25 More Hilarious Memes From The NFL Offseason

Wow! The NFL offseason has been absolutely crazy thus far. Top-tier quarterbacks have found new homes, big-name free agent have been making waves, and Jon Gruden is back in the business. There have been so many roster moves that it's nearly impossible to keep track!

On another note, there is the 2018 NFL Draft. The question on everyone's mind was who would the Browns take with the top-overall pick? Well, now that it's over - spoiler - it was former Heisman Winner Baker Mayfield. Four other quarterbacks went in the first round as well.

With all of the trades, signings and picks, the league as we formerly knew it changed dramatically. Of course, you have the teams that have barely shuffled their depth chart like the Steelers and Patriots, but you also have teams like the Minnesota Vikings, where all three quarterbacks on their roster from last year have found new homes as they brought in Kirk Cousins on a huge deal.

Throughout the football news and hubbub, there have been some hilarious memes that have surfaced across the internet. Today, we'll break down the story behind some of these pictures, and I'll be honest, some of them are savage. Let's catch up on everything that has happened off the gridiron since Tom Brady blew it in the Super Bowl with 25 more hilarious memes from the NFL offseason.

25 Patriots Come Up Short

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Although Brady has enough Super Bowl rings to fit on one hand, he came up short against Philly in Super Bowl LII. Led by backup QB Nick Foles, the Eagles routed the Patriots defense at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. With a final score of 41-33, TB12 was just a few plays short of achieving his sixth NFL championship at the ripe age of 40.

Only the third Super Bowl loss of his career, Brady remained relatively composed as he met his wife, Gisele Bundchen, and children after the game. Yet, in the postgame press conference, he didn't sugarcoat his disappoint over the shocking defeat, stating "Yeah, I mean, it does suck. It obviously — yup, it sucks."

Yet, a week after the championship game, Brady seemed to come to terms with the loss. He posted a photo on Instagram smooching his wife in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, captioning it "This Sunday’s outcome is a lot better than last Sunday’s!"

As with every aging QB, the sports tabloids soon spewed out hot takes of a potential Brady retirement, but it appears as if the GOAT will make his return behind center for the Patriots in the upcoming season. Still, the fact is that NFL fans will not remember Brady's 2017 season for kissing the Lombardi trophy, rather they will remember it for the awkward video with his son.

24 Don't Lay A Finger On My Butterfingers

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Sticking with the end of last season (and technically the beginning of the offseason) we can't forget the infamous no-catch from Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. To refresh your memory, the Eagles were up 9-3 with 12 minutes to go in the second quarter. With New England driving and facing a critical 3rd & 5, coach Belichick dug deep into the playbook for a little trickery. Brady took the snap and handed the ball off to James White, who then flipped it back to wide out Danny Amendola. To the surprise of the defense, Brady had worked his way into the secondary and Amendola tossed him a perfect touch pass.

Although there was plenty of green in front of him, Brady 'alligator armed' the throw, literally, and metaphorically, dropping the ball.

The internet had a field day with the epic fail, and even the Butterfinger's official Twitter account chimed in on the fun! The company, who's slogan is "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!," thanked the QB for promoting their brand. Now that's savage! On top of that, the Eagles QB Nick Foles pulled a similar move later in the quarter dubbed "The Philly Special," but he was actually able to come down with the rock for a touchdown.

23 My Precious!

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After years of coming close with Donovan McNabb at the helm, the City of Brotherly Love was able to celebrate a Super Bowl victory. The long-sought after championship was the first in the franchise's history. The only way to describe Philly fans excitement is through the schizophrenic Lord of the Rings character, Gollum, who goes crazy after finally obtaining the one ring to rule them all! Let's just hope they don't turn invisible in the upcoming season.

As with many championship parties though, the February 4th celebration quickly turned violent. According to CNN, Eagles fans immediately took to the streets of Philadelphia to riot.

"Between the "E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles" chants, some fans flipped over a car."

There were a few incidents of vandalism (broken windows, fires, looting)  across the city, but the police department had everything pretty much under control. They even anticipated the rowdy riots, and preemptively greased the light poles on Philadelphia's Broad Street in order to deter people from climbing up them. Still, a few courageous fans managed to shimmy their way up the slick metal to get an eagle-eye view of the epic event. All in all, only a few minor injuries and arrests were reported from the celebration, yet the city of Philadelphia lived up to it's rambunctious reputation.

22 Smith Is All Done

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Number 99 has 99 problems, and the law is all of them. The 28-year-old outside linebacker out of the University of Missouri has basically ruined his career after yet another arrest in the 2018 offseason (two to be exact). The first one came on March 23, 2018, as Deadspin reported that Smith was arrested for violation of a court order. The second arrest came just weeks later for violating the terms of his bail when he reportedly showed up with a BAC of 0.40 to court to receive his ankle bracelet.

Before his trouble with the police, Smith had all the potential to be a perennial Pro Bowler in the NFL. During his first three seasons in the league, the former 2011 first-round pick racked up 42 sacks and made First-Team All-Pro in his sophomore campaign. Although, a slew of incidents soon followed, and several other minor brush-ups with the law. The Raiders finally cut their problem child at on March 5, 2018, and we probably won't be seeing Smith in an NFL uniform anytime soon. It really is a shame that Smith couldn't stay on the straight and narrow because when healthy and on the field, he's still a gifted pass rusher.

21 Amendola Heads South For The Season

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Let's not sugarcoat it: the Patriots absolutely love quick, white receivers. There is just some sort of Caucasian connection in New England. Brady always throws the little 4-5 yard dink-and-dump routes to these guys, hoping they can pick up some YAC to get a first down. If the defense is sleeping, they might even send one of them on a fly down the field. Among the more famous fair-skinned pass catchers during the Belichick era include Wes Welker, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, and Danny Amendola, but the last name on that list found a new home in the 2018 offseason.

The 32-year-old wide out traded in Beantown for Magic City, as he signed a 2-year, $12 million ($8.25-million guaranteed) contract with the Dolphins.

The move came as a surprise to some Patriots fans, as their beloved, often-injured receiver exited the Northeast. According to USA Today, Amendola has made approximately $20 million so far in his career, so moving to Miami for a two-year stint in his declining years will set him up better financially for retirement. Needless to say, the former UFA out of Texas Tech doesn't look too thrilled about the decision. You probably would be too if you had to trade in Tom Brady for Ryan Tannehill!

20 Come on Stripes!

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Whatever side of the argument you're on, there is no doubt that the NFL has gotten softer over the past few years. Sure, the league may be trying to make up for their past ignorance of player safety, but it seems as if a player simply looks at their opponent wrong, the refs will toss the flag.

In the offseason, the NFL Competition Committee added a few more changes to the lengthy rule book. Finally, they have modified the standards for a catch, which would have made the infamous Dez Bryant no-catch an actual completion. Pretty much, receivers no longer need to maintain possession of the football all the way to the ground. They need to catch it with two feet in bounds and have the "ability" to make a "football move." While it may make things more confusing, surely Cowboys fans are rejoicing across the country.

Another prominent change to the game involves the aforementioned player safety. Now, if any player, offense or defense, lowers their head to initiate contact, than it's an automatic 15-yard penalty. Clearly, this is coming at the heels of recent studies of CTE and the concern for the future of the NFL, but it may be tough to watch during the first few weeks of the season.

19 Captain JPP Hook

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Ahoy, matey! Raise the Jolly Roger as the Buccaneers obtained a real-life "Pirate of the Carribean" in defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. The New York Giants made the two-time Pro Bowler walk the plank after eight seasons, trading him to Tampa Bay for a third-round pick and a swap of fourth-rounders. JPP is set to haul in a booty of $11.25-million in 2018.

But, as you all know by now, the former USF standout had a nasty injury on Independence Day back in 2015. According to Sports Illustrated, Pierre-Paul attempted to light off some fireworks, but the wind blew out the fuse. Finally he got the fuse to to take a flame, but in an instant, there was a cloud of smoke and he dropped to the ground. Per witnesses of the situation, JPP got up like nothing was wrong, but when he looked down at his hand, everything went dark and he passed out.

The edge defender was rushed to the ER with severe burns and injuries to both hands, and eventually had to have his right index finger amputated. The incident also permanently damaged his thumb and middle finger on his right hand. While he was still able to be productive on the field post-injury with the Giants, he'll make a perfect pirate with the Buccaneers. Let's hope DC Mike Smith throws out a few "Yo Ho Ho" and "all hands on deck" references. Too soon? We haven't even gotten warmed up!

18 The Legion Of Boom Explodes

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From firework explosions to roster explosions, the Seattle Seahawks defense will be looking a lot different in the 2018 season. The franchise purged their lineup for salary cap reasons, creating a whole new look in the Emerald City. Four-time cornerback Richard Sherman was released, eventually signing a deal with NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers. Outspoken defensive end Michael Bennett was traded to the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Another defensive linemen, Sheldon Richardson, also jumped ship in Seattle to join an improved Minnesota squad. On top of that, the Cowboys were looking to trade for safety Earl Thomas during the draft, but a deal never got done (even though it's not off the table just yet).

For one of the remaining members of the Seahawks dominant defense, Cliff Avril, the whole roster purge has been a shock.

He told the NFL Network, "I didn't think it was going to be this dramatic." Although Avril has also been dangled as trade bait, he's unsure if he will be able to take the field in 2018 after suffering from a season-ending neck injury last year. Whether he stays or goes, one thing is for certain: the 'Legion of Boom' has officially exploded. Looks like Seattle will have to spend some of time to rebuilding as the Rams and 49ers beefed up their rosters in the offseason.

17 Ravens Choose A New Flavor

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The tumultuous career of NFL QB and Flavor Flav doppelganger, Robert Griffin III, seems to be coming to a close. The former Heisman Trophy winner once dazzled viewers with his electric rookie performance, but has quickly fallen out of the spotlight. The Ravens decided to give a the oft-injured QB a shot at redemption, signing him to one-year, $1 million contract in the offseason to backup the less-than-stellar starter Joe Flacco. The former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year could have perhaps staged a comeback, but then, the NFL Draft occurred.

After a night of shocking moves, the Super Bowl champion Eagles were on the clock with the last pick in the first round (32nd overall). Yet, Baltimore came calling as they traded for Philly's pick, guaranteeing fifth-year control over whichever player was chosen. The commissioner took the stage, and announced that the Ravens would be taking Louisville QB, Lamar Jackson. Clearly, RGIII's hopes of redemption were thwarted in a matter of seconds.

Now with two backup Hesiman-winning QBs in Mobtown, Griffin will most likely be cut or demoted to third string in training camp. Flacco has to be careful though; a few too many errant throws, and we could see Jackson take the helm behind center in Baltimore this year.

16 A Big Dez-ision

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Outspoken wide receiver Dez Bryant has had his ups and downs during his eight seasons in the league, but in 2018, he'll be running routes for a team other than the Cowboys. Dallas owner Jerry Jones announced in a statement in mid-April that his franchise would be parting ways with Bryant, stating...

"This was not an easy decision. It was made based upon doing what we believe is in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys."

In other words, Jerry was ticked off at Dez's sideline antics and wanted him out.

Now, the free agent receiver is looking to be adopted by a new, rich owner. Rumors swirled that he was offered a contract by the Baltimore Ravens, but he scoffed at the franchise's deal. So, who is going to be the brave GM to grab Dez off the market? The Buffalo Bills have reportedly been interested, but it appears as they got their franchise receiver in Kelvin Benjamin last season. Next, there are the Cowboy's NFC East rivals, the Washington Redskins and New York Giants. Word has it that Dez has been working out with OBJ this offseason, so you never know. Lastly, the Raiders could be in the mix for a new pass catcher, but they're a long shot..

We'll keep you updated on the outcome of this free agent sweepstakes.

15 EA Has Their Hands Full

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First off, don't take this as an insult to Griffin. It's just a meme! Former UCF linebacker Shaquem Griffin will make a great NFL linebacker. Although he didn't originally get an invite to the combine, Griffin wowed scouts and was eventually asked to the event.

During the workout, the linebacker amazed the world as he was able to push out 20 reps on the bench and run a blazing 4.38 in the 40-yard-dash.

The Seattle Seahawks decided to take him off the board in the fifth-round of the 2018 NFL Draft, where he will play alongside his brother. Oh yeah, and he only has one hand.

To be honest, his physical impairment is no different than a defensive player wearing a club, so he'll probably fit right into the Seahawks defense. Yet, this could pose a problem for Electronic Arts as they try to render Shaquem with one hand in Madden 19. I'm no video game designer, but it just has to be a  simple line of code, right? Anyway, it will probably be an easy fix unless they are shorthanded.

Quit your groaning! Griffin's story is an inspiration and his jerseys will probably sell off the shelves in Seattle. I think I'll wait to grab mine in a few years from the second-hand store.  Okay, that one was probably uncalled for.

14 Detroit Has No Pride

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Lions fans must love disappointment since their franchise is the oldest team to have never made a Super Bowl appearance in the modern era. Heck, they have only made the playoffs three times since Y2K  and the last time they won was in 1991! Before that, their last postseason victory was in 1957! 60-years and one playoff win, you've gotta be joking!

Still, they have been trying to break through the top of a tough NFC North division but what do they have going for them? Matt Stafford? Eh, he's alright, but do you really think he's a championship caliber quarterback? Their defense has stepped it up over the past few seasons, but they're no elite squad.

Detroit was relatively quiet in free agency, although they did make a deal with Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount in the offseason. During the 2018 NFL Draft, they attempted to bolster their offensive line by drafting Frank Ragnow, center out of the University of Arkansas and Tyrell Crosby, tackle out of the University of Oregon. With their second-round pick, they were able to snag underrated Auburn RB Kerryon Johnson, which will provide a change of pace with Blount. We'll have to wait and see how the upcoming season pans out, but Detroit fans shouldn't expect too much from their team this year.

13 Gruden Officially Returns

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Super Bowl winning head coach Jon Gruden has returned from the broadcasting booth to join the Raiders sideline for the 2018 season. After a decade away from coaching, Gruden will replace Oakland's former skipper Jack Del Rio, who was fired after a dismal 6-10 season. This will be the head coach's second stint in the Bay Area, as he was once traded from the Raiders to the Buccaneers following the 2001 season.

The QB guru is ready to prove himself in the NFL again, telling Sports Illustrated,

“So, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to come back and put it all on me. Everybody’s going to want to kick my ass, step on me. They can’t wait to talk about what a dumba-- I am, and how s----- I was to start with. How ‘overrated’ I am. I hear it all."

As for Gruden's famous QB Camp, the heart and soul of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, will take over the role as quarterback whisperer. During Monday Night Football, Matt Hasselbeck will take over Gruden's analyst spot in the booth. Recently retired TE Jason Witten may also join the crew from the sidelines. It just won't be the same anymore without the 'Gruden Grinder.' Maybe they'll give 'Hasselbeck Hustler' instead (ESPN, if you use that name, I want some compensation)!

12 Fifteen Yard Penalty For Geriatric Roughness

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We've already talked about old-man Brady enough so let's jump into the real meaning of this meme: Michael Bennett's arrest. According to Houston Police, during the 2017 Super Bowl at NRG Stadium, Bennett injured an elderly paraplegic woman. He allegedly pushed his way onto the field to join his Martellus in the celebration, but police officers witnessed him shove several employees during his journey onto the field, including a 66-year-old wheel-chair bound employee. The chair did not flip, but the woman reportedly sprained her shoulder during the incident.

Bennett was arrested over a year later for "injury to the elderly" and turned himself into the police (where he quickly posted his $10,000 bond). Yet, the details about the incident are still hazy. According to USA Today, the officer who originally took the victim's statement wrote "One suspect. No arrest. No injuries." On top of that, Bennett's sister posted a video of her and her brother rushing the field, which showed no alleged wrongdoing.

Overall, something seems a little bit sketchy in this case, but we'll see how it plays out in the courts. In the meantime, Bennett has traded in Seattle's lime green for the midnight green of the Philadelphia Eagles.

11 You Like That?

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The Washington Redskins finally broke up with QB Kirk Cousins in the offseason. After a long relationship filled with highs and lows (and two franchise tags), Cousins finally jumped ship when Dan Snyder and company couldn't commit to a long-term deal. Instead, the Minnesota Vikings were the winner of the Cousins sweepstakes.

We can't help but think that Cousins was shouting "you like that!" as he left the nation's capital for good.

The former Michigan State quarterback inked a three-year, $84 million deal with Vikes, which came after rumors of a potential signing with the Broncos or Jets. In a strange twist of events, Minnesota's other two QBs headed to those destinations. Case Keenum, a career backup, had a resurgent season in the league, leading the Vikings to the NFC Championship, yet he moved on to the Mile-High City. In addition, the promising QB Teddy Bridgewater could have taken the reigns of the Minnesota offense, but he moved on and will be vying for a starting spot with the New York Jets.

As for new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, he will have some serious weapons at his disposal. With Delvin Cook coming back from injury, and two solid receivers in Diggs and Thielen, look for Minnesota to have a high-powered offense this coming year. In combination with a staunch defense, they should stay atop the NFC North for the time being.

10 Darnold Thinks 'Darn It!'

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The 2018 NFL Draft saw a crazy amount of QB's taken: four in the first ten picks, and five in the first-round altogether. Behind center, these rookies will have to prove their worth in training camp behind veteran QBs. But, one player who has seems to have potentially locked-in his future spot is former USC breakout star, Sam Darnold.

Ever since the beginning of the 2017 season, Jets fans have been wanting to tank in order to grab Darnold with the top pick in the draft. Heck, some fans already had his jersey made! Yet, the Jets sat on the board with the number three overall pick, and many experts believed that Darnold would have been taken by the time it was their turn. But, through mere fate, the Cleveland Browns took Baker Mayfield with the top pick (we'll get more into that later), and the New York Giants took the athletic freak show of a running back, Saquon Barkley, with the second pick. And finally, the prophecy was fulfilled: Darnold became a Jet.

Although, he didn't seem too excited after being interviewed by Deion Sanders at the draft, since some draft experts predicted that he would go to the Giants as Eli Manning's successor. Either way, we'll have to see if Darnold can live up to the spotlight of the Big Apple.

9 Rosen Dealt Bad Cards

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Cocky, arrogant, doesn't listen to anyone: this is what scouts said about Josh Rosen coming out of high school. The former UCLA quarterback has all the makings of an NFL QB, but simply speaks his mind too much (and not in a good way). He also has a past history of injuries and concussions, which lead to a slight drop in his stock. Although, when the first night of the 2018 NFL Draft rolled around, Rosen was taken with the 10th overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals, and was fourth QB selected.

After he was selected, the NFL Network put up a graphic about some of his strengths, including the fact that he's a "natural thrower" and "understands concepts," but the craziest parts was that they compared him to current NFL QB (and now teammate), Sam Bradford. Have they not been watching football for the past few seasons? Bradford is a game 'assistant' manager at best. He lacks serious arm strength, is constantly injured, and just appears too timid in the pocket. Don't insult Rosen like that!

Anyway, the UCLA QB wasn't too happy about dropping lower than expected, and expressed his displeasure with a typical cocky attitude, telling reporters at the draft that there were "nine mistakes ahead of him." He has since clarified his comments, stating the following day at a press conference that there were only "three mistakes," referencing the three other QBs drafted ahead of him. We'll see how the future turns out for Rosen, but hopefully he will learn a little humility along the way.

8 When The Past Comes Back To Haunt You

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Former University of Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen, has a cannon for an arm, but his accuracy remained a concern for NFL scouts. Yet, it was an off-the-field issue that plagued Allen going into the draft. Yahoo! Sports dug through his Twitter history and retrieved several insensitive tweets, that they made public a day before the draft. Allen had dropped a few n-words and even once said, "If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!"

Although he sent the tweets several years ago as a young teenager, players chastised the QB.

Allen quickly apologized for his old racial remarks, and the Buffalo Bills decided he had atoned with the past as they moved up to take him with the seventh overall pick. So, how did the predominantly African-American locker room take to the news?

According to ESPN, Buffalo captain Lorenzo Alexander spoke about Allen to a local radio station, saying "He's gonna have to have a good answer. I've listened to a couple of interviews, and I think it's gonna come from the heart and he'll be fine." GM Brandon Beane noted that they had discussed the tweets with Allen before drafting him to ensure his apology was genuine. Even though there has seemingly been support for the Bills future QB from some of his new teammates, we'll see how the rest of the players handle the situation throughout the season.

7 L.A. Adds A Boy Named Suh And Others

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Last year, the Rams came out of nowhere with young head coach Sean McVay at the helm. Jared Goff had a resurgent sophomore campaign and Los Angeles finished as the season as the top scoring offense in the league. Even though the 2017 NFC West champions lost to the Falcons in the playoffs, you could clearly see that with young stars like Aaron Donald and Todd Gurley, their future was bright.

Surprisingly, they were able to beef up their roster even more in the offseason, adding some talented veterans as well. The Rams signed polarizing defensive tackle, Ndamukong Suh, to a one-year, $14 million contract, thus improving an already solid defensive line. In the secondary, they added former Kansas City Chief cornerback Marcus Peters and former Denver Broncos cornerback, Aqib Talib, both via trade. On top of that, they were able to sign the Packers Pro Bowl corner, Sam Shields. Needless to say, this is going to be one mean defensive backfield. So what about the offense? Well, they got better too. Ex-Patriot receiver Brandin Cooks joined the squad, giving Goff another solid target on the outside along with Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods.

Los Angeles is going to be one exciting team to watch this year. Perhaps with the insane additions in the offseason, the Rams may be finally able to sell out the Coliseum.

6 Dallas' New Look

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Love them or hate them, the Cowboys roster has drastically changed over the past two years. First, it was longtime QB Tony Romo who departed before last season amid injuries and the rise of the young quarterback Dak Prescott. Romo went on to the broadcasting booth, wowing viewers with his expert insight into the game, and even was nominated for a Sports Emmy for his effort.

The next departure may not have been by choice, but as we discussed previously, Jerry Jones decided to part ways with 29-year-old receiver, Dez Bryant, due to cap space (and we think bad behavior). While he is currently a free agent, there is some doubt that he will even be added to a roster before training camp, as NBC Sports report that many franchises won't "even sign Dez Bryant at the league minimum" due to his reputation. It will be interesting how that situation plays out.

Finally, and most shockingly, future Hall of Fame TE Jason Witten hung up his cleats. With ESPN looking for Jon Gruden's replacement, they gave Witten a deal he couldn't refuse, handing him a $4 million contract to be their lead analyst on Monday Night Football. Clearly, Dallas is turning over a new leaf.

5 Dak To The Future

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Dallas fans, do you need some meme cream for that burn? Honestly, what's it like to deal with so much disappointment? Is it painful, or are you just numb? Perhaps you're holding on hope that scientists soon discover a reverse-aging serum so you can put Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irving back on the field.

At this point, the entire franchise's fanbase is like Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite: attempting to bask in the days of yore since the present is too difficult to cope with.

Okay, so maybe that's too harsh of a criticism of Jerry's team, so let's talk about some of the more positive aspects of the Cowboys roster. They do have some hope with Dak and Zeke in the backfield, as long as Elliott stays out of trouble. In free agency, they were able to pick up receiver Allen Hurns and linebacker Joe Thomas, and made some decent picks in the draft (which was hosted in Arlington). They also selected Leighton Vander Esch, linebacker out of Boise State, with the 19th overall pick, which should help bolster their weak and often-injured LB core. In the second-round, they added some depth to their OL with guard Connor Williams out of the University of Texas, who had a memorable emotional reaction after hearing his name called. Unfortunately, those tears of joy will probably turn into tears of sorrow as Dallas will probably miss the playoffs for yet another season.

4 Akers Trolls The Entire City Of Dallas

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Not a meme, but one of the funniest moments of the NFL Draft came via retired Eagles kicker, David Akers. During the second-round of the 2018 NFL Draft, current and former players took the stage to announce their teams selections, and when it was Akers turn, he absolutely ripped into the Cowboys. Heck, he trolled the entire city of Dallas. The six-time Pro Bowler addressed the crowd at AT&T Stadium, saying...

"Tonight! I'm representing the Philadelphia Eagles! NFC East Champs! Divisional Champs! NFC Champs! AND WORLD CHAMPS! THE WORLD CHAMPS! Hey Dallas, the last time you won a Super Bowl these draft picks weren't born!"

Wow. It's funny because it's true! The last time Dallas was in the Super Bowl was January 28, 1996. They've only had three playoff wins since! To add insult to injury, the Eagles actually moved up one spot ahead of the Cowboys, selecting tight end out of South Dakota State, Dallas Goedert. You really can't make this stuff up.

Akers' troll job came after last year's NFL draft was hosted in Philadelphia, and former Dallas receiver Drew Pearson went full-on insult mode with the Eagles fans in attendance. Obviously, Philly had the last laugh with a rousing Super Bowl victory and Akers made things even sweeter with his vicious burn.

3 Fingers Crossed!

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Finally, the laughing stock of the NFL: the Cleveland Browns. The perfect example of Murphy's Law, the Bad News Browns are coming off a dismal 0-16 season, the first one since the in the NFL since the 2008 Detroit Lions.  Combining 2016 and 2017, coach Hue Jackson is 1-31 with Cleveland, and somehow he still has a job.

In the past, potential draft picks would be sweating just thinking about being drafted by Cleveland.

Even top QB Sam Darnold was rumored to be mulling heading back to USC for his senior season if there was a chance the Browns were going to take him. Also, Josh Rosen reportedly was hesitant when asked about being a potential Brown. Needless to say, Cleveland has been a career killer in the past.

But, there is hope for the future in Northeast Ohio as they made some critical roster moves in the offseason. They added veteran running back Carlos Hyde from San Francisco, and picked up three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Jarvis Landry from Miami. With Josh Gordon potentially returning to his old self (yet hopefully sober), the Browns may finally have some much needed weapons on the offensive side of the ball. The last thing they needed was a franchise quarterback, and they finally got one.

2 RIP Baker

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With the first overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Baker Mayfield. Scouts had mixed feelings about the former University of Oklahoma gunslinger, but one thing is for sure: he knows how to win.

Luckily for Mayfield, he'll have time to grow into his starting role as the Browns also picked up veteran QB Tyrod Taylor in the offseason. Unless Baker wows in training camp and the preseason, Taylor will take the reigns behind center this season for Cleveland. Mayfield will most likely be holding a clipboard on the sidelines, learning as much as he can about the NFL game.

Even though the future finally looks somewhat bright for Browns fans, history tends to have a habit of repeating itself. Since the team came back to Cleveland in 1999, they have selected four QBs in the first-round: Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manziel, and all of them have had dismal careers. Oh yeah, let's not forgot last year's second-round pick, DeShone Kizer, who's reputation in the NFL has been all but tarnished after their defeated season in 2017. Pretty much, being selected by the Browns is the ultimate career killer. Good luck, Baker.

1 May The Jorts Be With You

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It's not all sadness for Mayfield and company though as he's been having fun with his newfound fame. The former Oklahoma Sooner even poked fun at Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre, recreating his infamous 'jorts' photo from the 1991 NFL Draft. He posted it to his Twitter the night before he was selected by the Cleveland Browns with the top pick, and added a quote from Favre as the caption.

"There are those people who are in your corner no matter what, you can’t do any wrong, even when you do wrong. And then there are those people that no matter what you do they’re going to dislike you and that’s not going to change."

Favre joined in on the fun, replying to the photo by jokingly tweeting "Good luck tonight....and remember to send my Jorts back tomorrow."

The fitting quote shows that Mayfield is not going to change his "all-out" attitude just to appease NFL franchises. If he turns out to have even half the success that Favre did, Cleveland may finally be able to emerge from their two decades of futility. So to all of you Browns fans and members of the "Dawg Pound," don't give up hope for the future, but don't get to far ahead of yourselves - you still have only won one game in the past two seasons!

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