NFL QB Shuffle: Where These 20 Quarterbacks Will Be Playing In 2019

This offseason could be really interesting when it comes to the quarterback position. When you look at the teams this offseason, you don’t really associate many of them with quarterback needs. Then again, there are a bunch of teams who are going to make a noticeable quarterback transaction this offseason. While a lot of teams have quarterbacks, a lot of those guys are getting old. With the popular trend of trading a player before they hit a contract year, don’t be surprised if a lot of quarterbacks are traded elsewhere. Then, there are still players who will retire. This offseason, we should see some big-time quarterbacks retire.

Throughout the past two seasons, we’ve seen a lot of players surprisingly change teams. Now, it’s time for quarterbacks to jump from team to team. All of these quarterbacks won’t be starters. Unlike last year’s draft, there isn’t a quarterback who can unquestionably start from day one. Odds are, they'll eventually be inserted into the starting lineup sooner than teams want. We're in an age now where journeyman veterans simply can't hold off first-round QBs for long.

Time will tell, as there are still a lot of question marks behind many of these quarterbacks. Where will all of these college quarterbacks get drafted? For those quarterbacks who have suffered injuries, what is their status? Older quarterbacks, are they planning for retirement? These are all things that we will know within the coming months. For now, we will predict where 20 of the most intriguing quarterbacks will go via trade, free agency or the draft.

20 Matt Cassel - New England Patriots

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

While Tom Brady seems like he's going to be around for another few years, the Patriots may yet again hold off on drafting his successor, considering this year's QB class isn't all that strong anyway. For now, the Patriots will just give Brady a backup he's comfortable with, and who may be an upgrade over Brian Hoyer.

In the case of Matt Cassel, he has four years of experience under Bill Belichick (and Josh McDaniels for that matter). While it will take some time for him to understand the offense again, he’s a great fit to bring in, and keep Brady comfortable, knowing his successor isn't gunning for his job.

19 Taysom Hill - Oakland Raiders

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

What would you think if you heard that Taysom Hill could be an intriguing name for teams this offseason? You would probably be confused, but there’s a reason why he could garner a lot of interest. With the Saints, he was pretty much a utility player, whose main position was labeled as a quarterback. In reality though, he was rarely used to ever throw the football.

A team like the Raiders, with a lot of money, could pay Hill a solid amount. Given that Hill can contribute in several ways, he could really be a useful player for any team. With a lack of weapons on his team, Jon Gruden can use his creativity to get Hill involved.

18 Ryan Fitzpatrick - Arizona Cardinals

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Most seasons, Ryan Fitzpatrick would probably be looking for a starting job. However, there are some more intriguing names on the market this offseason and everyone knows by now that Fitzmagic never lasts an entire season. Where he will find work is on a team with a young quarterback. Fitzpatrick has just as much experience as any quarterback in the league, so it makes sense why a team would want to bring him in to help their young quarterback grow.

The Cardinals have a young quarterback in Josh Rosen, but they'll need a reliable veteran behind a young QB. Kliff Kingsbury's offense requires QBs who aren't afraid to take shots downfield and we all know Fitz loves to take chances. This would definitely be a great fit on both sides.

17 Teddy Bridgewater - Cincinnati Bengals

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Teddy Bridgewater’s career will not continue in New Orleans, so he’s going to have to play free agency again. His one start with the Saints didn’t help his argument that he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL, except for one team. If they sign him, Bridgewater could potentially challenge for the starting job next season for the Cincinnati Bengals.

What does that mean for Andy Dalton? Well, if Bridgewater beats him out, that means that he gets traded. Dalton is 31 years old, coming off of a season where he missed a lot of games. The Bengals are expected to revamp their offense, parting ways with Dalton and A.J. Green. They can start re-building by signing Bridgewater as their QB for now, and look to the draft when the QB class is stronger.

16 Andy Dalton - Washington Redskins

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If Andy Dalton gets traded, where does he go next? A team with interest could be the Washington Redskins. They will be active in the draft, but they also have a roster with talented players that have the ability to win now. Even with all the injuries they dealt with, this team was still leading the NFC East in December.

To stay competitive, they can trade a third and fifth-round pick to acquire Dalton. Let's not forget that Jay Gruden was Dalton's offensive coordinator earlier in his career. He would be a solid fit for a team trying to get back into the playoffs, if indeed Alex Smith is unable to return next season.

15 Daniel Jones - Denver Broncos

Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

We expect that John Elway will again look to fix the Broncos quarterback situation. Daniel Jones was the starter all three seasons at Duke, but he didn’t really shine until this season. He threw for 2,674 yards, 22 touchdowns, and nine interceptions.

Jones definitely has the skillset to compete in the NFL, but where some red flags may be concerned lie with his leadership. In the Senior Bowl, Jones struggled and was so frustrated that he wouldn’t talk with reporters. He showed poor accountability, which may lead him to slide out of the first round. If the Broncos see that he's still around late in the first round, they may even trade up to get him. It certainly would put some heat on Case Keenum to deliver next season.

14 Tyrod Taylor - Carolina Panthers

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought you saw the last of Tyrod Taylor as a starting quarterback, you were wrong. Reports have it that Cam Newton could miss the entire 2019 season to get his shoulder right, which opens up a starting role. He's already undergone a procedure on his shoulder. Taylor makes sense for Carolina, due to his mobility and the fact that he takes care of the football. In an offense with versatile talent, he could thrive in the situation.

Playing on an offense that designs runs for Taylor, with a great checkdown option in Christian McCaffrey will allow him to succeed. Taylor will get another opportunity to show that he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He could sign a one-year deal and if Newton does in fact play next year, well that leaves Carolina with one of the game's better backups.

13 Joe Flacco - Miami Dolphins

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Lamar Jackson is in, Joe Flacco is out. Don’t expect Flacco’s career to be over just yet. With the Dolphins likely parting ways with Ryan Tannehill, Flacco will probably make his way down to South Beach. Injuries are what really hurt Tannehill, so the Dolphins would be interested in a decent quarterback that can stay healthy.

Flacco getting hurt in 2018 was an anomaly, as he’s usually durable. This was only the second season in his career that he’s missed games. Flacco has had success throughout his career and looked good in 2018 until he got hurt. The Dolphins can sign him to a one-year deal, and draft a QB to take over for the long haul.

12 Jacoby Brissett - Pittsburgh Steelers

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

You might be wondering why the Steelers could possibly trade for Jacoby Brissett. Well, if Ben Roethlisberger announces that 2019 is his final season, the Steelers have to get as much talent as possible in the QB room. With Le’Veon Bell as good as gone and Antonio Brown likely to follow suit, Roethlisberger may be in tough to lead the Steelers to a Super Bowl next season.

Brissett has a lot of talent but isn’t being utilized in Indy. You could argue that he’s one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL. Brissett has stated he wants to be a starter in the NFL, but that'll never happen in Indy with Andrew Luck there. With Big Ben nearing retirement though, Brisesett may eventually get that opportunity in Pittsburgh.

11 Dwayne Haskins - New York Giants

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

At this current time, one of the most obvious moves is the Giants drafting Dwayne Haskins. Haskins is projected to possibly be the first quarterback off the board in the draft, and as the draft order stands now, the Giants are the first team picking with an obvious need for a QB. Haskins was really good this season, but he still needs some time to develop. One full season in college isn’t going to be enough to jump right into things in the NFL.

Eli Manning will likely play his final season in the NFL, while Haskins learns from the veteran.

10 Will Grier - Washington Redskins

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s kind of surprising that Will Grier is being overlooked in this draft compared to other quarterbacks. In his two seasons at West Virginia, he finished with 7,354 passing yards, 71 touchdowns, and 20 interceptions. Grier is smart with the football and adds swag to his game.

The Redskins will gain a lot of love for Grier, and either draft him with their first-round pick or move up late in the first round. Given the above scenario with Andy Dalton, Grier could sit for a season behind the veteran, and then get to take over in 2020. It’s a smart move, considering the rest of the NFC East is just getting younger.

9 Nick Foles - Jacksonville Jaguars

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Considering his success these past two seasons, Nick Foles will be the most intriguing quarterback this offseason. Unlike many of these other quarterbacks, Foles will be able to step right in and perform. He’s 30-years old, so he still has lots of football left in him. He’s not super-young though, which is why he likely signs with the Jaguars.

Tom Coughlin offers his former rival a second and fifth round pick, along with a wide receiver for Foles. After last season, teams seem interested in trying to trade players. With the lack of wide receivers available this offseason, the Eagles are interested.

8 Drew Lock - Miami Dolphins

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In this draft, Drew Lock is the quarterback who is rising on everyone’s draft boards. Originally, Dwayne Haskins was the only quarterback considered to be a first-round talent, but Lock has made his way in there. The Dolphins know they need to get ready for the future, so they can trade up and draft Lock.

Lock has been terrific the last three seasons, limiting turnovers and even having the athleticism to occasionally make plays on the ground. Lock will have to sit for a season, but at least Miami fans can now have some hope for their future.

7 Blake Bortles - Buffalo Bills

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars are expected to move on from Blake Bortles this offseason. The only issue is whether they'll be able to find a team that would be willing to take Bortles's cap hit, as the Jags would have some dead money on their cap by cutting Bortles. One way the Jags can move on, would be to part ways with a draft pick in order to entice a team to take Bortles, much like the Texans did when they packaged Brock Osweiler with a 2nd rounder to the Browns.

The Bills have over $80 million in cap space to work with and have Josh Allen on a rookie deal. Bortles wouldn't be a threat for Allen's starting job, and the Bills could add another draft pick in a year where they'll really want to load up.

6 Kyler Murray - Arizona Cardinals

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, let's prepare to welcome Kyler Murray to the NFL. Kliff Kingsbury said in an interview back in October that he would draft Murray with the first overall draft pick if they had the opportunity. Some may feel like the prospect of taking Murray first overall is nuts, considering they just took Josh Rosen last year. Well, we'll get to how the Cardinals can make it work.

The Cardinals can take Nick Bosa with the first overall draft pick, and then trade back into the first round to select Kyler Murray. That way, the Cardinals could open training camp with an open competition for the starting job, and possibly find a trade partner later.

5 Davis Webb - Jacksonville Jaguars

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Clearly, the Jaguars' 2019 starting quarterback won’t be Davis Webb, but it’s not a bad idea to take a shot at him in free agency. He will be cheap to sign, and he has a lot of potential. Webb was drafted in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft and could be looking to play with his third team in three seasons.

Webb has never played in an NFL game, which should give teams optimism about him. He has yet to prove he shouldn’t be in the league. When he transferred to the University of California for his final collegiate season, he threw for 4,295 yards, 37 touchdown passes, and 12 interceptions.

4 Trevor Siemian - New York Jets

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Just a year ago, Trevor Siemian was a starting quarterback. In 2018, he was the backup to the most overpaid quarterback in the NFL. No team is going to want Siemian to be their starting quarterback, but he has valuable experience that could be for a team with a young quarterback.

In New York, the Jets will likely see Sam Darnold’s backup retire. Josh McCown made his last lump of money, but will likely retire with no chance at being a starter again. This is a good landing spot for Siemian, as he’s closer in age with Darnold, so he can help him progress.

3 Brett Hundley - Detroit Lions

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A team that has no sense of direction right now is the Detroit Lions. They traded one of their best playmakers, Golden Tate, without finding a way to replace him. Matthew Stafford is coming off one of his worst seasons, so the questions will arise if it’s coming time to part ways with the veteran quarterback.

They won’t make a serious push for a quarterback yet, but they will find a capable backup quarterback who they see has potential. Teams like Brett Hundley and he could have a future. The Lions could sign him on a cheap deal, and see what kind of future he has.

2 Josh Johnson - Tennessee Titans

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When Alex Smith sustained a potentially career-ending injury, and Colt McCoy went down too, the Redskins went out and signed Josh Johnson. Prior to this season, Johnson hadn’t thrown a football in a regular season game since 2011. Everyone was surprised that the Redskins turned to Johnson in free agency, considering other quarterbacks, mainly Colin Kaepernick, were available through free agency.

Johnson wasn’t all that bad considering the amount of time he had to learn Washington's offense. Teams will be interested, especially the Titans, considering Marcus Mariota’s inability to stay on the field. Johnson has a similar style to Mariota, which should help this be the perfect fit.

1 Ryan Finley - New Orleans Saints

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at the quarterbacks in this draft, Ryan Finley will likely be drafted in the later rounds. A team that won’t draft a quarterback early in the draft is the New Orleans Saints. Due to Teddy Bridgewater’s poor performance to end the season, they will likely decide not to use a lot of money to extend him.

Instead, they'll try to find Drew Brees’s potential successor late in the draft. If they can get him in a middle round, North Carolina State quarterback, Ryan Finley would be a good option. Finley’s best season came this season, with 3,928 passing yards, 25 touchdown passes, and 11 interceptions. He has a lot of room for improvement, but it’s a solid risk for a day two or maybe even a day three pick.

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