Shawn Michaels Compares Tom Brady To Ric Flair

Not many people will argue with you if you tell them that Ric Flair is the greatest wrestler ever.

The same could also be said about New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, who will look to win the sixth Super Bowl of his career this Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


During his career, Flair was known as a wrestler who could come back at any moment and gave all that he had until a match was officially over. The same can be said for Brady, who led the Patriots back to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship game over a week ago.

Brady has already won the most Super Bowls of any quarterback in NFL history and he'll be looking to add to that number this weekend. In comparison Flair has won the most world wrestling titles with 16. They're both simply great.

“Brady is still producing at a high level, and like Ric, as long as he’s producing, he’ll keep playing,” said Shawn Michaels, via “Even if there are 30 seconds left and Brady is pinned on his own five, it’s still not over. Philadelphia has had a great season and I wish them the best, but you don’t go against the GOAT.

“It’s one thing to be great yourself, but it’s another thing to make the people around you even better,” added Michaels. “Flair and Brady make everybody around them better.”

You could argue that the fact that Brady has had arguably the greatest coach in football history in Bill Belichick coaching him during his entire career, it's been easy for him to be so successful, but that's not fair to him.

If Belichick was the main reason the Patriots were so good, then they could plug any quarterback into their offense and they will win a Super Bowl and that's not the case. Most of the quarterbacks that Belichick has drafted over the years have turned out to be bad and flamed out, or they ended up becoming solid career back ups.

As of right now, Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo might be two guys that end up as franchise quarterbacks, but we can't say that for sure just yet. They still have a lot to prove with their current teams.

Brady takes care of his body by eating a strict diet and makes sure he takes care of his body like no other player in the NFL.

What makes Flair so amazing is that unlike Brady he abused his body with alcohol and of course nearly died this past summer.  He still turned out to be the greatest.

Comment below and tell us whether you think Tom Brady and Ric Flair are the greatest in their respective sports.


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Shawn Michaels Compares Tom Brady To Ric Flair