Jameis Winston Explains 'Crab Leg' Incident To Jim Harbaugh

Jameis Winston was a guest on last night's "Draft Academy" on ESPN, a documentary style show. It followed Winston into a meeting with Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh and during the discussion, Winston explained the incident in which he was accused of shoplifting crab legs at a Publix supermarket.

Winston claims that he wasn't stealing the crab legs, but that a Publix employee was hooking him up. Winston explained that he had gotten a free birthday cake at Publix the week before, and said that a Publix employee promised him more free stuff the next time he showed up. So essentially he took the crab legs with the understanding that it was free.

Publix spoke about Winston's comments and refuted Winston's claims. They said an internal investigation they did "never came across any evidence that suggests there was an arrangement that Mr. Winston or any other FSU athlete had with an employee."

Publix also said that when Winston was arrested, he had told cops that he simply forgot to pay for the crab legs and didn't realize it until he got home. So in other words, Winston lied to the cops, or he lied to Jim Harbaugh - I don't know what the scarier possibility would be.

Publix also told TMZ Sports that:

"If Mr. Winston has new information about a person he had a deal with, we'd be happy to reopen the investigation. But so far, there is absolutely no information that corroborates his story."

In any event, this remains quite a strange blip on the reputation of someone who very well could be the no.1 pick in next week's NFL Draft.

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