Sound Guy Hilariously Topples Over During NFL Game [VIDEO]

During ESPN's Monday Night football game between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one of ESPN's sideline sound guys ended up getting knocked over after Falcons' running back Devonta Freeman ran into him after taking a handoff to the outside and into the sideline.

A video of the play was posted on Reddit and two things stuck out. The first is that both Jon Gruden and Sean McDonough had to contain their laughter while doing the broadcast for ESPN. It was so entertaining that they even showed a replay of the guy getting knocked over. I wonder if they ended up muting their own microphones so the audience wouldn't hear them laugh.

The other thing that stood out was the fact that the guy was barely touched by Freeman. It almost looked like he flopped in order to draw a penalty, which can't happen since it's not a penalty to run into someone beyond the sidelines. The guy looked like he was diving onto a slip and slide.


The Falcons ended up winning the game by a score of 34-20, which is huge for them as they continue to chase a wild-card playoff spot with only two games remaining in the regular season.

The Falcons are currently sitting at 9-5 and hold a one-game lead over teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions for the final playoff spot.

If the Falcons want to ensure that they make it to the postseason, they'll need to win their final two games and finish the season with an 11-5 record. That's easier said than done given the fact that those games are against the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers are each 10-4.

The biggest difference for the Falcons from last season when they went to the Super Bowl and lost to the New England Patriots to this season is the fact that quarterback Matt Ryan isn't as dominant with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan now gone after taking the San Francisco 49ers head coaching job.

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