5 Takeaways From Week 4 Of The 2017 NFL Season

With another week in the books, we look at five takeaways from Week Four of the 2017 NFL season. Week four of the NFL season is in the books, and just like that, we are a quarter of the way through the 2017/18 season, and this is the time where teams can finally be seen for who they are. This year is very different, however, as there have been few teams showing consistent play throughout the year. This week was a week full of upsets, with the Patriots, Jaguars and other top teams going down, so it’s hard to get takeaways as there were so many surprises, but the following are five things we can take away from the latest installment of NFL games.


5. Jared Goff Is No Bust

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With the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the then St. Louis Rams took Jared Goff, and he was benched to begin the season. Following that, he struggled when he got on the field, and that led many fans to claim he was a huge bust after just one season as an NFL quarterback. After a move to LA, the Rams heated up like no one expected, and Goff has been one of the most solid quarterbacks in the entire NFL. While this doesn’t justify his selection at number one—he still has to work on consistency—it proves that he isn’t the bust people claimed. The Rams are leading the West, and they seem to be a legitimate force with a young, hungry team. It’s going to be tough to keep up this level of play, but Goff is proving everyone wrong.


4. The Browns Positive Offseason Needs More Time To Pay Off

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After the 2017 draft, fans were understandably excited about the Browns and their very positive future, especially with their top four4 picks. They could all be a core that helps the team rebuild, but for now, they may have slightly jumped the gun. You can’t blame fans for being excited, as DeShone Kizer showed tremendous promise, but they just don’t have the talent to compete in a tough AFC North yet, and with 15 draft picks in 2018, things are certainly looking up. At 0-4, the following 12 games are going to be very important for the Browns young players to improve together, and it may be difficult. Still, we think this will be the start of a big upswing for the Browns, but they aren’t going to have the success that some fans expected.


3. Derek Carr And Marcus Mariota Have An Uncanny Connection

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Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota were both injured on the exact same day last year, and it ruined the Raiders hopes of succeeding in the playoffs. Now, with both the Raiders and the Titans looking like serious contenders this year, their hopes rested on the young star QBs. Unfortunately, on the exact same day again in 2017, both suffered injuries. Although neither appear to be serious, it’s crazy that this has happened twice. Obviously, this is just a crazy coincidence, but it’s worth noting, and it will be very interesting to see how the Raiders and Titans get on without their stars.


2. Kareem Hunt Is An Absolute Superstar

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Mitch Trubisky. Myles Garrett. DeShaun Watson. Christian McCaffrey. These are all people that fans believed would break out as superstars early on in their rookie year in 2017, but thus far, it’s third-round pick Kareem Hunt who is stepping up and producing at a historic rate. Only one person in history has more yards from scrimmage through the first four games of their NFL career and combining with lethal Tyreek Hill, he is leading the Chiefs to a fantastic start. After four games, we can safely say that this isn’t a fluke, Kareem Hunt is simply that good, and will be for quite some time.

1. The Kansas City Chiefs Are For Real

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Heading into this season, most people assumed that the AFC West would be the toughest division in the entire NFL, and thus far, that has been correct. Still, not many predicted that the KC Chiefs would be 4-0 and absolutely dominate the competition. Alex Smith is playing well, the defense is putting the offense in the best spots possible, and with Kareem Hunt breaking out, there could be no stopping this team. In a tough division, they are proving they are legit Super Bowl contenders. It’s going to take a while to prove this, as they’ve got some tough matchups awaiting them throughout the year, but it’s hard to see them being stopped throughout the regular season.


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