Packing Up? 8 Teams Aaron Rodgers Would Want To Play For (And 7 He Definitely Wouldn't)

Aaron Rodgers is a "baaaaad man" based on the multiple takes said by Stephen A. Smith on First Take. He is arguably one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL on any given Sunday. This past season, he suffered a gruesome collarbone injury that cost him a majority of his 2017 season. Despite missing a good part of this past NFL season, he has enjoyed quite the career. He is a Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, two time MVP, and a six time Pro Bowl quarterback. He has spent his entire career with the Green Bay Packers. But there have been some discrepancies along the way.

Stephen A. Smith recently did First Take with his partner, Max Kellerman. In light of Aaron Rodgers making some interesting comments about the Packers letting his QB coach go. Rodgers said he was suprised the team didn't consult with him, giving you the feeling of some tension in Lambeau. Smith went on to talk about how Aaron Rodgers should demand a trade by saying, "He should take a flight back to Wisconsin, and what he should do is he should go into the offices of the Green Bay Packers’ executives, and Aaron Rodgers should demand to be traded."

Now, it's very unlikely that Rodgers goes anywhere else and is a favorite to stay a Green Bay Packer until he retires. For the record, he has two years left on his contract, so it's not like he could just leave and sign anywhere he wants.

But what if Aaron Rodgers finally got fed up with the way Green Bay ran things and wanted out? This list takes a look at some teams that Aaron Rodgers might want to go to and some he should stay far away from.


15 Would: Denver Broncos

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One intriguing option involves high altitude and a recent winning tradition. Peyton Manning came over to this franchise during the back half of his career and ended up taking them to two Super Bowls and winning one of them. Aaron Rodgers would want to strongly consider going to the Denver Broncos for a number of good reasons.

The Broncos compete in an AFC West with the Chiefs who can't win a playoff game and just traded away their starting quarterback. They also compete with the Raiders who are in limbo between a well-played 2016 and an underachieving 2017 and a Chargers team that doesn't know how to put away close games. Rodgers would also have a solid running back behind him in C.J. Anderson along with receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. Plus, Tom Brady will be gone soon and then all he has to contend with is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

14 Would Not: Detroit Lions

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This next team would be one that Aaron Rodgers wouldn't consider going to for a number of reasons. They are from the Motor City, but they are not that tough of an opponent when January rolls around for the playoffs. The Detroit Lions are one team that Aaron Rodgers would definitely not go to. Why you ask? Well, the reasons are very simple.

First off, they have a new head coach in former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. He has been known as a defensive genius, but couldn't stop the bleeding in Super Bowl LII against the Eagles, which might have Lions fans questioning the hire now. There are also not that many impact players on the roster other than Golden Tate and Ameer Abdullah. Plus, the Lions are in the same division as the Packers, so it would just be weird for Rodgers to dodge his trademark yellow and green for royal blue.

13 Would: Los Angeles Chargers

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I know that we said earlier that the Chargers had a great difficulty of closing out games in the past, but with Aaron Rodgers in the fold, it could be very different. The Los Angeles Chargers are a team that has pieces in place, but just need the right quarterback at the fold once Philip Rivers calls it quits. Rodgers could be that guy immediately.

The Chargers getting Rodgers would give them a great chance to win the AFC West. If the Broncos don't get a quarterback in some form this offseason, they will not be able to rely on just a good defense and decent running game for a whole season. Plus, if the Packers were to ever trade A-Rod, they'd need to get a QB in return who's almost of equal value. Rivers is no Rodgers, but he'd be a respectable piece coming back the other way and he's only two years older than Rodgers. The Chargers have targets Keenan Allen and Mike Williams to throw to that would entice Rodgers greatly. Plus, Rodgers could benefit from playing in nicer weather 8 of 16 games a season.

12 Would Not: Chicago Bears

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Another team that Aaron Rodgers should definitely avoid if he ever had the chance to leave Green Bay is their most hated rivals, the Chicago Bears. The Bears and the Packers have had this rivalry within the NFC North division for decades now. It would be weird to see Rodgers in a Bears uniform. It also would not be the best thing for both sides involved.

Rodgers wants to win now considering he might not have that much more time left in the NFL (he's about to enter his late 30s). The Bears are in a rebuilding mode and seem to be comfortable moving forward with quarterback Mitch Trubisky. Rodgers miraculously going to Chicago would cause a setback in Trubisky's development for the long term. As good as Rodgers is, it's very doubtful he'd be able to take this Bears roster to a Super Bowl if the Packers have fallen short in recent years.

11 Would: Arizona Cardinals

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The timing would be perfect for this team to swoop in and wow Aaron Rodgers if he ever decided to leave Green Bay. The Arizona Cardinals would be a very interesting landing spot for Aaron Rodgers play if the opportunity ever presented itself. The Cardinals a few years ago were one of the top teams in the NFC. They have taken a step back, but could get right back to that dynamic level if Rodgers were in the fold.

Carson Palmer is now officially retired which means Rodgers could potentially swoop right in. He would have one of the best running backs in the game behind him in David Johnson. He also would have the ageless wonder in Larry Fitzgerald along with John Brown to throw to. The defense would also get a huge boost, as Rodgers would take a ton of pressure off them, as Rodgers is capable of putting up 30 points in any given game.

10 Would Not: Minnesota Vikings

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Why not stick with the theme of staying in the NFC North for teams Aaron Rodgers wouldn't want to play for, shall we? Once again, the fact that the Vikings play in the same division as the Packers would probably be a factor in Rodgers not wanting to go there, unless Green Bay really did him wrong and he wanted to spite them. Yes, the Vikings made the NFC championship this past season. But, they have a lot of questions going forward.

The Vikings gave up 38 points to Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles. So the first question becomes, is their defense really as legitimate as people think? Next, can Jerick McKinnon and Latavius Murray have consistently good seasons like they did in 2017? Finally, who else can Aaron Rodgers throw to besides Stefon Diggs? Adam Thielen is one name that comes to mind, but he could just be a one year wonder.

9 Would: New Orleans Saints

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This one might seem like it is insane when you first read it. But once the reasons come in, it will make much more sense. The New Orleans Saints were one defensive play away from the NFC championship had it not been for a missed tackle that led to the Vikings game winning touchdown. The Saints have a lot of good pieces in place for Rodgers to seriously want to consider coming to New Orleans if his time in Green Bay ever does come to a close.

Drew Brees only has a few years left. In fact, he's actually a free agent this March. If he left, the Saints would need a good quarterback to come in and continue the offensive success. Rodgers would have a great backfield in Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram to rely upon as well as receivers Michael Thomas and Willie Snead. The Saints defense also drastically improved from the beginning of the season to the end and look to take into 2018. It definitely is an intriguing option for Mr. Rodgers if he wants out of Green Bay in the near future.


8 Would Not: San Francisco 49ers

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This next team is past the days of Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and even Colin Kaepernick. Yes, that Colin Kaepernick! People tend to forget that Kaepernick was one of the biggest reasons that the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl in 2012. But those days are long gone and Aaron Rodgers would not want to deal with the 49ers organization in regards to being a winning team.

The 49ers are most certainly going to re-sign quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo after he went 5-0 with them following his trade from the Patriots. With that in mind, Rodgers would only get in the way like Brady did for Jimmy G. Plus, the running back situation will be in question as Carlos Hyde is as good as gone, as he hits free agency. So with those factors in mind, it should be enough for Rodgers to not want to ever consider the 49ers, the team that passed on him for Alex Smith back in 2005.

7 Would: Buffalo Bills

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One intriguing team that might catch Rodger's eyes is the Buffalo Bills. Now, this would actually be a pretty good fit for Rodgers to strongly consider if he were ever to test the markets of free agency or if the Packers grant his request for a trade. The Bills have a lot to offer for Rodgers to seriously consider.

The Bills have a top five running back in the league when healthy in LeSean McCoy. They also have a great deep threat in Kelvin Benjamin that Rodgers would love to have to consistently throw to. The Jets are a mile away from being competitive and the Dolphins took steps back this past season. The Patriots would be the team to beat which could come sooner than people would like to think. Jim Kelly 2.0 anybody?

6 Would Not: Indianapolis Colts

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Another team that Aaron Rodgers should not want to play for would be the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have so much going on inside their organization that it would drive Aaron Rodgers crazy. They are way past the Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne days. There are a lot of questions going on within the organization.

First off, who is going to be the head coach? Josh McDaniels decided to step down after about eight hours to stay in New England in what looks like a move that will make him the next head coach of the Patriots after Belichick retires. Second, who will be the running backs to help take the heat off the passing game? Frank Gore doesn't have many good years left. Receivers wise, they have T.Y. Hilton and that is about it. Rodgers would be very discouraged really quick in Indy and should not even think about joining them if Green Bay was ever willing to let him go. And Andrew Luck is still the team's franchise QB if he's ever nursed back to health.

5 Would: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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The next team that Aaron Rodgers would considering going to if Green Bay was not an option is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs do compete in a tough NFC South division that has the Falcons, Panthers, and Saints all in it. But if Rodgers was to ever suit up for the Bucs and get Jameis Winston out of town, it could serve well for all Bucs fans.

The Bucs have some good pieces with wide receiver Mike Evans helping carry the offensive load. Rodgers could help them win the division with a deep playoff run. The Panthers are very inconsistent, the Falcons still are having trouble recovering from their Super Bowl LI loss, and the Saints defense is very questionable at times. The Bucs could turn their fortunes around with Rodgers calling the shots on offense and Rodgers would love having a solid cast around him.

4 Would Not: Washington Redskins

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The Washington Redskins are the next team on the list of teams that Aaron Rodgers would definitely not want to go to. The Redskins have arguably the toughest division in all of football. The Cowboys have a bright future which we will get to momentarily. The Eagles just won the Super Bowl and the Giants appear set to draft Eli's successor. Don't forget also, they were a playoff team in 2016 with just about the same roster. So why on earth would Aaron Rodgers even consider the thought of going to Washington? He wouldn't!

The Redskins recently just traded for quarterback Alex Smith while they plan to draft and develop their quarterback of the future. They don't have a top level running back. They have a good tight end in Jordan Reed and an adequate receiver in Jamison Crowder. Other than that, there is not much to work with which is why Aaron Rodgers should not go to the Washington Redskins.

3 Would: Dallas Cowboys

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The next team that Aaron Rodgers should consider going to if Green Bay were to finally say good-bye is none other than America's team, the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys would be a great fit for Rodgers to continue his career and realistically have a chance at winning another Lombardi trophy. The Cowboys missed the playoffs this past season. But one change at quarterback by inserting Rodgers into the huddle could be the final piece the Cowboys need.

Rodgers would have Ezekiel Elliot behind him to take some of the load off of him if he is having an off day, which is very seldom. He'd also have a great offensive line in front of him to protect him and give him time in the pocket. He would be in a dome stadium and in the cooperative weather that is Dallas, Texas. It would be interesting if Jerry Jones could convince Aaron Rodgers to play for the Cowboys in the future.

2 Would Not: Cleveland Browns

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The one team that Aaron Rodgers should try to avoid at all costs is the Cleveland Browns. This is an instant no brainer for Rodgers. Cleveland is coming off a winless season and many questions surrounding their organization. Cleveland does have another number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft, but that would not be enough to entice Rodgers to want to come to the dog pound. Not now, not ever.

The Browns do not have anything to offer Rodgers. Josh Gordon looks as good as gone as he is a free agent. Based on his past off the field issues, the Browns will not want to keep him around despite how talented he is. Their running game is average at best and their defense ranks as one of the lowest overall in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers would probably choose to play in the XFL before he played for the Browns.

1 Would: Pittsburgh Steelers

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Another team that Aaron Rodgers would strongly consider going to is the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have so much talent offensively that they can get themselves back into any game that they might be trailing by a large margin. They have been a bridesmaid to the Patriots in the AFC, but Aaron Rodgers could change all of that if he were to ever put on the black and gold.

The Steelers have arguably the best running back and best wide receiver in the game in Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. Bell has vented out recent frustration, but if he re-signed long term, it would keep the core together in Pittsburgh. The Steelers defense is the only questionable aspect as they gave up 45 points to the Jaguars in the AFC divisional game against the Jaguars, at home. If the Steelers improved their defense and kept the pieces in place, Rodgers could be looking carefully at wanting to suit up for the Steelers. It's the biggest pipe dream of all these entries, but it's certainly a place Rodgers would love to go to if he wanted out of Green Bay.


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