Power Ranking The Top 20 NFL Players Aged 25 And Under

The NFL is a grown man's league and each game takes a huge toll on the players' bodies.  This will often give a younger player an advantage from week to week as their recovery time is generally quicker than their veteran teammates.  It elevates the importance for teams to stockpile talented youth in the draft because when a player reaches 30 years old in the NFL, they are considered over the hill and in the sunset of their career.

However, veteran players have advantages that only experience can bring and it is often why players in between 26 and 30 are considered to be in the prime of their careers. A player must earn his stay in a cut-throat league like the NFL, where the average career span is less than three seasons. So if a player under the age of 25 has already made a name for himself, it's usually a sign that they are an extremely special talent.

This list breaks down those rare players who have established themselves as being the future faces of the league. These "kids" can flat out ball and can excel on the field despite having limited NFL experience. The list looks at not only what these players have accomplished in their career to date, but also factors in their future potential.

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20 Jameis Winston

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston has struggled so far this season but that is not enough to not include him on this list. There were a lot of Winston haters entering his rookie season and he silenced many of them by throwing for over 4,000 yards and 22 touchdowns (Winston also rushed for 6 touchdowns).

As a big, strong-armed quarterback, it will take Winston several seasons to fully develop his potential. But luckily for the Buccaneers, incredible potential is not something Winston lacks. What has been most impressive about Winston is his apparent maturity and desire to be great. This offseason he showed a dedication to developing his technique, as well as his conditioning. He reported to camp this year in excellent shape for a quarterback his size.

Winston will struggle at times but this guy is a winner. His passion for the sport and amazingly high ceiling will allow Winston to be a star in the NFL. Teams better take advantage of his youth now because in a few years Winston will be tearing defenses apart week in and week out.

19 Deone Bucannon

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Who? Not many people know of Deone Bucannon on the Cardinals yet but that is going to change just like Bucannon is going to continue the change the linebacking position. Originally drafted in the first round as a hard-hitting safety out of Washington State, the Cardinals were forced to move Bucannon to linebacker due to injuries at the position his rookie season.

Although he was hesitant to make the position change, Bucannon accepted his role and immediately became a game-changing linebacker. In fact, he plays the position unlike any other player in the league to the point that they created a new position name for him, "The Moneybacker." At 6'1" and 211 pounds, Bucannon brings a ton of punch in the box, but is still able to use his natural safety skills to shut down other teams' tight ends and running backs. In his second season at linebacker, Bucannon registered 112 tackles and allowed the Cardinals to use defenses that defensive coordinators could only once dream about.

It's not shocking if you've never heard of Bucannon but do yourself a favor and become educated on him. He's changing the game up for linebackers and many teams are now looking for similar players to copy his unique skill set.

18 Stefon Diggs

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Viking used a fifth-round pick on Stefon Diggs in 2015 and it already appears to be an absolute steal. Diggs received little hype going into his rookie season but then burst onto the scene late and quickly became the Vikings go to receiver. It's difficult to pinpoint what exactly make Diggs so good, but his precise route running and top gear speed are hard to miss.

Some thought that Diggs would struggle in his second season now that teams are going to gameplan and put their no.1 corner on him, but he's shown that he's ready for the challenge. In Week 2 of this season, Diggs absolutely torched the Green Bay Packers secondary to the tune of 9 catches for 187 yards and a touchdown. He was consistently able to beat corners deep and made several incredible grabs.

Diggs fell off a big at the tail end of his rookie season but don't expect a similar decline as this season goes on. If you believed the hype and drafted Diggs in fantasy football, you will be rewarded more and more as the season goes on.

17 Blake Bortles

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Bortles was drafted to be the future franchise quarterback for the Jaguars, a team in desperate need of some hope, and he has certainly provided just that. As a rookie, Bortles struggled but his potential was clear. In his second season, Bortles made the jump from timid rookie to gun-slinger when he threw for over 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns.

Surrounded by a talented and young receiving core, and a quickly developing defense, the Jaguars have a chance to make some noise in the coming seasons. With the talented and composed Bortles at the helm, the future in the sunshine state is bright. Bortles was often compared to a young Ben Roethlisberger when he came out in the draft and it's clear to see why. He may never reach Big Ben status, but "Big Bortles" has a nice ring to it, no?

16 Zack Martin

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You're probably thinking, "did this writer seriously include a lineman on this list?" The answer is yes and with good reason.  Zack Martin is not a sexy pick here and as an NFL lineman, he rarely gets any recognition for the tremendous work he does every Sunday. If a lineman is rarely talked about after a game, that means he did his job well.

Martin is a dominant force and the anchor for the best offensive line in football. All he has done in his two seasons in the league is make two Pro-Bowls and be named a first team all pro. He's perhaps the best guard in the league already and will remain so for the next decade plus.

Although the Cowboys received some flack for drafting a guard in the first round, Martin has proven them right and rewarded them with exceptional play on the line.

15 Sammy Watkins

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills made a big draft day trade in 2014 when they traded the 9th overall pick and a future first round pick to move up to the 4th pick and take Sammy Watkins. Although Watkins may not have lived up to that type of price tag to this point, but he has shown that he can be a legitimate no.1 receiver when healthy.

Watkins backed up a solid rookie season with a 1,000 yard and 9 touchdown 2015 season. Injuries have certainly derailed his career trajectory to this point but when healthy, Watkins is a serious threat. With Watkins it's not whether he can produce, it's whether he can stay healthy. Let's hope for his sake and for the Bills that Watkins can remain healthy and have a very successful career.

If not, that draft day trade could be a serous black eye for the Bills franchise.

14 Allen Robinson

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Do the Jaguars have a machine that makes 6'3, 210 pound receivers? Between Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, the Jaguars have developed quite a formidable receiving core. Although both Allen's are very talented, Robinson's 2015 season lands him on this list as teams were virtually unable to contain him at all.

After a quiet rookie season, Robinson had 1,400 yards and a whopping 14 touchdowns receiving last season. The craziest part about those stats is that not many people are even aware of Robinson's greatness. He continues to fly under the radar in the small Jacksonville market but his time is coming quickly. He may not be a huge name yet but Allen Robinson is on pace to become one of the best receivers in the league.

13 Amari Cooper

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Amari Cooper is the prototypical possession receiver in the NFL today. His size, speed, and great route running ability provides his young quarterback Derrick Carr with a great weapon on the outside. In his rookie year, Cooper showed an incredible knack to turn a 5 yard pass into a game-breaking 50-plus yard catch and run. His skill set is perfect for maintaining a long, successful career in the NFL.

Given the Raiders' young talent, Cooper will be able to grow along with his teammates around him. But make no mistake that this offense goes through Cooper and will for the next decade. The Raiders are certainly rising in the AFC West and Cooper and Carr will be a legendary duo before it's all said and done. It's a lot of praise, but it's well deserved.

12 Todd Gurley

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams desperately needed a face of the franchise before their big move to Los Angeles and Todd Gurley fits the bill for the leading role in Hollywood. Gurley dominated solid competition while playing at the University of Georgia before suffering a gruesome knee injury. Nobody knew for sure whether Gurley would ever be able to return to his powerful running style, but he has certainly shown that he can still run with the best of them.

Last season, Gurley was so much fun to watch for an otherwise unwatchable Rams offense. His presence has changed their swagger on offense as teams are now forced to stack the box in order to shut down the running game. Given that he is now in the biggest market (arguably) in the NFL, Gurley's star power will continue to grow.

Although his career may be shorter than most running backs in the long run given his injury history, Gurley will be a leading rushing back for the near future.

11 Mike Evans

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans announced his presence as a future dominant wide receiver in his rookie season when turned 68 receptions into 1,051 yards and 12 touchdowns. At 6'5", 231 pounds, Evans is a massive force to be reckoned with against smaller cornerbacks. His size makes him the perfect red zone target as quarterbacks can simply throw it his way and expect him to beat the corners at the high point.

Evans now has the talented Jameis Winston throwing him the rock and the duo has formed a solid chemistry together. Although the Buccaneers are still years away from being a contender, it doesn't stop Evans from growing his stardom week in and week out.  He does not have the flashiest game for a wide receiver, but Evans is consistent and seems to always put up big numbers. Expert fantasy owners have been rewarded the past three seasons by drafting the massive Evans but he will surely be a top 10 receiver after this season.

10 Derek Carr

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The toughest thing for an NFL team to do is find a franchise quarterback and it appears that the Raiders did just that when they drafted Derek Carr in the second round of the 2014 draft. Since being drafted, all Carr has done is compile 62 touchdowns to only 26 interceptions.

While he has produced statistically, the most impressive element of Carr's game has been his control of the huddle and leadership ability for a team that desperately needed it. The Raiders are stocked with young talent and Carr is the centerpiece that makes it all work. Like most great quarterbacks, Carr should continue to develop and learn how to expose defenses.

The Raiders should compete for a playoff spot this season and if they make it, it will provide Carr with the big stage that will make him a star.

9 DeAndre Hopkins

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

In his third season, DeAndre Hopkins hauled in 111 catches for 1,500 yards and 11 touchdowns. Those are impressive numbers alone but they become even more eye-popping when you see the quarterbacks (or lack thereof) that he's played with so far in his career in Houston. Hopkins is a classic no.1 receiver in this league as he has the home-run deep ball speed but runs precise routs that allow him to also be a possession receiver.

Now paired with a reliable quarterback in Brock Osweiler, it will be fun to watch Hopkins attempt to reach his full potential. If he can continue to stay healthy and consistently beat cornerbacks off the line, Hopkins will be a perennial Pro-Bowler. Although his name is not usually included in the discussions of the best wide-receiver in the league, Hopkins should enter that discussion very shortly. Just throw it up and watch him do his magic.

8 David Johnson

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Although David Johnson doesn't have the pedigree that many of these players have yet, his talent is undeniable. A surprise pick in the third round of the 2015 NFL draft, Johnson has made Cardinals GM Steve Keim look like a genius. He has a unique blend of power, speed, and receiving ability that makes him a perfect fit for the new age NFL running back.

As a rookie, Johnson burst onto the scene with an 187 yard and 3 touchdown performance on Sunday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles. Since then, he has cemented himself as the Cardinals starting running back and he has lived up to the lofty hype he received this offseason. The guy is an incredible talent and is the best receiving running back in the NFL.

It's not out of the realm of possibility for Johnson to one day have 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in a single season. It doesn't hurt that he also appears to be one of the nicest guys in the league.

7 Marcus Peters

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Peters came into the league with a lot of baggage given his on and off field issues while in college at the University of Washington, but his talent has never been questioned. The Kansas City Chiefs realized this and took a chance on the disgruntled cornerback and the selection has netted them arguably the best ball-hawk in the league.

As a rookie in 2015, Peters corralled in 8 interceptions which was good enough to finish tied for the league lead. He consistently covers the opposing team's no.1 wide receiver in man-to-man coverage, a feat that should not go overlooked. Peters is only in his second year and has already thrown his name in the hat with Patrick Peterson and Richard Sherman for the best corner in the league.

The Chiefs found a great talent and they are letting him shine. Look for Peters to lead the league in interceptions again in 2016 and continue to climb in the cornerback rankings.

6 Aaron Donald

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The quickest way to get to the quarterback is to go right up the middle and that is exactly what Aaron Donald is able to do. This beast of a man consistently destroys the pocket for opposing quarterbacks and makes offensive lineman look like children. He also has as a great feel in plugging gaps and stopping running backs in their tracks.  He's the best nose tackle in all of football and it's only his third season.

In 2014, Donald received the prestigious Rookie of the Year award after compiling 9 sacks. He followed that up with an impressive 11 sack season in 2015 and shows no signs of slowing down here in 2016.  Although he can sometimes let his emotions get the best of him, he uses that passion to bring it on every play. Donald will cause fear in opposing quarterbacks for years to come.

5 Odell Beckham, Jr.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Odell Beckham, Jr. burst onto the scene as a rookie when he made the now infamous one handed catch heard round the world. He hasn't slowed down since then as he has put up back to back 1,000 yard seasons. Beckham is a freak athlete and is a nightmare for opposing cornerbacks with his speed, jumping ability, and hand-eye coordination.

Although Beckham has a hot temper while on the field, he is nearly unstoppable when he keeps his head into the game. With a veteran quarterback in Eli Manning throwing him the ball, Beckham will continue to put up huge numbers and make fantasy owners happy each week.

Beckham has unlimited talent and is only 23 years old. If he can continue to mature and stay level headed (a big task for him at this point) Beckham could rival Antonio Brown and Julio Jones for the best receiver in the league.

4 Luke Kuechly

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's surprising that Luke Kuechly is only 25 years old as it feels as if he has been in the league for many years already. His style of play is classic for an inside linebacker as he has excellent sideline to sideline speed and a tenacious attitude in getting to the ball. Although he's only entering his 5th season, Kuechly has the poise of a 15 year veteran.

Paired with fellow teammate (and beast) Thomas Davis at the linebacker position for the Carolina Panthers, Kuechly is a game changer. His coverage skills are second to none for linebackers and his instincts have helped him already accumulate 12 interceptions.

Although some may believe this is a high ranking for Kuechly, it's possible that nobody else on this list effects the game as much as this guy when he's on the field. Kuechly is a stud and will remain so for many years in this league.

3 Khalil Mack

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are an up and coming team in the AFC and are stacked with young talent. Of their young stars, Khalil Mack certainly shines the brightest. Although he doesn't get as much national coverage as other speed rushers like Von Miller, Mack is a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks.

In 2015, Mack finished second to only J.J. Watt in sacks with 15. His speed and power creates a unique combination that makes him an extreme talent at the linebacker position. Mack continues to work on his coverage skills and continues to improve with each season; his potential is unlimited at this point.

Although he doesn't receive the spotlight that many of the leagues feared pass rushers do, that should change this season as the Raiders have several prime-time games coming up including a matchup against Von Miller and the Broncos. If you haven't watched this guy yet do yourself a favor and tune in.

2 Le'Veon Bell

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Le'Veon Bell is the model for the new age running back in the NFL, as he has all the rushing and receiving tools you could ask for in a running back. His rushing style is patient, yet powerful and is truly a beautiful thing to watch. At times he makes the game look so easy that it appears he's not even trying and he's just hitting now hitting his prime.

As the lead back for the NFL's most dangerous offense, it's capable that he will put up the type of stats that most running backs could only dream of. For example, in 2014 Bell rushed for over 1,300 yards and also caught 86 passes for 854 yards. Those stats are almost mind-boggling and show just how talented Bell is.

If he can take control of his off-field issues and avoid anymore suspensions, Bell has the potential to be the gold standard for running backs in the NFL for the next eight or nine years.

1 Tyrann Mathieu

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Tyrann Mathieu, more commonly known as the "Honey Badger," has had quite the path to stardom in the NFL. Always one of the shorter players on the field (standing only at 5'9"), Honey Badger has always played with a chip on his shoulder to prove he belongs. While at LSU, Honeybadger was in the running for the Heisman trophy his freshman year while playing defensive back and punt returner for the Tigers. After his breakout season, however, Mathieu hit adversity off the field and eventually was kicked off the team after failing multiple drug tests.

Despite being a year removed from football, the Arizona Cardinals took the risk of drafting Mathieu in hopes he would clean up his act and return to the dominance he displayed at LSU. For the Cardinals, the risk has certainly been worth the reward as Mathieu has been excellent both on and off the field.

Not blessed with great size, Honey Badger relies on his super human-like instincts and athleticism. If not for an injury last season, he would have won the Defensive Player of the year award.  Yes, he was and is that good. Don't believe it? I'm sure Mathieu would love to prove you wrong.

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