Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The up and down saga of Robert Griffin III continues. Just after being replaced as lead QB for the Redskins, RGIII was said to have liked this post by a fan on Instagram:

“As a Skins Fan I’m disappointed in the way my team used this mans talent and potential to do nothing but raise hopes and make a profit. I don’t regret the skins grabbing RG, I do regret having a sorry ass team owner and sorry ass front office who couldn’t put a winning coaching staff together who could actually compete for a super bowl. Griffin does not deserve the blame or bad rap, the man has gone above and beyond since day one to the point of injury, while at the same time being a role model of a person. The Redskins let him fall and did not help him get up. No matter if he’s a starter, back up, or played for another team I will always respect and be a fan of RG3. #HTTR #Loyalty #ImpeachDanSnyder #Redskins #redskinsnation #DC #NFL @rgiii @espn @nfl”

Naturally, Griffin’s liking of such a post got attention and then RGIII decided to put this out to “correct” fan beliefs:

Note the statement that this was “one” of the interns on his Instagram team. If nothing else, it adds to the buzz of more friction between RGIII and the bosses which might have him looking for another team soon.

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