13 Players Tom Brady Carried To A Super Bowl (And 7 Talented Teammates Who Didn't Win One)

Throughout the course of his 17 seasons in the league, New England Patriots star Tom Brady has delivered some of the most memorable performances of any quarterback in NFL history. Brady has been voted to an incredible 13 Pro Bowls and has been the NFL MVP three times to go along with his four Super Bowl MVPs in five Super Bowl wins. Over the course of his career, he has started in 16 of his 17 seasons and has led the Patriots to the Super Bowl on eight different occasions, more than any other player in NFL history.

In addition to his numerous records for the Patriots franchise, Brady also holds several key NFL records, including more games won by a quarterback with 196, and he remains the only quarterback in the league to have three straight games with over 300 passing yards and more than three touchdown passes with no interceptions. In the Super Bowl, Brady's stats speak for themselves; the New England star holds records for most passes completed in a Super Bowl, most passing yards in a Super Bowl, most touchdown passes, and most passing yards.

With a Super Bowl record of 5-3, many have begun to point to Brady's recent Super Bowl appearance at Super Bowl LII, where the Patriots ended up losing to the Philadelphia Eagles, led by backup quarterback Nick Foles. While the team attempted to rally in the second half, Brady fumbled the ball on one of the Patriots final drives, sealing their fate.  Currently, in the midst of his 18th season in the league, only time will tell if Brady is able to bounce back from his recent loss to win another Super Bowl.

In this article, we're going to be counting down 14 players who Tom Brady carried to a Super Bowl, and six players who played alongside Brady in a Super Bowl and never won a ring.

20 Carried: Fred Baxter - 2002

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Tight end Fred Baxter played with the Patriots very briefly in 2002, specifically for one single game. After spending the first eight years of his career with the New York Jets following the 1992 draft, Baxter then wound up joining the Chicago Bears in 2001. After a successful season with the team, he rejoined them to start the 2002 season. However, he wound up being traded to the Patriots, where he won a Super Bowl ring despite playing just one game for the team.

19 Carried: O.J. Brigance - 2002

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After going undrafted in 1991, O.J. Brigance joined the Canadian Football League as a linebacker. An CFL All-Star in 1995, he wound up joining the NFL in 1996 after signing with the Miami Dolphins. Brigance played four seasons for the Dolphins before joining the Baltimore Ravens in 2000. However, he then found himself on the St. Louis Rams in 2001, where he had a successful season. The following season, he joined the New England Patriots, and played in just one game in 2002 prior to their Super Bowl win.

18 No Ring: BenJarvus Green-Ellis

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Drafted in 2008, BenJarvus Green-Ellis joined the New England Patriots, playing in nine games and posting 275 rushing yards. In his sophomore season, Green-Ellis played in 12 games, finishing with a career-low 114 rushing yards. The following season, however, Green-Ellis had a breakout season, posting 1,008 rushing yards as a Patriots starter, averaging 63 yards-per-game. In the next season, his final with the team, he posted 667 yards before being joining the Bengals the following season. While Green-Ellis had a successful career with the Patriots, he never won a ring with the team.

17 Carried: James Develin - XLIX/LI

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James Develin is one of the most interesting names on this list for the simple fact that he was carried to a Super Bowl win by Brady not once, but twice. At Super Bowl XLIX, the Patriots played the Seattle Seahawks in a "Pick 'em" Super Bowl. During the course of the season, Develin had just three attempts at fullback, finishing with five yards for the season. At Super Bowl LI, the Patriots put forth an impressive fourth quarter comeback to defeat the Atlanta Falcons, during that season, Develin didn't have a single rushing attempt, but received his second Super Bowl ring.

16 Carried: Michael Floyd - LI

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Michael Floyd joined the NFL as the 13th overall pick in 2012, joining the Arizona Cardinals. The wide receiver from St. Paul, Minnesota had a successful first four seasons, posting over 500 yards in every season but his final one with the team. In his best season, Floyd put up 1,041 receiving yards on 65 receptions. After leaving the Cardinals in the midst of the 2016 season, Floyd joined the Patriots, where he played in just two games, earning 42 yards on 4 receptions. Despite his lack of time on the team, they won the Super Bowl, and he received a ring.

15 Carried: Damon Huard - 2002

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Damon Huard started his NFL career with the Miami Dolphins in 1997, finally playing in a game during the 1998 season, when he went 6/9 on completions. During the 1999-00 seasons, Huard served as a backup on the Dolphins before being traded to the New England Patriots in 2001. It was in his second season, where he played in just two games, that he wound up being carried by Brady to a Super Bowl ring. After his brief three-season stint in New England, he joined the Kansas City Chiefs, where he played five seasons, with the final three being better than his years in Miami.

14 No Ring: Brandon Spikes

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Selected in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, linebacker Brandon Spikes spent the first four seasons of his career with the New England Patriots. Throughout the first four seasons of his career, Spikes started in 39 games, racking up 175 tackles. In addition, he posted two interceptions for the team. During that time, Spikes didn't win a Super Bowl ring despite his defensive contributions. He joined the Buffalo Bills after his four-season stint with the Patriots, however he never won a ring.

13 Carried: Clay Harbor - LI

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Selected to the NFL in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft out of Missouri State, Clay Harbor joined the Philadelphia Eagles to start his career. Harbor was a reliable tight end for the team in his first three seasons, posting 186 receiving yards in his best season to go along with 25 receptions. After his three-season stint with the Eagles, Harbor joined the Jacksonville Jaguars for three seasons, where he saw an improvement in his stats, posting a career-best 292 receiving yards in the 2013 season, his first with the Jaguars. After three seasons with the team, he joined the Patriots in 2016, where he won a Super Bowl ring despite playing in just three games.

12 Carried: Chris White - XLIX

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Selected in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Chris White had a brief NFL career. Joining the Buffalo Bills after the 2011 draft, White spent two seasons with the team, as a linebacker, playing in seven games and racking up eight tackles. He improved in his next season, posting 9 tackles in 15 games before then being signed by the Patriots going into the 2013 season. In 2014, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, while White had just one tackle and three assists in 13 games as a Patriot. Despite his lack of production, the team won a ring, and so did he.

11 Carried: Brandon Bolden - LI

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Brandon Bolden joined the New England Patriots in 2012 after going undrafted out of Mississippi. The running back played the first six seasons of his career with the New England Patriots, winning a Super Bowl in 2016 with the team. While his production in previous seasons was solid for a backup splitting carries with a starter, in the 2016 season, Bolden posted just 1 rushing attempt in 14 games. Despite that, he managed to win a ring for his efforts.

10 No Ring: Logan Mankins

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Selected to the New England Patriots with the 32nd pick of the 2005 NFL Draft, Logan Mankins spent the first nine seasons of his career with the Patriots, starting in all sixteen games throughout the first five seasons of his career. Despite the guard being a seven-time Pro Bowler, with all but one season being with the Patriots, Mankins never won a ring with the team. The feat certainly wasn't Mankins' fault.

9 Carried: Rabih Abdullah - XXXIX

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Rabih Abdullah joined the NFL in 1998 via the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Abdullah spent his first four seasons in the NFL with the team, proving himself a reliable backup off the bench as the team split carries between him and Mike Alstott, who was a Pro Bowler. After four seasons with the Buccaneers, Abdullah posted two lackluster seasons with the Chicago Bears before joining the New England Patriots in 2004. During his lone season with the team, Abdullah posted just 13 yards on 13 rushing attempts and won a ring despite his lack of production for the team.

8 Carried: Adrian Klemm - XXXIX

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Adrian Klemm had a very short-lived NFL career. After joining the Patriots in 2000 as an offensive tackle, Klemm went on to play five seasons for the team. As he only played in 26 games over his five seasons, he only made a limited impact. During the 2004 season, where the Patriots won the Super Bowl, Klemm played in just two games in what would be his final season with the Patriots. The following season he had a career-high eight career starts while playing in every game that season. The following season, he retired.

7 No Ring: Wes Welker

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After going undrafted in 2004 from Texas Tech, Wes Welker was picked up by the San Diego Chargers. From there, he joined the Miami Dolphins after spending a season with the Chargers, before landing on the Patriots in 2007. Welker, a five-time Pro Bowler, is a three-time NFL receptions leader. Unfortunately, despite an extremely impressive career that will likely see him voted into the Hall of Fame eventually, Welker never won a ring with the Patriots.

6 Carried: Steve Maneri - XLIX

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After going undrafted in 2010, Temple alumni Steve Maneri joined the Houston Texans practice squad during the 2010 season. Shortly after beginning his stint with the team, Maneri bounced around teams to start the first few years of his NFL career, never staying on a team for more than two seasons throughout his seven-season career. During the 2014 season he landed himself a spot on the New England Patriots, playing in a single game over the course of the season, where the Patriots won the Super Bowl.

5 Carried: Kenny Britt - LI

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Kenny Britt joined the NFL back in 2009, as a receiver from Rutgers he played in all 16 games his first season in the NFL, starting in six of them and posting 701 yards. The following season he posted 775 yards while catching 42 passes. It wasn't until 2017 that he found himself on the New England Patriots after joining the team from the Cleveland Browns earlier in the season. During his time with the Patriots he played in just three games, earning 23 receiving yards, and a Super Bowl ring.

4 No Ring: James Harrison

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Outside linebacker James Harrison joined the NFL in 2002 from Kent State, playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2002 before then joining the Baltimore Ravens practice squad in 2003. After spending his prime years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Harrison landed himself a spot on the Patriots for the final season of his career, where he played in just one game throughout the season. While he did earn himself two sacks during the game, it was the fewest games the NFL vet had played in since his rookie season, and he didn't win a Super Bowl when the Eagles defeated the Patriots at Super Bowl LII.

3 Carried: Jonathan Freeny - LI

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Drafted in 2012, linebacker Jonathan Freeny joined the Miami Dolphins, playing in all sixteen games in both his rookie and sophomore seasons. After three seasons with the Miami Dolphins, Freeny joined the New England Patriots. While he had a successful first season with the team, it was in his second season that the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Freeny, he only played in five games that season, posting six tackles. Since then, Freeny has bounced around teams throughout the 2017 season.

2 No Ring: Brian Hoyer

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After going undrafted in 2009, Brian Hoyer joined the New England Patriots in 2009, where he spent the first three seasons of his career, and failed to win a Super Bowl despite his status as Tom Brady's backup. After seeing a decline in stats throughout the first three seasons of his career, Hoyer bounced around teams for the next couple seasons as a backup before then joining the Patriots again in 2017. Unfortunately, he still failed to win a Super Bowl in his second go-around in New England, where he played in 5 games and made 4 out of 6 passes.

1 No Ring: Randy Moss

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Drafted in 1998 as the 21st selection by the Minnesota Vikings, Randy Moss is arguably the greatest NFL wide receiver of all time. A six-time Pro Bowler, and member of the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team, Moss holds countless NFL records, including most touchdown receptions in a season, and most touchdown receptions by a rookie in a season. In addition, Moss reached 5,000 career receiving yards faster than any other player in NFL history. Unfortunately for the Hall of Famer, despite playing with Brady in a Super Bowl, he never won a ring during his time in the league, making him arguably the greatest player of all time to never win a Super Bowl ring.

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