Re-Drafting The Top 10 Picks Of The Last Three NFL Drafts

The 2017 NFL Draft is less than a month away and is quickly approaching, so now is a great time to look back at the 30 players who should have gotten a top 10 draft spot in the last three drafts. As we get ready for the next installation of the draft, there’s no better time to look back at the decisions made over the past three years. Some of the draft picks were correct, but way more of the decisions could have been better. Most of the team’s who drafted in one of the top 10 spots screwed up. Despite the short time these guys have been in the league, there is a clear divide between guys who should have been drafted in the top 10 and guys who should have fallen further down the board.

Some crazy good athletes have been drafted over the past three years. There’s been guys like Odell Beckham Jr., Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and most recently Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. Although a couple of those guys were drafted to the right team at the right time, the others were picked way lower than they should have been. And errors like that litter the top 10 picks each year since 2014.

With this list we will fix those mistakes from the past and take a look at what could have happened if teams knew what we know now. With this list we’ll go back through each one of the top 10 picks for the last three drafts and adjust the errors. We’ll select the guy who was supposed to be picked in each position, and let you know when the team was correct with its choice, though, it didn’t happen often.

30 First Pick in 2014: Khalil Mack

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Texans Selected Jadeveon Clowney

The list of accolades keeps growing for Khalil Mack. Imagine if he were part of the Texans defense. If Mack were part of the Texans defense, we’d be seeing Houston making a run in the playoffs. But instead the Texans snagged Jadeveon Clowney at the top of the draft. Houston would be an entirely different, and more powerful team if they had drafted Mack.

You couldn’t blame them. Clowney did more than you could ask for on the field in college and it seemed that same skill set would be a great fit in the NFL. Well, it was. But Clowney joined that ever growing list of guys being sidelined because of injuries. Mack, on the other hand, has been making history. In 2015, Mack became the first person in NFL history to earn a selection at two positions on the AP All-Pro Team.

29 Second Pick in 2014: Odell Beckham Jr.

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Original Pick: The Rams Selected Greg Robinson

The Rams suffered through three quarterbacks this season – Austin Davis, Shaun Hill and Sam Bradford. Bradford was injured before the season. The Rams shouldn’t have focused on a guy to protect the QB this high. They should have gone for someone that could have given him some options downfield. Despite some troubles surrounding this year’s playoffs, Beckham is one of the best receivers in the league and is beloved by his team.

Instead, the Rams grabbed a guy that showed up overweight to practice and wasn’t good enough to maintain a consistent spot on the field. Whereas OBJ has become a household name and maintains his reputation as a No. 1 receiver. Odell Beckham Jr. has been named to the Pro Bowl in each of his first three seasons and was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

28 Third Pick in 2014: Trai Turner

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Jaguars Selected Blake Bortles

Although Blake Bortles has proved to be a good starter in the NFL, he hasn’t been able to turn the Jaguars into a consistently successful team. Bortles doesn’t fall far down the draft board, but the Jaguars need to work on their offensive line with this pick. Going for playmaking athletes hasn’t gotten this team any better, so it would have been much better if they started with drafting protection for their offense.

Back in 2014, Trai Turner was looked at as a great blocker but he was largely discredited since he had just 20 starts under his belt in college. It was a surprising move when he entered the draft, and was largely the reason why he fell to the third round, where he was drafted by the Panthers with the 92nd pick. Turner could have been a leading force in Jacksonville, but instead he’s tearing it up in Carolina, where he’s been named to the Pro Bowl for the past two seasons.

27 Fourth Pick in 2014: Derek Carr

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Bills Selected Sammy Watkins

You can easily justify the fact that Derek Carr has put together a career good enough to be drafted in any of the top 5 spots of the 2014 draft (well, except for the second pick as the Rams just needed to surround Sam Bradford with weapons to help him grow as a quarterback). But the Texans and Jaguars both had more pressing issues to address rather than their quarterback. Here, the Bills are in desperate need of a signal caller, yet they decided to opt for a wide receiver in Sammy Watkins.

If you add Carr’s talent to the Buffalo Bills, we’d be looking at an entirely different AFC East. The Bills have hovered around a .500 club for the past three seasons. Their defense has been good and the main missing piece is a quarterback. With Carr’s talent, the Bills would have a shot at multiple postseason runs.

26 Fifth Pick in 2014: Blake Bortles

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Raiders Selected Khalil Mack

The Raiders are the first team to miss out on their original pick. In fact, they’re the biggest loser in this re-draft because they missed out on Derek Carr, who they would draft in the second round. It would be in the Raiders best interest not to re-draft this one, but since they must, a quarterback is going to be their best bet.

Blake Bortles is another guy who has been proving to be an NFL-worthy quarterback despite his awful team. The Jacksonville Jaguars have totaled 11 wins in three seasons with Bortles. That’s horrifying when you look at the numbers that Bortles has been posting. In the past two seasons, Bortles has thrown for 58 touchdowns vs. 33 interceptions and added more than 8,000 passing yards. He’s even rushed the ball for nearly 700 yards and five touchdowns in those two seasons.

25 Sixth Pick in 2014: Mike Evans

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Falcons Selected Jake Matthews

In no way of looking at things was this a good pick. It actually may have even cost the Falcons dearly in the recent Super Bowl as Jake Matthews committed a holding penalty while the team was in field goal range with a 28-20 lead. That penalty knocked the Falcons out of field goal range and allowed the Patriots to tie the game and force it into overtime. The even worst part is that Matthews was rated one of the worst tackles during his first year in the league.

Here, the Falcons add a ton of firepower to their offense with the addition of Mike Evans. Who do defenses focus on? Julio Jones or Evans? No matter who the opposition chooses to focus on they made the wrong decision. Having these two guys would have surely changed the face of the league as the Falcons would have had the most powerful offensive attack … without a doubt.

24 Seventh Pick in 2014: Jarvis Landry

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Buccaneers Selected Mike Evans

The Buccaneers just missed out on their original pick, Mike Evans. That’s a tough blow as Evans has been a great receiver in the league and was even selected to the Pro Bowl last season. Evans has proved to be great paired with Jameis Winston, but now the Buccaneers need to seek out a replacement for their star wide receiver. Odell Beckham Jr. and Evans have already been selected higher than their original spot, so the Bucs will have to settle for the third best receiver in a draft that proved to have a lot of talent in that position.

That person will have to be Jarvis Landry, though Landry could be considered the second best guy depending on who you talk to. Landry has been a two-time Pro Bowler, and he beats out Jacksonville’s Allen Robinson for this spot in the draft. Although Robinson, who was originally a second round pick, has proved to be first round worthy, Landry edged him out for the seventh spot.

23 Eighth Pick in 2014: Aaron Donald

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Browns Selected Justin Gilbert

Justin Gilbert was considered one of the top cornerbacks heading into the 2014 draft, but Gilbert has not proven to be a great NFL cornerback. Especially for the Browns. Actually, Gilbert no longer even plays for the Browns as he most recently played for the Steelers (he was traded to Pittsburgh for a 2018 sixth-round draft pick). But he was mostly used on kickoff coverage and was released in February.

Realistically, the Browns could have done almost anything else and been more successful. Although there is a lot of offensive firepower still on the board, the Browns have to take a defensive tackle here. It’s a position they’ve struggled with over the years and a guy like Aaron Donald could have really changed the face of their defensive attack. The three-time Pro Bowl selection would have been a huge upgrade for Cleveland.

22 Ninth Pick in 2014: Anthony Barr

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Vikings Selected Anthony Barr

For the first time in this year’s re-draft we have a player who will go to the team that selected him. This linebacker has been really good since he was drafted back in 2014. Sure, things can change, but we don’t expect the Vikings to regret this draft pick anytime in the future. There is no one left on the board that would have fit better with the Vikings defensive scheme. Sure, there’s a lot of talent still available on the offense and defensive side of things, but the Vikings will be overjoyed to know they’d still be able to draft Barr.

Although Barr wasn’t able to play through his entire rookie season because of injury, he was still a top contender to be named the defensive rookie of the year. And he’s just been getting better. For each of the past two seasons Barr has been named to the Pro Bowl, and at this rate he should keep getting better.

21 Tenth Pick in 2014: Allen Robinson

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Lions Selected Eric Ebron

This was a year with what turned out to be a lot of very talented professional athletes. Breaking into the top 10 is truly an accomplishment when you look at all of the Pro Bowlers drafted back in 2014. The pool of talent is so good that a lot of defensive threats don’t make the cut, including the No. 1 pick Jadeveon Clowney. Clowney has been good, but he’s just struggled with too many injuries to think that he’ll be able to maintain any type of consistent success. He was recently a Pro Bowl selection, but we can’t expect that trend to continue even though he clearly has the talent.

With this pick the Lions really need to get their quarterback a weapon, and Eric Ebron just isn’t the guy. Sure, Ebron is good, but the Lions could have done a lot better. That’s why they turn to a wide receiver for this pick … yes, this is the fourth wide receiver to get a top 10 pickup in the 2014 draft. Allen Robinson has proved to be a threatening force with Jacksonville, and we’d reckon that he’d be even more threatening if he was on the Lions offense.

20 First Pick in 2015: Jameis Winston

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Buccaneers Selected Jameis Winston

The Buccaneers are still ecstatic about drafting Jameis Winston. And it didn’t take them two seasons to realize it. Winston was great from the start. Winston was named the Rookie of the Year and was even selected to the Pro Bowl following his first season. Winston had some issues in college, which made him a bit of a risky pick. But Tampa Bay benefited greatly from this selection.

He’s the youngest player to reach 4,000 passing yards and the youngest player to pass for 40 touchdowns. After two seasons, Winston has tossed 50 touchdowns against 33 interceptions. He’s tossed for 4,000 yards in each of his first two seasons, totaling 8,132 yards. And he’s rushed for seven touchdowns (six came in his rookie season). Although Winston led Tampa Bay to a 6-10 record that first year, he followed up with a 9-7 season and is on track to take his team to the playoffs this year.

19 Second Pick in 2015: Marcus Mariota

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Titans Selected Marcus Mariota

To be fair, Jameis Winston has been better, slightly better, since joining the league. Though a lot of that is largely helped by his surrounding cast. He’s got one of the league’s best No. 1 receivers and a veteran running back in the backfield. The guy who was drafted by Tennessee has much less, but is still keeping up. Plug Marcus Mariota into Tampa Bay’s offense and you’ve got a playoff-ready team. Plug Winston into Tennessee and you’ve got a troubled college star that keeps on the path of his own destruction.

Even though Mariota is recovering from an injury this offseason, he’ll be on the rise in the years coming. He’s been able to show an ability for scoring often on an otherwise boring Tennessee offense. Mariota is one of the NFL’s young rising stars and he’ll continue this upward trend for years to come, as long as he can stay healthy. We’d guess Tennessee would take that chance if the team had to do it all over again.

18 Third Pick in 2015: David Johnson

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Jaguars Selected Dante Fowler Jr.

Here we look at a Jacksonville team that drafted one of only three guys in the top 10 picks who have not been named to a Pro Bowl. Sure, it’s only been three seasons, but we expect that out of a pick this high in the draft. Drafting David Johnson would have been huge, especially when you factor in the addition of a powerhouse to their offensive line from the re-draft pick in 2014.

David Johnson is the unquestioned best running back in the league right now. He’s putting up numbers unlike any other RB, and he’s doing it in Arizona. Not many backs can do that, but Johnson has proved to be elite. And that’s exactly what a team needs to draft this high in the first round. In Johnson’s first season, there wasn’t much to brag about. Though, he was still productive enough to maintain a position on the roster. In 2016, Johnson showed he could catch out of the backfield and run through any opponent. He totaled more than 2,000 total yards with 20 touchdowns (16 rushing touchdowns).

17 Fourth Pick in 2015: Amari Cooper

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Raiders Selected Amari Cooper

If you’re wondering how the Raiders went from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the best, just look at their draft picks in the 2014/2015 drafts. The Raiders picked better than anyone else in the league as their picks were highlighted by Khalil Mack, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper. No doubt about it, Cooper was a great pick in this year’s draft.

Obviously, the Raiders needed an explosive weapon for Carr. If you look at the draft board, there isn’t a whole lot of options like there was in 2014. Other than Cooper, the best wide receiver to pull from is Tyler Lockett. But no one will be calling Lockett a better wide receiver than the guy in Oakland. Cooper has been a Pro Bowl selection each year he’s been in the league and no doubt about it, he’ll be in the game for years to come if he can stay healthy for most of the season (that’s how good he is, he doesn’t even need to be healthy for the entire season).

16 Fifth Pick in 2015: Brandon Scherff

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Redskins Selected Brandon Scherff

Although top 10 picks should generally be reserved for playmakers, offensive linemen are a crucial part to any successful team. As much as fans tend to moan and groan over this type of selection in the upper tier of the first round, it is necessary at times. But it makes things so much worse if you look back and see there was a playmaker available when your team drafted an O-line dud. Luckily for Washington, the team got a great linemen by drafting Brandon Scherff.

Scherff was a Pro Bowl selection last year and even though he has trouble at times blocking the pass rush, he’s a big part of Washington’s recent success. Scherff has started all 32 regular season games since he was drafted in 2015, and he’ll continue to be a staple in the Redskins offense for the foreseeable future.

15 Sixth Pick in 2015: Leonard Williams

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Jets Selected Leonard Williams

New York can’t complain about this selection. The Jets expected Leonard Williams, from USC, to be the best defensive end drafted this year (well maybe they expected him to be second best since another defensive end was drafted by the Jags with the third pick). And Williams has proved them right. Williams, without a doubt, is the best defensive end to come out of the 2015 draft class.

Williams exploded onto the NFL scene as he was selected to the All-Rookie Team and then received his first Pro Bowl selection last year. You can easily justify Williams as a top 5 pick but in this year’s draft there just wasn’t a need for his type of talent from the teams drafting that high. Regardless, Jets fans will be happy to know that their star defensive end is still their draft pick when we look back to the re-draft.

14 Seventh Pick in 2015: Tyler Lockett

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Bears Selected Kevin White

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. A wide receiver isn’t what the Bears needed to be successful. But in all fairness, there’s not really any pick here that would change the torturous path that the Bears fans have had to watch. The two quarterbacks that could have made a difference for Chicago are long gone and the Bears never had a chance at drafting them. Moreover, the Bears were still pretty much on the Jay Cutler bandwagon so that wasn’t changing. So, maybe the correct wide receiver would have helped this team over the past couple of seasons.

Tyler Lockett is the best possible scenario in terms of wide receivers this year, but we’re really hoping he rebounds from a very stale 2016 season. Lockett rushed onto the pro scene as he was selected to the Pro Bowl in his rookie year, but went largely unnoticed last season. It may not help the Bears win many more games, but this re-draft choice is sure better than the original pick.

13 Eighth Pick in 2015: Vic Beasley

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Falcons Drafted Vic Beasley

So you may be starting to see a trend here. In this year’s top 10, a good chunk of guys went to the right teams. Better yet, a good chunk of teams made the right choice. Sure, a few were terribly wrong and some later round players have proved to be of more value. But on the flip side of things, guys like Vic Beasley have proved to be overwhelmingly perfect for the team he’s currently playing for, which is making the front office guys look like geniuses.

Beasley led the league last season with 15.5 sacks and was named to his first Pro Bowl (but he couldn’t make it because he was playing in the Super Bowl the following week). Beasley was also a first-team All-Pro selection and did all of this after moving from defensive end to the strongside linebacker position for the Falcons defense.

12 Ninth Pick in 2015: Todd Gurley

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Giants Selected Ereck Flowers

Todd Gurley went from an amazing rookie season where he rushed for more than 1,000 yards to a season of less than 1,000 yards despite getting more rushing opportunities. Gurley, the Offensive Rookie of the Year, went from a Pro Bowl selection after rushing for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns, to playing in more games and getting more carries but rushed for just 885 yards in his second season.

This wasn’t Gurley’s fault, he was part of a team that was forcing young quarterbacks to throw the ball way too much, and those passes were most of the time being stumped by defenses. The Rams offense just didn’t provide the room needed to produce a successful running back.

If Gurley were drafted just one spot higher, he would have been part of a team that could have desperately used a solidified No. 1 back, and he would have had more chances for success on a team that could throw the ball successfully. The Giants had a couple other backs who could have lightened the load at times, and Gurley would have been a perfect fit to lead the backfield.

11 Tenth Pick in 2015: Melvin Gordon

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Rams Selected Todd Gurley

This was a toss up between Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi. The Rams just missed out on Todd Gurley, but that will end up benefiting Gurley more for his career (we all saw what happened last year for Gurley). Ajayi was originally a fifth round draft pick but has proved to be deserving of somewhere in the first round. He’s rushed for 1,459 yards with nine touchdowns and was selected to the Pro Bowl last season. But those numbers don’t quite matchup to Gordon’s, who is more deserving of the last spot in the top 10.

Gordon was also selected to the Pro Bowl last season, but he has a couple hundred more rushing yards and about 400 more receiving yards on his stat sheet. He doesn’t score much more, but Gordon does all this on a struggling Chargers team. That should translate well to a Rams team that hasn’t been doing much better.

10 First Pick in 2016: Dak Prescott

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Rams Selected Jared Goff

They needed a quarterback so why not grab the best one in the draft. Sure, it’s early in Dak Prescott’s career and he may not be as good as it seems. But a playoff run with a rookie running back is rare. Pair that rookie quarterback with a rookie running back and a playoff run is unheard of. It’s something that would have made league analysts laugh at the start of the season.

Prescott, though, has been through an entire regular season and has seen more success than most quarterbacks see in an entire career. The Cowboys got lucky finding this talent so far back in the draft. If we’re rewinding the clocks, Prescott clearly gets drafted in the top spot of the 2016 NFL Draft.

9 Second Pick in 2016: Ezekiel Elliott

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Eagles Selected Carson Wentz

At this point, the two rookies any team should want to go back and get are the two guys playing on the Cowboys. They did it right this year. They went from drafting fourth overall to one of the best teams in the league. Even if they don’t win a playoff game, the season is still a major success. Although the Eagles get just part of the equation, it’s still very much worth it.

Ezekiel Elliott would join a team that loves using a three-man rotation in its backfield, but would quickly win over a majority of the snaps. Before long, the Eagles running game would be dominated by the Ohio State star. And without doubt, Elliott quickly becomes the Eagles shining star.

8 Third Pick in 2016: Joey Bosa

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Chargers drafted Joey Bosa

There’s no doubting the skill of this defensive rookie of the year. Joey Bosa was expected to be a powerfully explosive pass rusher, and he has not disappointed. Bosa is one of the few bright spots on a team that has a lot of issues. Although the Chargers might need a quarterback sooner than most people might think, last year surely wasn’t the year for them to draft one. Maybe this year, but even now it still seems too early to start pushing Philip Rivers out.

But back to Bosa. He’s proved to be good enough for the top pick in a lot of drafts. But this year there were two highly talented offensive guys who went to teams in desperate need of some scoring help. The Chargers should be grateful for this. Even though Bosa missed four games, he was still the best defensive athlete among rookies and it’s likely he’ll prove to be one of the best in the league if he can stay healthy for an entire season.

7 Fourth Pick in 2016: Carson Wentz

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Cowboys Selected Ezekiel Elliott

Carson Wentz didn’t do terrible in his first season. He went 7-9 as he was forced to play every single game. Even more surprising, he started out in the NFL with a 3-0 record. But Philadelphia wore him down. He was throwing the ball far too often. Heck, one game against Cincinnati he had 60 passing attempts. His 607 passing attempts set a franchise record and was the second highest number for a rookie in league history.

Those numbers are kind of scary for a rookie quarterback. It would have suited Wentz much better to be on a team willing to let him ride the bench for a while, but he doesn’t get that option even in the re-draft. The Cowboys need someone to take the reigns, and Wentz would have thrived behind the offensive line in Dallas last year. Now, the Cowboys just need to figure out a running back to compliment his skills.

6 Fifth Pick in 2016: Jack Conklin

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Jaguars Selected Jalen Ramsey

Jacksonville’s offense was a hole lot of terrible and its offensive line caused a lot of the issues. Although offensive linemen are one of the most boring picks of the draft an often don’t get talked about except for the few brief minutes following their selection, the Jaguars could have really benefited from finding that franchise O-lineman. Their original pick, Jalen Ramsey, was good last year and could turn out to be a lockdown cornerback for years to come. But the Jags have bigger issues on offense and it all stems from that offensive line.

Since this is the first offensive tackle taken in our re-draft, the Jaguars have their pick at anyone they would like. So why not go with the best rookie O-lineman. That would have to be, without question, Jack Conklin. Conklin played in every regular season game last season and was a first-team All-Pro selection. Conklin would have added a lot of value to the Jags offense and Blake Bortles would have hugely benefited from that addition.

5 Sixth Pick in 2016: Jared Goff

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Ravens Selected Ronnie Stanley

Jared Goff’s strong arm and height (he’s 6’4’’) made him a lock for the Rams in the top spot of last year’s draft. But Los Angeles shouldn’t have locked him in at the No. 1 pick. The Rams seemed to be growing Goff on the bench through the first season before they thrust him into action against Miami in late-November. For a rookie quarterback and a team new to the city, this was a terrible combination. The Rams were inconsistent at a starting quarterback before throwing Goff in for the final seven games of the season – all were losses for Goff.

There’s nothing worse for a young quarterback then going 0-7 in your first season in the NFL. Maybe Goff will turn it around with the Rams, but he would have had a much easier transition had he been drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Goff wouldn’t have seen any playing time in his first season, and maybe not in his second. But he would be able to grow behind veteran Joe Flacco until he came in to take over for the Ravens.

4 Seventh Pick in 2016: Chris Jones

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The 49ers Selected DeForest Buckner

Of course San Francisco was in desperate need for a quarterback, but with what’s left available on the board isn’t going to satisfy that need. The 49ers will have to look elsewhere for assistance. Their original pick was good, but not great. And definitely not worth a pick this high, though he was still deserving of a spot in the first round. DeForest Buckner didn’t have a hugely successful season, though he was still part of the Pro Football Writers Association’s All-Rookie Team and finished with six sacks through 15 games of action.

No one had a stronger second half of the season than Chris Jones, who was drafted by the Chiefs in the second round. Congrats Mr. Jones, you’re now a top 10 pick given the production you posted at the end of last season. We have high hopr your and assume you’ll continue disrupting quarterbacks for years to come.

3 Eighth Pick in 2016: Laremy Tunsil

Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Titans Selected Jack Conklin

This one hurts Tennessee. Originally the team got the year’s best offensive lineman and now the Titans are left to struggle figuring out a suitable replacement. The toughest part is that they’re not going to find anyone who will play like Conklin has throughout his first season. Maybe they can find someone good, but not as great as Conklin started off. Here, we opt to select a guy who has the biggest upside potential, but given the draft day antics surrounding Laremy Tunsil, this will be a risky pick.

Tunsil ended up playing 14 games last season and maintained a slight level of anonymity among a lot of the league. He was showing up in headlines, which is what you want from your NFL linemen. Who knows if that will remain, but since the Titans missed out on Conklin, this is their best option at filling that void. And they might even get lucky and have the better talent in the long run.

2 Ninth Pick in 2016: Jalen Ramsey

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Bears Selected Leonard Floyd

The Bears apparently really wanted Leonard Floyd. So much so that they traded up from their 11th pick to draft the outside linebacker (they gave up the 11th pick and a fourth round pick to the Buccaneers for the upgrade). The pick wasn’t terrible as Floyd finished third among rookies in terms of sacks, but the Bears could have added more value to their team with this pick. Chicago would have found a lot of value in cornerback Jalen Ramsey.

Ramsey struggled early on but proved to be worth a top 10 pickup by the end of the season. And in the final few weeks of the season you could have made a case that Ramsey was the best cornerback in the NFL with how he was playing. With that type of finish there’s absolutely no reason to think he’s going to slump back down to start next season. We’re expecting Ramsey to continue this lockdown defense, and Chicago will love the additional benefits received from drafting this young star.

1 Tenth Pick in 2016: Jordan Howard

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Original Pick: The Giants Selected Eli Apple

Jordan Howard was a largely underrated rookie running back for two huge reasons. First was the fact that he played on a struggling Chicago team. No matter how good you’ll play, on a team that bad you’re not going to receive a lot of credit. The second thing is that Ezekiel Elliott took most of the headlines. Sure, Zeke played a lot better, but Howard deserved some of the credit. C’mon, Howard was the only other rookie running back selected to the Pro Bowl this year (just four rookies in total were named to football’s all-star game).

But Howard is the exact addition to make the Giants a terribly threatening team. Sure, they could use some defensive help but get that from your other draft picks. This spot is reserved for Howard, who would have transformed the way the Giants looked. Last season playing for the Bears, he started 13 games and rushed for more than 1,300 yards and included about 300 receiving yards.

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