15 Photos Of Samantha Ponder That Would Drive Christian Ponder Crazy

Everything's fair in love and war. Samantha and Christian Ponder tweaked the famous saying to make it read as: Everything's fair in love, war and sports. Samantha, the popular face of ESPN and Christian Ponder, the American football quarterback became soulmates in December 2012 in what was a wedding to be remembered.

Ever since their marriage, the couple has broken many stereotypes. One of them being the professions they are in. Samantha is an NFL sportscaster and host while her husband an NFL player who currently finds himself on the free-agent market. So, how do they keep the relationship going strong? If we had to guess, it probably comes down to both of them understanding each other's reality while also being passionate about what they do.

And it should not be tough for Christian to come back home after a bad day at the office to see a beautiful wife at home. Unless of course he has to settle for seeing her on TV criticizing his game. Samantha Ponder is one of the most beautiful and intelligent sportscasters in the world. She is known not just for her effortless beauty but also for her outspoken nature. She is a social media pundit and likes to speak her mind on different matters including family and of course football.

While we know that her beauty definitely her husband go crazy, we tried looking at what else can make feel Christian Ponder weak in his knees. These pictures came in very handy for us.

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15 Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes

via stormfront.org

Oddly enough, this blue-eyed beauty and the QB met on... Twitter. Yes, they met in the virtual world. So, this becomes another love story carved out of a social networking site. As per Samantha, it was Christian who started messaging her on Twitter. Her first thoughts about him were not so lovely. She says she thought 'Why is this old Florida State quarterback messaging me? This is weird.' But things got much more serious from there and before anybody else knew it, the two were tied together for the rest of their lives. No wonder Christian did not want to wait too long to lock her up. Look at this picture! We definitely know which social networking website these two lovebirds prefer now. Sorry, Facebook.

14 Working Some Black Magic

via instagram.com

Black seems to be the colour of choice for Samantha Ponder when she chooses her outfits, and this photo might just send her husband into a frenzy. Looking at this picture, it's very easy to see what moved Christian Ponder to decide that he wanted to marry her and make her a partner for the rest of his life. As you can see in this picture, Samantha looks like a dream girl for anyone. It's easy to be jealous of Christian, especially for his wife (his NFL career could have gone a little better). One has to wonder what he loves more: the sport he plays or the game Samantha plays with her eyes. There's probably a very clear answer to that, but we'll let the readers be the judge.

13 Samantha Is A Real Prize

via instagram.com

Christian Ponder might have won many trophies and prizes in his football career but Samantha Ponder remains the greatest highlight of his life. For a guy who made a living throwing passes, he sure made a great catch with her. A confident, beautiful lady like Samantha is not easy to come by. The best thing about her is the fact that she has managed her professional and personal life extremely well. Being a sportscaster, it might not have been very easy for her to maintain that balance between being in studio while also starting a family. Despite the challenge it seems she came out with flying colours in achieving that. Here, we cannot take all the credit away from Christian, who has been a great husband and father.

12 Most Beautiful Sportscaster

via instagram.com

Imagine you are Christian Ponder. You enter the house and you see this face. Can you think of any better way to immediately make all of your problems disappear? And that's exactly what, in a recent interview, Samantha told the media. Christian might have a bad day now and then but when he is home, despite the losses or the criticism he faces, he won't behave differently. That's a big plus if you are aa athlete and that's what Samantha loves about him. She once said, "That’s one thing I can say about Christian: He treats people well and does not change the way he interacts with fans or anything like that because of the response they’ve given him."

11 Orange Suits Her

via variety.com

Oh yes, this colour does the trick very well. Samantha has always maintained elegant style and class in what she wears. She has been stylish and beautiful with her outfit choices but never too revealing. That has undoubtedly made her appeal go a notch higher than others. Presenting sports on TV has become more of a beauty contest rather than one of intelligence but that's not the path that Samantha has chosen for herself.

At the same time, whenever she has been on screen, men have fallen for her incredible looks. She really is the complete package, and Christian Ponder is a lucky man (unless you judge him on his NFL numbers, then you get a very different story).

10 Christian Knows What He Likes

via instagram.com

Mrs. Ponder posted this picture on her Instagram and the one reason to add this to our list was her caption. To describe this picture, Samantha wrote "Asked my husband to take a pic of my first round of golf, and this is what I got." As a fan and someone who can't get enough of Samantha, it goes without saying what made Mr. Ponder snap the picture at this moment. Boys will be boys, and something about the way Samantha is setting up her shot must have really spoken to Christian. It is no surprise that Samantha knows that and smiles secretly. Coming back to this picture, we would like to call it good photography gone wrong. Still, it could be considered a masterpiece.

9 She Loves The Outdoors

via instagram.com

There are too many reasons to love Samantha Ponder. Intelligence, blue eyes, blonde hair, sharp nose, adorable chin, beautiful smile and those dimples. Add to that her accomplished career and ability to be there for her family and it seems she just can't get any more perfect. That is, until you see this image.

There is something about a woman who can appreciate the great outdoors that just takes her attractiveness to an entirely new level. This means she could probably grill Christian a nice fish dinner after he had a long day of training to stay in shape for an NFL return. While teams don't seem too interested in Christian, we're sure plenty of fish are biting on Samantha's line.

8 Strong Will

via zimbio.com

In her illustrious career as a sportscaster, there have been times when Samantha has faced trolls on the internet and even in real life. But she has been very outspoken about them and at times, she has even taken them on full-throttle. She once was trolled for a dress she wore on TV. The unnecessary mockery made her so sick that she took on the trolls and wrote on Twitter, "Getting vulgar tweets about my job/appearance while I’m unable to see my own feet & covered in toddler pee is something else”. Beside this, she has been targeted for being too smart. Yes, someone thought a good insult would be to say she was actually TOO intelligent. We can't make this stuff up. Thankfully Samantha has a thick skin and a strong will.

7 Taking Care Of Business

via instagram.com

If ever there was a contest to choose the best smiles in the world, Samantha Ponder would definitely be in the running to win it. Look at this smile and decide for yourself. She is probably smiling because she knows how much she is getting done. As one of ESPN's most popular sportscasters, she needs to constantly be taking care of business while also being a wife and mother. Anybody who can manage to do that so well and make it look so effortless would probably be smiling a lot too. The only person who might be smiling more than Samantha might be Christian, as he is the man who managed to land Samantha as a wife. It can't be stated enough how lucky he is.

6 Centre Stage

via abcnews.com

I can feel for Christian Ponder, and the reason is quite simple. He has a tough job that involves thousands of hours of hard work and preparation. He has to deal with the pressure to stay afloat in a league full of talented youngsters. And on top of all that pressure, he might be distracted by his beautiful wife. She is at home waiting for him, she is on TV, she is at the stadium where he plays. In the outfit above, Mrs. Ponder looks like the girl straight out of any man's best dream. It merits repeating that she looks the best in black. The red shoes go so well with her black dress and the matching lipstick. She definitely knows how to keep her audience focused.

5 Royal Blue

via instagram.com

The picture was taken when Samantha appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she was dressed in this beautiful royal blue dress. She really could pass for a member of the royal family with her grace and beauty. The black nail polish she was wearing went beautifully with her dress. There was nothing too revealing about the dress yet her attractiveness quotient was off the charts. We're surprised that Jimmy Kimmel was able to remember to ask her questions, as we would have been awestruck, probably struggling to keep our jaws off the floor. She wasn't on the show with Christian, and he must have found it hard to watch on his TV while he beautiful wife was far away chatting with another man.

4 Speaking Her Mind

via instagram.com

Samantha has always spoken her mind, be it in front of the camera or on different platforms. At the same time, and quite in a different way, her husband has been a quiet man. Christian Ponder is known as a man of few words, literally. Once asked why they are two contrary ends of the spectrum when it comes to speaking their minds, she had a great answer.

She had replied, "His focus right now is football. With my job, I get to be a little more interactive. That’s a huge part of my job, representing the fans and asking questions the fans want to know. That’s part of what I love about my job. We have very different roles as far as what’s required out of us with social media." At least it seems that both of them are aware of their behaviour.

3 Having A Rough Day

via heavy.com

Being beautiful is not a job, but if it was one Samantha would probably be great at it. Jokes aside, in this picture she looks a little stressed out. Despite the peaved look, it doesn't mean that the photo can't still be considered very cute. Sometimes, such candid shots can still take someone's breath away. Talking about getting upset, the one thing Samantha does not like about Christian is him not doing his laundry. She was once asked what would she ask Christian if she was interviewing him. This was her reply: "I’d ask him when he’s going to do his laundry. That’s the first thing I’d ask him." Oh C'mon, Christian, will you please get up and do the job? It's the least he could do for his beautiful wife.

2 Minimum Make-Up

via pinterest.com

We all are drooling over this picture. There are a very few people who are so graceful in the way they are and how they carry themselves, not just in how they dress and what they reveal. Samantha Ponder is just that sort of a person. Christian definitely appreciates her for her effortless beauty. She does not try and look beautiful and this picture is a testimony to her ability to stun us even without her makeup team's help. All she needs is to show off that beautiful smile. That alone is often enough for many hearts to skip a beat. With such an infectious smile it's no wonder Christian Ponder is so happy with his beautiful bride.

1 That All Business Look

via twitter.com

What would you do if you turned around expecting to see the beautiful and smiling Samantha Ponder only to be met with this look? Needless to say you would probably be a little more than surprised. While this isn't exactly a model pose, it still shows a beautiful part of what makes Samantha so beautiful.

That is the fact that she can be very intense when she needs to be. This shows in her preparation for getting on air, and it pays off. Fans love tuning in to hear her insight, and she always brings her A-game for ESPN. It must be said one more, Christian Ponder has to be both the luckiest and unluckiest guy in the NFL simultaneously.

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