WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers Celebrate Touchdown WWE-Style

While many WWE fans were busy watching Monday Night Raw, they missed one epic, can't-miss NFL touchdown celebration.

The Pittsburgh Steelers visited the arch-rival Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Following a big touchdown from running back Le'Veon Bell, the Steelers formed an epic WWE-style touchdown celebration:

And despite the NFL trying to crack down on touchdown celebrations, the Steelers were able to avoid being hit with a 15-yard excessive celebration or taunting penalty. Amazingly, the pin celebration also foreshadowed what was about to come - a Steelers 23-20 victory. It also looked like Antonio Brown was trying to do his best Scott Armstrong impersonation with that fast count.

The Steelers have some form of a history with the WWE. Ben Roethlisberger and a number of his offensive linemen were guests hosts of a 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw - where they scared off Chris Jericho and the Big Show in multiple matches.

Fortunately for the Steelers, Monday Night Football tends to best Raw in ratings each week, so there was a large audience that got to watch their epic celebration. Also, Pennsylvania native Kurt Angle is a notable Steelers fan, so it's safe to assume the Raw general manager will be having a good laugh when he sees the video of this celebration.

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With the win, the Steelers moved to 10-2 on the season, and are holding onto the top seed in the AFC. As for the Bengals, they move to 5-7 and see their playoff hopes take a massive hit.


This game also featured a total of 20 penalties and 239 penalty yards, so it really was almost like a WWE match. The Steelers and Bengals absolutely despise one another, and they did a great job making it look like a feud between two top-notch WWE superstars.

So it's only fitting the Steelers celebrated a TD with a pin, before going on to win the game.

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