Josh Allen Gets Targeted Behind Embarrassing Bills Offensive Line [Video]

The 1st pick of the Buffalo Bills in this year’s draft, Josh Allen, displayed outstanding athletic qualities despite having played with Bills' third team in the first preseason game. In fact, you could say that the embarrassing performance of his offensive line help him to show off his skills.

Allen has been mainly practicing with the offensive third-team since the training camp started, due to McDermott’s decision to start this season either with AJ McCarron or Nathan Peterman. Therefore, it was expected that the rookie played with the third team in Buffalo's first preseason game against the Carolina Panthers. Nevertheless, this was just the perfect opportunity for Allen to show what he’s made of.


Third quarter fourth and third, the Bills ran a play action, and after a horrible blocking by the offensive line and backfield, Allen needed to escape from the Panthers pressure running 20 yards back to avoid getting sacked. The play miraculously ended up in an incomplete pass, only because of the number seven overall pick's speed.

This was not the only play in which Allen had to demonstrate his running and elusive skills due to his teammates' deficient performance. During the third quarter, the 22-year-old player showed some athleticism with back-to-back runs of 13 and 5 yards. And in the fourth quarter, he got two impressive first downs after escaping from the Panthers defensive pressure. The rookie quarterback ran for a total of 29 yards.

Since College, Allen has proven to be an athletic quarterback. During his last two year with Wyoming University, he ran 727 yards and 12 touchdowns.

In his NFL combine, the former Wyoming player locked in at 4.75 seconds in the 40-yard dash, registered a 33.5-inch vertical jump and leaped nine feet, 11 inches in the broad jump. All impressive numbers for a six-foot-five player who weighs 237 pounds.

It seems hard for Allen to play in his rookie season with two experienced quarterbacks such as McCarron and Peterman. However, he could improve his chances to play with these types of plays.

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