Winds Of Change: 8 NFL Players Who Will Be Traded In The Offseason (And 7 Who Will Be Cut)

The offseason is here with the Super Bowl having just wrapped up. Before the season even came to an end, we've seen many coaches verbally commit to their new team. We also have seen Alex Smith traded to the Washington Redskins, which guarantees that the era of Kirk Cousins on the Redskins is over. With the way things are going before the season even began, this is going to be a fun offseason to pay attention to. There are plenty of big name players who refuse to play unless they get the contract they want, which may lead to some big name players being sent to other teams.

Sometimes players have background issues or the team doesn't need them anymore, and there's no real value to trade them, so they get cut. NaVorro Bowman of the Oakland Raiders was cut by the San Francisco 49ers midway through the 2017 season with no clear reason why. It's crazy that one of your favorite players can be gone in an instant, without any explanation. With so many big-name free agents, a hot draft class ready to come in, don't be surprised if a lot of players get moved around this offseason. If you think last offseason was exciting, get ready for this one.

18 Traded: Joe Thomas (OT)

Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

The only real positive part of this Cleveland Browns team, is offensive tackle Joe Thomas. He’s been one of the best at his position, but it seems like time is ticking, and the Browns could get some more draft picks by trading him away. At age 33, it’s tough to expect him to be the Pro Bowler that he once was, especially after dealing with his first career injury. For a guy who missed time for the first time in his career, it seems time to move on from him.

Thomas is still considered one of the better offensive tackles in the game, and the Browns could probably get at least a 3rd round pick out of him, maybe a 2nd if a team feels he's their last piece for a Super Bowl. For a team that just went 0-16, rebuilding is everything this team needs. Trading Joe Thomas also may give the guy a chance to experience winning in the NFL.

17 Released: Mike Glennon (QB)

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It’s going to be hard to believe that the Chicago Bears are going to continue paying Mike Glennon $12.5 million for the next two seasons to be a backup. The Bears are going to try and trade him, but with so many valuable quarterbacks on the market, Glennon is going to be worth nothing, especially for his contract. The Bears most likely are going to try and restructure his contract. The Bears essentially structured his contract where most of the guaranteed money came in year one, so it will be very easy to release Glennon. They could always bring him back on a restructured deal as well.

In his one season with the Bears, he threw four touchdowns and five interceptions for 833 yards, finishing with a passer rating of 76.9. Glennon lost his job mid-way through the season to rookie Mitch Trubisky.


15 Traded: Martavis Bryant (WR)

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been quite a bit of drama on the Steelers team with Martavis Bryant on the roster. It’s beginning to seem like there’s too many star receivers to play for one team, and with Bryant’s history, he would be the one to get kicked to the curb. But Bryant is worth something, regardless of his off-the-field issues. Bryant can be a really good number two wide receiver, or possibly even qualify as a lower ranked number one receiver. The Steelers are going to play the field and try and ship him elsewhere to get some draft picks. Bryant is probably worth a 4th round draft pick and some change.

Bryant showed his skill set coming back to the field this season, and he played really well. If he can mature and become less of a distraction, some team is going to be very happy with trading for him.

14 Released: Adrian Peterson (RB)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints never seemed like a good fit for Adrian Peterson and it didn't take NFL fans long to see that. Peterson thrives on getting many carries a game, something the Saints offense isn't designed to do. During the 2017 season, the Saints traded Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for a draft pick. It made sense for Arizona, a team that lost David Johnson for the rest of the season. Peterson had a decent season for an average NFL RB, but not by his lofty standards, as he ran for just over 500 yards. Now that the season is over, sources have stated that Adrian Peterson will most likely be cut during the offseason.

With David Johnson coming back, there’s no real need for Peterson. He doesn't provide value as a 3rd down, change of pace back, and the Cardinals aren’t going to want to have to pay him again with Johnson in the backfield. We may have seen the last of Adrian Peterson.


12 Traded: Tyrod Taylor (QB)

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After Alex Smith was traded to the Washington Redskins, many people are asking if a team would trade for Tyrod Taylor. The answer is yes, albeit at a much lower price. There are quite a few teams in the NFL that have quarterback issues, and even if they draft a quarterback, the formula in the NFL lately has been to have the rookie quarterback play behind a veteran. That doesn’t always happen, but Tyrod Taylor is capable of starting ahead of someone this season. The Bills clearly want to move on, as they seem to be interested in drafting a new quarterback or trying to sign Kirk Cousins. But after Bills head coach Sean McDermott benched Taylor for Nathan Peterman, it seems certain that Buffalo is pushing Taylor out.

Teams that could be interested would include the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals. These teams are all in need of a quarterback, but may prefer to start out with a veteran while a rookie takes the extra time to adapt to the NFL.

11 Released: Trevor Siemian (QB)

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos had a lot of trust in Trevor Siemian before the 2017 season, and for some time it seemed like John Elway was a genius when the former 7th round pick had an incredible start to the season. Siemian finished off the 2017 season throwing 14 interceptions, and in the middle of December was benched for Brock Osweiler. Elway has given Siemian a lot of chances, but it seems like his time in Denver has to end. There are three quarterbacks on the Broncos roster, which is a lot to carry, and it seems like the Broncos will be the top target for a quarterback this offseason.

With Osweiler not playing terribly for a change, and the optimism regarding former first-rounder Paxton Lynch, we will most likely see Siemian get released.

You usually don’t end up releasing your starting quarterback, but with the market being so strong for quarterbacks this offseason, no one will budge for Siemian, which will force the Broncos to release him.

10 Traded: A.J. McCarron (QB)

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. McCarron is going to be a very interesting name this offseason. He hasn’t been talked about much because of Kirk Cousins, but after seeing what Jimmy Garoppolo was worth, it would be hard to believe that the Bengals would hang on to McCarron through this upcoming season. Watch out within a week of the draft, for a team to trade for McCarron to give the Bengals another draft pick. It seems certain that they’re going to continue moving forward with Andy Dalton, which gives no reason to have a quarterback as talented as McCarron sitting on the bench.

Expect McCarron to be in a similar boat as Garoppolo, who was traded for a second-round draft pick (although the price for Garoppolo probably should've been much higher). Don’t be surprised if the Broncos or Cardinals go after him, as they are two teams that have a lot of talent but are in need of a quarterback. We may even see the Browns try to complete the deal they were trying to make at the deadline a few months back.

9 Released: Doug Martin (RB)

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It’s time for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to move on from Doug Martin. It’s really hard to do that considering his 2012 and 2015 success, but he’s too inconsistent and can’t stay healthy. The Bucs may try to ride it out since the trend has been that Martin has a good year every three seasons, but it’s like playing at a casino: nothing is guaranteed.

The market for Martin wouldn’t be all that great, considering his past and with other backs like Le’Veon Bell, Alfred Morris and Isaiah Crowell as free agents. No team would give up anything, to get a guy who hasn’t crossed over 500 yards in the past two seasons. The Buccaneers are going to want to look for a new running back, but they aren’t going to want to do that until they get rid of their $7 million a year RB.

8 Traded: Richard Sherman (CB)

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Every good thing must come to an end, and the Legion of Boom is one of those good things. The Seahawks staff has talked about rebuilding, and that would mean getting rid of some of their star players. Richard Sherman will turn 30 years old in just a couple months, but may be spending his 30th birthday in a city that isn’t named Seattle. After his injury and regression, the Seahawks are going to look to trade him this offseason while they can still get something out of him. The Seahawks would like to move some of their star players while they’re still worth something.

Sherman is probably worth either a 2nd round or 3rd round draft pick, and some later round draft picks. He isn’t the same speedy ball-hawk he once was, but when healthy, he’s still a dominant corner that can help another team out.

7 Released: Matt Schaub (QB)

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Some fans are probably reading this and are shocked that Matt Schaub still plays football. He currently is the backup for Matt Ryan in Atlanta, and is supposed to be making just under $3 million next season. It’s a pretty decent chunk of money for someone who’s just going to stand behind Ryan, and there are plenty of cheaper options. With so many quarterbacks coming up in free agency and the draft, it means a lot of quarterbacks are going to become backups, and backups are going to lose their job.

With that being said, the Falcons can find a younger and cheaper option moving forward. Matt Ryan hasn’t been known for injuries, so the backup position shouldn’t be a real concern for the Falcons. It'd be better to draft a QB in the mid rounds, develop him, and look to trade them when they have value, much like the Patriots have done with Brady's backups.


5 Traded: Eli Apple (CB)

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There has been a lot of frustration within the New York Giants organization, and apparently cornerback Eli Apple isn’t much help. Landon Collins made a comment about him, stating that Apple would be the one person in the secondary Collins would change. Collins went ahead and called Apple a “cancer” to the team. Eli Apple has had some issues with the team and has been suspended, so what does that mean for the future of Apple?

With this team having looked so good in 2016 and then so bad in 2017, the Giants would love to get as many draft picks to build this team to look like what it did in 2016. Who really knows what his worth could be, but it probably isn’t worth what the Giants thought he would be.

4 Released: Darrelle Revis (CB)

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

It may be tough for Revis to stay on the Chiefs roster, especially after they just traded for cornerback Kendall Fuller. With such a talented secondary, where does Revis fit among the rest? It may seem easy to look at how cheap he is compared to how much he made in his prime, but don’t be surprised if the Chiefs move on from Revis. He’s old and has lost a lot of speed, and isn’t really much of a factor on this defense. The Chiefs may just decide to cut him before training camp and move on.

Unfortunately, Revis isn’t really worth much of a trade return, so the Chiefs wouldn’t get lucky by trading him away. Who knows, it may be the end of his long and successful career.

3 Traded: Nick Foles (QB)

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There is absolutely no way that Nick Foles ends up on still on the Philadelphia Eagles roster next season. Although he struggled a bit in the regular season, he has helped take this Eagles team to Super Bowl LII, after Carson Wentz was injured in Week 15. Of course, the Eagles have an incredible roster, but Foles’ play has helped them get through the playoffs, playing at a high level.

Foles' trade value will be higher than ever this offseason. As a former Super Bowl quarterback, he may be up there in value with Kirk Cousins. The only thing that may keep him in Philly a little longer is if Wentz's knee injury keeps him out through training camp. However, if Wentz is good to go in Week 1, Foles could very well be on the move later in training camp.

2 Released: Marshawn Lynch (RB)

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Unfortunately, the Raiders were unable to live up to the Super Bowl expectations that were placed on them this season. In fact, they weren’t even able to finish the season over .500, as they finished at 6-10. The Raiders went from being one of the most exciting teams into the league, to looking like the typical Oakland Raiders that we have seen over the past decade. The acquisition of Marshawn Lynch was, supposed to help the team take the next step. What fans thought was the return of Beast Mode, turned out to be just another running back in the Raiders backfield.

In 2017, he rushed for 891 yards and scored seven touchdowns. At age 31, that’s not too bad, but not what the Raiders were hoping for, especially from a player of Lynch's caliber. With Lynch’s performance, and the Raiders bringing in a new coaching staff, the team may just decide to release him.

1 Traded: Earl Thomas III (S)

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best safeties in the league has surprisingly caught headlines for the wrong reasons toward the end of the 2017 season. After the Seahawks defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Week 16, Earl Thomas ran to speak with Jason Garrett as he was heading to the locker room, and was quoted as saying, “if y’all have the chance, come get me.” The words spiraled through the Internet without any corroboration, until Thomas admitted that when the time is right, he would like to play in Dallas.

Thomas is currently looking for a contract extension in Seattle, but with his age, it doesn’t seem very likely that he will be getting what he wants after his comments. The Cowboys have also added former Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard to be the Cowboys' defensive backs coach. It all seems very likely that we will see Earl Thomas playing with a star on his helmet next season.

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