Roger Goodell Makes An Absolute Shame Of Himself At The NFL Draft!!

Remember when everyone thought Roger Goodell was the coolest guy on the planet? No... well neither do we.

During the first round of the draft yesterday night, Goodell went to the podium to announce the second overall pick for the Tennessee Titans, as they chose Marcus Mariotto. Wait... what? Goodell pulled a Travolta and butchered his name by making him sound like a plumber from Brooklyn. It's not as if he was an unknown pick that Goodell couldn't have seen coming. 95% of mock drafts had Marcus MariOTA going to the Titans. Perhaps he should've practiced his name in the mirror beforehand. Here are some hilarious celeb reactions to the mishap:

Roger Goodell making like John Travolta. #Mariotto

— Kate Fagan (@katefagan3) May 1, 2015

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