20 Hilarious NFL Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Super Bowl LII is now forever in the history books, with the Philadelphia Eagles pulling off the upset victory over the dynastic New England Patriots by a final score of 41-33 (for more on those numbers, keep reading). And for true sports fan, this is indeed the saddest time of the year--as the NFL is done and gone, with no games that matter until after Labor Day.

Of course there's impending free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft, but until those get underway, there's not much else to do but peruse and appreciate this collection of memes that are for the more fanatic of football fans.  Here are a collection of images and jokes that are more fully comprehended--and laughed over--with a deeper knowledge and awareness of the game.

Along the way, we'll try to provide insights from everything to better understanding the psychology of Eagles fans (if humanly possible) to determining why Bill Belichick seems to be an early prototype for some kind of future human-robot synthesized being.  But whatever the subject--if you know football, you know it's going to be funny!


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Congratulations, Philadelphia, you've finally won the Super Bowl! Now go out to your place of work and celebrate like never before! Oh wait a minute, this is "Phila" we're talking about here, so people don't have jobs so much as they have parole hearings. "Iggles" fans go to work? Don't make us LOL. How about Eagles fans just manage to collectively avoid arrest after nearly bringing the City of Brotherly Love(?) to its knees while taking to the streets in the wake of Philly's first NFL crown since 1960. And that title was during the pre-merger Super Bowl era nobody cares too much about.

From actually eating horse manure to running naked in the streets, and from spontaneous marriage proposals to looting gas stations, Eagles fans did their best to represent the collective expression of the franchise.  For without fans in the stands and watching on TV, no NFL games would ever be played.


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Tom Brady doesn't just win Super Bowls, he loses Super Bowls, too. Three of them in fact, tying him for second place in that all-time category with the likes of other NFL legendary signal callers such as John Elway and Fran Tarkenton (Jim Kelly lost four Super Bowls). Of course, you could argue that "at least Brady got to enough Super Bowls" to lose three. Yet consider there are the quarterbacks who never lost a title game, even when faced with multiple challenges, such as Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman and Eli Manning.

While the meme is funny, it's not possible to actually blame Brady for the Patriots latest Super Bowl loss. Rather it was the absolutely lackluster and passionless game "played" by the Patriots defense, with equal parts terrible coaching from the alleged "dynamic duo" of Pats head coach Bill Belichick and departing defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.


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Watch any sporting event involving a Boston team and one look in the stands and you'll invariably see a multitude of Beantown fans wearing those obnoxious "28-3" T-shirts.  Those numbers represent the score by which the Patriots were trailing in last year's Super Bowl versus the Atlanta Falcons, a game the Pats of course stormed back to win 34-28 in overtime, as depicted on the back of that same lame T-shirt. Of course, those shirts conveniently ignore the fact the Pats' absolutely shoddy play until that point and only a complete Falcons collapse allowed for the Patriots to win their fifth title.

These brand new T-shirts depict a scoreboard with the final of Super Bowl LII, "Eagles 41--Patriots 33". As for the "genius" Bill Belichick, perhaps he was taking it too easy during Super Bowl week, such as attending NBA Games, as his defense gave up more points and yards than in any Patriots playoff game previously. Wear your new T-shirts proudly, Eagles fans!


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Prior to Super Bowl LII, on paper, it appeared to be Brady's easiest head-to-head QB match-up ever as he faced a "mere backup" in Nick Foles. With the exception of Eli Manning, Brady had bested them all. But Foles' triumph over Brady kind of brings a full-circle symmetry to this Patriots 17-year dynasty in that Foles is the first QB who entered the season as a backup to win the Super Bowl since, you guessed it, Tom Brady did it for the 2001 New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI. Brady defeated the aforementioned Warner, who was coming off an MVP season for the then-St. Louis Rams, in an upset that was even bigger than the Eagles recent triumph over the now-dynastic Patriots.

From here on out, no matter what Giselle may tell him during pillow talk, Brady needs to "worry" about anyone he opposes, given the woeful New England defense.


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This meme is already outdated, for Mr. Foles now has three playoff victories under his championship belt, thus surpassing the Dallas Cowboys output since their last title way back in Super Bowl XXX (1995-96 season). And of course, with his NFC title game and Super Bowl victories, Nick Foles has tread on ground to be forever unknown to Tony Romo (for more on Tony's "legacy", keep scrolling this list).

Even though Nick Foles will not be the starter next season once Carson Wentz is healthy, as Carson Wentz is a vastly superior talent, ol' "Saint Nick" (as he should be forever canonized by Eagles fans after engineering the upset versus the hatred Patriots) certainly performed at a higher level on the big stages than any quarterback the Cowboys have had to offer since Troy Aikman retired.


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This gut-busting meme speaks to the utter crudity of many Philadelphia Eagles fans who gather before and after games to drink and fight in the parking lots outside of Lincoln Financial Federal--or after a Super Bowl, taking over Philly entirely--and they are easily saddled with the rep as being the most obnoxious sports fans this side of Euro soccer hooligans. This meme inspires the question as to exactly why do Eagles fans act more extreme than other fans? Besides the obvious cause of excessive intake of mood-altering alcohol, it boils down to two essential factors, 1, conformity and 2, frustration. Conformity, or the "mob mentality" in this context is demonstrated by those Eagles fans in the parking lot or in the streets who are weak individuals and don't feel "complete" unless they a part of a group.

The other factor, their frustration, stems, of course, from the constant losing endured not only by the Eagles, but by all teams from Philadelphia. Now that they've won it all, will Eagles fans temper their insanity? From the looks of it, probably not, but then, Philly fans aren't very used to tasting victory, so maybe multiple titles will take the edge off their behavior...eventually.


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Who did America root for in this Super Bowl, the cheating Patriots or the Eagles, with the worst fans in sports? It is indeed like choosing between "the Donald" and "Shrillary". Throughout the 2016 presidential election, pundits kept talking about how unlikeable both candidates were to many people. Voter turnout was down compared to other elections.

When the Eagles and Patriots won their respective conferences, many NFL fans had similar feelings as it was a choice between an evil empire or giving satisfaction to perhaps the most obnoxious fan base in all of sports.

Much like the debacle of the 2016 election, hopefully, we can also avoid future Patriots/Eagles Super Bowls as well. Two is far more than enough.


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It was plenty cold in Minneapolis this past week. Like, really cold. It was the coldest Super Bowl ever. We won't dwell too much here on the unfortunate ex-Dolphins coach Foerster, booted from Miami after his penchant for 'snow' use became public. Instead, we'll focus on the subtext of this meme, and that is the issue of playing Super Bowls in less-than-temperate climates, primarily due to two reasons, 1, the NFL promises Super Bowls to cities that build new stadiums because the league likes its teams playing in big shiny new stadiums, and 2, the NFL likes to showcase the "Big Game" (as non-licensed advertisers must refer to the Super Bowl) in different locales.

This one in Minneapolis was played indoors, with the stale ambiance of a dome, which is never as exciting a setting as an outdoor game. Once the "new stadium obligations" are met, the NFL should stick to outdoor Super Bowls as often as possible.


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The New England Patriots' vortex of controversy is such a powerful force of suction that it draws in any team that gets involved with them. In this case, it was the Jacksonville Jaguars, who barely lost to the Patriots in the recent AFC Championship that was marred with contention over the referees' performance. Not only in terms of the officials calling improper penalties or missing fouls that should have been whistled, but also due to multiple instances of the refs appearing to celebrate with and congratulate Patriots players on scoring plays, and later, after the Pats' eventual victory.

The NFL should do everything in their power to make sure such disturbing images involving game officials cavorting with active players are not repeated in next year's postseason.


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Now that the Eagles are finally Super Bowl champs, there are 12 remaining NFL franchises to have never taken home the Lombardi Trophy, per FOX43. This "Dirty Dozen" includes the "Dirty Birds" --the Atlanta Falcons--the franchise that famously blew a 28-3 lead to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in last season's Super Bowl. An aforementioned T-shirt should remind Falcons fan of that fact, should they ever forget. Not that Atlanta fans need any reminding, as the team let a Lombardi trophy, big as it is, slip through their collective fingers by blowing the 25 point advantage they held, and followed that up with a defeat in Philadelphia this past postseason despite being favored as a road team. The Falcons latest defeat ensures that, for at least one more year, the most recent championship for "Hotlanta" fans remains the 1995 baseball Braves.


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How did you celebrate January 31? For the city of Cleveland, and the beleaguered Browns in particular, it was a glorious commemoration of their record-setting coach Hue Jackson, who has managed to amass an incredible 1-31 record in two seasons heading the Browns. (Get it, 1-31 = Jan 31). The Browns officially opted to retain Jackson, currently the coach with the worst winning percentage in NFL history.

The obvious thinking by the new Browns management is that Jackson's skills as a coach have been muted by the Browns' lack of talent, especially at the high-skill positions.  However, coaches should be able to demonstrate the ability to win close games and there have been several Browns losses that could potentially been turned into victories with a different coach making key decisions to reverse game outcomes.

However if the coach can manage lead the Browns to back-to-back 0-16 seasons, then January 31, 2019 will be the second annual Hue Jackson Day--and Jackson will probably be rewarded with an multi-year extension by Browns management.


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This meme visits the interesting paradox that has seen "diehard" Patriots fan Mark Wahlberg portray a Philadelphia Eagles player in a major Hollywood motion picture. And although the player portrayed by Mark Wahlberg's character in the 2006 movie Invicible, Vince Papale, is far from the greatest Eagle ever, Philadelphia is a franchise that hasn't produced too many superstars, especially given how prominently they're hyped by the national media any time the team shows half a pulse.

Of course the irony of portraying Markie Mark as the ultimate Pats fan is due to Wahlberg's early exit from last year's Super Bowl, while the Pats were still trailing big before their historic comeback. Wahlberg's revolving door of excuses for why he left early is as funny as any of his movie roles.


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One of the strangest cases of a player switching teams in the midst of a season in NFL history took place when Steelers all-time legendary outside linebacker James Harrison was released by Pittsburgh right before Christmas, only to sign with the Steelers' arch-rival for the AFC crown, the New England Patriots, just in time for their playoff run. It almost all went full-circle when Harrison and the Patriots came within a Hail Mary pass of potentially tying Super Bowl LII.

It would have truly been a double-edged nightmare for Steelers fans had the Patriots won; not only would it have been the Pats' sixth Super Bowl title, tying them with the Steelers, but Harrison would have been a contributor. Instead, Steelers fans got the last laugh, as they mocked Harrison having to pull off the Eagles celebratory confetti falling on him following the game.


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The Rams' rise to the top of the NFC West in 2017 shocked the football world, and cast a spotlight on the Rams' former coach, Jeff Fisher, who was fired late in the 2016 season amidst allegations he had lost control of his team that was apparently glad to see him go, as the meme suggests.  Another necessity to this particular meme is to underscore the utter mediocrity that has defined Jeff Fisher's career, despite his been praised routinely by would-be pigskin pundits.

Fisher has hung the majority of his career hat on the 1999 Tennessee Titans upsetting the superior Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC title game before barely losing to the then-St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV at the one-yard line. For his 22-year coaching career, Fisher has a winning percentage of .512 and with a career playoff mark of merely 5-6.


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Hard not to laugh out loudly at this meme that perfectly depicts Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Ramsey at his lowest moment--made all the more crushing by his boasts that his upstart Jags were going to defeat the mighty Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.  Per NESN, Ramsey and Brady were even "talking trash" to one another prior to the conference title bout.  But in the end Brady had the last laugh, winning his unprecedented eighth AFC crown as he lead New England through the air versus the talented Ramsey and the vaunted Jaguars' defense to score two touchdowns and engineer yet another fourth quarter comeback in the Pats 24-20 victory for their record-setting tenth AFC crown as a franchise.


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This meme is very funny, timely and topical--yet likely only to be understood by NFL fans who go deeper than just watching the Super Bowl at a party on the first Sunday of every February. To them, the NFL is kind of like patriotism and the Fourth of July--they celebrate it once a year and party and forget about it 'till next year. For Romo, his career 2-4 postseason record included only two wild card weekend victories, meaning he never advanced past the divisional round to play in an NFC Championship game.

But frustrating as it may be for Romo's legacy, perhaps this was meant to be. The NFL could always use more interesting broadcasters in the booth, especially with Jon Gruden going back on the field to coach the Oakland Raiders. And Romo has already proven to be a superior talent behind the mic, able to point out elements of the game that might be normally lost to even experienced football TV viewers.


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Ah, the pain of being a Minnesota Vikings player--or fan--was never greater than this recent Super Bowl LII weekend, as the city hosted a Super Bowl that included the very team that defeated the Vikings in the NFC title game, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles of course, went on to win it all, leaving Minnesota players and fans to dream of the possibility that they could have been the team to upset Tom Brady and the Patriots to win their first Super Bowl. But they blew a chance to become the first time a team played a Super Bowl in their home stadium when they lost to the Eagles in the NFC title game two weeks earlier. You wonder if the Vikings will ever get a chance like that again.


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Maybe non-NFL fans will be clueless as to this meme, but wrestling fans will certainly recognize Stone Cold Steve Austin appearing in this chuckle-fueled meme funny to football fans. Except, of course, those who root for the New Orleans Saints, who suffered a shocking divisional round playoff defeat to the Vikings due to the "Minnesota Miracle"--the name of the instant-classic play when Stefon Diggs caught a pass from Vikings quarterback Case Keenum that Diggs transformed into a 61-touchdown pass that catapulted the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game and sent the Saints home to contemplate their navels until training  camp later this summer.

Diggs' improbable TD catch-and-run was aided greatly by Saints rookie defensive Marcus Williams who "whiffed" on the play in missing a seemingly easy tackle that would've prevented Diggs scoring and preserved a New Orleans victory.


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This might be the flat-out funniest meme on this entire list, given the stone-faced Belichick's expressions in these adjoining pics. The most successful coach in NFL history never seems to be very happy. Though Belichick mended his mendacious ways--to a certain degree--during the recent Super Bowl LII press conferences, in which he displayed measures of politeness and wit, "the Hoodie" will forever going to be thought of as a curmudgeon and precisely the reason this meme is so damn funny.

It appears to be precisely Belichick's laser-focus ability to discern opponents weaknesses (particularly on the offensive side of the ball) that forces him to shut off thoughts and feelings that distract from the task at hand. That coupled with being raised by a military father can partially explain Bill's robotic personality that has little tolerance for emotional displays.


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This clever meme tied in the Patriots and Tom Brady's history of losing multiple Super Bowls with the instant classic commercial during Super Bowl LII that featured quarterback Eli and receiver Odell Beckham in the self-promoting ad for the NFL that aired between the third and fourth quarters of the the game. Per Newsday, there was no camera trickery involved, as Eli was actually holding the 200-pound Beckham aloft.

And given that the ad aired during yet another Patriots/Brady Super Bowl defeat, with the previous pair of losses coming at the hands of Eli while he was quarterbacking the New York Giants, that would indeed render Tom Brady winless in every Super Bowl in which Eli Manning has "appeared."  NFL fans couldn't have asked for a much better ending to the 2017-18 season in which the Eagles claimed their very first Super Bowl crown and the Patriots were left empty-handed once again.

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