Seahawks' Michael Bennett Still Thinks Jimmy Graham Is Soft

via blog.seattlepi.com

Michael Bennett and Jimmy Graham may be teammates now but that doesn't mean Bennett is going to be taking back any of his past statements about the former New Orleans Saints - now Seattle Seahawks - tight end.

Back in 2014 after Seattle beat New Orleans in the playoffs Bennett was quoted as calling Graham "overratted" and said, in a postgame interview that, he was "one of the softest players in the NFL." And today he isn't backtracking on any of it!

In an interview with 710 ESPN Seattle, Bennett said that his opinion of Graham hasn't changed, saying that "I still feel the same way, just because he's on my team I don't stop feeling that way." He went on to say though that, "obviously I'm going to be a better teammate to him ... I can't do the things I was doing to him when we were playing him."

So, what part of standing by those statements is being a better teammate?

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