Jimmy G's Takeover? 8 Teams Tom Brady Might Want to Play For And 7 He Won't

The once unthinkable may soon become a reality: Tom Brady in a different jersey. There has been tons of chatter around the NFL about Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo after the 2017 season. If you recall, the Patriots have not traded Jimmy G, meaning they probably want to keep him after 2017. Maybe the Pats trade Garoppolo during the season, but this is unlikely. Also, we all know Belichick likes to move on from players a year too soon, rather than a year too late and Brady is turning 40 this summer. Brady has no plans of retiring, so it may not end well in New England. His own father has said despite his son's legendary career, he doesn't think it will end well with New England.

I know some of you may be calling the idea of Brady leaving New England crazy, but you probably said that about Peyton Manning too. How many people thought Manning would be cast aside in Indianapolis like he was? Manning was basically the sole reason for a new stadium in Indianapolis, yet they showed no loyalty when a younger player came along. The Pats have loaded up this offseason for another Super Bowl run, so perhaps they know they'll be turning a new page within a couple of years and they want to squeeze one more title out of Brady. The same can happen with Brady and for this article we will look at eight other teams Brady may want to play for and seven he will not, if the unthinkable happens and the Pats move on in the near future.


15 Will - Jacksonville Jaguars

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Believe it or not, Jacksonville is not that far off from becoming a good team. They also play in a pretty poor division, so if I was Brady, I would seriously consider the Jaguars. A chance to play in warm weather all year against a weak division.. What is not to like?

Even though many moves have backfired, Jacksonville has shown they are willing to spend in free agency to improve their team. Therefore, Brady will know that Jacksonville will be "all in" to help him win another Super Bowl before his career ends. The Jags also have very good skill position players, particularly at the wide receiver position. Allen Robinson would be a game changer that Brady has not often had in his career.

14 Won't - Seattle Seahawks 

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There is no need for Tom Brady in Seattle, so Brady would not even consider them. The Seahawks already have their franchise quarterback in Russell Wilson and it is hard to imagine the great management team in Seattle throwing a player in his prime away for a 40 year old.

On the field, I do not like the fit for Brady. Seattle has some good receivers, but their offensive line is terrible. All of last season the offensive line was inconsistent and Wilson had to scramble to make plays on many different occasions. Overall, it was hard for Wilson to sit in the pocket and defenses apart, something Brady thrives on.  Do not expect this move.

13 Will - San Francisco 49ers 

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From a football perspective, Brady would get a chance to play with a bright offensive mind in Kyle Shanahan. The 49ers also seem to be trending in the right direction under John Lynch, so maybe this is appealing to Brady. However, I just think overall this is a longshot. Will Brady be able to go from winning 10-11 games a year to a mediocre team? Once you are successful, it is hard to take a step back. Then again, we're not talking about the immediate future, but perhaps a year from now.

Overall, the only reason I have San Francisco on this list is because playing for the 49ers was Brady's childhood dream, so it is not unrealistic to see them as a contender for his services if he's ever made available. Brady would also get to be closer to his family and friends so I guess I should give it a chance.

12 Will Not - Green Bay Packers

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An obvious choice here. The Green Bay Packers and Tom Brady have no need for each other. The Packers already have their franchise guy in Aaron Rodgers, so Brady will not even look in this direction, regardless if he likes to play as the packers in Madden.

Even if the Packers did not have Rodgers, I do not think Brady would consider the Pack. The Packers are not very aggressive in free agency despite having one of the worst secondaries in the league for what seems like forever. This would undoubtedly frustrate Brady, just like it is probably frustrating Rodgers. Brady is going to want to go to a team where the defense will be able to steal games for him if he plays poorly.

I do not think Green Bay is capable of this.

11 Will - Dallas Cowboys

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America's Team and Tom Brady. Could you imagine? I know the Cowboys have a promising and potential franchise quarterback in Dak Prescott, but this is Jerry Jones we are talking about. No one loves to make headlines more than Jones and if Brady is willing to come to Dallas, Jones will forget about the next 10 years and just worry about the present. The Cowboys merchandise would go through the roof.

On the field, Brady to the Cowboys, it would be a great fit. The Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines in league and have good skill players in Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, and Cole Beasley, who could become Brady's favourite target, like Edelman and Welker. If Brady could take the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, his legend would grow even more.

10 Won't - Miami Dolphins

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From a football perspective, Brady to Miami is actually pretty intriguing. Adam Gase is a great offensive mind and gets the best of his players. Anyone that can make Jay Cutler look like a very good quarterback is definitely doing something right. So imagine what Gase would be able to do with Brady. Perhaps together they would be able to dethrone the New England Patriots for top spot in the division.

Overall, Miami has some good receiving threats and a strong/improving running game.  Brady would obviously dramatically improve this offense.

However, there is no chance Brady considers the Dolphins, simply because they are an AFC East rival. It is hard to see Brady joining a team that he has battled with for the past 15 plus years.

9 Will - Pittsburgh Steelers

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How crazy would it be if Ben Roethlisberger retires after the 2017 season and then Tom Brady and the Patriots part ways? Pittsburgh would be a great choice for Brady to continue his career. They are already Super Bowl contenders and Brady would have great weapons at his disposal, possibly more than he has ever had in New England. Brady and Antonio Brown would be a formidable duo. In addition, Le'Veon Bell could take tons of pressure off of Brady, which could be a good thing given he is turning 40.

The one factor that I think could prevent Brady from joining the Steelers is Mike Tomlin. Tomlin has said a lot of things about Brady and the Patriots so I do not know if Brady would look past this.


8 Won't - Buffalo Bills  

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The Buffalo Bills are a mess and even if they were not a division rival, there is no way Brady would consider joining them. Ownership under Terry Pegula has not been very strong and there seems to have been power struggles between coaches and management over the past few seasons. All of this are signs of a poor organization.

Some may argue that Buffalo is just a legitimate quarterback away from becoming a good team, but I do not see it. They lost a lot of good pieces this offseason, have a running back that is not getting any younger, and a rookie head coach. Their defense has taken a step back and in summary, there is not much to like about the Bills right now.

7 Will - Arizona Cardinals 

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The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback, despite Carson Palmer sticking around for the 2017 season. Most football fans know that Palmer's best days are long gone. It was obvious last season that father time has caught up to Palmer like it does to every player at some point. Even if Palmer was still good, I do not see him as a Super Bowl winning quarterback. He often comes up small in the playoffs.

Insert Brady into Arizona and suddenly you are fighting for the division title again and possibly a title.  Even though Arizona took some hits this offseason, I still believe they have the pieces to be a good team. They have possession receivers, which is what Brady loves. They also have a great coach in Bruce Arians, that makes every quarterback better.

6 Won't - New York Jets

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You could put a Pro-Bowl roster on the Jets and I still do not think Brady would play for them. The two sides have battled each other over the years and Brady has developed a hatred towards the Jets. He even went as far as saying in an interview that he hates the Jets. Usually we do not see Brady talk ill will of anybody to the media, but this time he did, which means he must really hate the Jets.

Even if Brady did not hate the Jets, they do not present much on the field that would convince him to join the team. They are clearly in a rebuilding mode and it will be some time before they are competing for a championship.

5 Will - Kansas City Chiefs

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If Brady went to Kansas City, the Chiefs would instantly become Super Bowl favorites.  You may think the Chiefs are already one of the favourites, but they have a player holding them back from taking the next step: Alex Smith. That is not to say Smith is a bad quarterback, but I do not think he is good enough to take the Chiefs to the Super Bowl.

Just imagine Brady on that Chiefs team. The Chiefs have receivers that are pretty good in my opinion, but suffer because of Smith's limitations. These receivers will instantly improve under Brady. We also cannot dismiss how good the Chiefs defense is. They will give Brady great field position game after game and we have seen what a QB like Brady can do when given these opportunities. And hey how about this; imagine Brady ending his career in KC like his hero Joe Montana did.

4 Won't - Baltimore Ravens

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There is no way Tom Brady plays for the Baltimore Ravens, even if Joe Flacco is not there. Brady has built up such a rivalry with the Ravens that it is inconceivable to see him playing there. In addition, many people in the Ravens organization have gone out of their way to criticize Brady and the Patriots publicly (Suggs, Ray Lewis, John Harbaugh, etc)...

Also, we cannot forget that there are reports that the Ravens were the team that tipped off the Colts about Deflategate. It was said John Harbaugh was upset about some of Brady's post game comments and this was payback. Born was the most overblown sports scandal ever and damage to Brady's reputation. Brady does not forget and will never play for Baltimore.

3 Will - Denver Broncos

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Imagine this: Tom Brady closes his career out in Denver, similar to what Peyton Manning did. It is easy to see why Brady would strongly consider the Broncos, if things with the Patriots go south.

The Broncos have a great team in place, outside of the quarterback position. The Broncos have two stud wide receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. They also have made improvements to their offensive line this off-season.

Additionally, the Broncos still have one of the leagues best defenses. All would be in place for Brady to close out his career with a couple of more Super Bowl rings. The only issue I see here is that Brady has historically struggled in the Mile High. Will he want to play eight games a year in a place where he has struggled his whole career?

2 Won't - Indianapolis Colts 

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons why Tom Brady would not play for the Indianapolis Colts and I will touch on a couple (forget the fact that Indianapolis already has Andrew Luck).

The first obvious reason Brady would never play for the Colts is Deflategate. To this day, Brady still believes he was innocent. The Colts, who Brady has owned, had to come up with an excuse to try and make the Patriots look bad after they were getting their tails kicked. That is what most people would call sore losers, especially since the rule was never enforced before (and we do not even know if balls were deflated).

Secondly, Brady would never play for Jim Irsay, the owner that worked hard behind the scenes to get him punished for his alleged role in the stupidest scandal.  We also cannot forget the on football rivalry the two have developed. No way Brady goes to Indy.

1 Will - Houston Texans 

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the teams Brady is likely to join if his relationship with the Pats deteriorated, the Houston Texans are the obvious number one choice. Forget the football aspect for a second and look at the coaching staff. Bill O'Brien is the former offensive coordinator for Brady and there are also a bunch of other ex Patriots on the staff such as Mike Vrabel and Wes Welker.

Now from a football standpoint, what is not to like? Houston has good receivers, good running backs, and one of the best defenses in the NFL. If they could get a quarterback like Brady, they are instantly the best team in the league. People may be thinking that Deshaun Watson is the guy, but he can spend a couple years learning behind Brady.


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