Ranking Every NFL QB/RB/WR Group From Worst To Best

Football is a team game, and it takes all 11 players on the field to be successful. But, we have to give credit to some of the skill players and their ability to shine on a bright stage. We see many quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers play at the highest level with the most amount of pressure on them every weekend. This trio of positions can perfectly tell how good a team really is. If you have a good trio, chances are you can be weaker all around the offense and still be a decent team. We have seen it time after time where a team has a great trio, but may struggle on the offensive line. These guys are the ones making the fancy plays, and the ones to excite the fans.

Usually, the trio are some of the highest paid players on a team, depending on what team you play for. These are the players that all fans rave about, and are the true playmakers. Not to take away what the offensive line does up front, because they may have the most difficult position in all of football, but these men are constantly training to battle against pressure and learn how to play against different defenses. Let’s take a look and see which are the best trios in football

32 Cleveland Browns

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: DeShone Kizer/Isaiah Crowell/Kenny Britt

Who else could be the worst trio in the league besides what has been the worst team in the NFL? This trio could be great in the future, but so far, they are far from it. DeShone Kizer has struggled to be careful with the ball to start off the 2017 season, seeming to be unprepared for the pro game. Isaiah Crowell has the ability to be one of the better running backs in the league, but he needs a better offensive line, and to be more patient when in the backfield. Kenny Britt has been a decent wide receiver in his time throughout his career, but he still doesn’t seem to be a true no.1 wide receiver.

Now this is expected for them to be this low considering they have a lot of rebuilding to do for the future. On top of that, this is the first season all three of them are playing together. Kizer is a rookie, and Britt is in his first season with the Browns. Give this team some more time and then we will see how good they play together.

31 San Francisco 49ers

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Brian Hoyer/Carlos Hyde/Pierre Garcon

This is a team with some talent, but does not compare to other trios. Brian Hoyer is a serviceable quarterback, although on many other teams he may not be a starter. Hoyer came in when they decided Colin Kaepernick was not the future for the team, although Kaepernick was probably the better option. Carlos Hyde has a ton of talent, and is very quick on his feet, but is way too inconsistent. Hyde looks great some games, while other games you don’t even know he's there. Then, Pierre Garcon was a beast in Washington, but he was always the number two guy with other star receivers around him. If this trio can be consistent, they could start to climb this list. Don’t be surprised if Hoyer plays a lot better than he’s expected to.

30 Chicago Bears

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Mitchell Trubsiky/Jordan Howard/Kevin White

All of these trios can of course become better, but this trio could become one of the best in the NFL. This trio is very young, Trubisky being a rookie, Howard being a sophomore, and Kevin White in his third year. Expectations were high for Trubisky and White who played phenomenal in college, and Howard had an incredible rookie season finishing off 2nd in rushing yards on the season. Expectations aren’t really high as of right now for the Bears, as Mike Glennon was originally part of this trio to start the season.

This trio will improve as time goes on. The only player who has played a full season so far in the NFL has been Howard, so clearly this trio needs to get a lot more work in together to connect.

29 Miami Dolphins

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Jay Cutler/Jay Ajayi/Jarvis Landry

So far, we have seen a few teams with trios with decent quarterbacks. Here, we see probably the worst quarterback of them all, Jay Cutler. Even if Cutler has had more success than the other quarterbacks, the others have more of an upside for the future. Cutler admitted over the offseason that he was out of shape, which is a bad sign for a veteran quarterback. Ajayi has been really good so far, being one of the more difficult running backs to take down in the league. Then Landry has played well also.

If this team had a more talented quarterback, they would be higher in the rankings. This team honestly was even better with Matt Moore as their quarterback. But, the temptation was too real to grab the former Chicago Bears quarterback. With Tannehill healthy next year, perhaps we'll see them higher on a list like this in 2018.

28 Baltimore Ravens

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Joe Flacco/Terrance West/Jeremy Maclin

It’s pretty embarrassing that a former Super Bowl team is this low on the list, but that’s what happens when your team continues to struggle. This Ravens team has struggled within the run game ever since the Ray Rice incident happened. Flacco is inconsistent, plays great one week, then struggles the next. Ray Lewis even made a comment about Flacco’s leadership skills, claiming that he has a lack of passion for the game. Flacco is not known for being a very local leader, which may have bothered Lewis who was the heart and soul of the Ravens. Jeremy Maclin was a good addition in the offseason, but he’s still new to the system. If this was the Flacco who lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl, this team would probably be higher on the list.

27 New York Jets

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Josh McCown/Matt Forte/Jermaine Kearse

The Jets probably hold the most shocking trio on the list, as most teams probably expect the Jets to be lower. But so far in 2017, the Jets have played a lot better than expected. Josh McCown has played well enough to start the season to grab some wins. Some people expected the Jets not to win a single game, so the fact that they have won some games including a big one against the Jacksonville Jaguars is impressive.

Matt Forte has had a good career at running back, although age has caught up to him and led him on a decline. Forte continues to put up great numbers, making him a reliable back in the run game.

Then Jermaine Kearse was a great addition to the team that desperately needed a wide receiver after they lost both of their top receivers in the offseason. The Jets are good enough to grab a few more wins.

26 Jacksonville Jaguars

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Blake Bortles/Leonard Fournette/Allen Robinson

Really the only down side of this Jaguars trio is Blake Bortles. Bortles is too inconsistent to give this Jaguars team a fair shot in the playoffs, if they can manage to make it. Bortles has had an incredible season where he threw 35 touchdowns and 4,428 yards, and then he has had a season where he threw 11 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Bortles’ problem is that he turns the ball over way too much. You know what they say, it’s very hard to win games by constantly giving the ball back to the other team.

The Jaguars drafted Leonard Fournette with the fourth overall draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Fournette so far looks impressive, being able to cut through the holes quickly and having the ability to make defenders miss. Allen Robinson looked good the last couple of years, but went down for the season in Week 1 this year. This Jaguars team could be really good if they move on from Bortles, or he manages to find his rhythm.

25 Denver Broncos

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Trevor Siemian/C.J. Anderson/Demaryius Thomas

This trio would have been lower on the list, but they have looked a lot better to start the 2017 season. The only thing really preventing them from higher up on this list is the fact that the sample size isn’t big enough. We have seen Trevor Siemian struggle throughout a season, but now he’s playing a lot better. C.J. Anderson is finally starting to make use of his power and speed to his advantage.

Thomas has always been a threat, and he continues to play well. If we see this trio continue to play the way they are, they may be a top 10 trio in the league. Siemian still has quite a few more challenges to battle before we can decide if he’s really going to be the future of the Broncos.

24 New York Giants

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Eli Manning/Paul Perkins/Odell Beckham Jr.

Going into the 2017 season, I truly thought this Giants offense would be one of the most dominant in the NFL. The beginning of this season has proved me wrong. This Giants offense has struggled to get it moving and come away with a win. However, a big part of their struggles is connected to their struggles on the offensive line.

They have quite the group of positioned players. Eli Manning is on a decline, which is why they aren’t higher on the list. Manning has never really played like an All-Pro, but he’s gotten hot in the playoffs and led his team to two Super Bowls, something we haven’t seen in quite some time. Paul Perkins was thought to be the new starting running back that would help balance out this offense, but unfortunately, they’re going to need to do some shopping first. And then there’s Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ needs no introduction as he is easily one of the best wide receivers in this league. If only he had a better supporting cast.

23 Detroit Lions

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Matthew Stafford/Ameer Abdullah/Golden Tate

This Lions offense is starting to look a lot scarier than it did a few years ago, even with Calvin Johnson at one side of the field. Matthew Stafford continues to get better after he signed a huge five-year deal worth $135 million. Stafford has struggled to defeat some of the better teams in the league throughout his career, but so far has impressed with his numbers in 2017. Stafford looks a lot more comfortable in the pocket, and willing to go out of his way to make the big plays. Abdullah is also running a lot better than last year, something the Lions needed after they struggled to run the ball effectively last season.

And then Golden Tate is always a threat. Tate may honestly be the most underrated top wide receiver in the NFL, as he manages to make some of the most incredible plays.

22 New Orleans Saints

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Drew Brees/Mark Ingram/Michael Thomas

There’s only a few more years before the Saints have to rebuild their offense. Drew Brees has given the luxury to the Saints of making sure they don’t have to worry about their pass game, regardless what wide receivers are on their roster. Even at age 38, Brees can still sling the ball across the field and be as accurate as any other young quarterback.

The disappointment, was the production of Adrian Peterson. Peterson has been one of the best running backs of this century, but struggled to move the ball with the Saints. It seems that Peterson and the Saints weren’t a good match up, as the Saints are a pass first team, where Peterson is always used to getting the ball first. Thus, their trio is back to what it was before free agency, with Mark Ingram reclaiming his starting job.

Thomas had a great rookie season last year with 1,137 receiving yards and nine touchdowns. If Peterson can improve, this trio can be a scary matchup.

21 Buffalo Bills

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Tyrod Taylor/LeSean McCoy/Zay Jones

The Buffalo Bills have shocked the league starting off the 2017 season playing great. They had two shocking wins against the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos. Tyrod Taylor is playing a lot more like a leader, making clutch plays to put his team ahead. He’s always seemed to have the talent to be a good quarterback in this league with his speed and arm strength, and it finally seems like he’s displaying that on the field.

LeSean McCoy helped the Bills offense become the top rushing attack in the NFL in 2016. His ability to run behind the lineman as well as catch out of the backfield makes him a duel threat. The only part of this trio that we can’t really judge so far is rookie Zay Jones. To start off the season he’s struggled, but there’s still a lot of time for Jones to prove his worth.

20 Cincinnatti Bengals

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Andy Dalton/Jeremy Hill/A.J. Green

The season started off a lot worse for the Bengals than they would have expected. This Bengals team has been in the fight for a playoff spot year after year, but they just don’t seem to be getting it together this season. Andy Dalton has improved, and has played well enough to keep his position throughout his career. He has a tendency to make some mistakes throwing the ball, but he has also made some impressive throws.

The weakest part of their trio is the running back position, currently held by Jeremy Hill. Hill has not played well in a Bengals uniform, which led to them drafting Joe Mixon. We haven’t seen enough of Mixon to add him to the trio yet, but it seems that eventually he’ll be a part of it. A.J. Green remains the best part of this trio, who is one of the best wide receivers in the AFC.

19 Indianapolis Colts

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Andrew Luck/Frank Gore/T.Y. Hilton

This trio unfortunately hasn’t been able to play together much due to the injuries of Andrew Luck, but when they are healthy, they single handily help carry this team. When healthy, Andrew Luck has the talent of a top five quarterback. His accuracy and arm strength is phenomenal and very hard to cover. If Luck had a better team, there’s a good shot he may have a Super Bowl ring already. Unfortunately, his supporting cast and health haven’t been all that great, which have led to some of his failures.

Frank Gore is a great complement to Luck. Even though he may not be the quickest back, he fights for every yard and has a ton of experience. Gore is currently 8th on the all-time rushing yards list, but looks like with a decent season he has a shot at moving up to 5th all time.

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the production Hilton usually shows due to the Luck injuries, but when he’s healthy he helps Luck have a safe target to throw to when there’s no one else open.

18 Washington Redskins

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Kirk Cousins/Rob Kelley/Terrelle Pryor

This trio is definitely endangering of breaking up after this season. With contract issues between Cousins and the Redskins, there is some uncertainty if Cousins will be back in a Redskins uniform in 2018. Many reporters are speculating that Cousins will head to San Francisco to team up with former offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. But for now, Cousins proves to be one of the best young quarterbacks.

Kelley seems to be an average back, but good enough to still help them move the sticks. Another running back could help improve their run game, but it’s definitely not a need. This offseason, the Redskins lost both DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. In return, they signed Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was one of the few good things about the Browns, and the Skins took him right away.

17 Seattle Seahawks

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Russell Wilson/Thomas Rawls/Doug Baldwin

It’s shocking that taking away one part of this trio takes away the strength of the trio. When Marshawn Lynch was a part of this trio, they were definitely a top five trio. But this run game has struggles a lot, which has led to Wilson not performing as well. But Russell Wilson still remains a threat regardless, as his ability to rush out of the pocket as well as his arm strength down the field is some of the best in the league. Wilson has the heart of a champion, and manages to fight in every game even if they’re getting physically beaten down.

Rawls has seemed to struggle, which is why this trio isn't higher up in the list. But they do have a great receiver in Doug Baldwin, who is another one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL. In 2016, Baldwin caught for 1,128 receiving yards and seven touchdown passes.

16 Houston Texans

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Deshaun Watson/Lamar Miller/DeAndre Hopkins

This trio is the one to look out for. Deshaun Watson has pulled the story of the year so far in 2017, playing like a star. He’s been able to use his legs and his arm to make exotic plays to help his team win. The Texans truly were just a quarterback away from a true playoff team, as Watson has proved how good this team could be with a good quarterback. Lamar Miller helped transition in Houston, and has given the Texans a boost in the run game. They even have D’Onta Foreman that they just drafted, so this trio has a bright future.

Then the most important part, is DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is the most established player of the trio. His ability to make catches in tight spaces and constantly be a deep ball threat helps give Watson a safety target to grow with.

15 Carolina Panthers

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Cam Newton/Christian McCaffrey/Kelvin Benjamin

The Carolina Panthers made the Super Bowl two years ago without two parts of this trio. Now two years later, they have a young McCaffrey who is basically a younger version of Darren Sproles. And they also have a young dominant wide receiver in Kelvin Benjamin. I think the part that hurts this trio the most is how inconsistent Newton has been. Ever since he was drafted, it always has been a winning season to a losing season, etc... Newton needs to become more consistent and stay as dominant as he can be throughout his whole career.

So far, McCaffrey hasn’t impressed. But there is a huge upside for McCaffrey as he has the ability to run between the tackles, as well line up at receiver. It’s tough to defend a running back who can play in the back field and also in the slot. Lastly, Benjamin is feeling healthier and now is playing great. This team could be really interesting to watch if they can have everything click.

14 Minnesota Vikings

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Sam Bradford/Dalvin Cook/Stefon Diggs

This trio was the best trio to start off the season. The trio was playing lights out, until injuries occurred. Bradford has been out week after week dealing with a knee injury. Cook is now out for the season from a torn ACL. The only part of the trio who is still healthy is Diggs, who seems like he’s playing the best season of his career. Bradford comes off the best season of his career with the best completion percentage in a NFL season, with a 71.6%. Bradford took over the role of an injured Teddy Bridgewater, and took over a great opportunity. Cook began the 2017 season dominating, looking as if he should have been the first running back to be drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft. Before his injury, he rushed for 354 yards and two touchdowns within four games. Now, he’ll have to wait till next season to prove he can be one of the best backs. Stefon Diggs is putting together a wonderful season for himself as well, and will be a key factor once Bradford is back to helping this team make a playoff run.

13 Los Angeles Chargers

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Philip Rivers/Melvin Gordon/Keenan Allen

It’s pathetic that the Chargers have this good of a trio, yet they still struggle winning games. Unfortunately, Rivers was very unlucky in the trade that sent him to the Chargers and Eli Manning to the Giants. Chances are if Rivers played for the Giants, he would have a lot more success and have at least one Super Bowl ring. But the Chargers have just started to put key players around Rivers, but he still needs more to help him win.

Melvin Gordon has had high expectations, and although he hasn’t reached them, he hasn’t played all that bad. Gordon is a great back behind the line of scrimmage, but can also catch passes out of the backfield.

Allen is coming off of an injury which held him out for a good amount of time. Now he’s back, and is playing at a very high level.

12 Arizona Cardinals

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Carson Palmer/David Johnson/Larry Fitzgerald

If you look at all these players in their prime, and then put them together, they’re the best on this list. Carson Palmer in his prime had a great, accurate arm, and was able to make some huge plays. Unfortunately, now that he’s older and has a weak offensive line, he tends to struggle more so than he did in his prime. David Johnson is a top three running back in the NFL. He’s able to dominate from the backfield, as well as in the pass game. He’s a nightmare for defenses to have to cover knowing that you have to watch out for him all over the field. Then there’s Larry Fitzgerald. There's no explanation needed with him.

11 Philadelphia Eagles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Carson Wentz/LeGarrette Blount/Alshon Jeffrey

This trio turned out to be a lot better than many people expected. Part of the Eagles’ success deals with how well their defense is playing, but a good portion of their success also deals with their trio playing great. Wentz played well in his rookie season, but he made some poor decisions which took the spotlight away from him. In year two so far, he seems to be a lot more cautious with his decision making.

LeGarrette Blount was taken from the Patriots, who so far has played better than expected. Some of Blount’s best years came in New England, so it may have been expected that he wouldn’t play as well in Philly. Little did many of these fans know that he would continue from where he finished off last season.

The Eagles needed a big wide receiver to give Wentz a prime target, and he got that with Jeffrey. Injuries have hurt Jeffrey’s career, but he has begun to play really well and has helped Wentz in his transition into his second season.

10 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Jameis Winston/Doug Martin/Mike Evans

If Doug Martin could just stay healthy, this Bucs trio is a top three trio. Martin has looked like the best running back in the league some years when he’s not dealing with injuries. He’s explosive and fast, which allows him to break away from defenders. While Jameis Winston still has room to improve, he looks good and accurate. If he can manage to cut down the turnovers, this Bucs offense will be nearly unstoppable.

Then there’s Mike Evans. Evans may be considered one of the best wide receivers in the NFL in a few years. Even with all the pressure on him, he still manages to dominate against opposing cornerbacks. Evans has the ability to play against double coverage, has great route running skills, and has great speed. With DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard now on the team, Evans will be able to open up the field more with less attention on him.

9 Los Angeles Rams

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Jared Goff/Todd Gurley/Sammy Watkins

At the beginning of the season, if you told me the Rams trio of players were going to be top 10, I would laugh at you and walk away. But after seeing the way they have played against other defenses and have even led the league in passing, I can’t help but applaud them for the fast improvement after last year’s horrific season. Jared Goff has truly taken over the quarterback position of the Rams, and has shown everyone that he is far from a bust. Even catches that his receivers don’t always make, look like beautiful throws.

Todd Gurley has played as the Gurley of his rookie year. One of the most dynamic running backs in the game. He has proved that the true legend of hurdling is him, and not Ezekiel Elliot. Then there’s Sammy Watkins, who was traded to the Rams just before this season begun. Watkins fits in perfectly and gives Goff a great weapon on the outside.

8 Kansas City Chiefs

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Alex Smith/Kareem Hunt/Tyreek Hill

Who would have ever thought the Kansas City Chiefs would have been this good starting off the season? They drafted Patrick Mahomes II because Smith wasn’t playing well enough to take the Chiefs to the next level, but Smith is playing like an All Star right now. The Chiefs are clicking on all cylinders, and a huge part of this success is because of the trio.

Smith is playing lights out. No one really expected this type of success, but maybe it took him to see that he has a strong chance of losing his starting role to realize that he needs to improve. No one would have thought that the third-round draft pick, Kareem Hunt, would currently be leading the league in rushing yards. And then Tyreek Hill continues to be a legitimate threat on the outside. Watch out, this Chiefs offense is dangerous.

7 Tennessee Titans

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Marcus Mariota/DeMarco Murray/Rishard Matthews

This year could have been the year that the Titans take over the AFC South, but unfortunately, Mariota has suffered another injury. No one knows how long Mariota will be out for, but they will have to cope some more games without their starting quarterback. But with Mariota in, this Titans team has been able to throw the ball around as well as run the ball. Mariota gives them the freedom to call plays where he gets involved in the run game as well, which helps trick many defenses.

DeMarco Murray played great last season, after failing to produce in Philadelphia. Murray has helped lead the Titans to being one of the best run games in the league. Matthews has given Mariota a weapon to help while Corey Davis learns the ropes of the game in the NFL. This Titans offense could be really good if Mariota can get healthy, and Davis can live up to his expectations.

6 Green Bay Packers

Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin via USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Aaron Rodgers/Ty Montgomery/Jordy Nelson

Of course, Aaron Rodgers is part of a trio that is within the top ten. Just Rodgers alone proves that this trio is one of the best in football. Rodgers is easily the best physical quarterback in the NFL. Rodgers can make the most accurate throws from all over the field that just stuns fans. He has the ability to extend plays way outside the pocket and torture the secondaries of opposing teams.

The Packers have struggled with their run game, but Ty Montgomery seems to be taking over that role. In the time he’s played, he’s played well enough to help give Rodgers some help on the ground.

And then of course there’s Jordy Nelson, who has been Rodger’s safety target throughout his career. Nelson may not be the toughest wide receiver, but he sure can make some of the most ridiculous plays.

5 Dallas Cowboys

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliott/Dez Bryant

The Dallas Cowboys have always been known for their iconic trios. From Aikman/Smith/Irvin to Romo/Murray/Bryant. There’s a new, and younger trio that’s in town now. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott were the rookie sensations last season as they tortured defenses throughout the league. They were so good that they never played a full game together and lost by more than 3 points.

Prescott isn’t a deep passer, but he makes smart decisions and can also use his legs to help make the much-needed plays. Elliott is a one-of-a-kind running back who can do it all with his power, speed, and ability to break away from defenders. And then there’s Dez. Even though Dez hasn’t been as good as he was in the past with Romo, he still gives Prescott that big name receiver that many times can beat other cornerbacks in man coverage.

4 New England Patriots

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Tom Brady/Mike Gillislee/Julian Edelman

Unfortunately, Brady will have to play the rest of the 2017 season without his favorite wide receiver, Julian Edelman. But, Brady still has dominant targets including Brandin Cooks and Chris Hogan. As great as they are and the impact they are going to have on this team this season, it doesn’t feel right adding another wide receiver without the name Julian Edelman, to the trio of the Patriots. We all know, Tom Brady is a legend and the best quarterback to ever live. He has won five Super Bowls, more than any other quarterback has ever won.

The Patriots let go of LeGarrette Blount, but they did pick up Mike Gillislee from the Buffalo Bills. Gillislee helped be part of the best rushing attack in football, and now is trying to help bring that success to Foxboro. Edelman helps this Brady get back his safety target that he missed when Wes Welker left New England.

3 Oakland Raiders

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Derek Carr/Marshawn Lynch/Amari Cooper

If we were going by career wise, this team may have the best trio in the game. Unfortunately, Marshawn Lynch has not played up to his potential in Oakland and Carr went down with an injury. But we still can’t discredit how great these players are. Carr proved that he’s the leader of this Raiders team, and that he will ride or die with his team. He has helped put this team that has struggled for years, get back to the playoffs in 2016.

Lynch is an absolute power house, and even though he may be struggling now, we may see the true Beast Mode start to come out. Then Cooper has played well, maybe not as well as some of the other better wide receivers in the NFL, but he’s been consistent and helpful to giving Carr a reliable option in the passing game.

2 Atlanta Falcons

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Matt Ryan/Devonta Foreman/Julio Jones

This trio is no shocker considering they made it to the Super Bowl last season. It looks like Matt Ryan is showing that he’s one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the NFL to play. His ability to throw down the field while occasionally run makes it difficult to defend him. Ryan can make throws from all over the field, as well as to some tricks while he’s about to get sacked. Foreman is a strong running back who has no problems hitting the holes hard, as well as being able to run over defenders that get in his way. His speed also helps him become a threat in the pass game. Julio Jones, besides his health, is easily a top three wide receivers in the NFL. His route running skills and ability to make a play on the ball no matter the coverage in phenomenal. This trio has boosted to become one of the best within the last two years.

1 Pittsburgh Steelers

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Trio: Ben Roethlisberger/Le'Veon Bell/Antonio Brown

When you put the five best players of their respected positions on one team, it’s a problem. Although some quarterbacks have physically surpassed Roethlisberger’s abilities, he still has more experience and success than most of the quarterbacks in the league currently. He’s one of the strongest quarterbacks in the league who can take some of the toughest hits.

Le’Veon Bell can do it all. He can play tricks with defenders and have them ice skating with his moves, as well as having the ability to power through defenders. He’s also a crucial role in their passing game as he can play the slot position.

Then, Antonio Brown is nearly unstoppable. No matter where he is on the field and who is covering him, he’s a problem. He has great speed, excellent route running abilities, and is good at catching the ball on the run. This trio is known as the best in the NFL.

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