8 NFL Teams That Could Trade For Jalen Ramsey, 7 Who Shouldn't, And 5 Teams He Wouldn't Want To Play For

Jalen Ramsey may have opened the possibilities of him getting traded this offseason. The Jaguars’ defense helped lead them to the AFC Championship Game last season but has been very inconsistent this season.

On his Twitter page, Ramsey recently tweeted, “When I’m gone from here, y’all gone miss me. I ain’t even trippin lol.”

Since Ramsey was drafted in 2016, he’s been arguably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. From the way it looks, the Jaguars may not have much longer with that cornerback. A report from ESPN's Adam Schefter surfaced this season, saying the Jags were considering trading their star cornerback. While the team refuted the report, that's typical, as no team wants to make their intentions known if they plan to trade a player.

Besides Ramsey, this team has plenty of talent all throughout the roster. While Ramsey obviously is one of the league's best corners, he also is often in headlines for the wrong reasons. He's definitely the most outspoken player in the league and many have questioned his locker-room reputation. His value could be as high as a first round pick, which would be meaningful, especially with needing a quarterback. It also helps if they have two first rounders next draft, considering it’s a defensive heavy draft.

If you’re a Jaguars fan, it’s disappointing news to hear that Ramsey may be on the market. However, chemistry on a team is also important and if Ramsey's causing some issues in that area, perhaps the Jags can afford to lose him, if they can upgrade in other areas. If the Jags move on from him while his value is high, they could replace him and find a quarterback all in one draft.

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20 Could Trade: Cincinnati Bengals

Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer via USA TODAY Sports

It’s clear that the Bengals are in need of a starting cornerback. In 2018, the Bengals are nearly last place in every category on defense. Obviously, one player won’t help change it all, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. The Bengals also haven’t made a big move in quite some time, so this could be a move that breaks the seal. What should be motivating for Ramsey too, is that this offense has all the potential in the world.

In the same breath, Ramsey may not like having to have a lot of pressure on the defense. Right now much of his frustration comes with the offense struggling, but he may get even more frustrated when the defense is struggling.

19 Shouldn't Trade: Green Bay Packers

Jim Matthews/Green Bay Press-Gazette via USA TODAY Sports

In the past, the secondary has been a reoccurring issue for the Green Bay Packers. Now, they have solid cornerbacks, with Jaire Alexander being their star. It may be tempting to trade for Ramsey, especially if his value may be lowered than expected. With Mike McCarthy out and a new coach coming in, they’re going to motivated to want to turn this team around.

The truth is, the secondary is one of the areas the Packers are solid at. They can work the draft and free agency to build around other parts of the defense, while also improving a struggling offense. It’s not worth what it takes to get Ramsey.

18 Could Trade: Oakland Raiders

via bleacherreport.com

If the Jaguars do trade Jalen Ramsey, at least a first round pick is going to have to be offered. Luckily, the Oakland Raiders have three of them. Jon Gruden would be willing to give up a first, and that is all for Ramsey. The reason being is because they have three draft picks that can be used for a cornerback. If they only have to give up one, it’s equal to them just drafting a player, which makes all the sense because Ramsey is a guaranteed star.

This could work because Ramsey would get to move with a team heading to Las Vegas, who can pay him a lot, while also making a lot in endorsements in a major market.

17 Shouldn't Trade: Los Angeles Rams

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the stacked Los Angeles Rams secondary has struggled. Marcus Peters has not been as good as they expected, and Aqib Talib has missed a lot of time. It’s only one season. You have to let Peters fully grow into this defense, and let Talib get healthy. The Rams were as aggressive as anyone in the offseason, but they have to lay off the breaks on this one.

It’s going to be too expensive for the Rams to manage a roster like they already have, so they really need to start building up on draft stock. Not to mention, they'll eventually have to give Jared Goff a massive extension, while Gurley's and Donald's massive deals are set to kick in next season.

16 Wouldn't Want: San Francisco 49ers

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco is a team you would expect to be interested because of their cap space, but it doesn’t seem like a place Ramsey would want to play. Yes, it’s California, but this defense has really struggled. On top of that, the 49ers haven’t really proven that even with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, this is a playoff team.

It’s a legendary organization with a lot of potential, but nothing is guaranteed. If this team is going to win, it’s going to take time to develop the team. Some may feel this is the case for the Raiders, a team he would play for, but there’s more money out there, and they have the money to flip this team around into a playoff team next season.

15 Could Trade: Washington Redskins

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

This team may be a slight stretch, but it’s still possible. The Washington Redskins could stack up their defense by trading for Jalen Ramsey. Imagine, they use a first rounder and now this defense is as scary as any defense in the league. The Redskins front line have been great, but the secondary has been shaky. Now, you would have a secondary including Jalen Ramsey, Josh Norman, D.J. Swearinger, and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

What helps is, Ramsey is still in his rookie contract. The Redskins would have to trade Norman (or release him) following the 2019 season, to make room for Ramsey’s contract. It's a bit of stretch, but you get one year with a dangerous defense, and then have an upgrade from Norman in the future.

14 Shouldn't Trade: New Orleans Saints

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Currently, the Saints have one of the weakest secondaries in the league. Considering that statement, it would seem obvious that they should trade for Jalen Ramsey. Not so fast. The Saints made a mid-season trade for Eli Apple, who, despite a bad game here and there, has looked better than he ever did in a Giants uniform. On the other side, they have Marshon Lattimore who was remarkable in his rookie season.

Ramsey would be an upgrade over either of those guys, but it’s not worth it, considering they're already short on draft stock. To move up in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Saints had to give up a 2019 first rounder.

13 Wouldn't Want: Detroit Lions

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are another team with a bad secondary. Besides Darius Slay Jr., this secondary hasn’t been very good at all. Does Jalen Ramsey fix the problem? He helps a lot. If you have Slay on one side and Ramsey on another, you’re secondary has improved. The problem is, there is no way Ramsey would want to play there.

Detroit is a dead end in the NFL. Once players go there, their careers tend to go downhill. They either struggle or sign a great contract but lose love for the game because the team has been so bad. Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders are prime examples. Ramsey wants to win, so he doesn’t accept playing for the Lions.

12 Could Trade: Atlanta Falcons

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta’s secondary has been beaten up all season, so you could say they have a legitimate excuse why they have been so bad. Their cornerbacks, however, could still be improved. A Jalen Ramsey trade could put the Falcons back into the talks of being a Super Bowl contender. Ramsey would cost them a first, but if it means putting them back in the conversation to be a Super Bowl team, then it’s worth every penny.

It’s not far at all from where Ramsey is playing in Jacksonville, so it’s not a huge transition for him. Ramsey wants to win, and immediately he gets put in a position to do just that.

11 Shouldn't Trade: Cleveland Browns

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the past two offseasons, the Cleveland Browns have had to spend a lot of money and make a lot of moves to put them where they are now. Obviously, they aren’t playing as well as they would like, but they’re in a position to be dominant for years to come. This is a team that will soon be complete and that will be hard to beat one day.

The secondary consists of Denzel Ward and Damarious Randall, which has been a stellar group. Ramsey is intimidating to go after because of his talent, but the Browns have to trust their youth and potential to grow with the team.

10 Wouldn't Want: Miami Dolphins

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For years, the Miami Dolphins have failed to draft a solid cornerback. This past draft, the Dolphins settled with Minkah Fitzpatrick, who they have been utilizing in the nickel formation. Fitzpatrick has a lot of potential, and should be a really talented player for years to go, but he won’t change this secondary. The Dolphins need to improve their secondary. Ramsey won’t want to be part of that help.

Miami would be a beautiful place to live, but Ramsey is a winner. The Dolphins are not. Until the Dolphins move on from Ryan Tannehill and improve their defense, this team isn’t going anywhere.

9 Could Trade: Philadelphia Eagles

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

This season, the Eagles secondary has been beaten up. It’s really hurt them and their chances at making another playoff run. Even when they were healthy, this wasn’t the best secondary. Improvements needed to be made. Jalen Ramsey would be a big help.

Throughout the NFC East, there are really talented receivers that have been able to rip the Eagles secondary to shreds. Ramsey isn’t going to let those wide receivers do the same thing to them. Ramsey helps scare these offenses and puts the Eagles back in the driver’s seat to be the frontrunners to win the division again in the future.

8 Shouldn't Trade: Seattle Seahawks

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the last remnants of the Legion of Boom to leave Seattle this offseason as Earl Thomas tests free agency, the Seahawks need to find their new identity on defense. There’s a lot of talent on that defense currently, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Especially, in the secondary.

If you can have Shaquill Griffin on one side, and Jalen Ramsey on the other, that's a very talented secondary. However, the Seahawks have been known for drafting their main pieces, and they should stick to that. The current team that everyone thought would have a losing season looks like a strong candidate for the no. 6 seed in the NFC.

7 Wouldn't Want: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There would be absolutely no point in Jalen Ramsey playing for the Buccaneers. If he thinks he’s in a bad situation with the Jaguars, Tampa would be even worse. It seems like Tom Coughlin has realized Blake Bortles is not the answer, and that they need to move on. Whereas in Tampa, the Buccaneers could very much still be stuck on Jameis Winston.

Despite even the quarterback situation, the Buccaneers secondary is bad. There is so much that needs to be patched up, that Ramsey would only be a step in the right direction. He will stay away from the Bucs.

6 Could Trade: Carolina Panthers

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Donte Jackson has been really impressive on one side of the Panthers secondary, but they could use help on the other side. This Panthers team looked like it would run away with the No. 5 seed in the NFC. Now, they’re on the outside looking in. Ramsey wouldn’t patch up the offensive holes, but he would make this defense that much more competitive.

The Panthers were in the Super Bowl just three years ago, and could have a chance to be back with an improved defense (they never really found a replacement for Josh Norman). On top of the talent of this team, the Panthers’ culture meshes perfectly with Jalen Ramsey.

5 Shouldn't Trade: Dallas Cowboys

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Dallas Cowboys have arguably the best defense in the history of their franchise. The Cowboys recently stunned the football world held the best offense in the NFL (New Orleans) to only 10 points. Maybe a year ago, we would have said the Cowboys need a cornerback. With Byron Jones moved back to cornerback and the rest of the secondary playing at a high level, there’s no need.

All the Cowboys need to do is pay these guys on defense to make sure you keep this defense for a long time. Along with simply not needing Ramsey, the Jaguars cornerback stated he wouldn't play for Dallas as long as the Jones family owns the team.

4 Wouldn't Want: New York Jets

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t matter if the Jets have all the money in the world to pay Jalen Ramsey, he doesn’t want to lose. Like always, the Jets are a long way away from success. Sam Darnold is turning the football over too often, and the defensive line fails to get pressure on the quarterback. The Jets have many needs, and cornerback isn’t high on the priority list.

If the Jets don’t sign Trumaine Johnson to a massive contract in the offseason, this makes more sense on their end. Right now, it doesn’t make sense for either team. While the Jets may call to acquire, they won’t go through with it even if the opportunity lies there.

3 Could Trade: New England Patriots

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

What if Jalen Ramsey jumped board and played for the team that beat the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game last season? The Patriots may give the Jaguars a first, and Ramsey is in a position to win. The only issue here is that Stephon Gillmore is on an expensive contract, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and move him to make room for Ramsey.

The future is unknown in New England, as every year seems like the last season of Tom Brady’s career. Why not improve the defense and make it ready for the days after Brady?

2 Shouldn't Trade: New York Giants

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Things look as bad as they possibly could over the past two seasons for the New York Giants, but don’t hit the panic button just yet. In 2016, the Giants defense was one of the better ones in the league. Since then, they have definitely had their struggles. That doesn’t mean they should go ahead and give away a first round pick.

The Giants have a lot to fix, including the quarterback position. Trading away a first round pick doesn’t help that situation. They should keep the first rounder, and go develop in the draft. Jalen Ramsey is a one of a kind cornerback, but don’t lose confidence in Janoris Jenkins.

1 Could Trade: Kansas City Chiefs

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs may have the best chance of winning a Super Bowl since their 1970 championship. This team has all the talent to win another championship if they improve their defense. Offensively, they are up there with the best of them all, despite just needing a running back following Kareem Hunt’s unexpected release.

If the Chiefs trade for Jalen Ramsey and draft some defensive talent, and you are right there with the rest of these Super Bowl picks year after year. Eventually they will get there, but with Ramsey, they could speed up the process. Kansas City has a strong enough culture and a well respected head coach for Ramsey to not disrupt any chemistry.

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