NFL 2020 Season: Predicting The 15 Best Quarterbacks

NFL quarterbacks are  the most cherished players in the league, and some of the most envied people in the world. They can get any girl they want, suit up in the most powerful sports league's clothing weekly, and make millions. Their lives are excellent. But it takes a lot of skill to be truly memorable. This article will outline 15 quarterbacks who may not be so amazing currently, but will be by the year 2020.

It will be a sad time when the game's favorite quarterbacks retire, or simply when they surpass the prime of their career. It will be a sad time for fans too, like when Peyton Manning announced his retirement. People like Tom Brady will eventually slow down, and though Tom is an absolute beast on the field, one day, he will just be ordinary. And before long, Tom Brady will be a retired quarterback.

Still, new quarterbacks will lead their teams to success. Young draft picks will turn into superstars one day. Players like Marcus Mariota or Blake Bortles will be leaders on and off the field. Although they already are leaders, they will assume entirely new leadership roles, ones held by greats like Brady. For example, Brady holds the NFL on his shoulders. If he trashes the league, fans may do so also. He is a very persuasive head ambassador for the league, and young players will always look up to him. One day, these ambassador positions will transition into new hands. This means more responsibility at all times, and players must demonstrate competent personality traits at all times. If a role model quarterback loses his mind, so do many others, including the team.

This list is a unique one, and the players here will one day be regarded as the best in the league. This is my version of The NFL 2020: Predicting The 15 Best Future Quarterbacks. Hopefully, I'll look back one day, and these predictions will be correct.

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15 Ben Roethlisberger

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 38

Big Ben will be winding down by this time. (Not the clock). He will be the same age as Brady is right now, but I believe he will not be the same as he is now. I think he will still be a good player, and I assume he will not leave Pittsburgh. I think Ben will retire after this 2020 season, because he has a whole life waiting for him outside of football. With the beatings Roethlisberger takes every Sunday, he won't be able to prolong his career like other pocket passers.

He is already a legend in the game of football, and odds are, he could make the Hall of Fame upon retirement.

14 Matt Ryan

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 35

I believe in Matt Ryan, and though he is good currently, he can be sluggish. I think Ryan will eventually lead the Falcons back to the top of the NFL, and will increase his throwing power too. I think he's got plenty of juice left in the tank, and I don't see retirement any time soon for him. If the Falcons can keep Julio Jones and Ryan, they can be a real force together in the league. If he's not a Falcon he might be better off too. Who really knows what could happen? Still, I think he will only get better with time.

13 Jared Goff

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 25

Goff will be entering the league this year, joining a struggling Los Angeles Rams squad. Within a couple of years, I think he will take this team to new heights. With some more draft picks, L.A. could be looking at a contending team soon enough. I think Goff will be a successful quarterback, as his down-the-field vision is supreme. He will be good in 2020, but may not even hit his peak until later than that. There's a lot of potential for him to shine in the NFL.

12 Teddy Bridgewater

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 27

Teddy Bridgewater made his first ever Pro Bowl this season. I think this year was just the beginning of a very good career. Bridgewater may not remain in Viking purple, but I do think that he will be a threat in 2020. He is improving a lot, and has done so tremendously well since his okay rookie season. Teddy will be a major threat in 2020, and I'll check back in 2020 to make sure I am correct. It will be interesting to see where he is, as by this point, Adrian Peterson will have definitely regressed and Bridgewater will be the focal point of his offense.

11 Marcus Mariota

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 26

Marcus Mariota is entering his second year after a very promising first season in Tennessee. The 2015 second overall pick set several Titans records in his first season, but he also suffered multiple injuries and his team's head coach was fired midway through the season. All these factors could stunt his growth as a quarterback. The Titans did well for themselves this offseason, but they still have multiple question marks. The state of the Titans' franchise is what puts Mariota at only 11.

10 Tyrod Taylor

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 30

Tyrod Taylor had a good season with the Buffalo Bills, and could do more work within the next couple years. I think Taylor could stay in Buffalo, but nothing points to him not eventually moving somewhere else to lead another team. If he does this, his career could excel. I really like Taylor's deep throwing ability, and also his mobility. More and more, the NFL is getting QBs who can also run, which is making the game more interesting.

9 Blake Bortles

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 28

Bortles can throw the ball very deep, and in Jacksonville, there's a lot of potential for him. With Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, this could become a strong trio. He has surpassed many Jaguars single season records, and will continue to do so. I enjoy watching him toss balls up to his receivers, as he does make good decisions on the field. Some may think his career will never prosper, due to being in Jacksonville, but I think the opposite.

8 Paxton Lynch

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 26

With Peyton Manning's departure from Colorado, there's a lot of uncertainty for the Broncos. Paxton Lynch will fill that void.

I think Lynch will fit in nicely in Denver, and with a fantastic defense, the team can be right back where they just were: the Super Bowl. Lynch is a good player, and a very intriguing young quarterback. There's no way Mark Sanchez is going to keep Lynch on the bench for long. There is just curiosity as to whether he can really take this Denver team places. I think he can.

7 Jameis Winston

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 26

Winston is already on the right track in Tampa Bay. Along with Mike Evans, he has proven he is capable of being a starting quarterback. I trust that he can develop even more, becoming a regular Pro Bowl attendee. Like Mariota, Winston is already working with his second head coach.

I don't see him fleeing out of Florida just yet, but it could happen down the road. He may not win a Super Bowl, but he could be on the cover of Madden one day.

6 Philip Rivers

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 38

Though Rivers will be fairly old in 2020, I don't think he will slow down too much. I think this (2020) could be his final season, and maybe he will go out with a bang. The Chargers don't have much of a defense, but he has never failed the city of San Diego. It will be interesting to see where the Chargers are playing by 2020 though.

He may be slowing down, but his vision down-the-field has always been nice to watch. Rivers will be a solid veteran player at this point in his career, and could lead his team to new places.

5 Carson Wentz

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 27

Wentz will be entering his prime in 2020. He will make a huge impact in Philadelphia, and could build a modern day dynasty there. Philly fans should be patient, as it could take a couple of years. With Jordan Matthews and Agholor, and better future draft picks, Wentz could be an NFL great one day. Who knows, maybe the Eagles will win a Super Bowl for the first time in this decade. This is perhaps the boldest prediction on this list, but I'm sticking to it.

4 Derek Carr

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 29

I already really like watching Derek Carr play. With Amari Cooper, he will light up the NFL. He made the Pro Bowl this last season, and will do so regularly. Any doubters of his have been silenced hopefully by this season's success. If Oakland gets themselves a defense, their team could be very good very soon. If Carr ever leaves Oakland, then another team will benefit from his throwing abilities. The only question is, will we still be talking about the Oakland Raiders by 2020?

3 Russell Wilson

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 31

Wilson has been a standout player ever since he graced the field his rookie season. He's been to two Super Bowls, and won one of them. I think he will continue to dominate, and not slow down until around age 35-36. His ability to run is very unique, and actually unstoppable by most defenses. He has a great arm, and is very strategic with his passes. If he goes to another team, he will do just as well. With at least one okay receiver, he will make them better. Seattle's defense may not be the same by 2020, but they'll have a seasoned vet in Wilson leading the way.

2 Cam Newton

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 31

Cam Newton may have lost the Super Bowl this past season, but he will win one soon enough. With his passing attack and mobility, he is a warrior on the field. He has no desire to leave Carolina, and the city of Charlotte does not want to part with him. I think the Panthers will win a title soon, and finally he will get his first ring. Cam will be a beast in 2020, and continue to change the game of football.

1 Aaron Rodgers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Age in 2020: 36

Do I think this is a bold pick? Hell no.

Aaron Rodgers has been a very consistently strong quarterback ever since he filled in for Brett Favre. He has already solidified his Hall of Fame status, and will be in Canton one day. Rodgers is a practical QB, who does not fail to hit his receivers on the run. With Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and maybe James Jones in 2020, this team could easily go all the way. They might not have all of those guys, but add a strong running back into the mix, and the Packers may be a dynasty. Rodgers is arguably the best quarterback in football right now, but his ability leads no one to believe he will spiral downwards.

Manning and Brady dominated the game well into their mid 30s and so will Rodgers.

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