8 NFL Teams Nick Foles Would Want To Play For And 7 He Wouldn't

“I’m going to Disney World,” Nick Foles said after his Super Bowl win.

That was what Nick Foles uttered after winning the Super Bowl, just a couple of months after he helped come in to save the Philadelphia Eagles after Carson Wentz suffered an ACL injury which ended his 2017 season. The Eagles were Super Bowl LII frontrunners, but were counted out by everyone once Wentz went down. Nick Foles did enough to clinch the no.1 seed, managed the divisional round game against Atlanta, then lit up the NFL's top defense in the NFC Championship, before eventually defeating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Even though Foles was the one to get the Super Bowl win, head coach Doug Pederson continues to remind Eagles fans that Carson Wentz will be the starter when he's healthy. With Foles being on the top of the world, and still under contract, that makes him a really valuable trade weapon for the Eagles.

It would be pretty unreal to see the Foles sit on the bench after he won Super Bowl LII MVP. Foles has proven he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL, and ironically, a lot of teams need a quarterback either now, or in the future. Philly seems to be in no rush to trade Foles, but if a team knocked their socks off with an offer, they'd have to listen, or risk losing Foles in free agency next year. If Foles were to move on from Philly, here are some QB needy teams he'd want to play for and who he wouldn't want to join.

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15 Would: Denver Broncos

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos are one of the top teams looking for a quarterback this offseason. Executive, John Elway, believed that their quarterback situation would be fine with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Both quarterbacks have struggled, and it seems like now is the time to go after a quarterback.

This would be a strong location for Foles to land, although Foles probably isn’t their first choice, with Kirk Cousins being a free agent.

Foles was lucky in Philadelphia to have a team that has the talent to win, and in Denver, he would go to a similar make up. The Broncos would give Foles one of the most dominant defenses in the league. The Broncos showed they can succeed with solid quarterback play, when Trevor Siemian was playing well to start the season.

14 Wouldn't: Cincinnati Bengals

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals seem perfectly content with being mediocre. Despite Marvin Lewis not being able to win a playoff game in over 15 years, he's managed to get yet another contract with the team. And despite Andy Dalton proving he can't lead the team consistently, or get them over the hump in crunch time, the Bengals have stuck with him, with backup A.J. McCarron looking to walk as a free agent. If the Bengals have a change of heart and want to upgrade at QB, then Foles certainly would be a viable option, as Foles has now proven he can in fact take a talented roster to the promise land. However Cincinnati has proven to be a losing organization for so long and if Foles were to go there, any value he obtained as the Eagles' starter would vanish in a hurry.

13 Would: Los Angeles Chargers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles signed under the spotlight by winning the Super Bowl, wouldn’t it be incredible to sign under the spotlight constantly? All eyes are on you in Hollywood, and Philip Rivers won’t be playing much longer in the NFL. At 36 years old, we may not see much more of Rivers. Maybe they would decide to go after a veteran to come right in after Rivers retires.

This would be a beautiful location for Foles, although he probably would have to sit the bench for another two years. It’s not as likely as other locations as it really depends on Rivers, but the location of this team could be really helpful if the Chargers did decide to go after Foles. And they know, Foles can light it up in the spotlight.

12 Wouldn't: Miami Dolphins

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Miami probably won’t go after Nick Foles, but it could happen depending on how Ryan Tannehill feels throughout the offseason. But looking back before Tannehill got hurt, the fans and media in Miami were debating if Tannehill was even a good quarterback. Due to the fact that he was out for all of 2017, a lot of people are forgetting the conversations talked about before he got hurt.

The Dolphins may not go sign a big-name player, but they may decide to bring in some competition into training camp to get the ball rolling with this team.

After the Jay Cutler experiment failed in 2017 and with questions lingering around Tannehill's ceiling as a QB, perhaps the Dolphins would want to explore acquiring Foles, especially since they face Tom Brady twice a year. But Foles should avoid that mess.

11 Would: New Orleans Saints

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Similar to the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback situation, the Saints also may be looking to move on from Drew Brees in the future. A lot of what the Saints will do in the future, will depend on how they deal with Brees’ contract this offseason. However, Brees is 39 years old, and there’s only so many more hits he can take in the backfield. The future is unknown. But a trade that sends Foles to New Orleans, or Foles choosing to sign with the Saints in 2019 is a very good possibility.

This is a great situation for Nick Foles. He thrived off of the run game of the Eagles. The Saints had the first-ranked run offense in the NFL with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. The run game of the Saints could help Foles run a very balanced offense. If Brees were to make the 2018 season his last, this would be a perfect landing spot for Foles.

10 Wouldn't: Indianapolis Colts

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the former offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles, Frank Reich, now coaching with the Colts, this would seem like it could be a thought for Foles. But the shadow of Andrew Luck in the background would haunt him. Clearly Luck’s injury could be more serious than most know, but the second he gets healthy again, Foles would be benched. Nick Foles’ value is probably the highest it will ever be, and he won’t get paid the money he wants to with a big contract handed to Andrew Luck.

It doesn’t really give Foles a full chance to thrive with a franchise QB already in place. Also, the Colts offense struggles without a real dominant threat at the quarterback position. Nick Foles won’t be able to carry this offense on his own like Andrew Luck would.

9 Would: Jacksonville Jaguars

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars became one of the most intriguing stories this season as they went from one of the worst teams in the NFL, to one of the best. This team is strong at every position, every position except maybe the quarterback position. Blake Bortles had a good year, but it seems that Jaguars fans have settled for mediocrity after this season with Bortles.

If the Jaguars were able to get a really good quarterback, Nick Foles probably wouldn’t be a Super Bowl champion.

It’s tough considering the Jaguars re-signed Bortles, which may mean that no big-name quarterbacks are going to be traded or signed to the Jaguars. Foles would go to a pretty good offensive line, one of the best upcoming running backs in Leonard Fournette, and a good wide receiver core. If he could choose anywhere to go, this would be the best landing spot.

8 Wouldn't: Cleveland Browns

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This one’s a no-brainer. Of course, the reigning Super Bowl MVP doesn’t want to go to Cleveland. There should be no reason why Nick Foles would want to go to Cleveland to take a starting position, unless he’s going to become the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. There’s going to be other options for Foles, which helps rule out Cleveland fairly quickly. The only real incentive to him going to Cleveland would be the money. But after winning a Super Bowl, it may be pretty depressing constantly losing after being at the top.

There’s nowhere near enough talent on this team to make them competitors anytime soon. This team has struggled for years, and every time it seems they have it right, they don’t. And if the Browns were interested, the Eagles would be asking for a lot of draft picks that the Browns wouldn’t be willing to give up.

7 Would: New England Patriots

Kirt Dozier-USA TODAY Sports

Why would Nick Foles want to jump ship and join the New England Patriots? Well, first off, there’s no real hard feelings for the Patriots from an Eagles standpoint considering they defeated them in the Super Bowl. For Foles, he would probably be the best he can be under Josh McDaniels’ offense. With McDaniels heading back to the Patriots, it seems that head coach, Bill Belichick’s time may be over in the near future, which he may take Tom Brady with him. If that’s the case, then the quarterback successor search is on.

Foles would be a perfect fit for the Patriots. He doesn’t have that extreme athletic ability, but he can make plays.

He can sit in the pocket and hit the open receivers, as well as extend plays if he needs to. He’s fought through adversity throughout his career, so he’s clearly a strong guy. Foles could be the future quarterback of the team he defeated in Super Bowl LII.

6 Wouldn't: New York Jets

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The pressure of playing in New York is difficult enough, now imagine the pressure of the quarterback of the weaker team in New York. Expectations would be through the roof for Nick Foles, and he simply would not be able to live up to the expectations that Jets’ fans would have for him. The last time the Jets won a Super Bowl was 1969, which has been an embarrassment planted on Jets’ fans as well as the organization. So, if the Jets did trade for Foles, they would expect him to carry this team.

Foles simply wouldn’t be able to do it. He’s a good quarterback, but he’s not an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady. He’s played well in the offenses he’s been in with the right pieces around him, but he’s not going to come in and change this team. We don’t think Foles would want to come into a situation where he’s expected to do all the work.

5 Would: New York Giants

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

What a hypocrite! How come Nick Foles wouldn’t want to play for the Jets, but he would the Giants? Well, that’s simple. The Giants have had a lot more success than the Jets have. There’s pressure playing for the Giants, but you aren’t expected to win on your own. This Giants team two seasons ago went 11-5 and made it to the playoffs. They had one of the best defenses in the league, as well as a top tier wide receiver group.

Things fell apart last season between injuries, but this team can come back in 2018 and become competitors in the NFC East.

The future of Eli Manning is still uncertain, but maybe if the Giants were able to get Nick Foles, they would be willing to cut Manning. And if that’s the case, he comes to New York with an amazing receiver group to help.

4 Wouldn't: Buffalo Bills

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills may be on the come up, or the AFC may have just been really bad in 2017. A team that benched their starting quarterback mid-way through the season, then brought him back managed to make it to the playoffs. After the benching of Tyrod Taylor, it’s clear that the Bills want to part ways. It would be pretty crazy if there was a three-way deal that included Taylor and Foles being shipped elsewhere. But the problem is, there’s no way Foles would want to go to Buffalo.

Although it’s a playoff team, it would be so tough to succeed. To have to play Tom Brady twice a year, as well as play in freezing temperatures at home, it’s not the most ideal location for a quarterback to want to play.

3 Would: Minnesota Vikings

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of the more unlikely ones, but still a situation that could shock many people. The Minnesota Vikings are in the perfect quarterback dilemma. They have three options –Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater, and Case Keenum – to start next season. Well, what if they just decided to go after one of the other guys that are available this offseason?

The Vikings were one of the most complete teams in the NFL this past season, and maybe with good quarterback play in the NFC Championship Game, they would have made it to the Super Bowl.

The Vikings will return in 2018 with Dalvin Cook, and a much more experienced team, along with their draft picks. The Vikings also play in a dome which is a perfect atmosphere for a quarterback looking for a new team. Foles could find success quick in Minnesota.

2 Wouldn't: Baltimore Ravens

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It would take something really interesting for this to happen, but sometimes crazy things happen. In 2013, Joe Flacco signed a six-year deal worth $120.6 million, making him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL. But for the Ravens, they haven’t really gotten what they paid for. Since Flacco signed that contract, he has only brought the Ravens to the playoffs once, the season after they won the Super Bowl.

Because of the contract that Flacco signed, it would be tough for Foles to get a long-term contract on the Ravens. Although, don’t count out the Ravens looking for a new quarterback with Flacco’s struggles. Foles could be a great acquisition if they can get him for the right price, but no way are the Ravens going to pay big money for two quarterbacks on their roster. The only way Foles to the Ravens happens is if the team wants out of the Flacco contract.

1 Would: Arizona Cardinals

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the retirement of Carson Palmer, comes the quarterback search for the Arizona Cardinals. There's so many different options they can go with in the draft, but who will be the best one? At #15, it may be difficult for the Cardinals to find the right guy that they want in the draft. And whoever does drop that far, may not be ready to start from day one.

Nick Foles would be the perfect guy to let start Week 1 next season for the Cardinals, while their long-term plan comes in and learns behind him.

It's a great location on the west coast with an enclosed stadium. The Cardinals are a really talented team, hoping to re-gain running back David Johnson at the beginning of next season. This would be the perfect fit for Nick Foles.

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