10 Stadiums That Should Host A Super Bowl, 10 The NFL Should Avoid And 5 That Should Get Another One

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest unofficial holiday of the year. Even if you're not the biggest football fan, you may still have an opinion about the game. At the very least, you care about the commercials or the halftime show. There are so many elements around the game that are important to the fans who are there as well as the fans at home. One thing that always generates some conversation is where the game itself will be held. Some get tired of the same old locations getting the game while others can't get enough of some of the exotic and/or fun locations the game winds up being hosted at.

This list aims open up Pandora's Box and see which stadiums would truly make for a great host for the game. We're also going to take a look at the stadiums that should be avoided. Some are for obvious reasons while others have reasons that aren't completely apparent unless you've been to that city. Then there are those awesome stadiums that deserve to be a repeat host because their location is either exotic and fun or they just have a very good facility.

Whether you're a fan of snowy championship football or want the game held at a stadium filled with prestige, this list attempts to cover all of the bases. It will also cover the sad reality for the cities that have a stadium/location that just doesn't quite make the cut. For those who deserve to host the game again, the fans thank you for the fun and the memories. Without further adieu, let's take a look at the stadiums that do and don't make the cut as a host for the NFL's biggest game of the year.

25 Should Host - Lincoln Financial Field

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Lincoln Financial Field is located in one of the most passionate football cities in America. Although the Super Bowl would take place during the middle of winter, there are plenty of places to explore that would probably generate a lot of revenue for the city of Philadelphia. It also has lots of parking nearby that could not only handle the very large crowds, but also has a lot of great venues nearby that could handle extracurricular Super Bowl week activities.

24 Shouldn't Host - First Energy Stadium

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The fact that this stadium shouldn't host a Super Bowl has nothing to do with the Browns themselves. First Energy Stadium actually isn't a bad facility. Although holding a few cold weather Super Bowls is a good thing, this city might be a little too cold for fans to sit through a mid winter game. It can get awfully frigid in Cleveland before the winter even begins let alone during the middle of the season. This is one stadium that might be a little too cold to handle.

23 Should Host - Heinz Field

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Although Heinz Field could pose an issue as far as frigid mid winter temperatures along the river, it is a highly regarded venue and has plenty of space for parking and Super Bowl Week activities. There is also plenty to do nearby. The football fans of Pittsburgh are deserving of this game due their passionate and knowledgable fanbase. Most of all, considering the franchise probably deserves to host the game in their city just based on the fact that they've won the most Super Bowls.

22 Shouldn't Host - Paul Brown Stadium

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Paul Brown Stadium might be a decent facility, but there is something about it that just doesn't say "Super Bowl Stadium". Having one of the stingier owners in the league also doesn't help matters. It is located in a city that doesn't have a whole lot going on in it either. Even their Major League Baseball Stadium echoes the same sentiment. Cincinnati is a nice city, but there just isn't enough going on within it to justify it hosting a big time event there.

21 Should Get Another - Los Angeles Coliseum

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Although the Rams are moving out of this stadium soon, the NFL should consider keeping it on its list of potential sites for the Super Bowl. Despite its age, it is still a very beautiful facility to take in a game. There is obviously tons of seating to hold the massive amounts of fans who would show up. Although the new stadium opening in Los Angeles looks stellar, hopefully the NFL will stay close to their roots and give the Coliseum another hosting nod at some point.

20 Should Host - Lambeau Field

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Lambeau Field is basically the Fenway Park of the NFL. There is so much history and tradition here that it would make a lot of sense to hold the NFL's biggest game here someday. The fans are very passionate about football and the stadium itself has one of the largest capacities in the league. The frigid temperatures and unpredictable winter weather is a potential issue, but that may also be a great thing for fans who want to see an old fashioned game in the snow.

19 Shouldn't Host - Broncos Stadium At Mile High

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The possibility of hosting a good old fashioned snowy game of football in the middle of the winter could be a great idea. However, the one thing that doesn't make this stadium ideal for a big game like the Super Bowl is the altitude. Although other elements even the playing field for the teams, the fact that the altitude could play a role might make the game less fun for players who are affected by it. Although today's players seem to handle those conditions pretty well, it might be better to keep this one on the "shouldn't host" list.

18 Should Host - Fed Ex Field

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Holding a Super Bowl just outside of the nation's capital is a no-brainer. Although winter weather is an issue, the revenue gained by the team and the MD/DC/VA area would be enormous. This stadium also has one of the largest capacities in the league and plenty of places to park, socialize, etc during Super Bowl week. This team's rich football history also makes it deserving of the honor to host the big game as well. The city handled hosting duties for the MLB All Star Game very well in 2018 so hosting an event like the Super Bowl seems like a good fit.

17 Shouldn't Host - New Era Field

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As emphasized on this list, playing the game in snowy conditions is very appealing if you're a fan of old fashioned football. However, this might be one of those cities to avoid. After last season's snow game in Buffalo, it is obvious that Buffalo isn't quite equipped to handle the possibility of an excessive amount of it. Buffalo could be a nice city, but it's not known for anything in particular. For these reasons, New Era Field is probably not a good place to hold the big game.

16 Should Get Another - Hard Rock Stadium

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Fans might be kind of tired of seeing the big game in South Florida, but most would probably say it is hard to resist the lure of playing in one of America's warmest winter cities. Despite its age, this stadium is looking very sleek and modernized. It's obvious that the Dolphins franchise is committed to maintaining this stadium for the future. Due to its location and the success the league has had hosting the game here in the past, this stadium is a slam dunk for more Super Bowls in the future.

15 Should Host - Yankee Stadium

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This may seem like a silly idea to some NFL fans, but this could actually turn out to be a great thing for the game. Holding the big game at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ a few years ago could be considered a success. Although the capacity at Yankee Stadium isn't quite as big as some of the others on this list, it is big enough to hold an event like this. It would be very exciting to see the big game get hosted right in the middle of New York City.

14 Shouldn't Host - Oakland Coliseum

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A Super Bowl at this stadium won't ever happen. Considering the Raiders are almost out the door, there shouldn't be any need to worry about this stadium hosting a Super Bowl. Considering how old the facility is, it should never be considered. The team should have moved out of this facility many years ago. This is one of the biggest reasons the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas. Despite having some of the most loyal fans in the league, this is one stadium that should never host an event like the Super Bowl.

13 Should Host - Nissan Stadium

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This stadium's Nashville location makes it a great, underrated option for hosting the Super Bowl. Nashville is a fun city that would bring a unique flavor to the Super Bowl hosting job. it's also a growing city with lots to offer during Super Bowl week. Let's face it, this part of the country tends to get overlooked for a lot of big events like the Super Bowl. Giving Nissan Stadium the opportunity to host the big game would change that trend and put a unique twist on the game.

12 Shouldn't Host - Soldier Field

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Although Chicago is one of the biggest cities in America, they probably shouldn't host a Super Bowl at Soldier Field. Anybody who has ever visited Chicago knows that the traffic can be very bad on pretty much any given day of the week. Bringing an event like the Super Bowl to this city would cause many potential headaches for the city. Some fans might consider this a fun facility to see a Super Bowl at, but it might be more trouble than it's worth.

11 Should Get Another - Raymond James Stadium

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Raymond James Stadium is arguably one of the best stadiums to see a football game at. Despite having a capacity over 65,000, you always feel close to the game. There might not be a much better way to see the game than at this stadium. On top of that, the location is amazing. It's close to several cozy beaches and other fun places to go. It's a nice "reward" for the players and fans who are lucky enough to see the game in person. The NFL should keep this stadium in its rotation just for those reasons alone.

10 Should Host - Wembley Stadium

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If you look at this one from the NFL's perspective, this could wind up being a great idea. Especially if the league is focused on somehow growing the game internationally. Wembley has proven to be a great home for NFL regular season games over the past few years. The fans have embraced the game every time it has hosted the NFL. This might make some U.S. fans cringe, but ultimately this could be a good business move for the league. At this point it seems unlikely that the league would decide to do this, but it could be a good way to grow the game internationally.

9 Shouldn't Host - Mercedes-Benz Superdome

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There's no question that New Orleans has done a great job hosting the big game over the years. It's a great middle of the winter travel destination and the Superdome itself has proven to be a good host. However, it has hosted seven Super Bowls. That is more than any other facility. They should probably give this one a rest until some other sights have a chance to catch up a little bit. It would also be great to see the league explore other possibilities that could bring a little more fun to the game itself.

8 Should Host - Camping World Stadium

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Much like England, Orlando doesn't currently have an NFL franchise. However, they do have a state of the art stadium located in its city that would make for a great Super Bowl facility. Camping World Stadium has hosted Bowl Games and the NFL's Pro Bowl in the past. It's also located in a city that is considered a tourist attraction. Holding a Super Bowl here could generate a ton of revenue for the city. Not only that, but the winner of the big game wouldn't have to go far in order to get to Disney World.

7 Shouldn't Host - TIAA Bank Field

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This might be one of the most boring places to ever host a Super Bowl. That's saying something considering it is located in Florida. Although Jacksonville might have done a decent job of hosting the big game, it also wasn't very memorable either. The fact that there remains the possibility of the team moving out of the area also makes this seem like a bad option. There are much better options for the league to explore if they want to hold the Super Bowl in Florida.

6 Should Get Another - MetLife Stadium

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MetLife Stadium might not be the prettiest stadium in the NFL, but it proved to be a very good host when the NFL gave them the opportunity. Considering its size and location, the NFL should give this stadium another opportunity. Although there are several other cold weather stadiums who deserve the opportunity to host the big game, this one seems like the most likely candidate to get another opportunity. Hosting a huge event like this in the middle of winter could cause a major headache for some cities, but this one would be able to overcome just about any obstacle that would come its way.

5 Should Host - Las Vegas Stadium

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Holding a Super Bowl here would make a lot of sense for the league. It is likely already being considered for the big game at some point considering how sleek and modern the stadium is going to look and feel when it opens its doors in 2020. Las Vegas is also the home of gambling and fun. There aren't too many locations that would suit the biggest game of the year better than Las Vegas. The fact that this gives the NFL another warm weather location to host the game also makes it an ideal candidate.

4 Shouldn't Host - Gillette Stadium

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The last thing many NFL fans outside of the New England area would want to see is a Super Bowl hosted at the home of the New England Patriots. This is partly due to the fact that there is always a chance we could see them in this game. At this point, the Patriots would have more of a chance of having home field advantage for the big game on any given year than any other team. Although holding the Super Bowl here would generate lots of revenue due to its proximity to Boston and New York, it might be best to revisit the idea later.

3 Should Host - Los Angeles Stadium At Hollywood Park

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Much like Las Vegas, this stadium is currently in construction and will be a great Super Bowl location when all is said and done. The only difference between this stadium and the one in Las Vegas is that it is currently slated to host the big game in 2022. Based on the models that have been made available to the public, this stadium should be an excellent facility for Super Bowl hosting duties in the future. If construction gets delayed for some reason, this site should certainly be considered once it opens sometime next decade. At this point, it looks certain that they will host in 2022.

2 Shouldn't Host - Century Link Field

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For as much fun as this stadium could be considering its unique location and potential to be a loud facility, this probably wouldn't be the best option. There is certainly a chance that we could see another fun snow game, but it is also likely that we would see rain. Snow if a way more fun weather element to play in than rain. It's way too likely that it would just be an overcast, rainy game. The Super Bowl should be a little more fun than that.

1 Should Get Another - U.S. Bank Stadium

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Although this stadium just hosted the Super Bowl last season, they should be considered for another opportunity to host sometime in the future. The facility is beautiful. It has a modern feel that is inviting and makes you feel excited to be there. That is exactly how the Super Bowl should feel. In general, Minnesota tends to be a very good host for big events like the Super Bowl. It's a shame they haven't been given more consideration in the past, but the fact that this stadium is so nice (and indoors) could earn them a few more opportunities despite being located in such a cold and snowy city.

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