Joe Thesimann Attempts to Defend Redskins Name, Fails Epically

One hardly expects truly smart stuff on Fox News of course. So to have legendary quarterback Joe Theismann appear on "Outnumbered" to defend the Washington Redskins' name, you'd expect something unique. But few could guess that in the space of just six minutes, Theismann would manage to mangle feelings on the team, Native Americans and Catilyn Jenner in one go.

"I was and always will be a Washington Redskin. I’m very proud to have worn the uniform. I’m very proud to have represented the Native-American nations of country, the Washington Redskin fans, the team itself...I have spoken, and this is my personal experience, I have tried to do my own survey and talk to different Native Americans in different parts of the country and everyone that I talk to, ‘Are you okay with the name?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Are you okay with the name?’ ‘Yes.’ You have activists out there don’t want to use the name. The Redskin name to me as always represented something special and something sacred and something honorable."

Just to be clear, Theismann is now claiming to have represented Native Americans during his time playing. One only wonders what sort of criteria he used for his "survey."

Theismann saved his best answer, however, for when he was asked if his Hall of Fame plaque would be changed to reflect a new name for the team. His response:

"It brings up interesting debate. Bruce Jenner versus Caitlyn Jenner. Bruce Jenner, they want to maybe change the medals from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner because that is who he is now, or she is now. So I think you will always be—there will be a time in history where whatever you were you are. Whatever you will be going forward that is what you will become."

That's right. Joe Theismann is somehow equating the changing of the Redskins name to Catilyn Jenner's struggles with her sexuality. Makes you wonder if that infamous leg shattering did more damage to Theismann's mind than we all thought.

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