experienced a lot of advancement in recent times. However, all these features aren’t the subject of the topic when fans argue about whose stadium is better. After all these features are all cliché, what you may likely hear is “which stadium has got the better stunning aerial view?” Most times, the argument goes on without a winner as everyone wants to support their own.

To help the debate we released this article for 15 football stadiums with stunning aerial views and those that look like a dump. Hang in there. You’ll find out.

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30 Stunning: Bank Of America Stadium

via wfae.com

From the aerial view of the Bank of America stadium, you’d notice the bluish color of the stadium which is different from the color of the team that plays there. The seating of the stadium is blue because of the Carolina Panthers of the NFL, whose colors are black and blue.

The blue color from the aerial view gives the stadium a serene and beautiful feel like a bouquet of blue daisies. According to TheTravel, this 75,523-seat football stadium came into existence in 1996, which makes it Bank of America one of the newest stadiums in the NFL league.

29 Dump: Hard Rock Stadium

Via Rate Your Seats

Home to the Miami Dolphins, the Hard Rock Stadium is also a multipurpose football stadium located in Miami, Florida. From an aerial view perspective, the stadium looks like a vast square with an average design. Perhaps, we can say it looks more like a pack of blue square cards or a massive advertising billboard for a Rock and Roll band.

According to Bleachreport, the design decision of the stadium resulted in a negligible flaw, making the first row of seats 90ft away from the sideline.

28 Stunning: Tiger Stadium

Via LSU Athletics

From the looks of the stadium, at least from an aerial view perspective, the LSU Tigers stadium is beautiful at night when it’s lit with its traditional purple color. The beauty of the stadium is more appreciated when the stadium is without people. Of course, the purple color emanates from the stadium seats, when seen from an aerial view.

With the stunning beauty of the 102,321 stadium at night, it won’t be difficult to identify it at night from a distance. According to LSU, the Tiger stadium is ranked amongst the ten biggest stadiums in the world.

27 Dump: FedEx Field

Via IOMedia

According to NFL, the FedEx Field Stadium, which is home to the Washington Redskins, has a seating capacity of over 91,000. For some reason, NFL named it the largest stadium in the NFL league. Perhaps, it’s because of its large parking capacity, which takes thousands of cars during any big league game.

However, the Sporting News appears to be on a different page concerning the matter. They named the FedEx Field the worst stadium in the NFL league. To make matters worse, they also said the stadium is a massive steel construction that has no character.

26 Stunning: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

via atlanta.eater.com

Named after the German automotive giant, the Mercedes Benz Stadium is one beautiful stadium that deserves to be on this list, over and over again. Anyway, it’s not such a surprise; it’s Mercedes we are talking about here.

According to Sporting News, In 2017, this $1.6 billion stadium launched out, making it one of the newest babies on the block. Not only is the Stadium, which is home to the Atlanta Falcons, new, it also has a superb design. The roof of the stadium is retractable and has the shape of the Benz logo when it’s closed.

25 Dump: Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

via rateyourseats.com

If you have ever heard of the “Black Hole” in the NFL league before, perhaps in the papers or the news, and you never knew what it meant, then you’d be getting your answer now. Oh yes! You thought right.

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is the “Black Hole.” It’s called that because the color of the Oakland Raiders is black. Perhaps, the name “Black Hole” wasn’t a bad idea, after all, considering the look of the stadium. “Hole,” “Dump,” what’s the difference? Not so much. The Sporting News reported that it has a capacity of 56,000 spectators.

24 Stunning: Folsom Field

Via Colorado Athletics

A lot of people term the Folsom Field as a boring stadium even on a game day; therefore, it gives the stadium a lousy reputation. However, if you have to judge the stadium by it looks from an aerial view, you’d change your mind about it. Why so? The stadium, when viewed, from a vantage point, gives a different look that takes the attention of anyone, especially, when the sunsets over the mountains.

According to TheTravel, it’s the home base of the University of Colorado’s football team and the third biggest college football stadium.

23 Dump: Ryan Field

Via Rasmussen-Photography

The Northwestern University uses the Ryan field as their home-based stadium. Of course, the school is a fantastic school, but we can’t say the same thing for the Ryan field as it doesn’t leave a lot to be desired. The stadium is one of the smallest college stadiums in the US; therefore, we are shocked to know it’s an NCAA stadium.

The biggest challenge of the stadium, however, is its parking space, so the University doesn’t encourage fans to bring their cars to the stadium during a game, according to BleacherReport.

22 Stunning: Superdome


The Superdome in New Orleans is one stadium that has gone through a lot in recent times. It was the stadium that kept people safe during the Hurricane Katrina that happened in 2009. A lot of people ran to the Superdome for refuge, although the stadium was later damaged by the hurricane. That season, the New Orleans’s saints had to play all their matches away.

According to BleacherReport, the Stadium went through some renovations and became better than the initial construction. Today, the Superdome looks more stunning, especially, from an aerial view.

21 Dump: Fouts Field

Via Daily Track Pic

It’s difficult to accept the Fouts Field belongs to an NCAA program team because Texas is known for their football culture. The stadium is so ugly that it can’t stand the attractiveness of some high school football team.

If you're looking for boring, then you’ve found one. Even the Folsom field we spoke about earlier is nothing close to the Fout Field. The boring fans and game is not the only annoying thing, the aerial view of the stadium the stadium is boring also.

20 Stunning: Lambeau Field

Via Wisconsin Badgers

The Lambeau field is one of the greatest football stadiums in the NFL. It has a lot of history behind it which qualifies it for our “Stadium of fame.” The Lambeau field, which is the home of the Green Bay Packers of the NFL, has a stunning aerial view which would catch anyone’s fancy.

According to BleacherReport, the stadium opened in 1957 with the name City Stadium. Ever since the 81,441 seat-capacity stadium has never ceased renovating at certain times, the latest renovation was done in 2013. Thus, we’re not surprised that it remains stunning.

19 Dump: Soldier Field

Via Eater Chicago

According to BleacherReport, this stadium serves as one of the longest- standing stadiums in the NFL league. With a seating capacity of 61,500, the Soldier Field has always been home to the Chicago Bears, so, it’s considered to be a shrine to some teams in the NFL league.

However, the prior constructions have not improved over the years, despite all the renovations and work that has gone into it. According to The travel, it still looks like an old stadium, especially, from an aerial view.

18 Stunning: Centurylink Field

via twitter.com

The NFL began a tradition to do a color rush game every Thursday Night football. To keep to the tradition, the Seattle Seahawks always keep their Thursdays Special by flying beautiful and attractive colors. By doing that, the Centurylink Field produces an amazing and beautiful aerial view, mainly, on Thursdays.

According to the Guinness World Records, the Centurylink Field has once ranked as the loudest stadiums in the NFL league. It held the title twice; the first one was in 2013 with 136.6 decibels and the second one the following year with 137.6.

17 Dump: Los Angeles Coliseum

Via BusinessViewMagazine

This stadium, the Los Angeles Coliseum, opened during the Olympic Games in 1923. Also, it has a seat-capacity of $93,000. The stadium is also called the Grand Old lady; perhaps it’s because of its age and its old news. The Los Angeles Coliseum is more popular for its main opening than its aerial view. The feeling you get from up the stadium is so different from what you get standing outside viewing the Olympic touch.

According to TheSportingNews, the stadium is also the temporary home for Los Angeles Chargers and Rams.

16 Stunning: Heinz Field

via onefootdown.com

Sporting News reported that the Heinz Field was built in 2001. It’s not only considered as one of the best football fields in NFL, but it was the setting for the famed football scene in the movie, “Dark Knight Rises.” If you’re particular about traditions, you will love this field because it has so many like the Terrible Towel.

One of the striking features of this stadium is that it rests on the mouth of Three-Rivers in Pittsburgh from an aerial view. No wonder, it is home to the Steelers of the NFL. It also displays the beauty of the Pittsburgh river system alongside all the bridges since its right on the waterfront.

15 Dump: War Memorial Stadium

Via SweetwaterNow

When you hear the name of this stadium, you will have high expectations, but all that goes down the drain the moment you see the stadium in question from an aerial view. According to Sporting News, the stadium is home of the University of Wyoming NCAA football team. It appears that the only kind of war that goes down here is the noise and wildness that comes from fans supporting their teams.

Nothing is fascinating about the stadium considering that it looks like any other stadium with two open sides and seats that go up halfway. The trees in the stadium are memorable, but unusual for a football stadium.

14 Stunning: Metlife Stadium

Via Ticketmaster

The Metlife is a beautiful stadium that’s currently in the NFL. It’s the only stadium that’s shared with Los Angeles at least before they built their new stadium. Sporting News reported that the Metlife Stadium was built in 2010. The Metlife stadium is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

It can hold 82,000 fans and like any beautiful stadium; it has a unique feature—which means you can identify it from New Jersey’s skyline in an aerial view. What more? The stadium glows when it’s bright.

13 Dump: Alumni Stadium

Via Marcusa

The Alumni is a colorful stadium that’s home to the Boston College Eagles. If you take a good look at this image, you will observe that from the aerial view surrounded by some structures. These structures could likely grab your attention away from the stadium such as the attached parking garage, and nearby buildings.

These distracting features and more don’t allow the Alumni stand out as a great football stadium. The size of the facility is an issue because it has a capacity of 44,500, according to The Travel—which is considered small for a stadium.

12 Stunning: FirstEnergy Stadium

via youtube.com

From the name of this stadium, you can tell that a lot of energy went into the building. It’s apparent the hard work paid off because it’s one of the most beautiful stadiums that exist from the aerial view. One look at this stadium and you will have an appetite to watch the Cleveland Browns play; even if they have no record of wins in the last few seasons.

Sporting News reported that the FirstEnergy stadium was built in 1999. Previously, it was the home to the returning Browns, but now, it’s the home of the Dawg Pound.

11 Dump: Paul Brown Stadium

Via Clermount County CVB

First off, the Paul Brown Stadium is also referred to as “The Jungle,” but it doesn’t seem like one at least not from the aerial view. A big flaw in this stadium which is somewhat confusing is the color mix-up. The Jungle is the home of NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals that uses orange and black jerseys.

The reasonable thing for anyone to expect is that the stadium would have a mixture of orange and black, but it’s green and white—which gives you the impression that the stadium is home to New York Jets. Also, the massive white roof that overhangs kills the whole jungle feel.

10 Stunning: Michigan Stadium

Via Mlive

It’s incredible to see how the Michigan Stadium stands out from an aerial view, despite its lack of spotlights (like sunsets, night games, and flashy lights). The Michigan stadium is home of the University of Michigan Wolverines NCAA college football program.

The highlight of this stadium is the number of people that gather in the bowl every game. The team website reported that it has an official capacity of 107,601. With this capacity, the stadium is the second largest in the world. It’s also bigger than most cities in its location.

9 Dump: TDECU Stadium

Via University of Houston

TDECU is located at a decent distance away from the downtown core of Houston, Texas. TDECU is the home of the University of Houston Cougar college football team. With how busy college town is, you may choose to go to the nearest place which is the TDECU Stadium.

Even though it seems like a bad idea, the stadium is best-suited for people that don’t mind it looking like it’s in the middle of nowhere. From the aerial view, it seems like the framework was set up temporarily.

8 Stunning: Albertsons Stadium

Via VarsityB

The moment you step into the Albertsons Stadium, you’ll be impressed. Boise State University stated that the field in this stadium is the first in the country that isn’t painted with green outside of the end zones—which is something that would steal your attention.

The aerial view gives the idea of how attractive the field color blends with the team colors. On second thought, this is another unusual feature because most stadium fields blend their team colors with the seats only, not the entire area.

7 Dump: New Era Field

Via AppleMark

When you hear the name “New Era,” the first thing that may come to your mind is a stadium that’s new, but that’s not the case, because, according to Sporting News, it was built in 1973—which means it’s outdated. One of the big issues of this stadium is the high number of canceled games it experiences often—this occurs because the stadium gets a lot of snow in the later parts of the season. What’s a stadium without games anyways?

It’s the home of the NFL’s Buffalo Bills, and the fans are loyal. The stadium is located in a small community in Orchard Park, New York. The aerial view of this stadium looks like a dump.

6 Stunning: Kyle Field

Via Texas AM

If there’s a word to describe Kyle Field, it would be “Massive.” Kyle is one of the biggest college football stadiums. Texas A&M University reported that Kyle Field is the fourth largest stadium in the world. It’s also home to the Aggies football team.

The aerial view of this stadium is remarkable considering that it doesn’t have to be high in the air to pack in the fans before you get a good view. Kyle Field has a capacity of about 102,733 and has an exceptional look when fans are packed while the sun sets.

5 Dump: Raymond James Stadium

Via Sports Illustrated

What’s the use of having a unique feature that should attract the world to you, but it’s not visible to all? Well, it’s as good as useless—and this is the description that best suits the Raymond James Stadium.

The Raymond James Stadium is home of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it has a unique feature that doesn’t reflect on the outside, but in the aerial view. The feature happens to be a pirate ship with active canons. It’s used when the team scores. Sporting News reported that the stadium was built in 1998.

4 Stunning: Beaver Stadium

Via PennLive

There’s something about having a lot of people gather in one place, wearing the same colors to compliment the interior. The Penn State Nittany Lions love their fans to follow a color theme, and whenever there’s a football game, the fans wear outfits that match the theme.

The Beaver Stadium experiences white-out on full display when there’s a game, and it gives it a great aerial view—especially at night when the white illuminates the stadium as the outside colors fade. According to The Travel, the stadium accommodates 106,572 fans.

3 Dump: Edwards Stadium

Via Phantom Pilots

From the picture of the Edwards stadium above, it’s easy for anyone to mistake it for a short-term solution. It looks more like the home of a high school team than one for the Marshall NCAA college football team.

Bleacher Report stated that Marshall Fans are hardnosed. We don’t see any reason why they are cruel because there isn’t enough room in the stadium to have a good display. At the aerial view, even the highest part of the stadium is small compared to the standard light polls from the ground.

2 Stunning: Lucas Oil Stadium

via sportsmatik.com

According to Bleacher Report, the Lucas Oil Stadium was established in 2008. From the year it was built you can tell it’s a new facility. The stadium is located in Indianapolis, and it’s substantial.

The Lucas stadium has exciting features from its aerial view like a big bay window located in front of the stadium, and a roof that retracts. These two features allow a lot of natural light into the stadium during football games. The stadium looks like it’s a bit off center from the rest of the city streets.

1 Dump: Rentschler Field

Via Fanteractive

The Rentschler Field also referred to as “The Rent” is another example of a stadium that looks forgotten because, from its aerial view, it’s in the middle of nowhere—far from everything. It is home to the UConn of NCAA college football, and it’s small in size.

The Travel reported that the Rentschler Field has a capacity of 40,000 people. With the way the stadium is secluded, one would think that it’s because space was required to build a big facility. It’s supposed to be a place for the UConn Huskies powerhouse program, but the size doesn’t cut it.

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