J.J. Watt Gets Fan a Day Off with Hand-written Note to her Boss

We often question how much praise we should heap on professional athletes and the emotional investment we as fans should place in them. Often we may ask, "what have they ever done for us?" Well a certain Houston Texans fan can now say J.J. Watt got her a day off work.

Ashlee Sanchez had bought tickets to Watt's charity softball game in Houston but had been unable to attend due to work, having just started a new job. She asked the Texans star to write a note to her boss to get her the day off. I'm sure Sanchez was only being half serious when she said it, as we would never expect a pro athlete to write a note on behalf of us fans to our bosses, but sure enough, Watt came through.

If only @JJWatt can write me a letter to excuse me from work on Friday because I already have tickets to the game and I can't miss it!!! 😔

— ashlee sanchez (@ashlee_sanchez) April 27, 2015

Just as Watt is reliable on the field for the Texans, he promptly came through with a hand-written note, which he tweeted back to the fan.

.@ashlee_sanchez — JJ Watt (@JJWatt) April 28, 2015

The boss did in fact give his employee the day off and responded to Watt, but not without giving his own message.

.@JJWatt @ashlee_sanchez

— Eric Garza (@EricGarzaDC) April 28, 2015

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J.J. Watt Gets Fan a Day Off with Hand-written Note to her Boss