15 NFL WAGs Who Are More Appealing Than Gisele Bundchen

Think about the most beautiful NFL WAG you know of. Most fans would probably say Gisele Bundchen would be their answer. Bundchen is the wife of superstar quarterback, Tom Brady. Bundchen is a Brazilian model, and in fact, she has been one of the highest paid models in the world. She's absolutely stunning, and gains a lot of prominence among football fans because of her husband. The two have been married since 2009, and have two children together. Bundchen is not only a gorgeous model, but she also helps out different charities around the world.

While we think that that Gisele Bundchen is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, there are actually a lot of women of NFL stars that can be viewed as just as attractive, if not more than Gisele. A perk of playing a professional sport is that you get to meet some of the best-looking women in the world. While some of these incredible women are some of the most famous people around, some of the other women are very low-key, but also very good looking. You make the judgement, but these women certainly deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Gisele, and depending on your tastes, you may find these women to be more desirable. Here are 15 NFL WAGs who may be more attractive than Mrs. Brady.

15 Candice Crawford

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Let’s jump right in to it, and start with one of the most popular NFL WAGs. Candice Crawford is an absolute beauty, as she's married to one of the top ladies' men in the game, Tony Romo. Romo was a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, who has always been known for the beautiful women he’s been together with. The two have been married since 2011, and currently have three kids together.

Unlike Romo, Crawford is nowhere near as famous as her husband. Candice is a beautiful mom, that can shine even above Gisele Bundchen. One of the best things about her is her incredible smile. It’s so natural and pretty, and really hard to keep your eyes away. A lot of models try and give more of a straight face look, but Crawford is one of those few that can smile and look absolutely great.

14 Marissa Powell

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Well, there’s another model with an incredible smile. That model is Marissa Powell, who is married to Kyle Van Noy, a linebacker for the New England Patriots. Powell is definitely not as popular as Gisele Bundchen, mostly because her husband is just another player in Bill Belichick's no-name defense, though he has had a decent 2017 season. Every night after games, he gets to go home to the former Miss Utah. From her smile to her incredible body, she definitely blows away Gisele Bundchen. Bundchen may be pretty, but Powell takes pretty to another level. She has the full package. If her husband was more famous, we may be talking about Marissa Powell being one of the best looking NFL wives in the league.

13 Lilit Avagyan


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Reggie Bush honestly should look into playing baseball, because this man knows how to hit home runs with the ladies. First, he was dating superstar personality Kim Kardashian, and now he's married to a look alike, who may be even better looking than Kim. Gisele can't top neither Kim or Lilit. That is why it's an even more interesting topic to compare Lilit to Kim.

His wife, Lilit, is extremely good looking. Like Kim, Lilit is also known for her ridiculous curves. Some pictures show that Lilit has an extremely nice body, which is pretty impressive for Bush to find after dating one of America’s most popular women. It almost seems like Lilit looks kind of like a Kardashian. The two have been married since 2014 and already have three children together.

12 Jessie James Decker

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How could there be a list of NFL WAGs that don’t include Jessie James? The pop singer is married to Eric Decker, wide receiver of the Tennessee Titans. One thing's for sure; you know she’s a keeper when the only way you can find out about her on Google is when you type in Jessie James Decker. Many famous women actually don’t include their husband’s last name all over the Internet, but that is definitely not the case with James. Jessie is absolutely stunning, and truly makes being a mom look like the best job in the world. Even with two kids, Jessie looks like a young model who is just starting off her career. Instead, she’s 29 years old with children and married to a NFL star.

11 Rachel Bush

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Here’s a soon to be NFL wife, that definitely doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves. Rachel Bush, is one of the youngest and most stunning NFL WAGs. Bush is currently engaged to Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer. It seems that whatever Rachel has done since coming in to Poyer’s life has worked, as he had a career year in Buffalo with five interceptions. Rachel gained a ton of popularity through her Instagram page, which eventually led up to her meeting Poyer.

Rachel has everything from an incredible smile, to an amazing looking body. The amount of likes and comments she gets on her posts say it all. She even apparently caught the attention from star basketball player, LeBron James. Rachel can be comparable to Gisele as they both have gained attention from two of the best athletes, but Rachel is definitely holding her own.

10 Ciara

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This one was definitely a close call, but then it goes down to a question of "what does Ciara have that Gisele Bundchen doesn't?" R&B singer Ciara is the wife of Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks. Ciara is one of the few NFL WAGs that have a lot of fame, but Wilson still overpowers her with more relevant fame as he has become one of the more popular NFL stars of late. Ciara is incredibly beautiful, and very talented. But what Ciara has that Bundchen doesn’t, is an incredible body. Ciara is gifted with the perfect body, not too thick yet not too skinny. Russell Wilson may have committed one of the worst interceptions in Super Bowl history, but Ciara was there to help him quickly get over it.

9 Nicole Williams


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Wow, beauty at its finest. Former Chargers linebacker Larry English may also secretly be a Kardashian, or a Jenner. Looking at Nicole Williams is very similar to looking to Kylie Jenner, except Nicole is a lot more mature, and even better looking. Nicole is very fit, and shows it in many of her pictures. For any woman who needs motivation to work out, Nicole Williams may be the perfect person to follow. She is just so absolutely stunning, and even has a beautiful face structure. Williams can stun the whole room without pounding herself with makeup or dressing half-naked. English better stay committed to Williams, or else some other stars may try and talk to her. She has a million Instagram followers and it's easy to see why.

8 Katherine Webb

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Who said that there’s no perks to being a backup quarterback? A.J. McCarron of the Cincinnati Bengals may prove that there is a ton of perks, as he’s married to a gorgeous woman by the name of Katherine Webb. Webb gained a lot of popularity when she was spotted at the 2013 BCS Championship Game, and the rest was history. Webb can do it all, from smiling to not smiling, from bathing suit to fully clothed, but no matter what, she always looks stunning.

Webb is one of those women that your kind of just look at, and know she has natural beauty. For a guy who’s still a backup quarterback, McCarron did a lot better than many other stars could have done. Here's to hoping he can eventually land a starting job, so we can see more of Webb.

7 Kelly Hall

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Matthew Stafford’s living the life with his beautiful wife, Kelly Hall. It’s a close call, but there’s definitely an argument that Kelly Hall would make a more desirable spouse than Gisele. Gisele lacks a warming smile, which Kelly has an incredible one that she’s not afraid to show off. A lot of times Kelly is fully clothed, but sometimes you will see pictures of her in a swimsuit, and wow, she can really rock it. If you’re looking for pictures, make sure you don’t look for the model Kelly Hall. But Stafford’s wife is still very pretty, and seems a bit more low-key about her looks, rather than flaunting her body away. Guess she just wants to keep it all for Matthew behind closed doors.

6 Olivia Culpo

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If you want to talk about a completely different type of beauty that hasn’t been seen on this list, we can talk about Olivia Culpo. She’s not new to the NFL WAGs list, as before she dated Danny Amendola of the Patriots, she allegedly dated former NFL star, Tim Tebow. Culpo is not one of those women that takes a bunch of pictures with her body all out and about, but she isn’t very low key as she won Miss Universe and Miss USA in 2012, and has been in a few movies. Culpo’s natural beauty is enough, that she doesn’t have to dress sexy in order to get attention from others.

She may have the most magnificent eyes you will ever see. Looking into them is looking into beauty. She doesn’t smile very often in pictures, but when she does, it’s a very subtle, yet adorable smile. She can really take any type of style, and wear it to its best ability.

5 Olivia Davidson

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It's not often in today's NFL that a non-QB gets hyped up as an MVP candidate. However with the way Todd Gurley carried the Rams offense this year and allowed Jared Goff to blossom in his second year, Gurley earned consideration. It seems his season didn't go unnoticed by the ladies either, as Olivia Davidson and Gurley have now been dating for a while. Davidson was seen with Gurley back at the 2015 NFL Draft, when the Rams took Gurley in the first round. Davidson made the move to Los Angeles with Gurley, and the bright lights of L.A. definitely aren't too much for Davidson to handle, as she looks perfectly at home on a beach, and worthy of this list.

4 Kristin Cavallari

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What a very classy, romantic beauty Kristin Cavallari is. Cavallari has popped up in a few popular television shows, including The Hills and Dancing With The Stars, and also appeared in the DVD film, National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: Freshman Year. Cavallari is no stranger to the media, and that is why when she started dating Jay Cutler, it didn’t become a huge news thing because it was just two celebrities dating each other.

Cavallari can sport a number of different looks, but always ends up looking really pretty. She tends to look a lot better looking when wearing light colored clothes, but even can make herself look good in dark clothes. Cavallari is another one of those women that dresses with class and blows people away in that regard, as opposed to dressing to flaunt her features.

3 Morgan Kauffmann

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If you can have any situation as a NFL player, you want to have the situation that Chris Boswell, placekicker of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has. He’s currently dating one of the cutest women on this list, and probably the most unknown. Unlike most of the other women in this list, Kauffmann is not a celebrity, and is dating someone who isn't a household name either. She works a regular job, which takes away a lot of attention from her. But she’s incredibly gorgeous. She may have the most beautiful smile on this list, with gorgeous, wavy hair. Sometimes you don’t need to date someone famous to have a really attractive girlfriend. Sometimes, finding someone that isn’t world famous is a better situation.


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Now we’re really getting fired up. Odell Beckham Jr. didn't have a memorable year, as an ankle injury prematurely ended his season in a year where the New York Giants became the laughing stock of the NFC and ended up being the first team to fire their coach. One saving grace for OBJ, a bright spot on a Giants team badly in need of a rebuild, is he gets to hang out with Polyxeni Ferfeli, who may be one of the most attractive WAGs in the NFL today, still flying under the radar. That makes those tough days at practice worth it, and while OBJ comes back healthy next year, hopefully we get to see more of Ferfeli on the Giants sidelines. That is, if the new coach allows it.

1 Claudia Sampedro

And it all comes down to this one, incredibly gorgeous woman. Sometimes we try to make it seem like some of these NFL WAGs are a lot better looking than they are, kind of like what some people do with Gisele Bundchen. But Claudia Sampedro is probably one of the best-looking women you will ever see anywhere. Sampedro is absolutely stunning, with one of the best bodies you will ever see. People constantly talk about how amazing the Kardashians' bodies are, but honestly. Claudia Sampedro’s body blows away any of theirs. Not all supermodels have to be super-famous.

The important question, is who is dating this incredibly hot woman? None other than one of the best defensive ends in the game, Julius Peppers. Not only is his game on the field top-notch, but it seems like his game off the field also is.

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