Predicting And Ranking Every NFL Team's QB/RB/WR Trio For The 2019 Season

Since the NFL began, three positions have always stood out because of their ability to win games by putting points on the scoreboard. The quarterback, running back, and wide receiver trio has evolved into the NFL's most marketable commodity. It does not hurt that the NFL has become a passing league and has put an emphasis on it by changing the rules to protect their hottest commodities.

Think about it this way instead. If you had to name two to three players from every NFL team, how many of them would be QBs, RBs, or WRs?

Most people are going to answer with one of the three, usually two of them, because that is how this league is now structured and that is how owner's sell tickets, by marketing the ones that are making the big plays on Sundays.

We went ahead and created our own ranking of every NFL team's best QB/RB/WR trio by looking at their body of work so far this season, their overall abilities, and their impact on their team's season. In other words, are they talented players that help win games or just talented players that help fantasy football owners win games.

32 Buffalo Bills: Josh Allen, Bryce Love, Zay Jones

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Many years from now, teams are going to watch the Week 3 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings from 2018 to find out how so much can go so wrong for such a great team at home. The Bills beat them 27-6 in one of the most surprising wins of the season.

But this is not a Buffalo Bills team that anyone expected to win more than a few games this year, especially with all of the problems they have on offense including rookie quarterback Josh Allen and star running back LeSean McCoy's injuries.

So expect a revamped offense next year that will be built around Josh Allen's strength's and that will include replacing McCoy with a rookie from Stanford, Bryce Love. The kid is quickly being forgotten but the talent is still there.

31 San Francisco 49ers: Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Breida, Marquise Goodwin

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz tore his ACL at the end of last season and he has been able to bounce back to becoming the starting quarterback in Philadelphia by Week 3. That should put Jimmy Garoppolo back in pads, and on the football field, by next summer, just in time for training camp. So he should be back before the season begins.

Jerrick McKinnon, however, has to return to a team that has found a bright spot amongst their running backs in Matt Breida, who has emerged as their starting back. So their will be a lot of competition next summer but the job is looking more like it belongs to Matt Breida than anyone else.

When it comes to receivers, time will tell because they need a stud and they simply do not have one right now but they do have a star in Marquise Goodwin.

30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jameis Winston, Ronald Jones, Mike Evans

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston is not the answer. In his fourth season, he has not been able to get his decision-making skills corrected and he has a ton of talent around him right now. But in 2019, he will be the Bucs starting quarterback, if not because there are not many other options.

Ronald Jones, on the other hand, is their future at the running back spot. He is a star waiting to emerge but will have to go through some growing pains in the process. He also needs to learn how to catch the football consistently in order to reach that potential.

Mike Evans is a stud, there is no denying it. In his fifth season, he quietly had the best of his career.

29 Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill, Kenyan Drake, N'Keal Harry

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

At first, Ryan Tannehill was progressing into a starting NFL-caliber QB that the Miami Dolphins could rely on for now and well into the future. But then he tore his ACL in 2017 and missed an entire season, which has costed him a ton of playing time at a crucial time in his career. This season, he battled a shoulder injury and missed time.

Kenyan Drake is going to be their running back for years to come, just as long as the Miami Dolphins realize it. They have not used him to his full potential but when they figure it out, he will unleash the talent that we already know he possesses.

As far as receiving goes, that is an area that the Dolphins need a future star and the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft will give them a chance to take N'Keal Harry, the big stud from Arizona State that has made a name for himself as being one of the best receivers in college.

28 Oakland Raiders: Derek Carr, Jalen Richard, Demariyus Thomas

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Gruden signed a 10-year contract to become the Oakland Raiders head coach so he is planning on being around for a while. That means he is going to build the roster he wants on both sides of the ball. He inherited this team and the first thing he did was trade a future Hall of Fame defender for two first round, a third round, and a sixth round draft pick to get him.

So this means that what we are about to see in Oakland is a ton of changes, starting from the offensive side of the ball. Derek Carr is as good as they come but needs help. Marshawn Lynch is not the future, he is getting too old and is already battling injuries each season in Oakland.

After Demaryius Thomas was traded to the Texans, things looked promising. However, since having his season cut short, we can expect him to find a long-term home in Oakland.

27 Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, Corey Davis

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans know what they have with Marcus Mariota and that is scary because they are not looking at doing anything about it. He is going to throw for 3,000 yards while completing 63% of his passes, 20 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. His numbers are not going to help them win a Super Bowl but he has one thing most others do not, speed. He can run the football. So he will continue to remain the starter unless they really struggle this year, and they have so far.

Corey Davis might be their in 2019 but if the Titans do not plan on replacing Marcus Mariota, then maybe they should send him somewhere where he can turn into the star he most certainly will be by 2020. He has already shown what he can do when healthy so far this year.

Derrick Henry is their running back, for now. He will remain so through 2019 and we don't expect him to go anywhere else because he shows signs of what he can do, he just can't seem to do it every week.

26 Arizona Cardinals: Josh Rosen, David Johnson, Christian Kirk

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals offensive coordinator was finally fired and replace with someone ready to take the talents of the Arizona and make them a contender again. They have an advantage that many other teams do not, they have talented young players that are easy to build around.

Josh Rosen, David Johnson, and Christian Kirk are scary as a trio because we have only seen what David Johnson can do, we haven't seen what Rosen or Kirk can do in a full season as starters, not yet at least.

So with the changing offensive coaching staff, and the highly talented rookies that fill their roster, mostly on offense, they could quickly rise in these rankings as the season progresses.

25 Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield is fun to watch. Nick Chubb was so good, as a rookie, that the Cleveland Browns decided to trade away their starting running back, Carlos Hyde, in order to give him the chance to grow into that stud he is capable of becoming. Jarvis Landry is as dependable as it comes at wide receiver and is one of the offensive leaders that can help the Browns grow over the next few years.

The Cleveland Brown fans have not had something to get excited about in many seasons but Baker Mayfield gives them hope. He brings his playmaking skillset that turned him into a Heisman Trophy winner in college to the NFL where he has become their starting QB this season and has led them to two wins after having spent almost two years without a win.

24  Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, Marlon Mack, T.Y. Hilton

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

How come Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton are ranked 24th? Andrew Luck was once considered one of the four best QB's in the NFL but injuries have changed all of that and turned him into a mediocre talent that has to prove his value before being given that respect again.

How does he do it? With a solid running game behind Marlon Mack, the second year running back from South Florida that has been able to use his big size and speed to emerge as their future star running back.

Besides T.Y. Hilton, who else do the Colts have for Andrew Luck to throw to? Chester Rogers and Ryan Grant? Despite turning their season around in 2018, the Colts could use some help.

23 Denver Broncos: Drew Lock, Royce Freeman, Emmanuel Sanders

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the Denver Broncos have to figure out what is going on before they run out of time and their season is over. They know that Case Keenum is not the answer and he has failed to help them after being exposed. He is only as good as his defense and since the Broncos defense is not as good as what Minnesota's was last season, he is nothing more than average.

That leads to the Broncos being in a position to draft Missouri's Drew Lock, and giving him the chance to prove his value next season. It is tough to start rookies but this kid is big, with a big arm, and has done a lot with a team that is not great.

He will have tools around him with rookie Royce Freeman, and also Philip Lyndsay, as his backs. He will also get the star wideout Emmanuel Sanders to throw the ball to.

22 Jacksonville Jaguars: Blake Bortles, Leonard Fournette, Keelan Cole

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are realizing that Blake Bortles is a problem. They got fooled into believing he was their future at QB and gave him a three-year deal worth $54 million this summer. But it looks as if they might be ready to move on as he has turned them into a struggling AFC team that is not the same one we saw last season.

Leonard Fournette has been out most of the year but that should not stop him from continuing to be their star running back in the future. He is their most talented back that has dealt with nagging injuries causing him to miss some games. But when healthy, he is the best they have, and it is not even close.

Keelan Cole is one of those guys you can't get rid of because he is so talented and does not give up. However, with Blake Bortles throwing him the ball, he can only go as far as Blake can take him, and that is not very far.

21 Seattle Seahawks: Russell Wilson, Rashaad Penny, Tyler Lockett

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Seattle Seahawks can build an offensive line around Russell Wilson, they will be able to consistently win games again. Until then, it will all up to him, every week, until the end of time because he is going to remain a Seahawk until he retires. They know what they have and they know he belongs there, forever, so they plan on keeping him around.

The Seahawks went after former San Diego State running back Rashaad Penny in the first round of this year's draft. That addition meant they were ready to bolster their offensive production right away. He is their starter and will eventually emerge once given the chance.

Tyler Lockett is becoming the star wideout for the Seahawks after Doug Baldwin starting missing time this year. He is not a number one but he is a stud that they do not want to let go anytime soon.

20 Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford, Kerryon Johnson, A.J. Brown

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Detroit Lions finally figure out their issues at running back? Since 2014, it was Joique Bell, then Theo Riddick, and finally Ameer Abdullah, but none of them could stay healthy long enough to become their lead back.

Kerryon Johnson has shown us this season that he is that guy they have been waiting for to arrive.

Behind the arm strength of Matthew Stafford, the receivers in Detroit have been given a chance to stand out but few have done so since Calvin Johnson has retired. So now that Golden Tate is no longer around, the Lions are in desperate need of a wide receiver than anything else. If they can move up to get a second first round pick, they are more than likely going to draft Ole Miss wide receiver A.J. Brown.

19 Chicago Bears: Mitch Trubisky, Jordan Howard, Allen Robinson

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. But as of now, and for 2019, Mitch Trubisky is the Chicago Bears starting QB.

Jordan Howard has rushed for 2,435 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first two seasons in the NFL becoming just the 16th player in NFL history to do so. Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Eric Dickerson, Earl Campbell, Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Terrell Davis, and Adrian Peterson on among that list. Keep that in mind when considering what the Bears have at running back. They have a superstar waiting to explode.

They also added Allen Robinson, a big time playmaker from Jacksonville, who could become the key to the offense's future in the league.

18 Houston Texans: Deshaun Watson, Lamar Miller, DeAndre Hopkins

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now but the Houston Texans are starting to get on a roll behind their starting QB, who is now almost fully healthy except for his lung issue, Deshaun Watson. After tearing his ACL last season, Watson has bounced back to get right back to where he left off and now has the Texans winning games again.

He has the benefit of throwing to a receiving corp that features DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, and Keke Coutee. That could possibly be the toughest three wide receivers in football with Hopkins being the best in the entire NFL.

Lamar Miller, although he is not the best runner, manages to get the job done on offense and put them in position to win games in the red zone.

17 Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz, Jay Ajayi, Alshon Jeffery

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

It is not fair to put the defending Super Bowl champions so far down the list but there are many issues with the Philadelphia Eagles offense and it begins with the running back position.

Last season, they traded for Jay Ajayi for virtually nothing and he ended up tearing his ACL this year leaving them with very few replacements. So they are back to throwing the football a lot and that only works if they have a defense, which they do, but they are not playing to the same level they did in 2017.

Now that Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery are healthy, they will get back to their one-two punch. If the Eagles struggle the rest of this year, they could very well bounce back in 2019.

16 New York Jets: Sam Darnold, Le'Veon Bell, Robby Anderson

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There have been many times this season where Sam Darnold has looked like the best quarterback in football. There have also been times where he has looked like a rookie and has made some mistakes that have caused the New York Jets to lose a few games. But that is 2018 and the future is bright with positivity that Sam Darnold is going to become their next big star.

One way to help him out is to add a veteran running back that has shown to be one of the NFL's best and it just so happens that the timing is right in 2019 for the Jets to be able to offer Le'Veon Bell a contract to make him their star. It helps that he seems to want out of Pittsburgh and that they have the money to sign him.

If they can land Bell, the Jets can become a strong offense with some very talented wide receivers including Robby Anderson, who can explode for a big score at any moment.

15 Dallas Cowboys: Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When the Dallas Cowboys struggle, Jerry Jones panics and starts getting rid of people, either by trading them away or cutting them in the next offseason. It was clear early that the Cowboys needed a receiver and they found one in Amari Cooper.

This gave Dak Prescott a real chance to led this offense behind a stout offensive line and one of the best young running backs in the NFL, Ezekiel Elliott.

Ezekiel had one of the greatest rookie seasons ever and was on his way to another big year last year but was suspended for six games and never got the chance.

14 Washington Redskins: Dwayne Haskins, Derrius Guice, Paul Richardson

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins could have used Derrius Guice this season. They lost him during the preseason when he tore his ACL in an unfortunate play that can be written off as bad luck. But when the 2019 season begins, you can guarantee that the Redskins will bring him out as their starter because he is their best chance.

Dwayne Haskins has improved his draft stock as well. His talent has finally shined brighter than all the other prospects and he has become a hot commodity on draft boards. Since it seems as if Alex Smith might be finished with football, the Redskins cannot wait around for something else to happen. They have to make a move next April and take him.

That leaves the receiving corps, which has a ton of talent but has not been able to develop into a stronger group. Paul Richardson leads that group as one of the most talented players that has yet to progress into a star.

13 Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Devin Funchess

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton is big and strong. He is tough to take down and that makes him a very valuable quarterback besides all of his other talents, his speed and arm strength. He has struggled with consistency in the passing game but that comes back to his offensive weapons, or lack thereof in the his first few years.

Then they drafted Christian McCaffrey to help Cam Newton on offense and it has worked, tremendously. After just his second season, he has become a star on the rise.

Devin Funchess is a very big guy that has quietly become the team's leading wideout after several others have failed. He has improved his pass-catching and that has turned him into Cam Newton's favorite target.

12 Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson, Alex Collins, John Brown

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson with the 32nd overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, they were making a statement that they are ready to move on from Joe Flacco if he cannot fix the offense this year. Well, that is exactly what happened and now Mr. Flacco is going to be looking for a job come next summer.

John Brown is so fast that if he can get behind a defender, Lamar Jackson just needs to launch the ball and it is a score every time. His speed is among the best in the entire NFL so if Lamar can get the ball up in the air, he can find the space to make some big plays.

Alex Collins, meanwhile, is that guy that will figure out how to hold onto the football and become the Ravens star running back for the next few years.

11 Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

How does an undrafted kid from Minnesota State College end up becoming the NFL's leading wide receiver who recently broke the record for consecutive games to start a season with at least 100 yards receiving? It took Adam Thielen three seasons to emerge as a legitimate starter and last season, he solidified his role by catching 91 passes for 1,276 yards and four touchdowns.

When the Minnesota Vikings added Kirk Cousins, they wanted people to understand that they meant business and they were ready to win a Super Bowl this season. Although he is not the best on the market, he is still good enough to be smart with the football and allow the Vikings a chance to get to a Super Bowl because of all the key weapons on offense and a tough defense.

If Dalvin Cook can stay healthy, there is not a single defender in the league that will be excited about it because he is a truly talent running back that has the abilities to be great one day.

10 New York Giants: Will Grier, Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants used the second overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft to select Penn State's star running back Saquon Barkley, considered by most to be the best overall prospect in college football. Then, just before the season began, they also gave Odell Beckham Jr. a new contract worth $90 million over five years.

So the  Giants are not planning on moving on from either of these two guys anytime soon. But their biggest issue remains at the QB position, in which Eli Manning has been their starter since 2004. It is time to move on from Eli and the best time for them to do it will be next season, when they will be in position to take a high draft pick.

Their best option is going to be Will Grier, from West Virginia University. Now, as history tells us, it is a mistake to take any QB from WVU. Geno Smith is a prime example, but there is something about Will that makes him seem like a legit stud. Geno Smith went to the Jets and was destined to fail. Will would inherit a great package of playmakers from day one.

9 Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan, Tevin Coleman, Julio Jones

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Is there any doubt that Julio Jones is the best wide receiver in football? Let's give you some information to back it up. Coming into the recent season, he had not caught a touchdown pass since November of 2017 and for the entire season, last year, he only caught three. There is not a single wide receiver that could go that long without a score and still be considered elite, but he is because he is one of the best.

Throwing to him was Matt Ryan, a gritty guy that has a higher football IQ than most people realize. His ability to read a defense has helped him turn into a star quarterback. He gets to throw to Julio Jones, and that only helps his abilities because you just need to get the ball as close as you can to him and he will do the rest.

Looking forward, Tevin Coleman is going to be their most reliable running back after Devonta Freeman has spent time dealing with nagging injuries that have slowed down any momentum he had this year.

8 Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers, Jamaal Williams, Davante Adams

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If Aaron Rodgers has the most talent at the QB position in the NFL, then how come he has not been able to win more than one Super Bowl? That goes back to defense and how one player cannot do it all. Behind every legendary quarterback is a tough defense. It is rare that a bad defense finds it's way to a Super Bowl, so if the Packers plan to win another one, they need to help Aaron Rodgers.

Davante Adams has become the star wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers after his talent has emerged over the course of one season. His ability to get open, catch the football, and burn past defenders makes him their future at that position.

As of now, Jamaal Williams is their starting running back but that could change before next season, especially if the running game does not get any better. Since Eddie Lacy's untimely dismissal from the team, the Packers have not been able to establish a running game and struggles on the offensive line also are a contributing factor.

7 New England Patriots: Tom Brady, Sony Michel, Julian Edelman

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady accomplished more in 2017 than any other 40-year-old NFL player ever. He won the MVP while leading the New England Patriots to yet another Super Bowl, their third appearance in the last four years, in which they won two of them. He was also the Super Bowl MVP each of those two wins. He is signed through 2019 and might retire after next season but until then, he is their starter.

In a surprising move, the Patriots traded for Josh Gordon after the Cleveland Browns finally gave up on him, and while it looked like he would be their new star receiver, he left the team to deal with personal issues. This means Julian Edelman will likely be their top guy again.

The Patriots moved up the draft to take Sony Michel, a rookie from University of Georgia and they know he is their future and he has already taken over the roll as the team's starting running back.

6 Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Roethlisberger, James Conner, JuJu Smith-Schuster

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steeler fans must have seen this coming. They had to know that Le'Veon Bell was going to sit out if given the franchise tag another season and that is just what he is doing now. But James Conner took full advantage of his time as the starter, filling in right where Bell left off

Meanwhile, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger, is not the best in the league but he is the perfect fit for this team, and has been for years. This is his offense and he knows how to led them to the Super Bowl, he has already won twice. He is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Antonio Brown is the best receiver in the NFL, but has asked to be traded. Of course, there is another guy by the name of JuJu Smith-Schuster that has emerged as the Steelers future wide receiving stud.

5 Cincinnati Bengals: Andy Dalton, Joe Mixon, A.J. Green

Kareem Elgazzar/The Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Andy Dalton is on a six-year, $96 million contract that goes through 2020. So the Bengals are stuck with him for another two years, unless they trade him, which they will not because no other team will be able to handle that much money for a player like him. He is a game manager that rarely makes mistakes. But when he does, the Bengals lose. He also has never won a playoff game and that is never a good thing.

Lucky for him, he has A.J. Green, who is one of the toughest wide receiver to defend in the NFL. He is a big target that is faster than most defenders think and has been consistently one of the best in the NFL since 2011.

Meanwhile, at the running back position, Joe Mixon is a stud of a back that can do it all, and this season, did everything.

4 Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers, Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

If Drew Brees is ageless, so is Philip Rivers, who entered the season at 36-years-old and is desperately hoping the Chargers can get back to another Super Bowl before he retires one day. He quietly turned the team into a contender.

Melvin Gordon has improved each season of his NFL career turning him into one of the top-five best running backs in football. His overall body of work answers for itself.

As far as receiving goes, people seem to forget that Keenan Allen is only 26-years-old and is still one of the best in the league.

3 Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Robert Woods

Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

There is no running back in the NFL, as of now, that is better than Todd Gurley. Since 2015, the Buccaneers, Titans, Jaguars, Raiders, Redskins, Jets, and Bears struggled in the running game because of a lack of superstar running backs around the league or on their roster. They all had a chance to take Todd Gurley in 2015 but passed for players that are still struggling to survive in the NFL.

Sean McVay entered the NFL in 2008 coaching wide receivers in Tampa Bay. Since then he has risen through the ranks to become the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams. He is an offensive-minded genius that has been able to get every ounce of talent from Jared Goff following Goff's rough rookie season. That turnaround has helped Jared Goff become one of the elite passer's in the NFL, in one season.

The receiving corp is led by Robert Woods, a surprising name considering Brandin Cooks is also on the team. He is also joined by Cooper Kupp and the three of them makes it difficult for anyone to stop them in the future.

2 Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes, Ty Montgomery, Tyreek Hill

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As we have seen so this season, once Drew Brees retires, the Kansas City Chiefs duo of Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill will take over as the best in the NFL. It is just a matter of who they get to replace Kareem Hunt at running back, and that could be Ty Montgomery.

Patrick Mahomes spent his rookie season learning the game. He studied under veteran head coach Andy Reid, who is a legend at developing quarterbacks, and learned the game from a professional like Alex Smith. He practiced every day and watched how the game develops faster, quicker, and evolves constantly throughout the process of a game. That season of learning has given him a chance to become this superstar in year two.

Tyreek Hill is fast and is actually considered one of the fastest players in the NFL after clocking a 4.24 40-yard dash time during his Pro Day workout prior to the 2016 NFL Draft. That type of speed makes him tough to tackle already, we have not even factored in that he is a wide receiver and has some of the best hands in football.

1 New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

If you think Tom Brady is ageless, take a look at Drew Brees. He was not born with certain uncontrollable traits like height, yet he defied the odds and now owns the NFL passing record for most yards.

Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas are two of the best playmakers in football and they are blessed by having the future Hall of Famer Drew Brees leading them in the right direction.

Alvin Kamara is an all-purpose back that has given the Saints a reason to let Mark Ingram go next summer when he becomes a free agent. He has incredible balance, quickness, and is one of those guys that is deceptively fast. Michael Thomas is the same but has incredible hands which makes him a future All-Pro prospect.

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