On The Move? 8 Teams Andrew Luck Would Want To Play For And 7 He Would NOT

Andrew Luck has not played at all during the 2017 NFL season due to an ongoing shoulder injury. It is looking like that the Indianapolis Colts are not the same team without him, but would he want to stay in Indianapolis once he finally gets his shoulder healed is the question. The Colts don't have a very good defense, and don't have a reliable offensive line.

There have been rumors floating around this season that will all of Indy's struggles to form a championship caliber team, as well as some unstable behavior by owner Jim Irsay, that Luck could be looking to leave Indianapolis. There's also speculation that the Colts may look to trade Luck because they completely have to start from scratch, as Luck's absence has exposed the team's many weaknesses.

Luck could easily win Super Bowls on a team that has a great defense and obviously, Lukc could bring the offense to an elite level. Luck could help make some teams into Super Bowl contenders if he gets the chance to. With that being said here are eight teams Luck would love to play for and seven that he wouldn't.

15 Would - Dallas Cowboys

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Now with that great offensive line in Dallas to go along with that fantastic running game that they have with Ezekiel Elliott when he is not suspended. That offense has made Dak Prescott look like a good quarterback, and imagine how great the Cowboys would be if they had Andrew Luck under center. Now I understand that the Cowboys defense has its has its weaknesses, especially in the secondary, but Luck leading an efficient offense would keep their defense off the field.

If Luck had a top 10 receiver like Dez Bryant, to go along with old reliable Jason Witten he could produce at an elite level especially in the play action game. Look for Dallas to figure out if they want Dak to be the long-term franchise QB before even considering going out to acquire Andrew Luck.

14 Wouldn't - Miami Dolphins

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By the time the 2018 season rolls around, Ryan Tannehill will have gone over 18 months without taking a snap in a regular season game. That's got to concern the Dolphins, who recently signed Tannehill to a long-term extension. Part of Tannehill's skillset is his mobility (don't forget he used to play wide receiver) and coming off a long-term ACL injury will definitely raise some questions.

The Dolphins have some good pieces and Adam Gase is a proven offensive guru, as he was at the helm for the Broncos' historic offensive season back in 2013, when Peyton Manning broke the single-season record for touchdowns and had his best year as a pro in his late 30s. However, there are still many question marks around the Dolphins' o-line and their defense. Those are problems Luck doesn't need.

13 Would - New York Giants

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The New York Giants have benched Eli Manning for Geno Smith after what is has been a very disappointing season for the Giants. It is safe to say that Eli is starting to get up there in age and New York should look for another option to lead the offense. The Giants should be considering giving up what will be a high first round selection in 2018 to get Luck. While he'd be a risk coming off a shoulder injury, remember when people thought Drew Brees was done after his nasty shoulder injury?

With that receiving core of Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Evan Engram, Sterling Shepard and company they need to have a quarterback that can get them the ball. Luck is definitely that guy and could very well help the New York Giants go back to their Super Bowl contender ways.

12 Wouldn't - Washington Redskins

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The Washington Redskins always seem to show signs of promise only to let you down when expectations are risen. They looked like they would possibly be able to contend for the NFC East crown this season with the struggles of the Giants and Cowboys, but of course the Eagles have come in and blown everyone out of the water. As for Washington's QB situation, the team has been reluctant to sign Kirk Cousins long-term, placing the franchise tag on him for two years straight. Washington seems to be a team in purgatory, unable to take the next step, but not bad enough to pick high in the draft.

Cousins's future is up in the air in DC, and while Luck may be intrigued by young pieces like Josh Doctson, there isn't enough talent to entice Luck.

11 Would - San Francisco 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers would be an interesting situation for Luck to be apart of. With them not knowing if they will sign Jimmy Garoppolo long term or not, it could create a situation where San Francisco moves some pieces to get the former Stanford Cardinal. Watching Luck play in San Fran which is a little over an hour away from where he played college football would be an interesting story.

San Francisco has a young football team that is a quarterback away from being a solid team. They have a promising young defense, but are in desperate need for that leader at quarterback. The 49ers also have a great football mind in Kyle Shanahan as the head coach which would be a great fit for Luck to work with. Watch out for the San Francisco 49ers as they will look to enter the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

10 Wouldn't - Cincinnati Bengals 

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The Cincinnati Bengals have been a piece away from winning a playoff game since the early 2010s, and they can't figure out what that piece that they need to make it to the next level is. It could be the quarterback, but that is definitely not something that Marvin Lewis would be willing to change. Plus the culture in Cincinnati is one that seems to be content with remaining mediocre to passable. It's unlikely they would be willing to make a big move like acquiring Luck to help their franchise.

The Bengals definitely have some pieces on their roster that would make them Super Bowl contenders with elite QB play, but it isn't a franchise that's known for striving for excellence. Look for the Bengals to be kept out of the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

9 Would - Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills would be an interesting fit for Andrew Luck, especially with their dominant running game due to LeSean McCoy. They have some young talented receivers that Luck could help reach their full potential. Guys like Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones and company could be big time stars if they have a guy that could help get them the ball like Luck can.

Buffalo is in need of a quarterback with a solid arm as they have made it clear how much they think of Tyrod Taylor. They are in need of a pocket passer with the great accuracy Andrew Luck has. He would be the best quarterback that the Bills have had since Drew Bledsoe. Having Luck at QB would give the Bills a fighting chance in finally dethroning the Patriots in the AFC East.

8 Wouldn't - New York Jets

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While Luck would provide himself a decent chance at dethroning the Patriots if he were on the Buffalo Bills, the Jets are farther from a finished product and likely need another few drafts before they can contend with New England. The Jets are surpassing expectations this year (easy to do when you're expected to go 1-15) but they won't be sneaking up on anybody next year, which will make it tougher to string out some wins. The Jets will need to keep building their team through the draft and looking to sell the farm for a franchise savior in Luck is not the way to go. And Luck will likely be relieved when the Jets don't come calling. He needs to go to a team ready to contend.

7 Would - Arizona Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals are in desperate need of a quarterback with Carson Palmer getting up there in age, and they don't have a future quarterback as their backup. Andrew Luck would come right in and make an immediate impact for the Cardinals. Having a hall of famer at wide receiver in Larry Fitzgerald to go along with the speed of J.J. Nelson and John Brown could become a dangerous offense.

The Cardinals also will be getting the dynamic David Johnson back who has been a monster before getting hurt this season. If they have Andrew Luck and David Johnson together they can create an elite quarterback/running back duo this league hasn't seen in years. Not to mention, Luck would be able to reunite with Bruce Arians, his first NFL offensive coordinator and interim coach from Luck's rookie season.

6 Wouldn't - Chicago Bears

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The Chicago Bears traded away a future to move up one spot in the 2017 NFL Draft to select Mitchell Trubisky. The Bears don't have the type of trade assets that would attract not only Indianapolis, but it would definitely not attract a guy like Andrew Luck to want to play for them. Chicago doesn't have anything close to a high caliber receiver and the Bears are in a desperate need of an upgrade everywhere.

We really can't tell about Mitchell Trubisky yet with him not having a full season under his belt. Look at Jared Goff - everybody wrote him off last season, and he is helping lead the Rams into a playoff run. We need more of a sample size of Trubisky before deciding on whether the Bears should be looking to upgrade at QB or not.

5 Would - Minnesota Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings have a good situation going right now, but they could definitely look at a quarterback in case Teddy Bridgewater isn't able to develop like they originally thought he would. Case Keenum is doing a great job at the moment, but he's still far from a proven commodity that will be able to be a great QB year after year.

Minnesota has a solid running game in their three headed monster of Dalvin Cook when healthy, Latviaus Murray and Jerick McKinnon. If the Vikings are bounced early in the playoffs, look for Minnesota to look at all their options, including at QB. The Vikings look like they have all the pieces to be a Super Bowl team, and if their season ends with them falling short, they should upgrade however they can.

4 Wouldn't - Cleveland Browns

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The Cleveland Browns are the Cleveland Browns and I don't think anybody would want to play in Cleveland. The Browns have been so bad since the 2000s and have only had a winning record in two seasons. Cleveland have also been through a plethora of starting quarterbacks and it seems to be the city where players' careers go to die.

Cleveland is not the place where you want to be for the prime of your career especially when you have such a great football mind like Luck.

The Browns will not even be a thought in the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, especially if he has a say of where he wants to go. Besides, even if the Browns did manage to agree to a trade for Luck, they'd probably forget to notify the league about it.

3 Would - Jacksonville Jaguars

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are in need of a quarterback that doesn't make you twitch every time he throws the ball. Now imagine a great football mind like Andrew Luck playing in a franchise built by Tom Coughlin, and a culture put together by Doug Marrone provides all the reasons in the world why the Jaguars and Andrew Luck would be contenders every single year.

With Jacksonville getting Allen Robinson back to go along with Marqise Lee, Allen Hurns, and the rest of the young wide receiver corps, would be a great mix for both sides. If Jacksonville gets Luck, the Jaguars will be a threat in the AFC for the next ten plus seasons. However, for the Colts to ever consider trading Luck within their division, they'd have to really get an offer they couldn't refuse from the Jags, so this scenario is very unlikely. Still, Luck must be looking at Jacksonville with some admiration in where they're going.

2 Wouldn't - New England Patriots

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The New England Patriots are a team that every player in the National Football League would love to play for, but with no sign of Tom Brady slowing down, it makes it highly unlikely that Luck would love to play there. The Patriots are one of those teams that you consistently love to hate because of how good they are year after year. With Luck in his prime years and being an established starter already in the NFL, there's no way he wants to sit. If Brady was hinting that 2017 is his final year in the NFL, then of course Luck would go there to be Brady's successor. However, Brady has long said he wants to play until he's 45 and he's looking like he can actually do it.

1 Would - Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos are so close to being contenders again, but they need a rightful heir to Peyton Manning and Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler don't look like the answer. What a story it would be if Andrew Luck was Peyton Manning's heir not once, but twice. Luck would be a huge upgrade from any of the quarterbacks that they have on the roster right now. With Luck's skillset he would make the Broncos Super Bowl contenders immediately.

Luck would revive the careers of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders and could help recreate the elite offense that the Broncos had with Peyton Manning (pre-2015) at the realm. John Elway has to be disgusted with what he's seen from his quarterbacks. If Luck is available, look for the Broncos to go all in on trying to acquire Luck as he could be the savior of the franchise.

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