Romo's Resume: 8 Photos Of Jessica Simpson And 8 Of Candice Crawford

Superstar quarterback Tony Romo is best known for his days with the Dallas Cowboys. He spent his entire 14-year NFL career with the Cowboys and during that time became one of the most notable quarterbacks in the NFL. With that big blue star on the side of his helmet, all kinds of women came flocking. One of the more notable relationships Romo had was with country singer Carrie Underwood. That relationship only lasted a few months and ended in 2007.

Later in 2007, Romo met popstar Jessica Simpson. The two became inseparable and appeared quite in love. Their relationship became deeply hated by most diehard Cowboys fans. They were convinced Simpson was seriously affecting Romo’s playing skills. Nearly two years later, Romo dumped Simpson just a day before her 29th birthday.

Soon after that tumultuous split, Romo met Candice Crawford, a former Miss Missouri and Dallas TV reporter. Her bright blonde hair and mesmerizing blue eyes captured Romo’s heart instantly. After pair had dated about a year, Romo popped the question at Crawford’s 24th birthday party. She said yes, and they were married less than a year later. Today, the two are just as happy as the day they met and share three beautiful sons.

From Carrie to Jessica to Candice, one thing is clear – Tony Romo has a specific type of woman he fancies. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look at these 16 steamy pictures of two of Romo’s main leading women - Jessica Simpson and Candice Crawford-Romo.


16 Jessica Simpson: God Bless America

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Dressed in a “stars, and stripes” bikini, military dog tags and unbuttoned camo pants, Jessica Simpson is all about America. With her hand waving the peace sign, her message is clear. A young Simpson is photographed in support of America’s troops and we don’t know one soldier who wouldn’t admire her efforts.

When Simpson dated Romo, she attended many of his games sporting a pink number 9 Dallas Cowboys’ jersey. She was all about Romo and Romo was all about her. Maybe too much. Fans started blaming her for his poor performances after he began playing the worst games of his career. Word has it Romo started feeling the same way and that was part of the reason he cut ties with the American cutie.

15 Candice Crawford: Simply Stunning

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Tony Romo is one lucky man. His wife was a gorgeous model, and still is absolutely stunning even after having 3 children. Candice Crawford and Tony Romo have three beautiful baby boys: Hawkins Romo, aged 5; River Romo, aged 3; and newcomer Jones McCoy Romo, born August 23, 2017. Crawford grew up with a dedicated and loving family and always wanted that for her and her husband.

Even though Candice just gave birth a few months ago, Tony is excited to have more children as soon as possible. He realizes Candice may want to stop after having three boys, but he is already planning for more. Candice and Tony Romo are #goals when it comes to the All-American family.


14 Jessica Simpson: Tanned Tease

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Her perfectly smooth, bronze skin would be the most notable thing in this image if she didn’t have that seductive stance and spellbinding outfit. Simpson has done away with her good girl, fun look in this image. She is owning the stage and her audience.

Jessica Simpson is truly leaving more to be desired here, perhaps as a metaphor for the end of her relationship with Romo. Gone away was the good girl we all knew from her time with Romo; here to stay was a scorned woman ready to find someone new. Oh, how we wish we knew what she was thinking the moment this image was taken. Romo better be careful with this one; she can be hard to get out of the mind.

13 Candice Crawford: Miss Missouri

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It’s no secret that beauty pageants often exploit the beauty of a woman and her body; there is after all a swimsuit round in all pageants. For Candice Crawford’s 2008 Miss Missouri win, she showed off her physique in a tiny, lime green bikini. Her slender frame stands at command in front of the Planet Hollywood swimming pool.

Crawford won the title of Miss Missouri 2008 and went on to compete in the Miss USA pageant. Her family was there to support her, and even though this was all pre-Romo we can be sure he would support her, too. Although Crawford was not crowned Miss USA, she did make it to the top ten and that is an awesome accomplishment.


12 Jessica Simpson: Bold In Green

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One thing can be said about Jessica Simpson; she is quite the stunner no matter what she wears. This plunging green silk robe shows off all of Simpson’s greatest assets. Her daring red lips and smoky eyes are begging to be loved. Simpson is clearly getting ready to dress to impress. When Simpson was with Tony Romo, this isn’t always the girl the paparazzi caught. She was often seen hanging on Romo’s arm.

The breakup hit Simpson particularly hard. She was reportedly crushed and cancelled all birthday plans choosing to spend the day with family and very close friends only. Though it was rough, Simpson definitely bounced back in the greatest way. She found love again and created her own beautiful family.

11 Candice Crawford: Sizzling Siblings

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Before Candice Crawford married Tony Romo, sure, she was Miss Missouri and a television reporter, but she wasn’t the most notable Crawford sibling. Her older brother is Chace Crawford, one of the leading men from CW’s Gossip Girl. The Crawford family were bigtime Dallas Cowboys fans before Candice even met Romo and Candice hilariously told her parents to hide in the back when Romo picked her up for their first date.

When you look at the two siblings photographed next to each other, it’s obvious good looks run in the family. It's very apparent why Romo fell head over heels for the beauty queen. Crawford absolutely shines with her blonde hair slicked back, framing her face with large silver hoops. She looks like everyone’s perfect girl next door, always leaving more to be desired.


10 Jessica Simpson: Pretty In Pink

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Jessica Simpson was always known as the fun, ditzy girl. When she was married to former 98 Degrees boyband member Nick Lachey, she was filmed questioning whether tuna brand “Chicken of the Sea” was actually tuna or chicken. With her witty personality, she seems like an amusing girl to date. With this image, that entertaining girl really comes through.

Her bubblegum pink, freshly pained on, lip gloss completely shines in the light of the camera as she is in full on pucker-up mode. When dating Romo, Simpson’s biggest dream was just to settle down and make a family with her man. Rumor has it, Simpson may have been a little too boring for Romo and he lost interest a while before he finally split. From this image, Simpson doesn’t look at all boring though.

9 Candice Crawford: Paint Me Pink

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Before Candice Crawford met Romo she was a Dallas TV anchor and reporter who covered high school sports. Her brother admired her work and described her as a pretty funny reporter. Her humour got her in to interview the big stars like Romo. After Romo met her, he immediately asked her out on a dinner/movie date. With a bright, perfect smile, like the one featured in this captivating image, Crawford kindly accepted and the rest is history.

In this stunning black top and fuchsia-pink lipstick, Crawford is that down-to-earth, wholesome girl who everyone loves. She never really flaunts her body around and is very rarely photographed without her main man or children. The Romo family is one who stands together; heck, you can even see Romo in the background of this photo.


8 Jessica Simpson: Red Carpet Ready

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Simpson has had a lot of public criticism to deal with throughout the years. Much of the hate was targeted in on her weight gain. Simpson was never really the thinnest girl on the red carpet, but she wasn’t really a chunky person either. After giving birth to her daughter with now husband, former 49er Eric Johnson, Simpson understandably packed on some pounds and struggled to lose them.

In this sizzling image, Simpson has absolutely no weight issues. The slender, red gown drapes every curve of her body as her wavy blonde hair drapes down her back. The over-the-shoulder gaze is daring anyone to question her beauty. Simpson doesn’t let the hate get to her too much; she knows who she is on the inside and that person is a wonderful mother to two gorgeous babies.

7 Candice Crawford: Tropical Beauty

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Although she’s standing on the red carpet, it looks like Candice Crawford is ready for a beach-themed gala. Her stunning blonde waves fall down her shoulders, as if she just spent a day in the sun and sand. The low V-neck doesn’t reveal too much skin. Crawford typically likes to keep things appropriate when she’s in the public eye. The blue from her dress flawlessly compliments the beautiful blue in her eyes. Add her impeccable smile and this is one spectacular shot.

In a rare glimpse of Crawford without Romo, you can really see how she enchanted Romo. Dressed to impress for the White House Correspondents’ Association, Crawford is lovely to gaze upon. Her long tan legs are hard to miss in this image, as are her admirable perched feet. Crawford was there in support of Romo, but it doesn’t hurt to look so good at the same time.


6 Jessica Simpson: Daisy Duke

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In 2005, Jessica Simpson became a household name as Miss Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, alongside actors Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott. The movie, itself, received mixed reviews and many of them were not that great. But the consensus was clear on Simpson and those “Daisey Dukes.” She was a hottie that everyone wished they could meet, including Tony Romo.

Even though Simpson has struggled with her weight post-Romo, she came out full-force in 2017 back in her Daisy Dukes. In support of her “Spring Collection” of her trendy clothing line, Simpson was back in those micro shorts. She proves she is not a girl to mess with and no amount of criticism can affect her negatively.

5 Candice Crawford: Perfect Princess

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Candice Crawford was the 2008 Miss Missouri. Although she grew up in Texas, and often participated in beauty pageants there, it was when she went to Missouri for college that she won her spot in the 2008 Miss USA beauty pageant. In this black and white headshot, Crawford is magical. Even without her eyes bright blue colour, they still completely dazzle. Her grade A, signature smile is ready to command the stage and win big.

She’s younger in this picture than the others showcased in this list, but that doesn’t change anything about her. She still looks like the girl next door, she still looks like everyone’s best friend and she still looks like a girl Tony Romo would fall in love with.


4 Jessica Simpson: Are You Ready?

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Taken during her time on the set of The Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson is seen here wearing a very low-cut yellow top paired with some blue jeans. Daisy Duke was originally played by brunette, Catherine Bach, but in the revived 2005 version busty blonde Jessica Simpson took on the role. To transform into the sex icon, Simpson had to develop a strict diet and workout routine.

Simpson admits that as soon as she learned she had the role, she went to the gym. She claims, before the role, she didn’t have a butt and had to take on a whole lot of squats to get her where she needed to be. She was about to be plastered all over 50ft screens! After her break-up with Romo and her pregnancies with Eric Johnson, Simpson once again found that workout routine and diet in her advantage to lose the baby weight.

3 Candice Crawford: Showing Off

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From another segment of the 2008 Miss USA pageant, Candice Crawford sports a 70’s-styled dress with black stilettos. Winning a part in the Miss USA pageants is no joke. Each contestant must perfect more than one routine, including the interview round, the swimsuit round and a talent round. Candice Crawford won the coveted title of Miss Missouri in 2008 and made it to the top 10 of the Miss USA pageant. Her brother, actor Chace Crawford, attended the pageant and vocally cheered on his little sister.

Now married to Tony Romo, Crawford runs a business with her best friend selling oils for families while she raises three little boys and is the wife to a football superstar. Sounds like she’s become a multi-talented beauty queen in the years after the pageant.


2 Jessica Simpson: Pop Princess

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Jessica Simpson was signed to a record label when she was just 16-years-old. While she never quite had a #1 Billboard hit, she did have quite a few catchy songs such as, “These Boots Are Made for Walking” and an earlier “I Wanna Love You Forever.” Her father and manager, Joe Simpson made headlines back in 2004 with a strange comment over Jessica’s chest size and stating she is sexy.

According to those close to Tony Romo, her father may have also played a role in their unfortunate break-up. It was said that Papa Joe couldn’t stay out of their private business. After a brief split in the beginning of their relationship, Simpson’s father promised to stay out of it, but with a father like that he probably didn’t.

1 Candice Crawford: Blonde Bombshell

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The lone lady of her household, Candice Crawford is no stranger to the spotlight. Before she met Tony Romo, she was a beauty queen and a TV reporter. Crawford left the news station after Romo proposed, so she could begin planning the wedding of a decade (which had big name attendees, like Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach). At the time, Crawford hoped to return to the TV someday, and with a face and smile like hers that will probably happen.

Before she was 2008 Miss Missouri, Crawford competed in the Miss Texas Teen USA pageants in both 2003 and 2005. With three boys under her belt, maybe she will try again for a girl to follow her beauty queen footsteps.


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