Terrible Tom: 15 Pictures Of Brady At His Worst

Tom Brady is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in NFL history. His numbers and career achievements speak for volumes. But he’s also one of the most disliked players in recent memory. Of course, successful players will always have their critics and it seems as though that only amplifies the more they achieve in their time. We’re used to seeing Brady on top, but that doesn’t mean that he’s always been successful. Even he’s had his fair share of blunders and some have been pretty well televised. But still, when you think of Tom Brady a lot of what comes to your mind is the good, not the bad.

But a quick search online shows all you Brady-haters exactly what you want to see. Tons of pictures of the legendary passers worst mistakes, losses and embarrassing moments up for anyone to see. Though he’s performed well when it counts most, Brady has seen his fair share of devastating losses and there are quite a few notable pictures online that illustrate that. If you’ve ever wanted to see the future Hall of Famer at his absolute worst then look no further. Let’s take a look at 15 pictures of Tom Brady that show him at his worst.

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15 Gah!

via boston.com

Every NFL player has those moments where they just have to give into frustration and let it all out for a moment. It doesn’t always look too pretty, but it’s a natural part of what you’re going to see on the football field – especially when mistakes are made. Tom Brady, great as he might be, is still vulnerable to making certain mistakes on the field. That’s when you see him pulling faces and poses like this. It might be hard to see a future hall of famer and all-time great look like this, but then again we’re so used to seeing the guy at his absolute best we kind of push down everything else.

14 High Five

via pinimg.com

Take a minute to look at this picture. Really look at it and get a felling for it. If we were going off the stats and score displayed on the board, then no, this is not Tom Brady at his worst – as a player that is. Yup, as much as Brady was dominating on the field this game, it seems like his social graces still need some work. It’s hard to see this shot and not laugh as hard as you can at the guy we’ll all probably say was the best to play his position. We get that Brady’s fired up, but he looks like an adolescent on the playground not a full grown man on the sideline.

13 Down and Out

via korkedbats.com

Anyone and everyone can lose a game in the NFL. Anyone can trail, anyone can turn the ball over and anyone can sit helplessly on the sidelines, helpless. We’re so used to seeing Tom Brady as this invincible player that we often overlook those times that he seems as vulnerable as any other player in the league. After all, Brady is a competitor and most of all wants to win. So failing to achieve that can leave him pretty glum. While it’s hard to tell exactly when this picture was taken, it’s more than likely that the Pats were losing when it was taken – and pretty badly too just going off of Brady’s dour posture and facial expression.

12 Making His Case

via sinclairstoryline.com

Everyone gets in the refs face a little bit to plead their case in the NFL. It’s something a lot of players do, though they don’t exactly look all that respectable while doing it – seemingly pleading their case like a child on a playground. Among those who do this the most are quarterbacks. They’re always complaining about calls, rushing over to the refs to contest them. Brady is no different and some might say that he does it more than your average passer in the NFL. It isn’t a good look for a player – regardless of how great they are – to constantly contest calls left and right like that. Just look at that scowl on his face. He isn’t happy at all.

11 U MAD BRO!?

via nydailynews.com

In Brady’s defense, this one was all on Richard Sherman, as the trash talking Seahawks corner really chewed into Brady following a Seattle win over the Pats a few years back. The incident was blown up pretty much out of proportion by sports media and it became one of the more notable things to happen that year. You just don’t see a goliath like Brady getting chewed out by a guy like Richard Sherman who at that point was just starting to blossom in the NFL. It’s just not supposed to happen, yet hare’s the image. With Sherman’s arrogance and smugness shining through, while Brady walks off with a defeated look on his face.

10 Frustration

via bostonherald.com

If you look at the background here you’ll notice the blurry outline of a Seahawks player on the field. It’s hard to guess by looking at it but this could’ve been during the Seattle – New England Super Bowl a few years back. Though Brady would eventually get the last laugh, he doesn’t look all too composed in this shot and it very much looks like there’s a good deal of frustration building up at this point. You see this every so often with guys like Brady, who tend to shoulder burdens on their own and always strive to make things better on the field. It’s a great characteristic to have but it also leads to somber moments like this.

9 Is That A Camera?

via thesuperficial.com

This is just some foolishness for you all to enjoy. While the majority of his worse moments have come on the football field, Brady has had a few blunders off the field that kind of take away from the moxy and confidence he emanates on it. While we can appreciate that he’s a fun loving guy, some of the stuff we’ve seen him do is just ridiculous – and not in a Summer of Gronk kind of way. Take this for example. It looks like he’s shooting a commercial but wait... is that a camera? Why does he have it mounted like that? Why did he agree to do this in the first place? This fool is going to go down as one of the greatest of all-time one day, how does that make you feel?

8 All Day

via si.com

The Giants’ pass rush was relentless in Super Bowl XLII and was a huge reason as to why the Giants won that game. If you’d asked anybody who they thought would win going into it most would’ve said the Patriots. They were a historic team that year, chasing a perfect season with record breaking players on their front. But like most quarterbacks, Brady doesn’t react well to pressure and was often hurried when making throws, taking away from his game and rendering him ineffective for a good chunk of the game. Brady still played well, but wasn’t able to make enough big plays in the biggest game of his career. It wouldn’t be only time.

7 Too Cruel?

via cbsnewyork.files.wordpress.com

The Deflate Gate scandal is something that many have put to bed and honestly, should’ve been put to rest a long time ago. It seems as though all of it has finally died down and now that that’s over we can all move on with our lives. But the midst of the investigations provided us with some tense moments. The question of whether or not Tom Brady was actually directly implicated in the scandal was a topic of many conversations early on in the process. This picture gained some criticism because some felt that the drawing was overly critical of Brady’s appearance and unnecessarily demonized him. It does look a little bit on the extreme side but certainly shows Brady at a low point.

6 Walk of Shame

via amazonaws.com

What’s worse than losing to a team when your perfect record is on the line in the biggest game of the season? Losing to that very same team again, once again being considered the favorites going in but failing to make anything of it. Super Bowl XLVI once again saw the Patriots matchup against the Giants and once again, they fell to the underdog. Brady didn’t fare well against the Giants pass rush this time around either – which of course played a big role in the Giants win. The look you see here is rare for a guy like Brady. It’s a look of pure disappointment. Brady’s appeared in seven Super Bowls and lost two of them. It’s not a familiar feeling for him.

5 That One Stings

via thesuperficial.com

Going back to the Super Bowl XLVI loss with this one, we take another look at a truly defeated Tom Brady. The confetti falling to the field while Brady, tired and somber, looks up aimlessly just shows you how bad of a feeling this must be – especially for someone as accustomed to success as Tom Brady. Super Bowl XLVI was unarguably a hard fought match by both sides, but Brady and the Pats once again tasted defeat on football’s biggest stage. It’s a humbling view for a lot of us to see such a successful athlete in walking the loser’s march. Of course, Brady would go on to win two more Super Bowls since this photo was taken, so the slump didn’t last very long.

4 Bradying

via cbsnewyork.files.wordpress.com

You know people don’t like you too much when they go and make a meme out of you, poking fun at your failures. A play on Tebowing, Bradying pretty much applies to any picture of the all-star passer sitting on the field, looking defeated. It might seem pretty petty but hey, it comes with the territory when you’re as big as he is. And ultimately, it’s probably not even on his radar. You’ve probably seen Brady pulling this pose a number of other times, most likely following a turnover or last minute loss. Regardless, it’s a pretty flashy way to show your disappointment. Even when the guy fails it seems as though he gets all the attention to himself. Though that’s not really desirable by any means.

3 Combine Warrior

via twitter.com

You’ve probably seen this picture before when hearing about the great Tom Brady, a 6th round pick who beat the odds and became an NFL great over the course of a few years. While his career resume has ensured his place in NFL history, his beginnings were otherwise unremarkable at first glance. Brady was pretty indistinguishable from the next late round prospect. He didn’t wow you or really do all that much in order to really stand out to scouts. This picture here shows just how mediocre he looked at the time. Well they say to not judge a book by its cover don’t they? It turned out good for Brady, but this was one ugly introduction to the NFL.

2 Cry Brady

via coleymick.files.wordpress.com

It’s a picture most of you will recognize due the amount of times it’s been used to ridicule Brady online. Though it was initially a touching moment on screen, having the great passer show a little bit of his vulnerable side – it’s quickly been turned around into yet another way to make fun of Brady. In his defense, he was kind of an underdog, so talking about his past is bound to hit hard. But any way you look at it, he’s making himself an easy target here. Brady fans will, of course defend this to the death, but it’s just not a flattering shot of the NFL star. People online have made light of worse and so, it isn’t all that surprising to see this particular Brady picture get the treatment it’s gotten.

1 Slip n’ Slide

via dlisted.com

The long hair look wasn’t very kind to Brady in terms of photographic mishaps. We’ve mostly focused on Brady’s professional life for this list, but there are a few gems from his personal life you can find online. Though there aren’t that many, this one really tops them all. Looks like Brady’s enjoying the luxury of the pool on a warm summer day. Unless this picture was just taken at the perfect time, Tom Brady looks like a nine year-old girl when he goes down a slide. He looks like a total kid enjoying himself. It’s pretty funny to look at but c’mon, this is a grown man here. What’s the deal with his form? Stretch those arms out a little, man.

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