Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Will Be Fired After Season [Rumor]

The era of Packers’ coach Mike McCarthy might come to an end, as the Cheeseheads’ chances to make the playoffs drop to 31 percent after Thursday Night Football defeat.

On Thursday 27-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, the Packers dropped to 4-5-1, with a perplexing 0-5 record on the road. This situation has put the 12-year head coach on the hot seat. According to Michael Silver from NFL.com “there's a growing sense that McCarthy might be replaced -- barring a dramatic turnaround in the team's fortunes.”

The questioning if McCarthy is still the most suitable person for the coach position was heightened when he decided to punt on fourth-and-two on their own 33-yard line with the Packers trailing 27-24, 4:20 remaining in regulation and no timeouts on Thursday — drive which ended up turning into their last one since the Seahawks ran out the clock running a pair of first downs.



When the 13th-season Green Bay coach was asked about this play, he justified his decision by saying “he played the numbers.”

It will be interesting to see which numbers McCarthy saw since even when the offense struggled in the second part of the game, they were averaging 7.5 yards-per-play and only needed two to keep moving the ball. And even though this average was earned due to a couple of superb Rodgers’ passes, they could’ve just given the ball to Aaron Jones who averaged 3.6 yards-per-carry – Jones only got four touches in the second half despite running for 88 yards in the first one on just ten carries.

Besides, it’s hard to understand why McCarthy expected his defense to stop the Seahawks ground game when they had been outplaying them in the second half, to say nothing of Packers’ defensive line injuries earlier in the game – Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels.

Aaron Rodgers displayed his frustration after the game, pointing out that they have lost crucial games for these types of foolish mistakes.

"We've lost too many games like this—that's the most frustrating thing," Aaron Rodgers said, per Silver. "We've had a chance in almost all our road games—especially against the Rams and the Patriots, and again tonight. We're right there. But we just can't get it done."

If the Packers are unable to shape up for the rest of the season, it would be the first time in McCarthy’s era that the team misses the playoffs in back-to-back seasons.


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